There can be very few people who aren’t interested at all in watching movies. If you look at the resume of many job seekers, they would have mentioned one of the favorite hobbies is watching movies. Many don’t have the patience to read a book, comprehend the visuals on their head, and then frame a story. Instead, they prefer watching movies. 

Movies have taken various transitions, right from puppet shows back in the early part of a century to black and white color movies to Eastman Color movies to what you get to watch on screens today. Even the technology for viewing the movies have undergone massive changes both in terms of visual as well as audio. So, the quality of watching has risen manifold. 

As the technology took a major transition, so did the price of watching movies. All can’t afford to watch movies in theatres. With the aid of the growth in technology, even watching movies has taken a different shape. From the release of Video Deck to VCD to DVD and downloading movies in your computer or any secondary storage device using some movie download site has become a very normal thing these days. 

Ipagal is one of the best sites for watching movies from all languages and you can find some of the best quality content on these sites. 

What is Ipagal? 


Ipagal is a movie downloading database where all the latest movies are uploaded on to this site. One need not register themselves when they wish to download movies from this site. It is also free of cost; you need not pay a single rupee while you are trying to download a movie from this site. 

So, you can download as many movies as you wish without even paying a single penny. The website has movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, and many other industries. You can even find movies dubbed from other languages on this site. The user interface of this site is extremely good that one can have a clear view of the movies arranged in this site. Also, the content of the site is updated constantly and the user can download movies, watch them online, listen to songs as well. 

There is a separate categorization of movies in this site where you can see Bollywood, Kollywood, Hollywood, and another list. So, under one particular list, you can find all. 


Ipagal is a site that doesn’t operate on legal terms. So, watching content from this site and downloading them is considered as an extremely punishable offense. But, the owners of the site take immense efforts to make sure that the ones who are watching content from this site and downloading it on their devices don’t get affected. 

It is a very much known fact that most of the websites all over the world aren’t operated completely on legal terms. It is just that the amplitude of legality varies. 

You need not think up to the extreme of having to face jail terms when you are found watching content from this site. And, there is another special thing about watching movies from this site is that your device will not get affected by any malware attack. If you had installed anti-virus software on your device, it will automatically block the malware. 

Features of this Website 

When you are looking at the various websites from which you can download movies, the first and foremost thing you need to take care of is the feature of the website. The feature of Ipagal makes it stand out from the rest of the other websites. A few of the best features of the site are listed below. 

  • Downloading content from this site is free. You need not even pay one single rupee for downloading. 
  • You don’t have to necessarily have a torrent application on your device to download movies from this site. 
  • There is no registration required to download movies from this site. Anyone can just log on to this site and start downloading movies. 
  • You can find almost all the recently released Hollywood movies dubbed into Hindi on this site. 
  • You can find almost all the recently released Bollywood movies dubbed into English and other regional languages on this site. 
  • As this site is a huge repository of movies, you can make use of the search box to search the movies on the list. 
  • The quality and speed of the server are too good that you can find high-quality films on this site being downloaded in very less time when compared to the other sites. The site can also be accessed using Virtual Private Network. 
  • The appearance of the site is very exciting to watch. Not too many colors are used in this site and it is not confusing in nature. 
  • A short description of the movies uploaded on to this site is provided so that one can decide whether to watch these movies or not. IMDB Ratings are also provided on this site. 

One can find the application of Ipagal as well on the app stores. Anyone who wishes to watch the movies in an application in a smartphone can make use of this. This is one of the top-notch features of this website. 

How to download movies from Ipagal? 

Downloading movies from Ipagal is one of the simplest download tactics. There are certain steps you need to follow while you are downloading movies from Ipagal. 

Open the website of Ipagal using a web browser like Google or Yahoo. The extension might keep changing due to the slack which the website faces from the security experts from Google. 

Click on the category of movies you wish to download from. When you scroll down through the list of movies, you will find the one you wish to download. If you don’t have the patience to do so, then you can enter the name of the movie in the search box. 

Once you click on the download button near the name of the movie, it starts downloading. You can also choose the format in which you wish to download the movie. 

It is suggested to double click on the name of the movie to download the movie. 

You can also choose the location where you intend to save the movie. 

Latest movies to download 

As all the movies get released on the site as soon as it is released in the theatres, it is indeed a difficult task as to which movie you should be downloading. 

