This article is for people who are looking for good streaming websites on the internet where they can stream and watch TV shows and movies for free.

Every child grows up watching films on the television and this interest in films stays with a person even when he or she is an adult. Movies are a great source of entertainment and provide relief to people in difficult times. That is why film industries have opened up all around the world today and are making a lot of money by entertaining people.

People who do not have enough money to watch movies in a theatre can go to streaming websites online and watch them for free. A person doexs not even need to register himself or herself in order to access the content of the website. One such website that is gaining a lot of ground in India is Madras Rockers.

What is Madras Rockers?

Madras Rockers

Madras Rockers is a pirated website that has managed to capture a lot of attention from internet users in recent years. Due to word of mouth, the site has become so popular that it has popped up on the radar of the Indian regulatory authorities who are now constantly trying to block the platform. Not only India, the site has gained international popularity and thus, is also banned in the countries of China and Spain. But this has not deterred the Madras Rockers and the site is still moving ahead with its operations. The domain title of the site is changed on a regular basis to keep the site running. If a person wants to visit the Madras Rockers website, she or he can do it by using VPN and proxy sites available on the internet. The site does not possess any copyrights of the content that is posted on the platform.

Features of Madras Rockers

The following list of features will show you why Madras Rockers is such a popular choice among internet users:

  • Staying true to its name, Madras Rockers is a website that showcases Tamil language content on its platform. But this does not mean that the content of the site is limited to just that. Films from the Hollywood industry, Bollywood industry, Telugu film industry, and Punjabi film industry can be found and watched on this website.
  • The site does an amazing job of providing its users with films of high video quality but in small memory size. The small file size of films that can be found on Madras Rockers is around 300 MB.
  • The download procedure is also not complicated when it comes to Madras Rockers. All the favorite films that a person wants to watch are just a click away.
  • There is no need for a person to submit any personal details like name, age, phone number or email id in order to gain access to the website.
  • The downloading speed on this website is pretty good and a user can download a video file in just a few minutes.
  • Advertisements, which have been a major problem for many of the popular streaming websites, are not an issue with Madras Rockers. People can watch movies online without a random ad popping up on the computer screen.


Before using these online streaming websites, a person should try to gather as much knowledge as she or he can about them. These sites host pirated content and are considered illegal in India. Many of these sites also have bugs and malware on their platform that can infect a user’s computer and cause damage to the data. So, it is not all fun and games when it comes to torrent websites. Necessary precautions must be taken by an individual if he or she wants to indulge in watching content on these streaming websites.

How to Download Movies from Madras Rockers

Many sites have very complex user interfaces but it is very easy for a person to download any type of content from the Madras Rockers website. Following is a list of some guidelines that can be helpful to a person who is looking to download films from this platform:

  • The first step is to use the web browser and the search engine to open the website of Madras Rockers.
  • Then, use the various features of the website to find the desired film.
  • After the film is found, click on its thumbnail and a new page will open up.
  • There, you will see a download link, click on that.
  • A window will pop up asking you the video quality you want the film to be in. Select one of the given options according to your preferences and the movie will start downloading.

Alternative Websites for Madras Rockers

Variety is always a good thing. That is why a user should not restrict himself or herself to just one website. Users should explore their options and also look for other websites because one site can be good for one individual but not for the other. So, people can make use of the following list of websites in case they want to move on from the Madras Rockers website:

1. Filmywap


The first website that can be used by people to enjoy pirated content on the internet is Filmywap. The site has been rated very high by a large number of users in the country. This goes on to show how popular the website is among internet users. One thing that a lot of people look for while surfing the internet for films is good video quality. But it is not that easy to find it, at least not for free. Filmywap fulfills this requirement of the public by having high definition video files of films on its platform and a person does not even have to spend a single rupee for it. Although the website has the word ‘Film’ in it, the content of the site will show you that Filmywap engages in various types of content. People can find, documentaries, movie trailers, music videos and TV shows on it. TV shows on these streaming websites are a great thing for people who are not able to watch these shows live on TV. They miss these shows and then are unable to watch them again anywhere else. Filmywap provides a great solution to these people and thus become their go-to option for watching shows.

