Watching movies is a favourite pastime for many. Ever since movie theatres started sprouting up in many parts of the country, people made it a point to visit the theatres and catch up on the flick that has been running in the theatres with their friends and family. Watching films had become a thing which was passed from generation to generation. There are a lot of movies releasing these days but back in the 1980s and 1990s’, hardly one movie released per week and there was no other option rather than watching the movies in the theatres. 

In the late 2000s’, the DVDs started hitting the market replacing the traditional deck and cassettes. These DVDs should be maintained carefully otherwise they would get scratched and one could not use it again at all. Moreover, the storage capacity of the DVD was not too large and one need to make sure the DVD player at home matched with the code of the DVD you had bought from the store. 

As technology advanced, the medium for watching and downloading movies also took a major turn. With the commencement of internet in the day to day activities of people’s lives, movies were uploaded on to the large file uploading and sharing sites which later became the pirated movie uploading sites. One of the earlier sites to have started sharing the movies online illegally was uWatchFree. 

What is the uWatchFree? 


uWatchFree is one of those sites to start back in the year 2012 and it has been almost 8 years since the first-ever movie was released on the site. uWatchFree is the site where you can find the movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, and Tollywood. One of the best things about this site is that you can download HD movies from this site is top-notch quality. 

A particular site reveals the fact that this site was first started in Pakistan and the extension keeps on changing as it is constantly under check by the telecom regulatory authority of the Government of India. 

One can find all the latest movies on this site and the database is too large to hold a lot of movies right from the old ones to the latest ones. The resolution of the movies uploaded on to this site is of top-notch quality. 

The working of this site is in Pirated Bay. All the files are shared on this site from different parts of the world in different sizes. The server can hold files of large sizes and anyone can download files from this site due to the top download speed offered by this site. 

Almost all the latest movies found in this site are of the good print and not shot in the theatres. There is no disruption in the audio quality and the video is crystal clear. You can enjoy all your favourite movies from the comfort of your home while you are using this site. 


uWatchFree is an illegal site to watch and download movies and other series. The film industry in India is one of the largest in the world, to be precise, the second largest in the world after Hollywood. Every week, new movies are being released in India and Bollywood movies account for 40% of it and there are movies from the regional languages like Tamil and Telugu which account for 39% and the rest of the language movies fall into the remaining category. From this, you can see that the film industry generates a lot of revenue and when you end up not watching the movies in the theatres and watch it in the pirated sites, it is directly reflecting the fact that you aren’t respecting the hardship of the film industry personnel’s. 

If you keep all this in mind, then you would at least spend 10 bucks and watch the movies in third class in the theatres or wait until the movie is released on OTT websites. 

Features of uWatchFree 

When trying to list down the features of this site, it gets too difficult as there are too many good features to talk about. Anyway, few best features of the site are provided below. 

Search button on the website. If you had forgotten the name of the movie, then you can type in the name of the actor and due to a large number of movies on this site, you need to type in the movie to get it listed quickly. This is not a common feature found in most of the illegal sites. 

There is a section in this site called Request where you can request any new movie to be uploaded on to this site. When you are entering the name of the movie, it is also required to type in the year of release of the movie as there is many times where the movies with the same names were released at different points of time. 

There is a column where you can enter the mail ID and subscribe to the mailing list. As you subscribe to the mailing list, you can keep receiving all the emails in your inbox. This is one of the best features as you can always stay updated as to when and what movies are being uploaded on to the site. 

There is a separate section dedicated to dubbed movies. In this section, you can only find the movies which are dubbed. One can find that the request section has a lot of requests being made to dub the movies from other languages. The site owners take a lot of effort to upload the movies are they are dubbed. It is not easy to keep watching the subtitles and movie at the same time for many. For those, this site is a blessing in disguise. 

One of the other best features of this site is that you can get to download the movies in 300MB. This makes sure that you can download the movie without having to face major data losses. Also, you can download the movies from this site with very few clicks. 

How to Get movies from uWatchFree? 

You need not worry at all as to how you need to download and watch movies from this site as it is one of the simplest things. Even the ones who haven’t handled the computers can download the movies from this site. 

If you have a smartphone, then you can download the application of uWatchFree on your phone. Once the application is downloaded, you can use it for downloading movies. The user interface of the mobile application is similar to that of the website. You can find the movies listed on the application in the same manner as it is listed on the website. 

