For people who are fans of cinema and love watching films and TV shows, this is the perfect place. The article will tell you about the Besthdmovies website which provides a platform to its users where they can come to watch and enjoy their beloved films and web series. The article will contain information about the features of the Besthdmovies website and will also give a list of instructions as to how a user can download movies from this site. Apart from that, the article will also list out alternative websites that can be a good substitute for the Besthdmovies website.

Who does not love a good movie? Movies can take a person through a roller coaster of emotions. They can make us happy, sad, petrified, thrilled, shocked etc. They can evoke different emotions out of people. That is why there are so many different genres of movies like romance, comedy, action, horror, thriller and drama so that that is a movie for every person out there.


Just like every person has a different way of doing things, every person has a different preference as to how to watch movies and web series. Some people like to go to theatres to watch films as it gives them an opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones. But there are others who do not want to go out of their houses and just want to watch their films and soap operas while sitting in the comfort of their homes. They watch the content of their liking on their TV sets, laptops and tablets. Due to the advancements in technology today, people are now able to watch films on their mobile phones. There are also OTT platforms available like Disney+, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Netflix where users can watch content from different countries of the world. A subscription fee has to be paid by users to watch films and web series on these OTT platforms.

But not every person is keen on paying for subscriptions to watch the content of their choice. Neither do they want to go to movie theatres. So, what can they do to watch movies? There are some websites on the internet that these people can visit to watch their favorite movies and TV series without having to pay any money. These websites are easily accessible for the users and they can easily navigate them to look for the content they want. Users can not only watch but can also download movies from these websites and watch them at a later time even when they do not have access to the internet. One such website that the users can visit to watch good quality video content is Besthdmovies.

Bestmovieshd is one of the newer websites out there that is making a lot of noise. It primarily has movies from Bollywood and Hollywood on its platform. A person does not have himself or herself registered on the website to watch movies. The services of the Besthdmovies website are available to the users free of cost. The site has a lot of different features that attract users from different parts of India and the world towards it. Below is a list of some of the features of the Besthdmovies website:

  • The website has a huge video library and users can watch the latest films as well as the classics of the old times.
  • A user does not have to pay any money to watch films or soap operas on this website.
  • Not only Hindi and English but movies in regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi etc. are available on the website for the users to watch and enjoy.
  • Hollywood movies that are dubbed in the Hindi language can also be found on the Besthdmovies platform. This attracts users who want to watch Hollywood movies but are not proficient in English as it is not their first language.
  • Animated movies are also present on the platform that can be watched by people from all age groups whether they are kids, adults or senior citizens.
  • The sub-category tab that is available on the platform is a really cool feature.
  • The movies are categorised on the website according to different genres which makes it easier for people to find the content that they are looking for.

How to Download Movies from Besthdmovies

Downloading movies from the internet is something that is really easy for some people but for some others, it is as complicated as a Rubik’s cube. On some websites, there are so many download links, most of which are fake, that it can confuse the users and they might decide to just quit the website. To help those users, below is a list of steps that can be followed in order to download movies from Besthdmovies:

  • The first thing a user has to do in order to download movies is to visit the Besthdmovies website. The site’s domain keeps changing from time to time, so it is suggested to first search for the website on the Google search engine.
  • Now, the next step for the user is to search for the movies they want by typing the title of the film in the search bar and pressing the ‘Enter’ button or by going through the genre categories.
  • Once the user has found his or her desired film, he or she has to select the video format and the video quality that they want their movie in. Users can make this decision depending on the speed of their internet connection and the storage space that they have on their devices.
  • Then, the last step is to click on the download option and the movie will start downloading on the user’s device.


It is all fun and games while watching and downloading movies on the internet but a user should be aware of the consequences that he or she can face because of their actions. The content that is present on these websites is pirated and not considered legal in India. It can cause huge financial losses to the producers of the films as people do not go to the theatres to watch these films but watch them on these websites. Although the possibility is low, there are also chances that a user’s device might get infected with a virus or malware from one of these websites. So, a user has to be aware of all these things before he or she visits one of these websites to watch and enjoy films and web series.