2. Tamilyogi


This is another website that is popular among people who like streaming and downloading pirated movies from the internet. The video library of a website plays a huge role in the success or failure of a site. Even though the site specialises in one type of content, it should still have variety so that in case the specialised content does not work, the site can always fall back on the other types of content. That is exactly what the Tamilyogi website does. Although the website mainly focuses on Tamil language content, it does not shy away from having content of different languages like Punjabi, Telugu, Hindi, English and Marathi on its platform. This also adds to the mass appeal of the Tamilyogi platform. This site has been curated in such a way that it runs smoothly on mobile phones. So, this adds another group of people that can use the Tamilyogi site to enjoy good quality cinema of all languages.

3. Tubidy


This is a pirated website that is used by people sitting in various different parts of the country. The audience of this site is not restricted to just one section or area of the country. If you are a film buff who likes to watch all kinds of movies from old to new, regional to foreign, then this is the perfect place for you. On Tubidy, people can enjoy the latest blockbuster films as well as old movies from the late 20th century. In order to maintain its existence and be relevant, Tubidy constantly has to switch the name of its domain because it has pirated content on its platform and thus, regulatory authorities are constantly on the hunt to block or shut it down. Since the domain keeps changing, people can face some difficulty in opening the website as they might not be familiar with the latest domain that the site might be suing to remain operational. But after a person has opened up the site, it is all smooth sailing from there.

4. Extramovies


The next name on the list of websites that can be used in place of Madras Rockers is Extramovies. This is a place for people who are not that much interested in streaming but want to download movies on their devices. Movies of different genres and even different decades can be found on this platform. The video quality of the content on Extramovies is also very Impressive. A person does not want to do through much hassle in order to watch a movie. People just want to switch on a film, lay back and relax. They do not want to do formalities like registering on the site and opening an account in order to watch a film. Extramovies provides that comfort to its viewers as there is not signing-up procedure involved.

5. 8xMovies

Another good torrent website for movie lovers and TV show enthusiasts is 8x Movies. Now, this site does not share the same level of popularity as the other big names on this list. But this does not, in any way, mean that is somehow inferior to them in either quantity or quality. If you are a person for whom language is not a barrier and can watch movies of all types, 8x Movies is a perfect option. Apart from the traditional Hindi and English films, the cinema of Punjabi and Telugu film industry is also present here. According to the specification of the device and the strength of the internet network, a person can choose the video quality in which he or she can watch the video.

6. Mastihot

This is another good streaming website that has managed to stay under the radar for quite some time. But Mastihot is growing in popularity a little by little every day. The video files that a person will find on Mastihot are in high definition and provide a great experience while watching movies. The content of the site is also diverse and has movies from Tollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood on the platform. Mastihot is a site suitable for people who do not want to spend money on watching a film as the site is free to the public.

7. Ipagal


Although there are many streaming websites present on the web, it is not very easy to find a good one. Even when you are able to successfully find a decent streaming platform, there are chances that the movie you are looking for might not be present there. The content that can be found on Ipagal is diverse in terms of regions, genres and languages. People can stream and enjoy movies of various different eras on this platform and that too, without paying any money to the site. In order to increase the mass appeal of the website and increase more viewers, the Ipagal website has dubbed versions of popular blockbusters available on its platform. There are also subtitles available with many regional and foreign language films. This increases the chances of these films being seen by a larger audience.

8. YTS


If you are not a big fan of TV shows and web series and are looking for a hardcore film website, then YTS is the site for you. There are sites that have all types of content on them. So, at times, it can get difficult for a person to navigate that platform to find the specific type of content that he or she likes. YTS is one of the biggest names in the torrent world and is a site that puts its entire focus on films and nothing else. There are no chances of a person finding a video file on YTS that is of mediocre video quality. All the movies on the YTS platform are in either 720p or 1080p video quality. A person can also see the IMDB rating present alongside the movie. So, there is no need to look for it separately. A lot of thought has been put into designing the layout of the site and it is very detailed and simple. The fact that YTS is a huge torrent website makes it a big target for the regulatory authorities. So, YTS has to constantly keep changing the address of the site. Thus, it might get difficult for an individual to open the site. To solve this problem, proxy sites and VPN can be used.


