Mangas and animes are an identical part of Japan. Not only in the native country, Japan, it almost enjoys a cult status in the whole world too. From kids, young adults to grown-ups- everyone loves watching anime. Well, if you consider their diverse stories and eye-catching drawings; anime series is a delight for anyone. And why do people love anime shows? Of course, the shows are engaging and the animators and mangaka artists never fail us to surprise with their stories and engaging content. With time, more and more animes have been released in different parts of the globe in languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, etc. Additionally, the animes are often available with subtitles for the convenience of the viewers.

If you are in love with anime shows, then you are among those persons who would likely wait for their favorite anime movies and catch them in online platforms. Ask any anime lover about their favorite pass-time. They will readily reply binge-watching their favorite shows in free streaming platforms.  

There are only a few legal and authentic streaming platforms dedicated to anime and Anime-Planet is among them. It is a well-known and popular site that is favorite among global viewers. So, it gets a lot of traffic every day. Hence, often the server becomes slow and you may encounter some problems. And, the site is still under construction. Therefore, it may not be available in every country. So, what to do? The simple answer is to switch to some of the alternative sites that offer similar services. In this article, you will get to know about the best possible alternatives of Anime-Planet that you can use for binge-watching your favorite anime. Read till the end to know more. 

What Is Anime-Planet?

Anime Planet

Before you jump into conclusions and the list why not gather some facts about Anime-Planet? Well, Anime-Planet is a free site for streaming anime. Anyone can watch the latest and popular anime shows, one-shots and series and movies from here without any cost. This website is designed in a great way. Hence, you can easily find the trending animes and the popular ones on the home page. It also has a wide range of animes in different genres.

Anime-Planet is a great option for those who love the latest anime. But, if you want to go back to your memory lane and re-watch some of the older animes, you might have to search a lot. And most of all, the lesser-known or older anime series have only subbed versions available. 

Nevertheless, Anime-Planet is one of the best free sites to free stream any anime series, It also allows its users to download a series of some episodes or even anime movies. The good thing is that you do not need to spend a single penny for downloading, everything comes free here. So, all you need is a high-speed internet connection and enough space in your device.

 What Are the Features of Anime-Planet?

  • The biggest feature is it is very much user-friendly. This platform is well-organized and you never miss anything. Another thing is the upbeat theme. The site is very much colorful and peppy- just like the anime shows.
  • It allows you to navigate through the different pages and sections easily. Additionally, you can also surf through the search bar. Or, a user can also find an interesting anime by browsing through the genre section.
  • Another feature os that it is a free website. So, you can free stream your favorite anime show online. 
  • This site has a wide list of old and new anime. The anime shows are available with different dubbed languages for their global audience. Additionally, the animes also come with subtitles. So, you won’t have the language barrier in Anime-Planet.
  • Anime-Planet cares about user experience. Therefore, it offers anime shows in HD format.
  • On top of that, the makers regularly update their database and add new anime shows and episodes to satisfy their viewers.


Anime-Planet is a legal free streaming site in India and other countries around the world. All the available contents are legal and you will not find any illegal content on this website. So, you can watch your favorite anime series without fearing legal issues. 

How to download anime from Anime-Planet?

Anime-Planet only offers video streaming and online reading. Hence, you cannot download anime from this site. The same applies to the manga collection. That means you can only read manga issues online in the website. Although it does not allow downloading the manga and anime episodes; users still prefer it. The cause is their streaming quality. You just need a properly working internet connection to stream your favourite anime series or read any manga for free. 

Top ten alternatives of Anime Planet

If you talk about the features and user experience, nothing beats Anime-Planet. In this section, you will get to know about the top ten alternatives of Anime Plante. And they offer you the same service- free anime streaming and download.

1. Crunchyroll


This is probably the best alternative to Anime-Planet. Crunchyroll is another globally known website that is a rage among anime lovers. It comes with its free version. The free version comes with some advertisements. Hence, if you can tolerate one or two small advertisement breaks during binge-watching, it is great. Crunchyroll comes with its eponymous contents. You will find almost every possible anime and mange in Crunchyroll. They also offer a dubbed and subbed version of their anime shows. 

The biggest advantage if Crychroll is that it offers the viewers to watch anime and manga on the same platform. You can either watch anime or read the manga or do both as per your preference. This anime website also has its app. The app is available in the play store. You can watch anime or read manga through their diverse and large database. They have a huge collection of manga and anime including popular and kids friendly shows.

You need to create an account in Crunchyroll if you want to view the anime shows. This site requires a premium subscription for ad-free streaming. So, it is a slight meltdown.

2. FUNimation

This is an exclusive platform from the anime show. FUNimation has been producing quality anime shows for a long time and has produced some of the most popular shows in the globe. Their collection is large and they have anime shows from almost every genre. The FUNimation website is well-designed and easy to navigate. So, you do not need to wait for a long time to find your favorite anime show. 