Alternatives for Besthdmovies

There is no website on the internet that can possibly have all the movies in the world on its platform. The same is the case with the Besthdmovies website. So, there might be cases that a person is not able to find the film they are looking for on the Besthdmovies platform. Since the content on the website is pirated, the government and other regulatory authorities might also try to shut the website down from time to time. This can result in the users not being able to access the website. In such cases, a person needs to know of some alternative websites where he or she can go to watch the content of their choice. Below is a list of alternative websites that a user can visit that are a good substitute for Besthdmovies:

1. MovieTube 

MovieTube is considered to be one of the best places on the internet to watch movies and soap operas. This is because the website has an extensive video library and if a person is not able to find his or her desired movie on any other platform, they can surely find it on this website. One special feature that the site has which is not available on other websites is that MovieTube has a language filter which means that films are sorted according to the language that they have been made in. If a user visits the site often to watch films and web series, he or she stands a chance to become a prime member of the website. This will provide the user with an opportunity to watch those films which are not available on the market yet.

2. FreeFlix 

FreeFlix, as the name suggests, is a website where people can go to watch and enjoy films without paying any money. FreeFlix also boasts of a unique collection of films. The collection is unique in the sense that the site has a large number of movies from the year 2009 to 2019. The website offers multiple streaming links to the users. This is helpful to users as in case one streaming link is not working or if there is too much traffic on one link, a person can always opt for any of the other streaming links. One thing that users like about this website is that there is a very low amount of pop up ads on the site which enhances the movie-watching experience of the users. The one major drawback that Freeflix is that the site has only movies on its platform and no web series or TV shows. This reduces the number of users that visit the website. But talk on the internet is that Freeflix will soon start adding TV shows and web series on its platform.

3. Filmywap

Filmywap is a website that focuses on providing good quality content to mobile phone users. The website has been curated in such a way that it makes it easier for users to access the website through their mobile phones. This is a great place for people who are looking for a website that has a smooth interface and is easy to use. Although the content on the website is available to users for free, they still have to go through the hassle of registering themselves on the website in order to avail of the services on the website.

4. 1337x

1337x is one of the most popular websites on the internet for watching and downloading movies and TV series. 1337x is growing day by day as more and more users visit the website every day and share their experience of using the website. Films of Hollywood and Bollywood as well as films of regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu etc. are present on the website for the users to watch and enjoy. There is no age restriction on the website making it easier for people of all ages to access the website. There is no registration process for the website and the quality of videos present on the platform is very good which enhances the experience of the users while watching a movie on the platform.

5. Solarmovie

Solarmovie is considered to be a one-stop solution for lovers of films and TV shows. It is a relatively safe place to watch and download movies as the website updates itself on a regular basis. This helps the website in getting rid of the bugs or any type of malware from the platform. One feature that Solarmovie has, which is not available on many other websites is that a user can find subtitles along with the video files on the platform. This enhances the movie-watching experience of users who are not proficient in English as it is not their first language. Movies of various different genres like horror, romance, comedy, action etc. are present on the platform and have been sorted into certain categories like the year of release, IMDB rating, genre, country etc.

6. M4ufree

Considered to be the godfather of the websites that provide online streaming, M4ufree is a website that has a plethora of options when it comes to watching quality content for free. The site has the latest releases present on its platform as well as the old classics. The site is easy to use and people can easily navigate through the website to find the content they want to watch. One major advantage that the M4ufree website has it that the instances of lagging or buffering while streaming are very low. Users find this very impressive about the website and that is why they visit the site often.

7. Dvdwap

The front page of the Dvdwap website is quite lucrative and manages to grab the attention of the users. The interface of the website is also very smooth and pretty straight-forward. Different filters help the users in navigating the website and make it easy for them to watch and enjoy their favorite movies on the platform. The films are also available in multiple audios which helps in increasing the mass appeal of the Dvdwap website.

8. Sdmoviespoint

Sdmoviespoint is a website that is growing at a rapid pace in the year 2021. Films from Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood as well as films dubbed in various regional languages are present on the website. The website has multiple servers that are very fast. So, a user can download films and web series in a short span of time. Along with the movie titles, the site also shows relevant information about the movie. This helps the users in making a decision as to whether they want to watch a particular movie or not. The website also provides the feature of creating a watchlist on the website itself to the users.

9. Goodmaza

Although the main focus of the Goodmaza website is on the Indian and Bollywood films, Hollywood films are also present on the platform. Although the website is not the best place to watch movies online, the users can still download movies and TV series in high video quality from the site. Mp4 and 3gp are the two video formats offered by the Goodmaza website to the users from which they can choose which format they want their movie to be in. A person does not have to open an account to watch movies on Goodmaza.

