Have you ever wondered what makes live casino games work? While there is a huge leap in the infusion of technology in the online casino industry, there is no doubt that live casino games get the most attention in that regard. 

Certainly, it does not come as a surprise, seeing that live dealer games tend to recreate the traditional land-based casino experience right at your home. To provide top notch gaming entertainment in your computer or phone, it requires a lot of technology and while there has been a lot of progress so far, there is certainly more to come.

The online gambling space is advancing and many more gambling spaces are being unlocked. In India, while gambling is heavily limited, there are no specific laws that regulate online or remote gambling and many operators are exploring this lacuna providing dozens of online casinos in India. 

With Indians ranking among the top mobile phone users in the world, many online casinos have also adapted to provide live dealer games that are compatible with mobile phones. So, while we explore the tech behind live dealer games and the future in the coming years, visit https://casinosindian.com/ to find your next favourite online casino in India.

Ultra-High Definition Cameras

Behind the luxurious table and smiling croupier lies several layers of sophisticated cameras hidden at strategic locations that cover every length and breadth of the table and wheel ensuring that the entire gameplay is seamless, flawless and transparent. 

Live dealers use the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which is a high-tech approach that can convert information into an understandable electronic format that is easily seen by the players in the form of wheel spinning, hand dealing, card shuffling and all the amazing features of a typical brick and mortar land-based casino.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

Every table has its GCU. You can think of this as a processor of a computer which is where all the data is received and processed to ensure the smooth running of a PC. Similarly, the GCU in live dealers is where all the components are put together including the cameras.  

It takes care of the encoding and processing of data to ensure that the games are streamed live, seamless and with utmost clarity. Certainly, it takes a lot of sophistication to achieve all of this but just like computers, more improved GCSs are under the pipeline and it promises more exciting gaming in the future.  

Instant Messaging (IM) 

There is hardly any live dealer game that does not feature an IM system and the reasons are obvious. The live chat feature establishes communication between players and dealers and with the introduction of additional interactive features like a game console, players can now interact with the game via digital touch technology.

Live Dealer Game Studio

There are many live dealer game studios across the world packed with state-of-the-art equipment to stream and broadcast live gaming events across the world. The live studio is the part that creates the all-important first impression and engages players. 

This is not the same as broadcasting live dealer action games from a land-based casino. Rather, it entails streaming live dealer tables from a game studio where dealers can communicate with each other directly and deal with one another from different locations. 

As our guest author and casino expert Monin Manne explains, this technology is not for the faint-hearted which is why it is left for the biggest game developers in the industry at the moment. The croupiers go through a rigorous training process before they even face their first live dealer game camera, which, according to Monin, is the reason why the dealers are so professional. You can read more of Monin’s tales from the online casino world here.


Certainly, the combination of components that make a live dealer game work seamlessly is extremely complicated. It’s one of the most advanced sectors of information technology on the internet, so imagine all the work that goes behind the game next time you spin the roulette wheel in your live dealer session!

Technology That Makes Live Casino Gaming Possible in 2022