  • My Cousin Sister 
  • DevRani 
  • Sagga 
  • Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan 
  • Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadhithal 
  • Oh My Kadavule 
  • Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo 

Best Alternatives to Ipagal 

There are a lot of alternatives to Ipagal. If you are not able to find some content in Ipagal, then you can make use of this list of the best alternatives. There are almost equal to Ipagal. 

1. MyDownloadTube

MyDownloadTube is one of those sites as the name suggests is good for download of many movies and web series as well. Not just the movies from the Indian languages, but also global languages. There are various subcategories within the main category and it is one of the top features of the site. You need not struggle much with the interface as it is completely user friendly. One can see that the website is designed keeping in mind the varied kind of audience who can watch this site. As the name is very simple, it appears at the top of the search results. 

There is a separate section dedicated to user requests and those who want to download a particular movie, which they were longing to watch, can post a request in this section. The administrators take a look at this section and they fulfill the request of the user. 

Also, there are very few advertisements which appear in this column, so you can watch the movie without any hindrance. Plus, you can also sense that the movies which are uploaded to this site are free of all kinds of viruses and you can download them without any fear that your computer/device can be infected. 

2. Madras Rockers 

There are many other websites similar to Tamil Rockers from where you can download Tamil movies in high quality. But, the difference between Tamil Rockers and Madras Rockers is that in Tamil Rockers, you can find movies from all regional languages. Bollywood and other global languages. But in Madras Rockers, mostly you can find only Tamil movies. But the variety of movies in Tamil, you can find on this site is not very less in number. If you don’t like getting confused between the original movie and the dubbed movie, then you are supposed to use this site to download the movie. 

The movies are arranged according to the year of release, the genre of movies, and the latest releases. Also, one more special feature of this site is that you can find the list of movies by a particular actor. Also, some of the movies are classified as blockbuster, superhit, and hit, this helps you to download a particular movie when you are utterly confused as to which movie you wish to watch and which you don’t prefer watching. Also, you can find a small description of the movie you wish to watch on the site which helps you get a gist of the movie. 

3. Gogoanime

Anime is one of the latest sensations among youth. The characters in these motion videos are drawn by hand and then converted into graphics by using the computer software. Just like how movies can be categorized into different genres, even anime is classified similarly. There is more depth and content in anime when compared to the movies. 

In Japan, this has been a tradition ever since the early 20th century. So, when you log on to this website, you can find the entire list of anime released way back in the formative years to the movie which was released in the later years to come. 

This is one of the best sites for anime as you can find the perfect classified list of anime. Another best part about watching and downloading anime from this site is that one can watch it along with subtitles. If you aren’t able to find subtitles for some movies, it is provided as a separate file. You can join this file along with the movie file you had downloaded. 

The quality of anime you can find in this site is too good and there is no doubt about it. Name any genre, you can find the anime in the specified genre. 

4. Hindilinks4u

As the website name says, this is the most sought-after site if you wish to download Hindi movies. More than one link for the same movie is provided for the same quality of files uploaded in this site. Based on your requirements, you can download the files. Also, the number of movies uploaded on to this site is too many that you can use the search box to type in the movie you are searching for. 

For those who are not aware of the language, subtitles are also provided. Plus, you can find movies from Hollywood and other global languages released on this site after dubbing them into Hindi. If you are looking for a site that exclusively hosts only Hindi movies on their site, then Hindilinks4u is the one you should be using. 

The web design of the site is too good that you won’t get confused as to whether you are downloading right or not. 

Also, all the huge stars of the Bollywood film industry have a separate category on this website. So, if you are a fan of any of these huge stars, it is easy for you to find the movie under this range. 

5. Movieswood

Movieswood is the site where you can find movies from all the movie industry that carry the suffix wood. So, when you open the site, you can find the category of language right at the top of the website. There are a lot of divisions within one single category. 

The user interface of the website is very exciting with many colors embedded in the website. So, if you are a person who is looking forward to watching movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood Tollywood, etc., then this is the site you should be choosing. This is a kind of site that is least explored by many. 

You can download movies from this site without the fear of your computer or electronic devices affected by any virus attack. There is a separate section dedicated to the dubbed version of movies so that you don’t get confused between the original movies and the dubbed version. This is the site where you can find regional movies with subtitles. The subtitles are mostly in English and you can’t find subtitles in the local languages. 

The size of the movies uploaded on this site is not too huge, so you don’t have to waste a lot of internet data for downloading movies from this site. 

6. Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u is a site maintained by a team of professionals who constantly upload movies on the website. When you are trying to download a movie or a series, it is uploaded on to the site in various resolutions and you can find all of these on the site without the interruption of advertisements. Depending upon the resolution of the video uploaded on to the site, the download time for the videos would vary. 

This is one of those sites where movies from all the languages across the world are uploaded. 

You can watch movies on this site even by accessing it from Virtual Private Network as well. It is, in fact, a proven idea that watching movies on the site using the Virtual Private Network is much faster than watching it using the normal web browser. 

The Worldfree4u site is not operated fully in terms of the conditions laid down by the Government of India. So, there are heavy chances of the site getting banned by the governmental bodies. 

There is no necessity to register yourself on this site to download and watch movies, you can very well watch the movies on this site by just logging on to this site. 

7. Movie Night

Movie night 
Movie night

As the name of the site appears, everyone wishes to watch movies every Saturday night. So, you need not think twice and just grab a bucket of popcorn and start watching a movie on this site. The site has a huge collection of movies from all the languages around the globe. All the movies are uploaded along with subtitles. In case, you don’t have subtitles attached along with the movies on this site, you can download it as a separate file and then attach it with the movie file you find on the internet. 

Another top feature of this site is the presence of an IMDB filter. So, using this filter, you can sort the movies either in ascending order or in descending order. All the movies are categorized according to the genre at the top menu bar of the page. There are a lot of movies dubbed into the various other languages from the language of the original movie. So, the ones who aren’t interested in watching the movies with subtitles, this is a perfect catch. Also, the video quality of the movies uploaded on to this site is very good that it gives you the feel of watching the movie in theatres.

8. Kick ass torrents

Kick ass torrents has been functioning for years now. The site is managed by a group of professionals who constantly upload the latest content on this site and keep it updated. Any latest content is sure to be found on this site within 7 days of its release. Thus now, you no longer have to visit theatres to watch your favourite movies. All you can do is visit kick ass torrents, look for your favourite movie and enjoy quality time with your friends and family! When you visit this site, you would be surprised to see its vast collection. Kick ass torrents bring you the links of Hindi, Bengali, English, Malayalam, Punjabi films in one place in HD quality. Apart from that, it also hosts major TV programs and serials.

9. Torrentz2


Another top movie streaming site nowadays is Torrentz2. The site has lots of filters that people can apply to narrow down their movie choices. Similar to other sites, this site too has its contents divided into categories. From old to latest ones, including the award-winning films, here you would get links to a variety of contents for free. If you are looking forward to spending time at home, streaming movies on Torrentz2 is a good idea. No matter if you are looking for Tamil, Telugu films, or Bollywood ones, Torrentz2 has links for every kind of content. Some dubbed movies are also found here. Every content is available in HD resolution, offering top class movie streaming experience to viewers.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ipagal

1. Is only HD movies uploaded on to the site of Ipagal? 

No. Not just HD movies, movies with other types of resolution are also updated to the site regularly. As the HD quality consumes more data, the other type is also uploaded. One of the other best features of this site is that even the lesser resolution is of good quality. 

2. Is it completely free to download movies from Ipagal? 

Yes, it is completely free and you need not pay even a single rupee. Even registration is not required to download movies from Ipagal. This is a very common doubt that has arisen in your mind as most of the sites would charge a certain amount if the person downloads files in large size. 

3. Is the procedure to download movies using Ipagal a very simple procedure? 

Yes, it is a very simple procedure to download movies using Ipagal. You need not possess any special software to download and play movies. If your device is in proper working condition, it is more than enough. 

4. Does one face legal issues while downloading movies from Ipagal? 

No. You need not even pose a single fear about downloading a movie from this site. Even the ones who are uploading movies on to this site haven’t been a victim of any case being filed on them. So, when you are going to watch movies from this site, it is not going to affect you legally. 


Ipagal is a pirated site and it is not encouraged to watch movies in pirated sites. The film industry in India is one of the largest revenues generating sectors of the country. It is not just about revenue-generating, it is known to boost the image of our country in the global sphere. So, when you are watching movies from this site, you need to keep in mind that you are disrespecting the hard work and the efforts put in by the many professionals. It is always recommended to watch the movies in the theatres. There are various classes of tickets available for the audience to choose from. One can go according to the range of tickets put on the display. So, in case, you don’t have the money to watch the movies in theatres, it is suggested to wait until the original print of the movie is uploaded on many of the major film websites. It is recommended to keep the movie website as the final resort. 


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