Funimation is also a paid site, but they allow free trial period on their website. It is popular because of its large collection of different anime shows. You can even find some of the rare and old anime shows in Funimation. For watching experience, just note down that it offers HD content. You can easily open a free account to watch movies and anime shows for free. You can find dubbed and subbed animes in their site.

This site does not offer manga to readers. But they come with anime-related blogs and latest news about the anime industry. This is a great feature for the anime lovers who want to be updated with news of the anime and manga industry. Besides that, you can also buy merchandise from your favorite show from their site. But, the website of FUNimation is still under construction. So it is only available in limited countries at present.

3. Hulu


Hulu comes from the famous cartoon and animated movie production house Wlat Disney movies. It is a legal streaming site that offers TV shows, movies, and many more. Hulu also has a large collection of cartoons and animated shows. It is not only about cartoons. You can also find anime shows in here. The truth is Hulu offers many world-famous anime shows and movies in English and other languages. You can also find animes with English subtitles. So, it is a delight for those who love anime shows. 

Hulu offers HD content to its viewers. You can also watch anime in different formats like 1080p, 720p, or 480p from here. It is also a paid streaming service, But Hulu is affordable. Additionally, you can also opt for their free trial account for one month. Hulu has its website and a native app. The app is available in the play store. The application comes with a smooth user interface and contains all the collections from the website. It is secured and bug-free and compact. So, you can easily install the Hulu official app even if you have less space in your smart device.

It also offers Korean manhwa and animated shows besides anime shows. So, if you are willing to watch a new section of anime shows inspired by K-Pop dramas then it is your ideal option.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is one of the best global free streaming platforms. It is known for offering the latest movies, shows and of course anime. Their anime collection is not that much big, but it is carefully designed. It offers quality content in HD format. You get to watch your favorite anime in English and your native language. You can use their website or even their app as per your preference.

This is also a paid streaming platform. But, amazon offers a free trial for thirty days. So, you can easily choose it if you love binge-watching anime for hours. Amazon Prime offers its users to create their watch list for their convenience. And, you can also download a movie or series to view them offline.  

It is only for video streaming. Therefore, you cannot read manga here. Hence, if you are contained with watching anime shows, you can opt for Amazon prime video. Amazon prime is great for those who are new to anime and want to watch globally popular animes before diving into the vast sea of anime world. 

5. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime
Kiss Anime

After a few paid sites, let’s move to a free anime streaming site. If you want to know about the best alternative of Anime-Planet that offers free streaming service, then this is the right option, Kiss Anime is a delight for those who prefer free streaming. It is full of the latest and well-known anime shows and everything comes for free. So, you are sure winner if you watch anime in Kiss Anime. 

You need to create an account in Kiss Anime to watch anime shows and anima movies. Anime Planet offers a great website. It has a feel of the premium streaming sites. So, whenever you open the website, the home page shows you the trending anime shows and movies and top shows. You can also browse through their large directory of more than 400 legal anime contents. This site offers a great user experience and makes navigation easier. Kiss anime offers HD content. You can also download anime shoes free of cost from here. You can choose your favorite format for downloading. 

Additionally, you can also read manga from Kiss anime. But this streaming site is not advertisement free. That means you need to tolerate a few advertisements if you want to watch anime or read manga for a long time. Additionally, you can always schedule shows and make your watchlist here.

6. Anime Frenzy

This is the sixth entry in this list of top ten alternatives of Anime-Planet. Like Anime-Planet, Anime Frenzy is also a free streaming website. It comes with a carefully designed website for the viewers. Their site design may not be peppy and eye-catchy, but is not bad. It is just a classic site with exciting anime shows. The home page shows the latest uploads and also shows uploading time, which is a great feature. So, you are always updated about the latest anime episodes and watch them.

In addition to the trending shows, Anime Frenzy also offers popular and classic anime shows and movies. You can watch things or download them at your convenience. Or, you can also choose a new show by surfing through their genres and alphabetical order. Their large collection is often applauded by anime lovers.

This site offers dubbed animes and anime episodes with subtitles. Hence, you can watch without thinking about the language problem. But, you cannot read manga here. It only offers anime shows and animated movies.

7. VRV

This is a great alternative to Anime-Planet. VRV is not only an anime streaming site. It is created by the anime lovers for their fellow anime fans. It is a channel based streaming that offers contents from other anime streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, FUNimation, etc. in separate channels. Which means, you can always navigate to other streaming site and watch their contents through VRV. It comes as a complete package and never allows you to complain.

If you are willing to try something new then you need to try VRV at least once. It is a new –age streaming service that merges technology and offers you thousands of anime shows and movies for free. Additionally, VRV also has some of its exclusive contents.

This streaming site also has its native app in the play store and the Apple store. But, it is still under construction and is only available in the USA for this moment. A user can either choose the ad-included free version or ad-free premium version as per their choice.

8. KuroAni

Another free anime streaming site in this list, KuroAni offers free streaming content to its viewers. You do not need to create an account, just need to visit the site and watch any anime how you like.  

