The huge rush outside the movie halls every Friday would tell you how much the people of our country are made for movies. Watching movies have become a part of the Indian culture and it is one such thing that binds people to each other. The magic of the movie is so much that you somehow take out time from your hectic schedule to watch the movie together with your family and friends. It also relaxes your mind by taking you to a different virtual world. You get to see vivid interpretations of your imaginations and that is the reason you are even able to relate to the contents shown in the movies. All these ultimately lead to entertainment. When you get entertained, you can calm down your minds from all tensions and get ready for a better tomorrow.

There is a good amount of cost incurred for executing the whole episode of movie watching. The tickets of the movie hall, the conveyance cost and the cost of the popcorns all adds up to be a hefty amount. Therefore, many times, people refrain from going to the theatres and their desire to see the movie remains unsuccessful. The pirated website of Movieswood has been able to fulfill everyone’s wishes, to a large extent. The website allows you to download and stream numerous movies without having to spend a single penny. Their collection is huge and you can certainly get your preferred movies on this website. All the contents on the website are free and you would be able to access them 24/7.

Though the website is good news for many, it has its cons as well. The website is plagiarized as the contents on the website are all pirated and uploaded without the consent of the copyrighters. The pirated movie websites are a threat to the movie-making industries, as they have to bear a huge loss if their movies are leaked. The contents that you see on the website have a cost; however, the website brings them to you for free. Therefore, our Government has all the authority to shut down such a website abruptly. If such happens in the future, your movie watching experiences wouldn’t get affected if you know about the alternatives of the website. In this article, we would speak about them more elaborately.

What is Movieswood?


There are a huge number of websites available on the internet that showcases a plethora of movies of varied languages. One of such pirated website is Movieswood. It not only focuses on Bollywood and Hollywood movies but also has a vast collection of regional movies. This is one of the reasons why Movieswood has gained popularity among the users. The various genres of movies available on the website are sure to keep you entertained at any point in time. The user gets lots of choices to choose from and hence can never run short of movies. The users can either stream the movie and watch it online or can download it to their device and watch it later.

The regional languages of movies that you can find here are Gujarati, Telegu, Marathi, and Pakistani. All of them sum to be an interesting collection of the website. Movieswood is updated regularly and hence you would find all the newest movies on the website as soon as they are released at the box office. The download speed of the website is fast so that you can download your favorite movie at just a blink of the eyes. The website supports HD picture quality for all its videos. As the name suggests, this website is a directory of all the movies where no movies are left out.

Legalities of the website

Though the website has managed to win the hearts of its users that doesn’t imply that it is legal. Movieswood is an illegitimate website with all the pirated content. They violate the rules and regulations of the country and hence, can be punished by the Government. By stealing the contents of the copyrighters and making them available for the users, they are already on the blacklist. More number of people to abolish using the website.

Features of the Movieswood

Some of the important features of the website are mentioned below for your better understanding.

  • The app version of the website is a more convenient way of accessing Movieswood. They are upgraded regularly so that the bugs of the previous versions can be fixed and the user does have to face any difficulty while using the app.
  • The servers of the website are significantly fast, which enhances the internet speed of the users. That, in turn, helps the users to stream the online videos and download them at a very high speed.
  • The mobile app of Movieswood is compatible with any Android device be it a smartphone or a tab and this is considered as one of the great benefits of the app.
  • People find the interface as user-friendly for both the website and the app. It is clutter-free and quite simple to understand. Even the contents on the website are well organized so that the users can find their stuff easily and are delighted with the experience.
  • Movieswood comes in a small size of APK. That is the reason, it consumes a very minimal amount of space of the CPU or any other storage device. Therefore, you can download the app without giving it a second thought.

How can you download a movie on Movieswood?

It is very important to know how to download a movie from Movieswood. You just have to follow the steps described below and your work will be done. First, you need to visit the website of Movieswood and look for the item that you want to download. You either can search it using the search bar or can check out the categories of the website.

When you have found your preferred stuff and want to download it to your device, just click on the icon of the movie. It will redirect you to a new page where all the information about the movie is displayed.

If the item interests you, then just click on the “download” button and you can see your movie getting downloaded to the designated destination. In the meantime, just prepare your popcorn and get ready. Once the download is over, sit down to watch the movie with your friends and family.

Latest movies available on the website

As already mentioned earlier that the website never fails to upload the latest flicks for its users, here are some of the movies that you would find in the website.

