Why pay for something when you can get it for free? This is how the market operates as everything has become consumer oriented. If a person can buy a product at a lesser price, he or she will not like to pay more money for the same product. That is why every company is competing for the consumer’s attention and is offering their product at a low cost so that the consumer would be interested. The same thing is happening in the entertainment industry and the online streaming industry.

OTT platforms like Altbalaji and Netflix are constantly slashing their prices in order to gain more subscribers. Netflix has even introduced a subscription package that is specifically targeted towards people who watch movies and web series on their mobile phones. But no matter how much these OTT platforms drop their prices, they will still continue to face stiff competition from illegal online streaming websites where all the content is absolutely free to the public. So, despite the fact that these streaming websites are not legal, a large number of people still choose them to watch content instead of legal OTT platforms.

So, if you are one of those who are more concerned about the price than the legal consequences, then you can use these illegal film sites for your entertainment. Zooqle is a website that can be helpful to people in fulfilling their entertainment needs.

What is Zooqle?

Zooqle is an illegal content site that is one of the biggest names in the world of torrents. The site is not only useful for movie purposes. People can download video games, PDF files of books, software applications and mp3 songs. The site has a good reputation in the torrent market because of the fact that Zooqle hosts only those torrents on its platform that are verified. A verified torrent means that it is safe for a person to download that torrent file as it would not infect the user’s computer system with a virus or malware. The number of verified torrents that are present on the Zooqle platform is more than 3.5 million. There are more than 2200 trackers that are continuously performing the job of supporting the Zooqle site. The site is a perfect one stop shop for all your internet needs.

Features of Zooqle

The reasons why Zooqle has become such a big name in the streaming market have been listed below:

  • The first feature of Zooqle that catches the attention of the masses is that of having only those torrents on its platform that are verified. Thus, a person does not need to worry about any security issues before downloading a torrent file for a film or a TV show from the Zooqle site.
  • The site has movies from different film industries of the world. You can find movies from Hollywood as well as from various regional film industries of India. Zooqle is a good platform for people to watch world cinema. The site showcases cinematic masterpieces on its platform irrespective of the language the film has been made in.
  • One great feature of Zooqle is that it provides the subtitle file along with its movies. This helps in bridging the language gap that is present right now. By using subtitles, people can now comfortably watch and understand movies that are made far away from the place they are living in.
  • The site provides fast speed for the users. So, many people prefer Zooqle over other platforms as it allows them to download movies quickly.
  • The site also provides magnetic links for the purpose of downloading torrents. Thus, a person does not have to put in too much work and a torrent can be downloaded by just a single click.


It is not only unethical but also illegal to use streaming and torrent sites like Zooqle to watch or download movie files. Laws have been made by the Indian Government that declare the act of piracy as illegal. A person should obey the law and avoid using these illegal platforms.

How to use Zooqle

Although a person can directly access the website of Zooqle by making use of his or her search engine and web browser, we advise people to first get a VPN software that will protect them from the regulatory authorities by hiding their IP addresses. After doing this, people can stream the internet for free movies without a worry in the world.

Alternative Websites for Zooqle

Zooqle is an amazing torrent website but it is not the only amazing torrent website present on the internet. There are many streaming gems that allow people to comfortably stream and download fun content on their devices while sitting in their homes. Some of these streaming sites have been mentioned below:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

There is no better name to open this list of alternatives than the Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay can easily be called ‘the holy grail’ of the torrent industry. This is the end goal for many torrent websites as they all want to become as big and as popular as the Pirate Bay. Any person from any part of the world can open this website on their computer system and download a torrent without doing any unnecessary tasks like signing up or logging in. One great thing about the Pirate Bay website is that it accepts contributions made by the users. This means that a person can upload his or her own torrent file on the site that then, millions of other users can download and enjoy. One disadvantage of the Pirate Bay platform is that a user will not find any metalinks on the site. He or she will have to download the file directly. Downloading a file directly is arguably easier but if a person has a metalink, he or she can download the torrent in a shorter span of time.

2. Iso Hunt

The next website to make its entry into the list of movie sites that can be a good replacement for Zooqle is Iso Hunt. Iso Hunt is another movie site that enjoys a good reputation in the streaming sector. In the streaming sector, one way of measuring a site’s popularity is by looking at the times it has been shut down by the regulatory authorities and the Government of the country. Iso Hunt has been shut down or blocked numerous times but the site has always found a way to come back and is still active on the internet where users still go to enjoy good video content. The home page of the site is refreshed and updated on a constant basis and thus, you will see new and exciting torrents on the page after every couple of hours. IF you are in the search of a site from you can download the latest episode of your favorite TV series or a new movie, Iso Hunt is a good way to go.

3. YTS


YTS is like the gold standard of the torrent industry. This is a very reputed website and every site on the internet tries to be like YTS but fails miserably. This is because most of the sites on the internet are not willing to make the needed sacrifices or have the patience that YTS has in order to become great. This is because all the sites are always rushing to upload a new movie as soon as it gets released in the theatres on their platform. Most of them do not care if the film is in good audio or video quality. They just want to put it on their platform and have people come and watch it. What they do not realise is that this tactic may attract users to come to the site a first few times, but after they realise that the video and audio quality of these movie files is not good at all, they are not going to visit the site again. So, the popularity of these sites is very short-lived because they do not think in terms of long term gains. But YTS does not make the same mistake as these other websites and that is why it sits on the top of the rankings of the best torrent websites on the internet. YTS does not upload the torrent of a film as soon as the movie gets released in multiplexes and movie theatres. IT waits and waits for the time when the Blu-ray print of the film is available in the market. YTS then pirates that print of the film and uploads it on its platform. Thus, all the videos and movies that a person finds on the YTS website will be in HD quality which will make for a superior cinematic experience. You can find movies in 1080p as well as 720p on YTS. Despite being such a great website, YTS is not free of drawbacks. One problem that the site has is that it does not provide the service of streaming to the users. This is where YTS loses some of its users because people who prefer streaming over downloading a movie will visit some other website to fulfill their needs and wants.

