Every day we spend a lot of time travelling from home to office and back home. Surveys say that we spend almost one-third of our life in daily transportation. When are driving, we need to pay the due attention, however, when we take the public conveyance or the office cabs, we generally get bored throughout the way. There is nothing much that we can do expect look at the people around or watch the scenery. Most of the times, we travel without a partner and we do not get anyone to talk to, hence we tend to fall asleep during the time of travelling and feel lethargic to work as we reach office. A better way of spending the time is by watching the latest movies or any other web series that you like and have missed for some reason. These days the subscription cost of the streaming services is too high and it pinches to take the subscription only to watch some of the episodes.

A more economical way of watching the entertaining items on your device is by accessing the pirated websites. O2cinemas is one such site that allows you to watch a huge number of movies without any sign-ins. The contents of the website are available to you for free and you can download any amount of movies from the website. When you are inside a metro there can be network issues, hence it is better to download the movies and keep them handy in your device so that you can easily pass your time in the metro. You do not get bored, instead, feel charged up as you reach your destination. You are so refreshed by the time, that you can work with full concentration and manage the busy schedule at the office.

The website is loaded with a never-ending collection of movies and other programs to entertain you. You don’t have to pay a single penny to watch them online or download them to your device. O2cinemas is a pirated torrent website. The contents might be attractive to you; however, they are plagiarized. The Government is making constant efforts to bring down this website and they would be successful someday. When O2cinemas wouldn’t be operational, the alternative websites would help you to continue watch movies for free. Today we are going to name some of the best alternatives of O2cinemas available over the internet.

What is O2cinemas?


At some point in time, you get the craving to watch a particular movie; however, the circumstances are not suitable always. Either the movie is no more running at the theatres, or they are unavailable in the streaming apps and it is not even getting broadcasted in the cable channels shortly. Such strict situations can be well tackled by O2cinemas. O2cinemas would never deprive you from your favorite entertaining programs. It has a plethora of movies and other items available on the website. You would get to see whatever you want to. As the contents are free, you do not have to spend anything to access the contents. You just need a good internet connection, so that you can simply sit back and relish the movie.

The website of O2cinemas has an app version. It is more convenient to access the app than the website. The interface of both the app and the website is strategically designed so that you can find any content that you are searching for easily. The movies of O2cinemas are all obtainable in HD picture quality so that when you watch the movies, you get the look and feel of the theatres. The movies of O2cinemas are available in Hindi, Tamil, English, Telegu, and many others. Diversity is so much on the website that you are bound to find your favorite stuff here.

Legalities of the website

The website of O2cinemas is an illegal torrent website that steals the content of the owner without their knowledge and uploads it for their viewers. There is an added cost to the content that you see on O2cinemas; however, they are presented to you for free. Therefore, this website is considered as a criminal. They can be behind the bars for the piracy business that they run and earn money illegally. O2cinemas should be restricted as it works against the law of the country.

Features of the O2cinemas

To know something new, you have to understand the features. Here we have mentioned some of the features if O2cinemas for your better understanding.

  • The interface and structure of the website are super simple and anyone can access it easily. People don’t need any technical background to use the website. There are several genres and options from which you can select the movie of your choice. The filters are created logically to let you find similar movies that you have already watched before.
  • O2cinemas is famous because of the movies that it has. You can find movies in many languages like Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi, English, Telegu, Tamil and many more. You can find any movie of any language here in O2cinemas. There are various dubbed movies also in O2cinemas that attracts a huge number of viewers.
  • All the contents of O2cinemas are free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything to use the services of the website. Not everybody can pay a hefty amount for entertainment. Therefore, O2cinemas helps you to watch many entertaining programs for free so that nobody feels left out.
  • The website of O2cinemas has a mobile application available for its users. It is easier to access the contents of O2cinemas through this app. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The interface of the app is quite similar to the online website.

How can you download a movie on O2cinemas?

With every step, you would be able to download movies on O2cinemas. We have described the steps elaborately for you below. First, you would have to trace the current domain address to access the website. Once you have figured out the required domain address, get the VPN installed in your device. With the VPN, you won’t have to face any issues while accessing the website.

Also, you need to download the BitTorrent app to download movies once you have extracted the Torrent file from O2cinemas. Next, go to the website or app of O2cinemas and search your favorite movie on the search bar. Once your favorite movie comes up on the screen, select the download quality, and extract the torrent file.

Now, open the torrent file on BitTorrent and download your preferred movie to your device. You can even download the ad blocker to restrict the pop-up advertisements that keep appearing on the screen. Once you get the ad blocker, you would get a seamless streaming experience. It is better to use a Wi-Fi connection while you download your movie.