  • Dhanusu Raasi Neyargalae
  • Jada
  • Iruttu
  • Aliyatha Kolangal
  • Pati Patni Aur Woh
  • Panipat
  • Commando 3
  • Yeh Saali Aashiqui
  • The Sky is Pink
  • Dream Woman
  • The Zoya Situation
  • Dora and the Misplaced Metropolis
  • 47 Meters Down
  • It Chapter Two
  • Joker
  • Zombieland: Double Faucet
  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
  • Terminator: Darkish Future
  • Maharshi
  • Lucifer

Top 10 alternative websites of Movieswood

Movieswood might be your good companion for all the boring and stressful times; however, you have to keep in mind that this is a pirated website. They do not have any authority to upload the contents they do on their website. In other words, they are stealing the contents of the copyrighted owners and displaying them on their website to gain popularity and money. This entire thing is an offense as per the Government rules and regulations. Hence, it can get banned at any time. The below-mentioned alternatives would be your savior then.

1. Playtamil

South Indian movies have been gaining grounds among the movie lovers. The colorful pictures and the action sequences have been preferred by many viewers. Playtamil is one of the torrent sites that allow you to download the South Indian movies for free. 

The best resolution of Playtamil is 720p and 1080p. If you download the movie on these resolutions, you would get HD picture quality. Playtamil focuses mainly on Tamil movies. You can download endless Tamil movies of any year. You are allowed to download the movie without creating an account or signing up on the website. 

The website has dubbed Tamil movies as well. You can download Tamil movies in any of the languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Telegu or any of your preferred language.

2. Isaidub 

When you are submerged in stress, movies act as a breather. It takes your mind away from all types of tensions and soothes you. The costly theatre tickets make the movie watching an expensive episode. 

Many people cannot afford it always and wish to watch movies for free. Isaidub takes care of such scenarios. The pirated website brings you all kinds of movies in Hindi, English, Kannada, Malayalam and Telegu language. They also feature some dubbed Tamil movies, which are quite attractive to the viewers. 

The quality of the content displayed by Isaidub is very high. There are different resolutions and formats to choose from while downloading the movies. The website is quite easy to navigate and no prior training is required. New content is always uploaded on time.

3. MyMp3Song 

For many people, music is life. They love to stay connected to any kind of rhythm all the time. This is possible only when you have the subscription of any songs app or can use YouTube. 

MyMp3Song can suppress all the hurdles and bring you the best quality songs. It is considered as one of the best online music-streaming sites of today’s time. You can increase your collection by downloading numerous songs from the website and saving it in your device or any other storage server like Google drive or dropbox. 

When you already have the stock, there is no chance of buffering and you get to enjoy music on the go. You are also able to share your favorite tracks on social media from MyMp3Song.

4. Openload 

There are chances of getting bored especially when people take public transports like flight, buses, and trains. Openload is the ray of hope to cut down your boredom. It brings in so many options that you can enjoy your travel time. 

It is a pirated website that is loaded with numerous movies of all languages and genres. Though the website focuses on Hollywood mainly, it also has movies of various other languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu. There are also dubbed movies available on this website. The interface of the website is well designed and easy to use. 

The suggestion box and the search bar featured on the website helps you to find your favorite movie. The website displays high-quality videos and consumes fewer data to finish a download.

5. Jattmovies 

Movies are a great deal in our country. There are hardly any people who don’t enjoy watching movies. For such movie fanatics, Jattmovies is the perfect companion. This popular torrent movie site is one of the trending pirated sites that have been ruling the devices of the users.

 The site has millions of options to choose from and you can utilize the search bar to trace your favorite content. The video quality of the website is praiseworthy so that you do not miss anything. Their service remains uninterrupted as their site is upgraded from time to time and all kinds of bugs are fixed. 

The interface of the website is quite easy to use. The app version of the website is a small file and doesn’t require much space.

6. Tamilrasigan

If you are someone who is in search of some movies that have some new concepts, then you should be watching the Tamil movies are have become quite famous all over India. 

Tamil movies have gained a different recognition than the Hindi and English movies and more people want to watch them even if they don’t understand the language. Tamilrasigan is a pirated website that will bring a plethora of Tamil movies for free. It has several categories so that it is easier for the user to access the website. 

There is even an Android application available. The application has some essential fixations of the bugs so that the users can enjoy the movie without any crashes. The size of the application is small and doesn’t take up much space of the device.

7. Moviesrox

For movie buffs missing out on a single release is like a crime. However, no more do you have to worry about that. Even if you are not able to make up to the theatres on the weekends, you can watch the latest movie on Moviesrox. 

It is one of the pirated torrent websites that share with you the links of every movie be the latest or the oldest. It also ensures protection from third parties who can disrupt your movie-watching experience. Every content on the website is free of cost and comes with HD picture clarity. 

The interface of the website is super cool that allows the users to access the website easily. As per the trends, Moviesrox is now equipped with a dark mode to the website.

8. 9xrockers

Watching movies is a fun activity and everyone likes to watch different kinds of movies. Movies are best enjoyed at the theatres; however, because of the rising price of the tickets, not everybody can afford to the theatres. 