You just have to click on the download button near the image of the movie uploaded and then you can see that the movie gets downloaded on your phone. 

Latest movies to download 

This site holds the tag of hosting almost all the latest movies in all languages. It is arranged in a very orderly manner and that makes it one of the exciting features of this site. Also, you can find a section called mostly viewed which shows the movies which are being downloaded in large numbers. So, if you are confused as to which movie you wish to watch or download, you can make use of this section. There is a separate section called recently released movies as well. 

  • NOTA 
  • Jackpot 
  • Degree College 
  • Bhoot: Part 1: The Haunted Ship 
  • Student of the Year 
  • Housefull 4 
  • X-Ray: the inner image 

Best alternatives to uWatchFreee

uWatchFree is one of the websites where you can find the best movies. There are a lot of fans for this site as it is one of the best to come into service in the field of illegal uploading of movies. In case, you find the site blocked, then you can make use of these alternatives. 

1. Djpunjab


This site is known as a goldmine for the movies and songs lovers. Name any recent movie released in Bollywood or if you are unable to get a song out of your head, then just type in the name of the movie or the song and you will be able to find it in this site. 

Going by the name Punjab, you should never take it like, the movies and songs in the Punjabi language are alone found in this site. This is not the scenario. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, then DjPunjab is the site that you should never fail to watch out for. All the latest movies in Bollywood are found in this site that too with subtitles. If you find certain movies without subtitles, then you can download the subtitles in a separate file and then attach it along with the movie file. 

Djpunjab has one of the best user interfaces on its website. No one faces any trouble while they are trying to download movies from this site. There are very few advertisements which pop up in between while a person is trying to watch and download movie from this site. One can call this site as the most preferred destination for downloading of movies. 

2. Bestwap


If you are looking forward to downloading all the content which you find across the globe free of cost, then you should be downloading movies from Bestwap. All the movies uploaded on to this site are of the most commonly used video formats. These video formats can be played in the video players like VLC or any other commonly used media players available in any of the devices. 

This is one of the oldest and the most widely used websites for downloading and watching movies. All the best movies released in the world arena are found in this site. The only thing which you need to keep in mind is the change of extension which takes place due to the frequent banning of the website. These sites are banned by the departments under the Government of India due to the illegally uploaded content. 

Bestwap has a very friendly user operating system that anyone with no prior experience of downloading movies from a site can download movies from this site. All the videos have good quality and you need not worry about the space it would occupy in your computer system. There are many other excellent features of this site which are hard to recount. 

3. Moviescounter

The common mind-set of those who are selling a particular content online is to make money. But there are very few illegal websites like moviescounter which focus on only selling the content which is pirated in nature at free of cost to the people and are not bothered about what returns they would get. Moviescounter has a lot of movies from various languages all across the globe. The kind of content which you would get out of licensing, you would get in this site in the same quality as you can see in the site which holds the license for the hosting of the content. 

Moviescounter has some of the best films ever released in the global cinema sphere apart from the movies released in recent years. There is a lot of series which you can download and watch from this site. Also, if you are a fan of watching cartoons, you can find a lot of them on this site as well. 

Moviescounter doesn’t ask its users to register on the site if they want to download or watch the movies. One can download content from this site by just logging on to it. 

4. TamilRasigan


Tamil Film industry produces a lot of movies in a year. It is the third-largest movie producing industry after Bollywood and Tollywood. The number of movies releasing per year in the Tamil film industry keeps increasing on a rapid basis. As the number keeps increasing on one side in the film industry, the number of films releasing in these sites also keeps increasing on a large number. Almost all the films which get released every Friday can be found in the Tamil Rasigan site by Saturday itself. 

As the name goes, Tamil Rasigan means the ones who are interested in watching Tamil films. Almost all the recent movies can be found in this site and also the older classical movies can be found in this site as well. There are a lot of web series which are releasing off late in Tamil under the production banner of the OTT services providers. 

All those kind of web series can be found in this site exactly in the same manner as it is found in the main hosting site. One can find a comments section in this site where one can post comments on the movies being uploaded on this site. The video quality of the movies uploaded on to this site is of great quality. 

5. Onlinemoviewatchs


There are a lot of people in this world who are deeply interested in watching movies from other languages as they wish to know the culture, the way of living in a particular region very fascinating to them. For those kinds of people, Onlinemoviewatchs is a great site as it hosts some of the best movies from the global sphere. 

