Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

If you are interested in medicine and want to gain knowledge about pharmacies so that you can invest in a pharmacy company and become an owner of its franchise, then this is the right place for you. This article will give you information about the Apollo Pharmacy franchise and tell you what is special about it. The article will help in making the decision as to why you should choose to invest in a company like Apollo Pharmacy and become the owner of its store.

Today, medicines are important. Technology has come very far and a lot of problems of the past have vanished due to this progress of technology. One sector that has been impacted quite a lot by technology is the medical sector. Today, there is a medicine available for everything. Whether it is a headache or a fever, you can take medicine for it and recover quickly. But where does one find these medicines? This is where the pharmacies come in. Pharmacies are stores where people go to buy medicines. A person shows a prescription of the medicine that they want to buy and he or she gets that medicine from the store. Usually, a large variety of medicines are stored in pharmacies to cater to the needs of as many people as possible.

When it comes to pharmacies, the one name that stands out from the rest is the Apollo Pharmacy. Apollo Pharmacy stores boast of a large variety of medicines. So, there is a rare chance that a person looking for a particular medicine is not able to get it in an Apollo Pharmacy store. By serving its customers for years with the utmost satisfaction, Apollo Pharmacy has managed to gain the trust of the people of India and build for itself a huge and loyal customer base in the country.

About the Company

Apollo Pharmacy, which is a unit of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise, is considered to India’s first pharmacy network. Apollo Pharmacy was started in the year 1987. The founder of the company is Dr. Prathap C. Reddy who has received India’s second-highest civilian award – Padma Vibhushan.

Apollo Pharmacy has made its presence known in various different parts of India. The company has more than 3500 outlets that exist in more than 18 states of the country. The Apollo Pharmacy stores sell more than 5000 medical products of various different categories like baby care, vitamins, health foods, supplements, etc. Out of these 5,000 products, around 400 products are considered to be exclusive of the Apollo Pharmacy brand. According to the Vice President of the company Atul Ahuja, the company aims to grow by 30 to 35 percent every year and wishes to add around 250 outlets every year. One other thing that makes the Apollo Pharmacy stores popular among the Indian public is the fact that they are open for 24 hours every day, So, any person in need can visit one of the Apollo stores at any time of the day and get what he or she needs.

Apollo Pharmacy Business Plan

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise
Apollo Pharmacy Store, Bangalore.

There are certain aspects that Apollo Pharmacy focuses on as a part of their business plan. This helps in the growth and development of the country. One aspect that the company focuses on is the availability of products. The Apollo Pharmacy products are available to customers both online and offline and the stores are also open for 24 hours a day. Another thing that the company focuses on as part of their business plan is the sales that are generated by the stores in a year. The company researches as to what products are in high demand and thus makes those products available in its stores to increase sales and generate more revenue.

How To Get Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?

There are a lot of benefits associated with investing in a company like Apollo Pharmacy and becoming the owner of one of its outlets. The first and most obvious advantage of investing in Apollo Pharmacy is that the company has a brand name that is reputed and well recognized in India. This helps the franchise in attracting a lot of customers to his or her store and also helps in the increase of the sales of the outlet. Another benefit that an individual gets by being in association with Apollo Pharmacy is that the expected profits from running an Apollo Pharmacy store are considered to be significantly high. Another benefit provided by Apollo Pharmacy is that it gives the employees of the store a chance to get quality learning. They can gain more knowledge by actually being on the field.

There are certain steps that a person has to follow in order to become the owner of an Apollo Pharmacy store. Below is a list of steps that an individual should follow if he or she wants to become the owner of an Apollo Pharmacy Store:

  • The first thing that an individual needs to do in order to become the owner of an Apollo Pharmacy store is to visit the company’s official website.
  • Upon reaching there, he or she has to fill out an application form applying for the franchise of Apollo Pharmacy.
  • Certain personal and professional details need to be filled out by the candidate in this form.
  • After the form is submitted, it is reviewed by the support staff of Apollo Pharmacy. 
  • If the application gets accepted, then the people of Apollo Pharmacy get in touch with the candidate to take things ahead.

Apollo Pharmacy Requirements

As is the case with any other franchise, there are certain requirements that an individual needs to fulfill in order to become the owner of an Apollo Pharmacy store. The first requirement is regarding the area or outlet space required to set up the store. The area should be sufficient so that there is room to store all the medicine and the employees are also able to walk freely while performing their duties. In the case of Apollo Pharmacy, the area required by an individual comes to be around 10 to 15 square meters.

Another required that needs to be fulfilled by the candidate is regarding the number of workers. A minimum of two employees needs to be hired by the franchisee to run the store.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Cost

Every investor worth his or her salt always takes into consideration the cost of investment while making a decision as to whether he or she should invest in a particular company or not. Apollo Pharmacy provides two franchise options to potential investors. One is the single unit franchise and the other is the master franchise. The amount of money that an investor needs to put up in order to become the owner of a single unit Apollo Pharmacy store is considered to be around 5 to 10 lakh rupees. For a master Apollo Pharmacy store, an investor has to put up around 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Profit Margin

Although there is no specific number or statistic on the internet to show how profitable the Apollo Pharmacy franchise is, it can be safely said that the owner of an Apollo Pharmacy store stands to reap a significant amount of profits by investing in the company.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Enquiry

There might be times when a person might have a doubt or a query but he or she is not able to get in touch with anyone in the company who can solve this query of theirs. So, if a person has any query or problem and wants to get in touch the support staff of the company to get their queries answered, then they can make use of the following information:

Address 65/68, Murugesanaickar Complex,
Loyal Tower 3rd Floor,
Thousand Lights,
Chennai – 600006.
Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Contact Number (044) 28245800
Web Address www.apollopharmacy.in

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FAQs Regarding Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

How do I get an Apollo Pharmacy franchise?

In order to become the owner of an Apollo Pharmacy store, a person needs to visit the company’s official website and fill out an application form applying for the franchise. The application form is reviewed by the support staff of the company, who then get in touch with the candidate to take things further ahead.

Is the Pharmacy business profitable in India?

Yes, the pharmacy business is very profitable as the medicine market keeps growing significantly every year.

Can I open my own pharmacy?

Yes, it is possible for a person to open his or her own pharmacy but he or she should get the required licenses before starting it.

Final Words

The country that supplies the largest amount of medicines in the world in India. The market share that has been captured by India in the global medicine market comes to around 20 percent. The number of general brands in India selling medicine is more than 60,000 and it will keep on increasing. So, it is a good decision to invest in a pharmacy company, especially a company like Apollo Pharmacy. So, if you have money to invest and want to invest in a pharmacy company, Apollo Pharmacy is the way to go.