Amway is one of the popular brands in India. It entered the country 20 years back with just six products. Being the world’s largest direct selling company, their main vision is to help people live better lives. Amway wanted to provide a conducive ecosystem as well as world-class innovative products to entrepreneurial-minded individuals so that they can achieve their goals and build their own business by selling these products. In just one year after their launch in India, the company received an encouraging response from direct sellers and their customers. This helped the company to gain a revenue of Rs 100 crores.

Today, Amway happens to be the top direct selling company in the whole country. It has been ranked among India’s top 15 FMCG companies providing more than 140 quality products. Not just that but India also became one of the top seven markets for Amway products within a very short time.

The launch of Amway product in India brought the class product in personal care, herbals, durables, home care, beauty, and cookware. It also presented unmatchable entrepreneurial opportunities for Indians. In order to celebrate this feat, Network18 aired a special marking Amway India’s two decades of excellence.

Amway India is built on 3Ps- principles, people, and products. When it just started its journey, the company had only 5 offices and they still managed to touch a revenue of Rs 100 crore by the end of the first year of its operations in 1998.

Anshu Budhraja, CEO, Amway, India said:

“Looking back, I define success not by the targets that we’ve set in 2019 of Rs 2000 crore, or will our 150 offices that deliver solutions to our distributors and customers or with our Rs 1000 crore investment including Rs 600 crore in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, or with the warehouses and the third-party service providers delivering to 11,000 zip codes. To my mind, success is defined with the success of our direct sellers and how they successfully live the life of an entrepreneur every day.”

In line with the government of India, the company invested Rs 600 crores in a world-class manufacturing facility in Madurai, Tamil Nadu in 2015. This is the second manufacturing plant of Amway which is located outside of USA. The manufacturing facility is one of the very few plants in the country that has received the LEED’s Gold certification for its environmentally stainable design and practices.


Amway: India’s top direct selling company; built trust, entrepreneurship