There are very few people who aren’t interested in watching movies. As they say, pictures speak louder than words, movies are a great platform to communicate with the masses. There are a lot of people in countries like India who depend on the mass media networks like cinema to have an idea of what is happening in the world. Movie watching in the earlier times was limited to theatres, these days with the penetration of internet to every nook and corner of the country, a lot of people have moved towards watching the movies on small screens like mobiles. 

The file-sharing platforms started developing with the development of the internet. The excessive amount of sharing happened with the commencement of the world wide web, the brainchild of Tim Berners Lee. Earlier only files of small sizes were shared over the internet, that too it was a very tedious process. Right now, as the capacity of the internet became very large, the size of files being shared also became large. As one can upload hundreds of GB size files in minutes, the download also becomes in minutes. This opportunity was widely exploited by movie sharing platforms like hdfriday. It is not operated under the aegis of the government. It is indeed operated without the attention of the bodies of information technology in the respective countries. In all these illegal movie uploading websites, the movie is uploaded as a torrent file. 

Hdfriday, just as the name suggests uploads all the movies you would love to watch on a Friday night with your beloved ones. All the movies which are released in recent times are uploaded on this site. So, when you wish to watch the movies when they are running in the theatres, hdfriday is the site you need to go for. 

What is hdfriday? 

Hdfriday is one of the top illegal sites in India for downloading movies of all languages. This site also offers movies for download with subtitles. One can download the subtitles file separately and then the movie file separately, and then join them together as one single file. 

The outlook of this site is very simple that even those who are not well versed in handling the internet can use this site for downloading the movies. This site not only allows the downloading of movies, but also series from the English language. 

Some of the series, which you can find only in the OTT services providers like Amazon Prime, Netflix can be found on this site. Not everyone can afford to buy the subscription of the OTT services providers. 

There is no stringent rule that you need to be a registered member of this site to download movies or series from this site. You can just visit the site and download the movies. 

Features of hdfriday 

Hdfriday is one of the best sites where all the movies are categorized properly. You need not keep searching for the movie for a long time to download it. The presence of the search button on the site helps you to look out for movies much easily by just typing in a keyword of the movie you are looking for. 

The new releases are mentioned under a separate section itself. One can find all the newly released movies under this section. It doesn’t matter whichever language it is, all the newly released movies are listed here. 

Hdfriday is a site that faces a lot of issues from the government due to its illegal nature of the operation. So, the site extension has to be changed often to download the movies from the website. 

The site doesn’t support too many ads and that is one excellent feature of the site. One faces a lot of trouble when they are trying to download the movies from the other movie sites due to the interruption caused by the continuous hosting of ads in the sites. 

The language control feature of the site is another exciting thing about hdfriday. When you are browsing the movies under Punjabi language, then you will get the movies displayed in Punjabi. The same applies to the other sections as well. 

The design of the website is much excitement that it makes you scroll through the entire website. 

Legalities of the website 

The website doesn’t possess any legal structure. But you need not fear if you would get caught if you are found downloading movies from this site. As one can see that there are many cases in the past where you had downloaded software from many sites. There are many instances where people have downloaded a cracked version of software on their phones. 

The websites which have hosted these kinds of files have existed since times immemorial. The people who had downloaded the files from these kinds of sites never faced any issues. In the same manner, when you are downloading movies from these sites, you would never face any issue as there are a lot of people who keep downloading movies from these sites. 

How to download movies from hdfriday? 

Hdfriday is a very simple site to handle and download files. The process of downloading files from this site is just like any other site. There is a download option beside every single movie which is uploaded on the site. You need to choose a location where you wish to save the file and then you need to click on the download button. The best way to save is to right-click on the download button and choose Save As. This will lead you to the location automatically. 

The files uploaded in this site are mostly torrents. So, when you are downloading a movie from this site from your phone, check if you have a Utorrent app on your phone which will enable downloading of files on your phone. 

Even when you are trying to download a torrent file on your computer, it is better to download the Utorrent application for PC on your computer. This will show the amount of time remaining to complete the download of the file, the size of the file and other details. 

Latest movies to download 

Hdfriday website is not just limited to one particular language alone. Speaking about the latest movies to download, one can find movies of all languages being released on this site. 

When you type in the name of the movie in the search box, you can find almost all the movies. There are at times when you can see that some of the movies which are being released on the website were released on the same day itself. This is because there are many chances of pirating the movies which are being released in the theatres abroad. 