The next name on the list of websites that can be used to enjoy pirated movies is EZTV. This site can be considered a good substitute for Madras Rockers. As YTS as a website whose entire focus was on movies, EZTV is a platform that gives all its attention to TV shows. If you are a fan of TV series and love watching episode after episode continuously of a show, then you will grow to absolutely love this platform. There are television shows as well as award functions present on this website. It does not take a person much time to download files from this platform. The user interface of EZTV is friendly and can be used by people who are new to the world of streaming. The site has pirated content on its platform. This fact restricts the site from using Google ads on its platform to earn money. So, in order to earn revenue, EZTV has to allow pop up ads on the platform. These ads can be extremely annoying to the users. Although these ads can be blocked by installing an adblocking software, most people do not want to go through the hassle and choose to just use another website to watch content.

10. Zooqle


This site has everything a film lover can ask for from a streaming platform. The film collection is very extensive and has movies of various different languages and countries. Not just movies, Zooqle also has a good video directory of TV series. So, lovers of both films and TV shows visit this site as the site has enough content to satisfy the needs of both types of people. Content of different genres like comedy, action, romance, thriller and horror can be watched here easily and for free.

11. Hackstore

This site is for a really niche segment of people. People like Spanish and love watching movies in the Spanish language will fall in love with Hackstore. The site focuses on Spanish language content and also has Spanish dubbed versions of popular Hollywood blockbusters on its platforms. The content of the site is limited to just movies and does not have any TV shows or web series on its platform. But there are thousands of film titles present in the video directory of the platform which consists of old as well as recently released films. Another drawback that the Hackstore website suffers from is that there are a lot of advertisements that can ruin the experience of a user. Clicking on them will open certain unnecessary tabs and windows. So, due to this reason, a user might choose some other website over this one.

12. Streamog

Just like the Hackstore website focuses on Spanish films, Streamog specialises in French movies. French cinema is adored by cinema lovers all over the world. Thousand of French films are available on the Streamog platform for the users to enjoy. Movies on the site are sorted according to different countries and a person can choose the country whose cinema he or she wants to watch. New and fresh content is added to the Streamog platform on a daily basis. Thus, a user never runs out of interesting content. Every film on the site is accompanied by details like synopsis, cast and crew. This helps the users in deciding which film he or she should watch.

13. Bmovies


The last name on the list of platforms that can be used as a good alternative for the Madras Rockers website is Bmovies. Many torrent websites only allow the users to download films but Bmovies provides its users with the option of streaming movies online as well. So, a person can choose according to his or her preference. The site can be used for free by people. There are different video format options available to the users for streaming and downloading purposes. Various details of movies are also available with them so a user can make an informed decision as to whether to watch the film or not.

14. Tamilgun


Tamilgun is an extremely popular website that lets users stream and download the newest of movies. Though this site is vastly preferred for downloading movies, it even allows you to stream them online. You can find almost all the Bollywоod, Hоllywоod, and Tollywood movies on this website. It is free to use. All you need to do is search for the website on your browser and then enter the name of the movie you are looking for. Once you have entered the name, the page automatically shows you a list of options you can choose from.

15. CinemaVilla


This is such a site that offers you a wide range of content. This includes South Indian films, Tamil films, Malayalam films, and so much more. It is one such website that also allows you to download the most popular movies. You can also watch them online on any device of your choice. The user interface of this site is extremely easy to comprehend which makes it preferable for so many people. The best part is that you need not follow too many steps to access this website. There are just a handful of steps that can take you to this site.

16. 9xMovies


9x movies have become very popular over the past few years. One can find movies from varied categories on this website. All the movies can be downloaded absolutely for free. You can download any movie you want in HD visuals. Not just Marathi, English, Tamil, Punjabi movies but this website also offers a wide range of documentaries, TV shows, web series, etc. You can access it for free. It is simple to use and can be used by almost everyone. There is a search bar included on the homepage of the website. The search bar allows you to type the name of the content you are looking for.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Madras Rockers

1. Is Madras Rockers free to the public?

Yes, Madras Rockers can be used by people for free to stream and download movies and web series.

2. What is the best alternative for Madras Rockers?

Tamilyogi can be considered to be a great alternative to Madras Rockers because of the fact that both sites specialise in Tamil language content.

3. IS there a good streaming website to watch French movies?

If a person wants to watch French cinema, he or she should definitely pay a visit to Streamog.


This article has been written to inform the public about streaming websites. We do not promote piracy.


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