For them, 9xrockers brings many new and old movies for free. It is a great website that allows you to watch movies or online, or download them to watch later. The website mostly emphasizes Hollywood movies, especially those, are releases recently. All the videos of the website are available in HD resolution, which enhances the movie-watching experience. 

Not only movies, but you will also find TV serials, animation videos, cartoons, web series and other entertaining videos on this website. You are not required to create an account to access the website.

9. MovieRetina

When you get simply bored and have nothing to do, movies come into your mind. However, to watch movies of your choice, you have to pay the Netflix subscription or wait for the cable operator to play your favorite film. 

MovieRetina gives you freedom from any such ifs and buts. You would find innumerable movies of every genre like romantic, horror, comedy, action on this website. You will get any movie that you want to be it old or new and no subscriptions or any other costs are required to access the website. 

MovieRetina also features some good amount of dubbed movies, so that you have more options to see. The website is regularly updated with the latest movies and they are available in different formats for download.

10. Mangastream

The imaginative characters of cartoons and superheroes have become a craze among the people. Therefore, the demand for such programs has increased a lot over the period. 

Mangastream brings you a lot more of the comic and cartoon world for free. Magna is a Japanese term, which means comic, and hence the name of the website speak much about its content. With the help of the website, you can continue reading your favorite comics at any age.

The easy-to-use interface of the website allows you to go through the comics and suggest them to your friends. The search bar and filter facility of the website helps you to find your favorite stuff. You either can read the comics online or can download them to read it later.

11. Cinemavilla


Cinemavilla is an increasingly popular pirated movie streaming site. It’s been functioning for a long time and has created a good name for itself amongst movie freaks. The site hosts a large collection of Bollywood and Hollywood films. That’s a major reason for its successful operation to date. Apart from Hindi and English movies, you can also find regional films in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. Also, there are TV programs and serials for people. Every content is available in HD quality and multiple formats. All you have to do is select the format in which you would like to stream or download a video.

12. Tamilhdmovies

Who doesn’t love to watch movies! It’s fun and we love to sit and relax while watching movies. Now, if you are tired of trying all the pirated sites out there and couldn’t get a reliable one, check out tamilhdmovies. Though the site primarily uploads contents in Tamil and Telugu, you can find Hindi, English, and other regional content too! The site’s vast collection of contents is enough to amaze you! Not just movies, here you can also stream the latest trailers, videos, and web series. No matter a film is old or new, you would get it on tamilhdmovies. In short, it’s a perfect movie hub for movie freaks.

13. DVDwap


Lastly, there’s DVDwap, another movie delivering site that has been functioning for years. This site too holds an innumerable collection of films, from every language and genre. No matter if you are a fan of Bollywood or South India movies or Hollywood, you will find movies as per your moods. Apart from movies, one can also stream web series, documentaries, short films, etc. The site doesn’t require any subscription or registration. You can directly access its contents for free. Once you enter the homepage, you would be surprised to see how well the contents are arranged into categories. So visit DVDwap now and get entertained to the fullest!

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movieswood

1. Should I use the app version of Movieswood?

Yes, off course, if given a choice, you should go for the mobile application of the website. The app is regularly upgraded to fix the bugs. Hence, when you download or watch movies on the app, it wouldn’t keep crashing; instead, you would get a better experience than the website.

2. Can I find movies of all languages on Movieswood? 

Yes, you would find movies of all languages. All people have varied tastes for a particular language. To meet the expectation of all the users, Movieswood has come up with movies of regional languages. Hindi and the English language are some of the common preferences people have.

3. Is the interface of the website very complex?

No, the interface isn’t complex at all. The website of Movieswood has a very user-friendly interface. Even a novice would be able to trace their preferred item on the website very easily. The website also has really fast servers, which enhances the download speed of the movies.

4. When was Movieswood launched?

The pirated website was born on 26th December 2019. They have put down by the Government many times after that, but they keep changing their domain names for survival. It is a new website; however, it has been loved by the users a lot.

5. Why is the website of Movieswood so popular?

 In just a few times, the pirated website has gained popularity worldwide. One of the reasons is because they have an enormous directory of Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. This is helpful for the people who do not understand the English language, yet have the craze of Hollywood films. The other reason is that the website has an easy download procedure. One can search the movie from the website and download it with just a couple of clicks. The advanced technology has made the download feature easier.


Throughout the article, we have many times highlighted the fact that Movieswood is a pirated website. It has a huge collection of entertaining items, but they are all plagiarized. The article is written with the motive of enlightening the users about the pros and cons of a pirated website. When users download the movies from this website, they are promoting it. We wanted to impart knowledge about piracy. We have no intention to promote piracy, instead, we would advise the people of our country to be more responsible and stop the usage of pirated websites. They should watch the movies only in the theatres or on television.


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