If you are done laughing about the name of the website, you need to scroll down for more information. Whenever someone talks about the Ullu video streaming platform, the one thing that comes to their mind is the wide range of adult web series that they host. But, this website is a lot more than just that, especially when it comes to the quality of the shows and the storyline.

Aside from the popular web series, the platform is also renowned for its wide range of short stories. This OTT platform came into inception in 2018 and has since then been a very popular addition to the range of video streaming platforms on the internet.

But, with so many web series that have been launched on this website, it is hard to pick out just one. For your ease, we have sorted out a few of the best Ullu web series.

16 Best Ullu Web Series

Best Ullu Web Series

1. Me Too

While the world came together in retaliation against abusers during the popular Me Too movement, Ullu gave this a popular picturisation with their web series, #Me Too. The entire show is based around the turn of events that took place in the late 2018s when many Bollywood actors came out with their stories of sexual abuse and harassment. The storyline of this particular series is based on the life of a popular Bollywood actress whose fame cost her a lot. When she dies with a note of #Metoo around her body, an investigation ensues which further unveils a lot more than anyone expected.


  • Vivan Bhatena
  • Amit Behl
  • Sikandar Kharbanda
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpa
  • Isha Anand Sharma

2. The Bull of Dalal Street

If you are done binge-watching Scam 1992 on Sony LIV and have been looking for some similar web series to watch, The Bull of Dalal Street is a pretty good option. The storyline of the series is pretty much the same as Scam 1992 as the plotline revolves around just that. The plotline revolves around the scam that happened in 1992 in the Mumbai Dalal Street in a stock exchange trade, affecting the stock exchange of the entire country. The story mimics the storyline a lot like the Wolf of Wall Street.


  • Naina Chhabra
  • Priyal Gor
  • Iqbal Khan

3. January 26

As vague as the name of the web series sounds, it is yet another popular series that has managed to attract the attention of the viewers. The series starts with a balance and manages to make you feel a whirlwind of emotions from the get-go. The storyline is nothing too unique and draws a lot of similarities with the Ek Tha Tiger plotline. The plot follows the life of Veda and Insia, who fall in love with each other, despite the obstacles they face. Veda, who is an agent of an anti-terrorist squad and attacks one rebel group. But, what happens when he finds out that the love of his life is a part of the group?


  • Madhurima Tuli
  • Krunal Jain

4. Riti Riwaj – Water Wives

Another popular web series on Ullu with a social message is Riti Riwaj – Water Wives. The series manages to bring forth a concept that the majority of the people have been avoiding talking about – the water crisis in rural India. Aside from highlighting the alarming issues of the water crisis, the series also manages to highlight the age-old traditions associated with the crisis. Back in the days, a man was forced to marry multiple women to ensure that water is reserved for when he goes out for work. But, with a sudden turn of events, one of the protagonist’s wives is murdered while she is returning with the collected water. Things ensue from there.


  • Paayal S
  • Sanni Singh
  • Yugant Pandey
  • Ankita Bhattacharya
  • Vipul Gupta 

5. Intercourse

You can’t have a list of Ullu web series without including an adult and erotic web series. The primary plot of the series follows the lives of a couple who have been married quite recently. During a night together, the husband slips out his desires and says that he would pay his wife for being intimate. While this was a moment of weakness and a complete joke on the husband’s part, the wife can’t seem to overcome the words, thereby affecting the dynamics in their relationship. It is the constant pull between one’s heart and desires and sometimes, it is necessary to put your heart above lust.


  • Amalia Holm Bjelke 
  • Marcus Vogeli

6. 3G-Gali Galoch Girls

For a web series that has gained such popularity in a short course of time, 3G-Gali Galoch Girls is a pretty amazing web series highlighting the lives of three urban girls who are best friends and spend the majority of their time together. But, as best friends would, their talks revolve around their wild fantasies and physical intimacy. The theme of the show is a lot similar to Amazon Prime Video’s Four More Shots. The story is a little all over the place but trusts us, it is a pretty amazing show that needs to be on your viewing list.


  • Kavya Kiran
  • Akshita Sethi
  • Pari Choudhary
  • Paras Saluja
  • Vishal Dubey

7. Halal

If you haven’t heard of the act of Nikah Halala that happens in the Muslim community, this web series can perfectly explain the same to you. The web series follows the life of Afzal and Rachel, who start their relationship on a good note but things soon take a turn for the worse when Rachel becomes angry, loses her temper, and then gives Triple Talak to Afzal. But things that happen in the spur of the moment leave a lasting impact. This is something that Afzal understands later and then tries to fix things.


  • Shafak Naaz
  • Ravi Bhatia
  • Eijaz Khan
  • Nilima Azim
  • Deepika Singh Goyal

8. Charmsukh

If you are into typical and cliché storylines, Charmsukh is pretty much the best Ullu web series that you can watch on the platform. The plot follows the life of a housemaid Paro who works for a very rich and popular individual. Things take a turn for the worse when she confesses her love for a man who wishes to marry her. But there is dowry involved during the marriage for which she is convinced to sleep with her married landlord. But what happens when she agrees with the pact?