KuroAni offers free streaming of latest and well-known anime movies and series to its users. It provides HD and UltraHD content. You can also download any episode or a whole movie in 1080p, 720p, or any other format. You can schedule anime shows on this site. Additionally, they also have some popular cartoon shows. 

Since it is a free streaming site, it comes with advertisements. Often one or two small advertisement videos are played before an anime. If you can bear with it, then you can watch any anime for as much time as you want. But, it is solely dedicated to anime shows. Therefore, you do not get to read any manga in KuroAni. But, if you are ok with watching anime shows only, then it is a great alternative to anime-planet.

10. Gogo anime


GogoAnime is one of the most used time free streaming sites. This anime streaming site offers the latest content. That means you can easily watch any anime shows that are being aired on TV. It is free of cost and offers free downloading service. So, you can watch as much as you want.

Gogoanime has a huge collection of different types of anime. From shoujo to shonen and horror or sci-fi- you can find anything in this platform. 

GogoAnime also regularly updates its database and uploads new content as soon as it is released. You can watch subbed anime or Dubbed time in your preferred language from gogo anime. Since it is a free streaming site; it comes with a lot of advertisements. But, Gogoanime is a pirated site. So, it can be blocked in many countries. But, you can always use a VPN and unblock this site to binge-watch your favorite anime.


The last entry in this list of top ten alternatives of Anime-Planet is AnimeHeaven cc. Those who have been watching anime for a long time swear by this site. It is considered one of the best website for free streaming latest anime shows and movies. Animeheavencc offers all types of anime-related shows- series, movies, and others.  

This site comes with a unique responsive design which makes using it easier than ever. You can watch the trending shows or even find a shoe through their search bar. Animeheavencc uploads any show or movie as soon as it is released. Therefore, here you can watch and download all the latest anime series and movies for free. 

They also have a large selection of subbed and dubbed anime shows for their viewers. If you want you can also download the episodes for free. Animeheavencc offers free downloadable contents in HD format in 1080p or 480p etc. But, it is a pirated site. Hence, it can be blocked in your country. But, Animeheaven.CC has multiple other URLs that you can use with a VPN.

12. can be considered to be a good alternative to Anime Planet. This site is accessible for free and uploads anime and manga content on the same platform. So, no matter if you want to stream anime series or read manga comics, you can do it on Besides streaming or reading, you can always download the contents on your device. The site offers a huge collection of anime and manga content, allowing people to choose from their large and varied databases. The site includes a few well-known kids-friendly shows as well. If you haven’t visited this site yet, now is the time to do so! Visit today and stay entertained anytime, anywhere.

13. BabyAnime

Another great alternative to Anime Planet is BabyAnime. This is another exclusive platform for watching or steaming anime shows and series. For a long time, this site has been uploading quality content for users, allowing them to access them for free. Their collection is huge and versatile. Besides all, the website is well designed and has a clean layout. Browsing through the site is extremely easy which is why getting your desired anime series wouldn’t be too hassling. The site has earned popularity mostly because it consistently uploads the latest anime series that are released. You can even spot some popular old and rare anime shows only on BabyAnime.

14. is another alternative site for Anime Planet that’s worth considering. It provides the feel of premium movie streaming sites. Unlike most other illegal sites available on the internet, this site uploads contents in high definition only. Furthermore, the top shows and series are always highlighted on the home screen. Not just that, its vast collection of contents is cleanly categorised into groups to make it easier for people to get their desired movies. Besides streaming content, you can also download them in any format of your choice. The downloading process is easy and doesn’t cost you a penny!

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Anime-Planet

1. Is Anime-Planet legal?

Anime-Planet is a completely legal free streaming website. So, all the contents they offer are obtained with legal permission. Hence, you can freely watch or download anime shows and movies from here. 

2. Does this site offer the latest anime shows and movies?

Anime-Planet is a legal site. Therefore, they do not offer copyrighted content or the latest releases. But, their collection is huge. You can surely find your favorite anime series or movie from their more than 4500 anime shows and movies. They also offer regular updates. So, you may find the latest shows after two or three months of their release. But, you won’t find any Bollywood, Hollywood, and other types of movies.

3. What is the streaming quality of Anime-Planet?

Anime planet offers a great streaming experience, You can stream HD contents for free. You can choose the format according to your internet connection. A low key format always works great if you have unstable internet service. 

4. Is it safe for streaming?

Anime let is designed for all types of viewers. It comes with exclusive content for kids. You can just select kids’ mode and make only the child-friendly content available for streaming. So, your children can also enjoy their favorite anime shows and you do not need to worry about security. 


Anime-Planet is a legal anime streaming site. It offers free streaming of the anime shows. So, its contents are legal and you do not need to worry. You only need a good quality internet service to stream for download any anime series or movie. Faster and high-speed internet connection will offer buffer-free streaming and a faster downloading option. If it is not available in your country then you can always choose any alternative from the list and watch animes without any problem.

Anime Planet

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