Some of the are:

  • Angrezi Medium
  • Baaghi 3
  • Oh My Kadavule
  • Dharala Prabhu
  • Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochayante
  • Bloodshot
  • Walter
  • Onward
  • Forensic
  • Asura Guru 
  • Thappad

Best alternatives for hdfriday 

When you are looking out for the best alternatives for hdfriday, then a few are listed below. 

1. Movie Watcher

Movie Watchers
Movie Watcher

This is one of the top sites in the world to download the movies and name any video file, you can find on this site. You can call this site a repository of data as it allows anyone from any corner of the world to upload any good media file which they find will be of great use. There are archives of television programs, classic movies, documentaries and other excellent videos that are very much information to anyone across the world. 

The best part about this site is the usage of only two colors in the site namely, black and white. And to facilitate better viewing of the data which is being uploaded in the site, the data is not placed in a straight horizontal fashion but a bit zig-zag manner. If you are a fan of world movies, then Moviewatcher is the site you need to head to. The categorization of the content on this site is also very excellent. 

2. Movie DDL

The outlook of this site is very exciting due to the excellent placement of movies. Here, you can find movies, videos, song tapes, videos of reality talk shows, etc., But most of the content which is uploaded in this site is from Hollywood and they are English. There are movies and other videos from global languages as well for which the subtitles are provided in English. It is not advised to watch the movies of this site for the kids as most of the content which is shown on this site is meant for adults. 

The best part of this site is that it doesn’t confuse you with too many categories. There are three categories which are mentioned in these sites and you can find them listed all one below the other. Under the category called genre, you can find the different type of movies which fall under the genre which is mentioned. 

3. MyDownload Tube


If you are a huge fan of watching movies and you cannot wait till the movie gets released legally via DVD or in the OTT services, then you have to visit this site. The best part of this site is that it hosts only movies that are of high quality. There are no ads that appear in between while you are watching a movie or you need not be redirected to a third-party site while you are watching a movie. No clickbait ad appears in-between as you keep watching the movie. 

The website is also a huge boon for gamers as there are a lot of games that are uploaded on this site. You can download the games from this site as a software version and then keep playing them as much as you wish to. This wouldn’t require having a proper internet connection as the game is already downloaded. This site is mostly for watching movies and there are very few series that are being uploaded on this site. 

4. SeeHD movies

As the name suggests, you can mostly find HD movies only being released on these sites. There are very few cases where you can find movies that are of less quality which are being uploaded in these sites. When you are watching movies, which are based on science, adventure or thriller, then it is best to watch these movies only in platforms like SeeHD. 

When you are watching the movies, which are made of a high level of graphics, then it requires High Definition screening of the movies which can only be provided by sites like SeeHD movies. One can find movies of all languages on this site and that is one of the best features. 

It is also extremely safe to download the movies from this site as the site is protected with an anti-virus package. Also, one cannot find theatre prints being uploaded on this site as the theatre prints are not of HD quality. 

5. Public Domain torrents

Public Domain Torrents
Public Domain Torrents

As the name goes, the torrent file is uploaded on a public torrent. Instead of downloading from the website which is centrally held, you can download it from someone who is also trying to download the same file. This means that you are getting your file shared from someone who is planning to download that file. There is an upload option which is provided in this site from where anyone from anywhere across the world can upload files. 

The design of the website is decent. There are two vertical columns. On one side, you can find that the movie category is listed one below the other. On the other side, you can find that the newly released movies are shown. The movie icons which are displayed in this site on the home page are of the recently released movies. The permission to comment and review the movie being uploaded by others is a huge plus as you can avoid downloading the movies which aren’t of great quality. 

6. Tamil Rockers


Tamil Rockers is a site that is known all over India for the quickness in releasing the movies. This site is always sought after by the government bodies as it supports piracy and the site faces severe criticism from the monitoring bodies. Several actors and other cinema professionals have raised their voice against this site owners for exploiting their work. The Tamil Rockers site owners keep changing the extension of this site to avoid getting tracked down by the Indian government. 

You should never judge a book by its cover, when you find the name Tamil Rockers, don’t jump into the conclusion that this site hosts movies only from the Tamil language. This site hosts movies from major regional languages. One can find Hollywood, Bollywood movies as well. You can find the download link to some of the most famous series in English. When you are having the torrents application to download the movies, then it becomes a cakewalk for you to download the movies from Tamil Rockers. 

7. YesMovies


When you are looking out for a site that is exactly similar to hdfriday, then you should blindly go for YesMovies. This site is well known for the excellent User Interface. The interactivity of the sitem, with the user is way too good that even those who possess very less knowledge of the internet and low idea as to how to handle the downloading process can use it. When it comes to this site, you not only find the movies which are released regionally, but also from Bollywood and other languages all across the globe. 