  • Aarohi Dike 
  • Garima Maurya 
  • Jay Zaveri 

9. Ishq Kills

You can’t have a web series binge-watching journey without including a romantic series. The story is pretty much everything that you need for a weekend binge. The series deals with issues of family prestige and blood relations. The plot of the series follows the lives of the people in a village setting. The people in the village are ruled by a rich family. But things soon escalate when two girls in a family elope and are rendered to be killed when found. And in the meantime, the youngest in the group falls in love with a man. To save the family’s reputation, the elder woman in the family agrees to the decision made by the village head.


  • Aasma Syed
  • Tarun Khanna
  • Saharsh Kumar Shukla
  • Akhilesh Verma
  • Dinesh Sharma
  • Usha Bachani

10. Mona Home Delivery

When talking about the best adult web series on Ullu, Mona Home Delivery steals the show. The erotic storyline of the show is a show-stealer. But, don’t worry, it does have a plot. The plot of the show revolves around the pivotal character of Mona, who has grown up with a difficult childhood. But, with the struggles she has experienced growing up, she decides that she doesn’t want to spend the same issues during the rest of her life and starts working as a call girl. But, along the way, she realizes that the world is not kind to girls like her and her journey moves forward from there.


  • Kangna Sharma
  • Pratima Kazmi
  • Vijay Raaz
  • Raju Kher
  • Ganesh Acharya
  • Rajpal Yadav

11. Ga#du

As vulgar as the name of the show is, it is one of the most popular web series available on Ullu. Don’t get deterred by the name of the series because it deals with a heavy topic of rape and the issues that come with it. Given how heinous the crime is, it is not surprising that people in India are always looking for stricter laws to be implemented. Given how harsh society is towards women and how unsafe the country is for women, people raise awareness surrounding the issue. But, what happens when similar events happen with a guy? Rapes with men is a very underrated and taboo topic, so this web series brings light to such an important topic.


  • Vikram Bham
  • Paras Madaan
  • Ruma Sharma
  • Mohit Nain
  • Hushi Mukherjee 

12. Virgin Boys

We can’t always binge-watch serious web series, right? If you are tired of watching similar things, you must find something light-hearted to watch and that is exactly what this series is all about. This show is based on the lives of three boys who are living a carefree life with no scope for their future. While they are living a pretty happy life, they decide to take things up a notch and set out on an adventure. But, in the meantime, the three of them fall in love. The plot then follows through the future and their fate when they fall in love.


  • Shivam Aggarwal 
  • Rohan Pratap Singh 
  • Keshav Sachin Choudhary 
  • Marina Kuwar 
  • Sarika Raghwa

13. Auction

Another amazing web series that sheds light on the right events is Auction. The show focuses on the issues of human trafficking and the selling of underage girls that happen in India. The plot of the show follows the events of a huge racket that sell and trade humans, especially girls in India. The events are inspired by real-life events. The plot further follows the life of a young village girl who pays a high price for saving a girl who is stuck in such a racket.


  • Samiksha Bhatnagar
  • Shivanya Mehra
  • Niharika Choukesey
  • Preeti Goswami
  • Palash Dutta
  • Vijay Badlani

14. Size Matters

What is a list of amazing web series on Ullu if it doesn’t include some fun series? Well, Size Matters is one such amazing series that you can’t miss out on. The plot of the series follows the life of Manpreet and Akash who are soon going to get married. But, when Manpreet’s cousin asks her to find out about the size of Akash’s penis, things get funny. Akash lies about his size but what happens when Manpreet finds out the reality on the wedding night?


  • Riju Biswas
  • Khatija Iqbal
  • Tejdeep Gill
  • Poorti Arya
  • Priyanka Bora
  • Momita Jaise

15. Panchali

When discussing popular web series on Ullu, Panchali is yet another popular web series. The plot of the series is based on the characters and plot of Mahabharat. This is one of those rare web series on Ullu that highlights the beauty of eroticism. The plot of the series follows the life of Panchali, a young woman who is set to marry five brothers but fails to convince the youngest brother for the marriage, who doesn’t believe in such absurd traditions. Following her marriage with the four brothers, she is now set to win the fifth one with her appeal and behaviour.


  • Anupria Goenka
  • Aman Verma
  • Upen Chauhan
  • Samrid Bava
  • Rohan Pratap Singh

16. Prabha ki Diary

The last mention in the list has to include Prabha ki Diary, a popular Ullu web series that encompasses romance, jealousy, and beauties of lust. The plot follows the life of Prabha, a young lady who falls in love with her neighbour. While their relationship flourishes in the beginning, things do take a turn for the worse with the entry of a new woman in the sequence. What happens when jealousy ensues in a relationship?


  • Pamela Mondal
  • Dinesh Soni
  • Prashant Guptha

Ullu is hands down one of the most underrated video-on-demand websites. If you are tired of watching the same old web series without a truce of eroticism, this website is your best bet. Since it handles adult series, we’d suggest that you watch them with an open mind and take in the actual beauty behind these series. We hope this list of the best series helps sort your weekend binge-watching needs.

Best Ullu Web Series