When it comes to consuming entertainment content, the landscape has changed vastly. Gone are the days of watching films in theatres or waiting for them for months to come on the television. Now, every person’s favorite film or TV show is just a click away and there is no need to even get out of the house for it. OTT platforms are where all the people are rushing to watch exciting and fun-packed movies and web series.

OTT platforms can work on laptops as well as mobile phones. A person has to make an account and pay a subscription fee in order to watch the shows and movies that are present there. OTT platforms are legal and abide by the law of the country. On the other hand, there are online streaming websites on the internet that have been there for years and contain pirated content on their platform. These websites precede the existence of OTT platforms. Despite the fact that these sites are illegal, people still visit them as they do not have to pay any money to use their services. One such website that will be discussed in the article is Moviezwap.

What is Moviezwap?

Moviezwap is a popular website that provides the facilities of streaming and downloading films to its audience. To increase its target audience, Moviezwap has developed a mobile app as well. Thus, the number of people using Moviezwap increases significantly. The movies on this site are free for the users and it is very easy to download movies from Moviezwap.

Features of Moviezwap

It is the fine and peculiar details of a website that help it stand out from the competition. Moviezwap has several very attractive features that please a large number of users. Some of the features are listed below:

  • In addition to films, daily soaps and web series are also there on Moviezwap for the viewers to enjoy.
  • No money is charged from the users by Moviezwap.
  • Bugs and viruses are a problem with these kinds of sites. This is the reason why some people are hesitant and maintain their distance from online streaming websites. To ensure the safety of the users’ devices and data, Moviezwap updates itself regularly. By doing so, it removes any bugs that might be present in the previous version of the site.
  • Some websites are very slow when it comes to streaming. In order to solve that problem, Moviezwap provides multiple servers to its audience. Thus, in case there is too much traffic on one server, a person can always resort to the other ones.
  • The website, as well as the mobile application, has been developed keeping in mind users of all age groups. That is why the interface of Moviezwap is very simple and straightforward. A young teenager can use it with as much easiness as a senior citizen.
  • The Moviezwap app does not carry much weight to it in terms of storage space. The memory covered by it on a mobile phone is negligible.
  • What good is an entertainment website if it does not have any range? Different categories of films can be watched on Moviezwap like Punjabi films, Tamil films, Hollywood films etc.


Indian Government is against these online streaming websites as they play host to pirated content. Piracy is a crime in India. So, in an ideal situation, people should avoid these websites and watch movies and web series through legal mediums only.

How to Download Films from Moviezwap

One does not have to be an expert in computers in order to download films from Moviezwap. It is a fairly simple and easy process. All a person needs is a decent internet connection and a sufficient memory space on his or her device. Following is a list of instructions a person should follow in order to download films:

  • The process starts with searching for the Moviezwap website in the web browser. From the results, you will see a link to the website.
  • When the website opens, the user will find a search bar on the homepage of Moviezwap. The name of the desired film or TV show has to be typed in that bar. Another way of searching is by going through different categories that are present on the front page of Moviezwap.
  • Once the user finds the movie, he or she can see multiple links that are there on the page for download purposes. Clicking on any one of them will start the download.
  • The reason why there are multiple download links is that in case one link is not operational, one of the other ones can be put to use.

Alternative websites for Moviezwap

There are several problems that can occur with these websites like inaccessibility, presence of bugs, limited library etc. which can cause an individual to look for another alternative. Some good streaming websites have been mentioned below that can also be used by people:

1. Retrovision


The site provides various options to users as to what they want to stream or download on their devices. Retrovision does not only exist as a website but has developed an app that works on mobile phones. Various categories and genres of movies on the website make it easy for people to search for the movie that they desire.

2. Hackstore

In India, the majority of the population mostly consumes content in the Hindi and English language. But the population of the country is so huge that even a very small portion of the total population turns out to be significant and game-changing. There is a segment of people who go beyond the Hindi and English language films and are interested in world cinema. The language of a film does not matter much to them. They just want to see the cinema of the highest caliber. Spanish cinema is making a lot of noise nowadays. Directors like Guillermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro G. Inarritu have been making some path-breaking movies that have been garnering huge accolades and are evening winning the Academy awards. So, there is a rising interest in the world for Spanish films. And if a person is looking for a place where he or she can stream Spanish cinema for free, there is rarely any site better than Hackstore. The site has been around for several years and does not intend to go away anytime soon. The only problem with Hackstore is the impromptu ads that keep popping up on the monitor. So, before a person starts using the website, he or she should install a good adblocking software to solve this problem.