Latest movies streaming on the website

The movie-making industry makes in numerous movies every year to entertain the viewers. O2cinemas is very prompt in uploading the latest movies to its website. Some of the recently released movies that you can find on O2cinemas are:

  • Darbar
  • Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior
  • Chhapaak
  • Jai Mummy Di
  • Street Dancer
  • Good Newwz
  • Ghost Stories
  • Mardaani 2
  • Panga
  • Jawaani Janneman
  • Ordinary Love
  • Trolls World Tour
  • Hobbs & Shaw
  • Shikara
  • Malang

10 best alternatives of O2cinemas

The website of O2cinemas illegally uploads content to its website. They do not pay any royalty to the owners; instead, steal them without their consent. This work is considered as an offence punishable under law. The Government may shut down such websites for long and stop its usage. Hence, it is better to keep a list of alternative websites handy with you. If O2cinemas becomes unworkable at any point in time, you can explore the alternatives. The names of the websites mentioned below are equally competent as O2cinemas.

1. HDFriday 


If you are someone who just loves watching movies in varied languages and also don’t want to get disturbed by the two-minute advertisements, then you should explore the website of HDFriday. 

HDFriday is a popular website where you can get the latest movies and TV series. You can either watch them online or download them to watch it later. The website features movies for old age as well as the new generation. All the contents of this website are available HD picture clarity so that you don’t miss the experience of the theatres. 

All the movies are uploaded on the website as soon as they are released. The design of the website is unique. The website has segregated all its content practically for the convenience of its users.

2. MadrasRockers

MadrasRockers is quite a new website available in the market. The noticeable features of the website have helped it to emerge as one of the top-rated illegal websites. You will find all the movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Telegu, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. in this website. 

The web series of Amazon Prime are also added to the huge collection of MadrasRockers. The site should be accessed with a VPN technology as many of the countries, including India have banned the website. MadrasRockers specializes in South Indian films and you find all the latest Tamil and Telegu movies here. 

Though the contents of the website are free, still you do not have to worry about the amazing picture quality that it offers to its viewers. The download speed of the website is also great.

3. Filmymeet


In this fast-paced world, every single person is busy with their work. However, it is equally important to squeeze out some time for entertainment. This little time can be utilized properly to watch movies. 

If you know about the website of Filmymeet, you would easily be able to watch innumerable movies everyday and relax. Filmymeet is a torrent website that has movies of Bollywood, Bollywood, Telegu, Tamil and many more. The versatile movie collection that they have attracts many viewers. 

The movie file size of Filmymeet is very small is only 3.09MB. There is also an app version available for Filmymeet that is compatible with all the Android devices. With the variety of movies the website has, it will easily cater to your viewpoint and you will not disappoint you.

4. BestHDMovies


Gone are those days when you had to buy or rent a DVD to watch the latest movies. BestHDMovies is now the new space for movies and TV shows. The website has a huge collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. 

BestHDMovies is an illegal torrent site that displays the latest content from the entertainment industry. The website is updated frequently and regularly so that you do not miss out on anything that has been released lately. The website also has a good number of Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies to its collection, as people simply love watching them. 

The categories and sub-categories are strategically maintained so that you can trace your favorite stuff easily. BestHDMovies also hosts movies of Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, and Punjabi language so that you have enough choices.

5. Cinemavilla


Due to various unavoidable circumstances, people fail to make it to the theatres every time a movie gets released. They either have to wait for it to be screened on the television or take up any expensive subscriptions of the streaming services. An alternate way out is to explore the website of Cinemavilla. 

This website focuses on the movies and TV series of Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, and other South Indian languages. All the contents of the website are available for free and their directory is simply huge. 

They host several TV shows, web series, award shows, desi-dramas, etc as well and they are available to the users in different qualities such as AVI, HD, and MP4. The super-fast servers of the website allow easy and quick downloads of the movies.

6. DVDVilla


If you want to relax your nerves while passing your free time, you should watch a few good movies. DVDVilla is one such pirated website that will allow you to watch a huge number of movies anywhere anytime. 

The website offers the latest flicks as well as age the movies from the golden era. The wide collection of movies on the website has everyone’s preferences covered. All the movies can be either watched online or can be downloaded to watch later. The process of download is quite simple that anybody can follow without any prior training. 

The website will delight you with the best quality picture and sound experience that you will never miss the theatres again. The interface of the website is quite user-friendly and you can search contents effortlessly.

7. Isaidub


Sometimes it becomes very necessary to take a breather amidst the heavy workload. A good movie helps you lift up the mood. Isaidub is such a website that allows you to watch any movie at any given point in time. 

You can make yourself cry, ponder, and laugh when you watch a movie of your choice. Isaidub has movies of different genres. It is also loaded with movies of varied languages like Hindi, English, Kannada, Telegu, Tamil, and Malayalam. The quality of the content is high and everybody would love to watch several movies using the website. 

There are various resolutions to choose from like 1080p, 420p, 720p etc. The website is designed practically so that you don’t face any difficulty in finding your favorite stuff with just a few clicks.