Movies from Hollywood, French, and Spanish are all hosted on this site. All the movies have subtitles and you need not worry at all if you wish to download and watch a movie of a language which you don’t know. This is a great site for the starters of world cinema. There is an IMDB filter in this site where the movies are ranked based on the IMDB rankings. You can choose to sort the movies either in the ascending order or in the descending order. 

There are few very chances of this site getting blocked by the telecom regulatory authority bodies and one can bookmark this site and share it with their friends when they find great content being uploaded on to this site. Also, there are various versions of the same movie, so based on the data, one can make a choice. 

6. Project Free TV

Project Free TV
Project Free tv

As the name goes, all the shows you get to watch on TV after paying a significant amount can be watched on this site without having to pay a huge amount. All the movies can be watched free of cost on this site. One can also enjoy the live streaming of movies and other TV shows on this site. The quality one can get to see is of the same level one can find in the TV channels. 

Apart from hosting the shows on TV, this site are the best suited for watching and downloading movies from Hollywood. This site can be called a repository of movies as there are a lot of movies in this site like few ranging from dates dating to the times when movies from Hollywood started gaining a lot of attention from all over the world. There are a lot of fans for this site and people throng to watch movies from this site mostly. 

7. Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers
Jio rockers

Going by the name, Jio Rockers, you should not confuse it with Jio Cinema which is held by Reliance and is one of the best legal sites for watching and downloading movies. Just like how Tamil Rockers is a site that is famous for its illegal streaming of movies in South India, Jio Rockers is for the northern part of India. All the movies uploaded on this site are of great quality and one can find the top-notch movies on this site. 

Movies released all over the country can be found in this site. The site is known for the virus-free content it uploads on to its site. There have been no cases where the movie download from this site is filled with a lot of malware and Trojan attacks. 

The movies have subtitles attached to them, so you need not worry much while you are watching the regional language movies. 


YIFY is a very popular website that was launched in 2011. The website has got its name from the developer itself. It can be used in the English language. One can find many old and new movies on this website. There are no additional charges that need to be paid if you want to stream or download any content on this website. There are several categories in which the content of this website is divided. That is what makes it convenient for the users to access this website. There are some very simple steps that one needs to follow to use this website.

9. Filmrise

Filmrise is a movie streaming website that has gained a lot of fame in the past few years. As you already know, there is a lot of competition already prevailing in the market of movie streaming websites. You can find high-quality TV shows and movies on this website. You can find content from various genres on this website. Regardless of the genre of content, you can rely on this website to suffice your needs. There are very simple steps to be followed to access this website. You can use this website for free. No registration or subscription is required for the users to stream or download its content.

10. Hulu

If you are looking for some of the best alternatives to the UWatchFree website, Hulu deserves a mention here. You can find a lot of movies and TV shows on this website. It can be used absolutely for free. The website doesn’t ask for any of your details to get registered on this website. You can use it without having to worry about the privacy of your device. All the content featured on this website has high-quality audio and video. You must use this application if you are a movie buff. It is going to provide you with the best kind of entertainment. 

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About uWatchFree

1. Will you face any legal issues if you download movies from uWatchFree? 

No. You wouldn’t face any legal issues if you download movies from this site. It is a very difficult task to even trace the owner of this site, leave aside the ones who are downloading movies from this site. 

2. Will downloading movies from uWatchFree affect the working of your computer? 

No. You will not face any issues in the working of your computer while you are trying to download movies. The files are very well scanned before they are uploaded on to the site. It is made sure that there is no malware found in the files uploaded on to the site. 

3. Can one find web series on this site? 

Yes, it is possible to find a web series on this site. All the series which you can find in the OTT services providers can be found in this site. All the episodes are arranged properly so that you don’t have to worry if any episodes are found missing in this site. 

4. Can one download Hollywood movies? 

When you open the site, the first thing you would get to see is the Hollywood movies. The movies are arranged according to the year of release, genre, and other attributes. All the movies are in the best quality of this site. 

5. Can one find movies with dual audio? 

Yes, one can find movies with dual audio on this site. But it is not available for all the movies. 


uWatchFree is an illegal site and you can find all the recent movies leaked in this site. It is not at all encouraging to watch movies and series in this site as it is equal to disregarding the painstaking efforts taken by the film technicians and the other members of the crew. It is always best to enjoy a movie with your family and friends in the theatres located near to your homes and surroundings.


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