3. Showbox

In India, not everyone is in possession of a laptop or a desktop. A large portion of the Indian public uses their mobile phones for entertainment purposes. Surfing the internet, watching videos, download movies, reading articles etc. are just some of the many activities for which people use their mobile phones. For these people, there is a mobile app called Showbox that is able to fulfill all their entertainment needs. Showbox is compatible with and works smoothly on android devices. More than 20,000 shows and films are present on the app highlighting the extensive and diverse video directory of the app. The videos that are uploaded on the app are in high definition.

4. MyDownloadTube

Interface is an important part of a website. People want a site that is easy to use and does not give them much trouble. They do not want something which is difficult to understand and navigate. But sadly, many of the online streaming websites have a very complicated user interface. This scares the users who are new to the online streaming world and makes them hesitant to use the website. MyDownloadTube tries to create a niche market for itself consisting of people who want a simple and clean user interface as that is exactly what the site possesses. A plethora of movies, that too in HD quality, are just a click away on this site. MyDownloadTube does not stop at just TV series and films. People can also visit the site to enjoy their favorite video games. There are often times when a person cannot decide whether he or she wants to download a particular film or not. MyDownloadTube helps them in making this decision by providing them a sample of that movie. In this way, a user can judge the video quality as well as the overall story of the film and then, make a calculated final decision.

5. Fmovies

Every genre and language of film has its own audience. There is something for everyone on the internet. The same can be said for people who are lovers of Tamil cinema. There are groups of people who are constantly in search of new Tamil movies on the internet. For these people, Fmovies is a website that is perfectly suited for their needs. The site does a great job of uploading the latest Tamil movies on the website on a regular basis. TV shows and other types of content is available to the public in different video formats. There are some people who like to stream movies online and there are others who are more comfortable in downloading them on their devices and watching them at a later point in time. Fmovies manages to fulfill the demands and expectations of both these groups of people as it has both streaming and downloading options on its videos.

6. Bestwap

The next name of the list of alternatives for Moviezwap is Bestwap. This is another brilliant platform for people who love watching Tamil films. The site provides people with access to the latest movies in high definition for free. Bestwap does not make its users go through a sign-up process. They can use the services of the site from the get-go. The site attracts a lot of users towards it. But too many users can also be a problem sometimes as it can lead to the crashing of a site. To solve this problem, Bestwap has arranged multiple servers for watching and downloading content. In this way, Bestwap is able to manage and control the incoming traffic more efficiently.

7. HDpopcorn

One problem that persists in many of the streaming websites is that the video quality of their content is mediocre or below average. A site can have all the movies in the world on its platform, but what good is it for a user if he or she is not able to clearly see what is happening on the screen. Poor video quality can be a turn off for a lot of people and can cause a lot of damage to a site’s reputation. If a person is such for a website that has a decent collection of films and that also in impressive video quality, HDpopcorn is the place to be. The two popular video formats in which the films are available on HDpopcorn are 720p and 1080p. There are filters like ratings, year of release and genres that make the searching process easy for the users.

8. Movietube

On the list of alternatives for Moviezwap, the next name is Movietube. One special thing that Movietube has regarding its video director is diversity. Films from various languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam and Marathi are there are the site for everyone to watch and enjoy. The site can be used by people for free. A person can see high definition films on Movietube. Movietube is thinking big in terms of the number of users. That is why, when it comes to content, it does not stop at just movies. The site has added a wide range of content like award functions, TV shows, web series, short films and even documentaries on its platform. Thus, people from different walks of life who have completely different tastes can all use this site.

9. 123gostream

As you have been reading this article, you must have realised one problem that is faced by a lot of these online streaming websites. And that problem is of unwanted ads that adversely affect the experience of an individual. Sometimes, these ads are so annoying that no matter how many times you try to close them, they are still there on the screen, blinking and making random noises. So, internet users are constantly on the hunt for websites that are free of this problem. And for many people, this hunt ends with 123gostream. New movies are added to the video library on a constant basis and thus, a person never runs out of content to watch. Some people cannot just start watching a film. They need some information which can help them decide whether a particular film is suited to their tastes or not. 123gostream makes that information available to its users for all of its movies.

10. Primewire

Trying to watch a newly released film in a theatre can be a hectic task. You have to stand in line, pay for the tickets and also for the snacks. Sometimes, even after paying all this money, your experience gets ruined because the movie is not good. This problem can be solved now with streaming websites. One website that is on the forefront and making the experience of watching films easier for the public is Primewire. The most popular and trending films can be seen on the front page of the site. The site also gives the option of subtitles to its users. Thus, the tastes and preferences of a user can widen as they are now not limited by a language. The website has curated in a particular way so that people sitting in different countries have access to different kinds of content on the platform. This is done to cater to the specific requirements of people living in a particular area.

