Big Bazaar Franchise (How To Apply, Cost, Profit & More)

Big Bazaar Supermarket franchise

If you are interested in supermarkets and want to invest in a supermarket chain and become the owner of its franchise, then this is the right place for you. This article will provide you information about Big Bazaar franchise which is one of the most popular supermarket chains in India. This article will also help you in making the decision as to why you should invest in Big Bazaar and become the owner of its franchise.

Supermarkets have become the new craze in today’s times. They are attractive to consumers as they manage to provide a large variety of products and services under one roof. This is why people go to these supermarkets for shopping as they can find all the necessary groceries and other required products. When it comes to hypermarkets, the most popular brand name that is there in the country of India is Big Bazaar.

Big Bazaar is such a well-known brand in India that it is often used as a synonym for hypermarkets. The Big Bazaar brand has been working tirelessly to service its customers with products of the utmost quality. The prices offered by Big Bazaar on its products is quite low and this attracts a lot of customers towards it. With its focus on satisfying the customers’ needs and wants at the lowest price possible, Big Bazaar has managed to gain for itself a huge and loyal customer base across India.

About Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is an Indian brand of retail hypermarkets chains and grocery stores. The company is a subsidiary of its parent company called Future Group. Future Group has a well-known presence in the fashion and retail sectors. The company was founded in the year 2001. The founder of Big Bazaar is Kishore Biyani. He also founded the parent company Future Group and is now the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Big Bazaar also has subsidiary chains known as Fashion at Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar. The company also has sister chains like Home Town, Central, Brand Factory, etc. The company also has the Big bazaar Direct franchise which allows the customers to place orders online and receive in a few days at their doorsteps.

Since the company was started in the year 2001, Big Bazaar is considered to be the oldest chain of hypermarkets that exist in India. Along with that, it is also considered to be the largest hypermarket chain company in India. Big Bazaar has made its presence known in various different parts of India. The company has more than 250 stores that are spread in around 120 cities and towns of the country. Many celebrities like the actress Asin and the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni have been associated with Big Bazaar in the past. 

A large range of products in various categories are provided by Big Bazaar to the customers. This large range of products includes items like groceries, medicines, kitchenware, household products, toys, etc. Big Bazaar believes in giving back to society. More than 36,000 people from every section of the society are employed by society. Generation of employment, empowerment of local communities, impacting livelihoods and fostering mutual growth are some things that the company focuses on to play its role as a contributor to society.

How to Open a Big Bazaar Outlet?

Big Bazaar

There are a number of benefits associated with investing in a hypermarket chain company like Big Bazaar and becoming the owner of one of its stores. The first and the biggest advantage that an investor gets by becoming an owner of a Big Bazaar store franchise is that Big Bazaar is a well-reputed brand and is trusted by millions of people in India. This helps the franchisee in attracting a lot of customers to the store and also helps in generating revenue for the store. The franchisee of a Big Bazaar outlet gets strong support from the company in terms of advertising and marketing. This helps in increasing the profits of the store as well as the company.

The franchisee also has to go through a training program that is organised by the company. This is necessary so that the franchisee can learn the skills needed to run the store and also learn various other functions of the retail business. Another benefit that an investor gets by getting associated with Big Bazaar is in the form of logistics.

There are certain steps that an individual has to follow in the Big Bazaar franchise process in order to become the owner of a Big Bazaar outlet. Below is the list of steps that a person should follow if he or she wants to acquire ownership of a Big Bazaar outlet:

  • The first thing that a person who wants to get ownership of a Big Bazaar store has to do is to visit the official website of the company.
  • Upon reaching there, he or she has to click on the ‘Franchise Application’ option that is available on the website.
  • This will result in the opening of the Big Bazaar franchise registration form. The individual then has to fill up the application form. Certain personal and professional details like name of the applicant, residential address, Aadhar number, range of investment, job experience and business experience will have to be filled by the person applying for the franchise of Big Bazaar.
  • After that, the candidate has to click on the ‘Submit Register’ button in order to submit the registration form. 
  • The form will then be reviewed by the support staff of Big Bazaar.
  • In case the application gets selected, the candidate will be contacted by the people at Big Bazaar to take things further ahead.

Big Bazaar Franchise Requirements

There are always some requirements that need to be fulfilled by an individual in order to become the owner of an outlet. The same is the case with Big Bazaar. One major requirement that needs to be fulfilled by an individual in order to gain ownership of a Big Bazaar store is regarding the area or outlet space of the store. The outlet space of the store needs to be sufficient enough so that It can accommodate a large variety of products. There should also be enough room in the store for the customers and the workers to walk through freely. In the case of Big Bazaar, the area required by an individual to set up a Big Bazaar outlet ranges from anything between 300 to 2,000 square feet.

Big Bazaar Franchise Cost

Every investor worth his or her salt always takes the cost of investment into consideration while making the decision as to whether he or she should invest in a certain company or not. An investor has to put up around 10 lakh rupees as an initial investment in order to become the owner of a Big Bazaar outlet. Out of these 1o lakh rupees, 5 lakh rupees are for security and are refundable to the franchisee. The cost of investment can vary depending on the location of the store.

Big Bazaar Franchise Profit Margin

A person can earn a significant amount of profits as an owner of a Big Bazaar supermarket in India. The franchisee can get a 3 to 15 percent commission on every product sold in the store.

There might be times when a person might have a doubt or a query but he or she is not able to get in touch with anyone in the company who can solve this query of theirs. So, if a person has any query or problem and wants to get in touch the support staff of the company to get their queries answered, then they can make use of the following information:

AddressBig Bazaar Franchises Limited, Department Commerce,
D-25  Jhansi Rani Square, Sitabuldi, Nagapur. Maharashtra. 440012.
Big Bazaar Franchise Contact Number0629-0028941

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Is the Big Bazaar franchise profitable?

Yes, the Big Bazaar supermarket franchise is very profitable. A franchisee can earn a commission of 3 to 15 percent on every product sold by the store.

How do I get a Big Bazaar franchise?

In order to get a Big bazaar supermarket, you need to visit the official website of Big Bazaar and fill out the Big Bazaar franchise application form. The form is then reviewed by the support staff of the company and then they get in touch with you to make things ahead.

What is the cost of a Big Bazaar franchise?

A person needs to put up around 10 lakh rupees as an initial investment to own a Big Bazaar store franchise.

Who is the owner of Big bazaar in India?

Kishore Biyani is the founder of Big Bazaar.

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Final Words

The largest industry that exists in India today is the wholesale and retail trade industry. The total contribution of the retail and wholesale trade industry to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country is estimated to be around 23 percent. The Indian retail business is considered to be one of the biggest retail industries in the world in terms of economic evaluation. The Indian retail industry is considered to have an evaluation of 500 billion US dollars. By the year 2020, there is expected to be a growth of 1.2 trillion dollars in the retail sector. So, it is a great time to invest in the retail sector especially in a company like Big Bazaar which is trusted by the people of India. In conclusion, if you have money and are looking to invest in a hypermarket chain company, you cannot go wrong with Big Bazaar.

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