Your interiors need a little pick me up when it comes to lighting. The staple bulbs are fine but you can’t deny the fact that they can make your interiors look dull. That’s where you need unique and modern light fixtures in your home that can spruce up the look and accentuate the décor you have laid out in the house.

After a lot of research and outlook, we have successfully managed to sort out the best types of light fixtures that you can consider adding.

1. Track lighting

If you are into modern and minimal home design and interiors, track lights make a good addition. They do mimic the look of studio lights, so you feel like you are living your big movie dream every day in the house. More than the rooms, track lighting in the washroom and kitchen spaces can transform the look of the space exponentially. Besides that, they are good for hallways and the center of the rooms too.

2. Pendant lighting

There’s no alternative for pendant lights, especially in the bigger and higher ceiling homes. More than the lighting, they serve as a decorative piece that makes the entire aesthetics of the room stand out. They are ceiling bound light fixtures, so you can adjust the length and the position of them whenever you think they would look the best in your home. They add a very swanky look to the room, something you’d grow to appreciate.

3. Wall sconces

Although quite underrated at the moment, wall sconces are gaining rampant popularity. Not just for your bedroom’s side tables, they also make good additions in longer hallways that you want to illuminate. Also, they mimic the lamps and often have a very vintage look to them that most of the users grow to love exponentially.

4. Ceiling lighting

When talking about lighting fixtures for your home, there’s no way we can skip out on the good old ceiling lighting. They include larger chandeliers and ceiling fixtures that make a statement piece in the living rooms. They also include the low-hanging lights that have gained a lot of popularity recently and deserve a worthy mention in the list. Not just for living rooms, they make equally good additions for bedrooms and kitchens.

5. Task lighting

If you are confused about what they are, we have all the insights for you. Task lighting is the fixtures that you use for specific tasks, be it for reading a book during the day or sorting out your work on the work table. They are generally set on the tables, beside the chairs or above the desks to provide the user with optimal lighting that supports their needs.

6. Accent lighting

If you are big on adding statement pieces to your home, especially with the different types of lighting fixtures, we’d recommend adding an accent light piece too. They accentuate the appearance of the room and the furniture pieces that are available in the room. You can even add them under paintings or portraits in the house to spruce up its appearance.

7. LED lighting

This is a Y2K trend that every Gen-Z is popularizing. Most of the rooms nowadays include a good bound of LED light running across the perimeter of the ceiling. And, to be fair, the light fixtures are often color-changing, which further adds to the look and the ambience of the room, something that you won’t be regretting indulging inside your room. Also, they are one of the most long-lasting options that you can get for your room, especially at a cheaper price point.

8. Laser lighting

Although not the most popular choice currently, you can’t deny the fact that its popularity is growing gradually and will soon take over. Laser lighting is often projector-based lighting that spruce up the appearance of the whole room. They diffract the light to every corner of the room, leading to a stunning appearance like never before. If you want to sleep in a starry sky ambience, this is the kind of light fixture you’d need.

9. Cloud fixtures

Galaxy and nebula-based lightings are becoming a popular trend, especially because of how they spruce up the insides of the rooms. These are also projector-based lighting that spread out in the entire room, giving it a dreamy look and appearance and also making the area very calm and composed. So, if you want to make your bedroom a space you can relax in, this is the light fixture you’d need.

Which one of these light fixtures are you considering buying? With so many available options, we’d recommend that you pick and choose the option that you think will suit the interiors and décor of your room and the aesthetics of your interiors.

9 Common Types of Light Fixtures That Can Spruce Up Your Interiors