11. Putlocker


A huge number of internet users have Putlocker on their go-to list of websites whenever they want to watch a film online. One of the major attractions of Putlocker is its extensive database of films and TV series that is unmatched on the internet. There is a huge audience in the world for animes and cartoons. Putlocker has realised this and in order to capitalise on this fact, they have started uploading animated content on their website.

12. 123movies


The user interface of some streaming websites is so complex and hard to use that people spend more time searching for movies than they do on watching them. This can annoy the users because, in today’s world, everyone is busy and has a hectic schedule and only has a limited amount of time to watch time and thy do not want to waste all that time just searching for the film of their liking. 123movies provides a minimalistic interface with no exaggerated and unnecessary features. Thus, people who value their time prefer to use this site over others.

13. 9xmovies


Another great alternative for Moviezwap is 9xmovies. Some people like romantic films. Some like the romance genre. Some are into action movies and there are some who are die-hard fans of horror and thriller films. This website has films for every person. Regional cinema is also showcased on 9xmoies as Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam movies are also uploaded on the site by 9xmovies. IF you are someone who has trouble waiting for the newly released movies, this site perfect for you as the latest films are made available to the users as soon as possible.

14. Filmyzilla

This website is new in the world of online streaming. But that does not mean it is inferior to any of the other websites that are present on the internet. The Filmyzilla website has managed to make such a big name for itself in such a short time that now, it has come on the radar of the Indian regulatory authorities who are making continuous efforts to shut it down. But despite all this, the site still persists and is a fan favorite among the Indian users. Millions of people use this site every year and the numbers keep on increasing. The site allows users to stream as well as download the movies present on the platform. A user does not have to spend even a single penny of his or her money to avail of the services of Filmyzilla.

15. GoMovies

The last name on the list is Gomovies. This is a website that finds its origins in the country of Vietnam. The Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) named Gomovies the illegal website that is most popular among the masses. The regulatory authorities have been trying a lot to shut this site down and they also succeeded for some period as the Gomovies website became inaccessible to the users. But now, proxies are present on the internet through which users can enter the website to watch films. There are not many websites that enjoy the kind of notoriety that GoMovies does.

16. LetMeWatchThis

LetMeWatchThis is an excellent website that has a very easy interface and a wide range of movies. If you want to stream movies on this website, you will end up loving this website for sure. Not just new movies but you will find a large number of old classic movies on this website as well. You can access this website from any device you want. It is free to use. The users don’t need to get into any registration process for streaming the content on this website. All the content offered on this platform is in HD quality and you can also download it in HD quality video and audio.

17. Mega share

Megashare is another reliable alternative to the Moviezwap website. It Offers the users many categories to choose from like comedy, romance, action, thriller, etc. It also offers additional features about every movie or TV series that can be referred to before watching it. It is free to use the website and requires no extra charges to stream or download the movies you want. There are endless movies and TV series that can be found on this website. You can find your desired movie out of so many options offered. If you want to watch HD quality content, this website is the ultimate option you must go for.

18. IO Movies


IO Movies has so many features to count upon. The most important one is its layout which is just commendable. The content offered on this website is divided into many sections to ensure that the users don’t get confused while looking for their desired content. You can use this website without having to pay any additional charges. There are very few steps that need to be followed to access this website and these steps remain the same for every device. So, if you are a movie enthusiast, you must give this website a try as soon as possible. You are going to enjoy your movie-watching sessions here once you start accessing the website.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Moviezwap

1. Does Moviezwap have a mobile app?

Yes, Moviezwap has developed an app for mobile users and can be used by people who are carrying an Android device.

2. How heavy is the Moviezwap mobile app?

The Moviezwap app is quite small when it comes to size and does not cover much space on a person’s device.

3. Is there any fee that a person has to pay to watch movies on Moviezwap?

Moviezwap does not charge its users any money in exchange for the entertainment services that it provides.

4. Is Moviezwap safe to use?

Yes, Moviezwap is a website that is pretty safe to use. This is because the site is updated regularly and thus, any bugs present on the platform get removed easily.


It is important to state it again that piracy is a criminal offence in this country and if a person decides to watch pirated films on one of these streaming websites, he or she might have to face legal consequences. So, a person should be cautious when it comes to these websites and should, as much as he or she can, try to avoid these sites.


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