You can fearlessly download the movies from this site as the files do not possess any cybersecurity issues. There is no requirement for registering yourself on this site. 

8. 300MB movies

300 MB Movies
300 MB movies

As the name goes, all the movie files which are uploaded in this site are of only 300 MB in size. When you are running out of space and you wish to download the latest movies are you are ready to compromise with the quality, then you are supposed to go for 300 MB movies. 

As the size is only 300 MB, you cannot expect top-notch quality movies from this site. 

But all the movies which are released in recent times in the theatres can be found on this site. 

The search box on this site can be used to the fullest to find the movie, which is uploaded on this site. The site holds a huge database of data. 

9. Kanopy

This is one of the top-notch sites for watching movies online. The special feature of this site is that it has partnered with major libraries across the world, these libraries host a lot of classy movies, documentaries, and other entertainment videos. If you are a great fan of Hollywood movies, then you should never miss out on watching the movies on this amazing platform.

This is a great place to watch many all-time classics. As it is a public domain and can be accessed by people from all over the world, the files, which are uploaded in this site are cross-checked for quality and other factors. 

The top-notch user interactivity of this site and the graphics which are incorporated in this site are the plus features. 

10. Hotstar plus Disney

This is one of the best sites for viewing Indian content. There are three types of the package which are available for the users who wish to watch the content. You can either subscribe to the package which is offered by Hotstar plus Disney or you can go for the package which works on advertisement-supported. 

This is one of the best sites to watch movies and those who are registered on that site can download the movies in the application and watch it without the internet. 

The video quality of this site is premium as the content being hosted on this site is of top-notch quality.

11. Bollyshare


Most of us love to watch movies and it is one of the best sources of entertainment irrespective of the age categories. Bollyshare is an amazing platform where you get to watch your favourite TV shows, web series, and movies without a subscription cost. 

This platform also helps you to link movies of all languages that come along with a user-friendly interface and HD quality.Bollyshare has a huge collection of shows and movies that the user can enjoy. Even though the website is illegal in India Bollyshare constantly keeps changing its domain to avoid the bans imposed on the website.

12. Pelisplus


Are you someone looking for a training website to spend your time on? If so, Pelisplus is an awesome website for you to get entertained. The website has several options to watch content like documentary films, TV shows, movies, short films, web series, music videos, and much more.

Legal platforms like Hotstar and Netflix charge money from their customers but Pelisplus OTT platform offers the viewers to watch movies of favourite shows of their choice without having to pay a single penny out of their pockets.The website is user-friendly as you do not have to take so much effort to open an account as not required. It is much easier for users to watch movies online.

13. Filmy4wap


Filmy4wap is an amazing website that hosts TV shows and movies of different languages and has diversity in its content. The shows in movies that are presented on Filmy4wap are not legal. If you are someone looking for websites without having to pay a subscription to watch movies then, Filmy4wap is the best choice. 

It is always better to go for a legal alternative. The usage of this platform is considered to be a criminal offense. The website offers users different languages and is in high demand in India as it allows people to enjoy movies especially Hindi cinema.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About hdfriday

1. Do you face any cybersecurity issues while trying to download movies from this site? 

When you run the movie file you download from hdfriday on any anti-virus package software, you can see that there is no issue of viruses in the files which are being downloaded from this site. 

2. Are the files downloaded from this site are of good quality? 

You can see that files of varying sizes and varying qualities are being uploaded on this site. You can choose the kind of file format quality you wish to download from this site and they are of very good quality. 

3. Is it possible to change the audio of the movie file downloaded? 

The files which are being downloaded from the site are not legal. So, it is not possible to change the audio of the file which is uploaded on the site. You can only hear it in the language it is being uploaded. There is one possibility of adding subtitles to the files which are being uploaded. 

4. Can one watch global language movies on hdfriday? 

One can find a lot of global languages like Korean, Chinese, Italian, Spanish movies on the site. There are many Korean dramas, English web series on this site. The series is arranged chronologically so that when you download it as a zip file, you can have a clarity of how the files are arranged. 

5. Should one pay or have any special access for certain files on the site? 

There is no requirement to pay to have access to the files on this site. Every file which is uploaded in this site is free to download. There is no registration required as well. 


Hdfriday is a site that is operating illegally and the people are never encouraged to watch movies on this site as it indirectly shows that you don’t value the effort which is taken by the film producers, actors and other people who are involved in the film industry.

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