8. MoviesCounter

In recent times, many streaming websites have emerged all of a sudden. Some of them are legal and some are illegal. The legal ones have subscription cost and you wouldn’t find everything there. 

One of the illegal ones is MoviesCounter where you can find anything and everything. It will never happen that you want to watch a movie and you won’t find it at MoviesCounter. Apart from movies, this platform is flooded with various web series, TV serials, award shows, documentaries, and many others. 

The movies are available in different languages to meet the needs of all the viewers. The categorization of the content is cleanly done on the website and every item has a short description along with it to give out more information about the content.

9. Hindilinks4u


We cannot think of a life where there is no means of entertainment. It would be like a body without the soul. Movies form a great source of entertainment and Hindilinks4u is the source of all movies. 

You can find movies of Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional languages on Hindilinks4u. They have a plethora of movies and you will never fall short of choices. The picture quality of all the videos available on the website is excellent and you wouldn’t regret watching movies at Hindilinks4u. 

Many users are in search of various dubbed movies and Hindilinks4u is one such website that has numerable dubbed films to meet the needs of the users. The website can be accessed from any PC, laptop, smartphones, and tablet.

10. TamilGun


TamilGun is considered one of the best sites to watch and download movies in HD picture quality. It hosts movies of several languages like Bollywood, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telegu, and Hollywood dubbed. 

Like all the other torrent websites, all the contents of this website are available for free. There are no hidden charges or subscription cost. The contents of the website are segregated effectively and that is the reason, it would be quite easy for the users to trace their favorite movies from the huge collection. 

When you use the website, do not forget to install and use the ad blockers as there would be few pop-ads coming up now and then. You should also use VPN technology so that you can bypass the country’s restriction.

11. Kuttymovies

Sometimes we get the sudden urge to watch films. But, often it doesn’t become possible for us to visit theatres or sit in front of the TV and watch movies or television shows. What would you do? Kuttymovies is here with a bunch of the latest movies, web series, documentaries, short films, and every other type of content. If you are dying to watch your favourite film in the middle of the night, there’s no better site than Kuttymovies. Besides offering a user-friendly interface, it also ensures that people enjoy a hassle-free browsing process. Overall, the site is popular among movie maniacs and a great alternative to o2cinemas.

12. Movieninja


Movieninja is yet another alternative you can consider browsing. Like all other torrent sites, it too uploads the pirated copies of the latest films, web series, short films, etc. The only difference is that every content found on Movieninja is available in HD quality. Thus the site offers a high-quality movie streaming experience. Furthermore, going through the list of categories on the site’s homepage and browsing through the list of movies would leave you satisfied. Don’t worry. The site is accessible for free and doesn’t require subscription charges from people. If you are unable to afford the high subscription prices of the legal movie streaming alternatives, this is the site for you.

13. Kat movie HD


Another popular movie streaming site is Kat movie HD. Just as the name suggests, it’s popular for uploading content in HD quality only. The site hosts one of the biggest collections of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati films. Not just that, movies from every genre can be found here. If you are unwilling to watch movies and are looking for something else like documentaries, you can also find them on Kat movie HD. In short, the site’s collection is versatile and diverse. Users of kat movie HD are extremely satisfied with its services so far. Even if you are wanting to download your favourite film and watch it offline later, you can do so.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About O2cinemas

1. What are the safety measures that can be taken while using the website or app of o2cinemas? 

One of the things that you can do is use a VPN technology while you are accessing o2cinemas. Also, your devices should be equipped with a good anti-virus. Keep the software of malware detection and anti-virus updated so that your device is safe from the threats that can crop up while using the website.

2. Do I need to pay anything if I download more than 5 movies a day?

No, you do not have to spare a single penny to download on stream the movies on O2cinemas. All the contents shared by the website are presented to the viewers free of cost. You can download any number of movies from this website without spending anything extra.

3. What languages are available in O2cinemas?

The entertaining programs of o2cinemas are of varied languages like Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, and English. No one will ever fall short of content here.

4. What is so special about O2cinemas?

The HD picture quality of all the videos on O2cinemas makes it an attractive website. The content of the website belongs to different genres starting from comedy, action and animated to documentary, thriller, and kids. The contents can be enjoyed by every age group.

5. Will I get to see my favorite TV shows here on O2cinemas?

You are sure to find your favorite TV shows on o2cinemas as apart from movies; the website hosts web series, TV shows, documentaries, etc. in different picture qualities like 1080p, 720p and 420p.


We want to make it clear for everyone that this article is written just for information. We very well know the cons of using a pirated website and that O2cinemas is a pirated one. O2cinemas works against the law and order of our country and people should immediately stop using such websites for entertainment. These websites are a threat to the movie-making industry, as they have to bear the loss of movies getting leaked on such websites. The article has no intention to promote piracy. We encourage people and urge them to watch movies only at their nearest movie halls.


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