10. Cucirca

One thing that separates Cucirca from the other websites on the internet, for better or worse, is that the website only focuses on TV series and does not have any films on its platform. With this bold decision, the site caters to the needs of a niche segment of people who are ardent followers of web series and soap operas. No subscription charge has to be paid by the users to access the Cucirca website. With a smooth and easy to use interface, Cucirca becomes a guide for people who want to watch their favorite movies on the internet.

11. Yo-Movies

The Yo-Movies website might not have the best user interfaces among all the online streaming websites but it more than makes up for it by providing a plethora of options for good content to its users. The website has movies from all over the world on its platform. Apart from Hollywood, movies of countries like Japan, India, Brazil, South Korea etc. are also present on the platform for the users to watch and enjoy. This diverse range of movies helps the website in attracting users from all different parts of the world.

12. Filmyhit

The Filmyhit website tries its best to give the best experience to its users. This can be seen from the fact that if a user is not able to download a particular film from the website, the website directs him or her to an external source from where he or she is successfully able to download the movie. Filmyhit also provides security to the website. The website does this by providing magnetic links for the purpose of downloading which hides the VPN address of the users.

13. Bollyshare

As the name suggests, Bollyshare is a website for people are passionate followers of Bollywood film and do not miss to watch a single film when it releases. As the website has been present for a lot of years, Bollyshare has managed to build a loyal customer base for itself. Bollyshare also has a mobile app that people can download on their mobile phones or tablets and watch the content of their choice on the go. The size of the video files available for download on the site is also low. This is beneficial to the users in two ways. First is that, since the file size is small, a user Isabel to download the file quickly. The other benefit is that the video file does not take up a big chunk of storage space on the user’s device.

14. Kasper Movies

Kasper Movies, a website that streams Indian films on its platform, can be said to be a perfect blend of quality and quantity. The website also has dubbed movies on the platform. Kasper Movies offers video formats like Mp4 and 3gp to its users.

So, these are the websites a user can go and visit in case he or she is not able to find their favorite movie or TV series on the Besthdmovies website.


It is one of the best platforms to watch your favorite TV series in high definition quality. The best part about this site is that the users will not have to do any registration to download their favorite movies of their favorite actors and actresses. It is an entirely free to download website which provides a lot of amazing features to the users while downloading the files. For movie lovers, this is one of the best sites to go with as they watch their favorite movies or download files without any hurdles or restrictions to the limits of downloading. There is no limitation to the number of movies the users could download or watch.

16. MoviePublish


MoviePublish is an amazing platform to watch all the Hindi movies and is one of the best alternatives to the BestHDMovies site. It is entirely dedicated to Bollywood movies. MoviePublish platform provides movies of all languages. You would find Telugu, Punjabi, and all the Hindi movies over a single platform and even if you do not find your desired movie there is nothing to worry about. You could then request the website and you would soon find your film on the website. This feature makes the MoviePublish platform one of the most popular and widely used platforms to download movies of all categories.



It is one of the most popular streaming sites that is used widely by users located throughout the world. The users could get high-quality films without paying any hefty amount. They could explore the movies based on the categories such as by the genre of the movie, type of content the movie has, by the year of release, or even by the actor. There are multiple options through which the users could find their favorite content most conveniently. The users could download Hollywood movies, full-length Indian movies, South Asian movies all on one platform free of cost and without any restrictions.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Besthdmovies

1. Is it legal to watch movies on Besthdmovies?

No, the content available on the Besthdmovies is pirated and piracy is a criminal offence in India.

2. What is Besthdmovies?

Besthdmovies is an online streaming website where internet users can go to watch films of their liking.

3. Do a person has to register to use the Besthdmovies website?

No, a person does not have to register himself or herself on the website to watch and download movies from Besthdmovies.

4. Is piracy illegal in India?

Yes, piracy is illegal in India and is a criminal offence punishable by law.


This disclaimer is to again highlight the fact that piracy is illegal in India and it is punishable by law. Piracy can cause a huge financial loss to film producers whose movies are put on these illegal online streaming websites. We do not support or promote piracy in any way. The only purpose of writing this article was to provide information to people who are looking for websites to watch movies online. So, if a user wants to use any of the websites mentioned in this article, they can surely do so. But one thing the users have to remember is that they themselves are responsible for their actions.

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