Queer people have long been viewed as ones more open to embracing love. There is a problem that they face when it comes to love, however. As the number of people who are queer is much much smaller than the number of people who are straight, there are way fewer people the queer can choose from. Thus, it is very important for queer people to use as many mechanisms as they can to achieve success in the dating world. A lot of organizations such as queer clubs do exist to help queer people get in touch with one another.  Alongside, universities are also good places for queer people to meet one another considering people of the younger generations are more open to differences in sexuality than people of older generations. However, there is one mechanism that has been outperforming all other mechanisms for queer interactions – the set of dating apps.

The Definition of Dating Apps

Dating apps are software that is used by internet users to connect with one another. The connections do not have to be of a romantic nature; they can also be used to form casual relationships and even platonic friendships! The variation in the nature of relationships is also accompanied by a variety of genders in the target market. They are utilized by folks of all genders to connect with people of all genders. When it comes to sexuality as well, all different kinds of people are welcomed into the world of dating platforms. Nonetheless, some are more famous for forming connections of certain sexualities than others.

As our topic suggests, today, we will be exploring an app that is famous for serving queer people – Grindr.

The Application

Whenever someone talks about queer dating, Grindr is the app that first pops up in our minds. And for good reason. For years now, it has helped countless people of the gay, bisexual, trans, and queer communities to find love. One thing that the app has become very famous for is the exchange of explicit photos. After all, not every part of your body gets shown in your profiles! The app has an unpaid version alongside two paid versions. The paid versions are described below:

Grindr XTRA
Grindr XTRA gives you a lot more than what the unpaid version offers. First of all, it allows the read receipts option as well. This means that you will know when your match has read your message. It also opens up the option for you to use explore mode, text 5 expiring pictures in one day, and, as the name suggests, utilize Grindr XTRA filters. 

Grindr Unlimited

Grindr Unlimited offers everything that Grindr XTRA and the unpaid version offer. And a lot more else. This else includes, among other things:

  • The option to see, as the name of the plan suggests, unlimited profiles. Imagine how much of an advantage that is. You are literally making your dating pool infinitely bigger!
  • Another thing that this app allows is the option for people to view which Grindr user has viewed their profile. 
  • Grindr Unlimited users also have the advantage of messaging an infinite number of expiring photos. 
  • Yet another privilege that users of this plan have is the knowledge of who has seen their profile. 

History Of The App

Grindr actually has quite a bit of history. You will be surprised to know that the app is actually much older than Tinder – the software that many seem to think is the pioneer of dating apps. While Tinder was born in 2012, Grindr was born in 2009 – three years before the former.  The founder of Grindr was Joel Simkhai – a tech entrepreneur who was, at that time, based in Los Angeles. Simkhai himself is gay and has claimed that he himself has been treated differently because of his sexuality. Today, the app that Simkhai created more than a decade ago has millions of active monthly users. 

Get A Good Internet Connection

It is very difficult to have good online interactions without good internet. Imagine how frustrating it would be if your computer started lagging in the middle of a raunchy video call session! For this reason, you should make sure you make no compromises on your internet connection. Consider subscribing to one of the Xfinity internet plans if you believe your existing connection is not ideal. Xfinity is known to provide high-speed yet reliable internet.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has helped you get a better understanding of the most famous dating app for gay people. We wish you the best of luck with your love life and all else!

A Dating App For The Queer