4. Limetorrents


The next website that makes its way into this list of websites that can be substituted for Zooqle is Limetorrents. This is a site that is very simple and neat when it comes to the design and the overall look of the platform. IF you are a new user, it will not be difficult for you to learn how to navigate the movie site and how to search for movies using different options like filters, categories and search bars. There are many OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime that require people to sign up and open an account in order for the users to be able to access the video content of the platform. Limetorrents does not put its users through that boring and tiresome process of registration. A person can just type the name of the site in the search engine and he or she is good to go. Another great thing about the Limetorrents website is that a user will not see any unwanted ads on this site. Most of the illegal online streaming movie sites are plagued with these unwanted ads that pop up randomly while a person is trying to peacefully watch a movie. With Limetorrents, a user does not face such a problem. The servers that Limetorrents has installed on the platform are really good and provide a really fast downloading speed when a person is trying to download a movie or a web series on his or her computer device.

5. Solarmovie


Just like all the other websites that have been mentioned as of now on this list of alternatives for Zooqle, Solarmovie is also an illegal torrent site that provides video content to the public for free. But if you visit the site for the first time, you would be deceived into thinking that this is a paid site that charges a significant amount of money as a subscription fee. This is because of the amazing design and the aesthetic appeal that the site of Solarmovie has. The whole website has been organised very well and there are different categories like genre, year of release, IMDB rating etc. according to which the video collection of the site has been arranged. IF you are fed up with the Zooqle site and are looking for something new and exciting, then Solarmovie is a solid option for you.

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time

This is a name that is different from the other platforms that have been mentioned on this list. It is because Popcorn Time is not technically a platform. IT is a software application that a person needs to download and install on his or her desktop or laptop in order to enjoy the content on it. This might sound like too much work to many people but once you realise how many people use Popcorn Time, you will realise that all the hassle of downloading and installing the app is worth it. The app is beautiful, to say the least. When a user opens the app, he or she will be confronted by a list of movies all of whom will be represented by attractive and aesthetic thumbnails. These thumbnails are really successful in creating curiosity among the users of the app. There are separate sections for movies, TV series and animation videos like cartoons and anime shows. A person has the option of either downloading the film or he or she can watch it online on the app. There are also multiple options available to a user in terms of video quality. A person can choose from 1080p, 720p and 480p.

7. Go Movies

The next website that finds a mention in this list of movie sites that can be used by people if they are bored with the Zooqle site is Go Movies. This is a site that has a very extensive video library and contains movies of old times as well as the films that are trending these days. Other than movies, people can also stream the latest episodes of their favorite TV series. There is no registration or signing up required in order for a person to interact with the Go Movies website. There is a news section on the home page of the site where a person can find and read about the latest ongoings in the world of cinema. If you are a fan of the cinema, then you must have heard about the IMDB website. Cinema lovers have to search different sites in order to find and watch the movies that have been ranked as the top 250 films on the IMDB website. Keeping those people in mind, GO Movies has created a special IMDB section where all the top rated IMDB movies can be watched by users without any problems or technical glitches.

8. 5 Movies

5 Movies
5 Movies

This is a site that is known for its range and diversity when it comes to the video library of the site. Movies from all the major film genres are present on the site. There are movies from different countries like Japan, South Korea, The United Kingdom, Argentina, Iran etc. that can be watched using the GO Movies platform. The content of the site has been arranged in alphabetical order. Despite having many amazing features, 5 Movies does not have a large number of users who visit the site every single day. One major reason behind this is that there are ads spread all over the 5 Movies site and they keep popping up after every five seconds. They can be annoying as hell for the users who are just looking to have a good film-watching experience.

9. Movies Joy

Movies Joy

There can be instances when a person is not happy with the Zooqle website and is not able to find the movies of your choice on that platform. If you are such a person and are looking for a different website that is better suited to your needs and preferences, then you must give a try to the Movies Joy site. IF you are a person who hates registering and opening a new account on a website, then you will love Movies Joy. The site can be easily accessed and that too, for free. In order to reach out to a wider audience, Movies Joy has also developed a mobile app that can be installed on mobile phones. This app is perfect for people who are always on the move and use their phones to watch videos. The site does not only have movies and web series in its video collection. There are also animated videos, cartoons and novellas that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

10. Tubi TV

Tubi TV
Tubi TV

The last website on this list that can be used by people if they are not happy with Zooqle is Tubi TV. When it comes to the design and the features, Tubi TV is on par with the Netflix platform. It can be easily called the illegal version of Netflix. But unlike Netflix, Tubi Tv can be used by people for free and there is also no need for registration. The video directory of the site mainly consists of old movies and new indie movies. One drawback of the Tubi Tv website is that many of the movies present in the video collection of the site do not have good video quality.

11. Moviemad


Usually, illegal movie streaming sites don’t care about the quality of services they provide. They simply upload the latest movies, even if they are in poor formats or resolutions. What they don’t realise is that people don’t get attracted to poor quality content. It is what makes Moviemad stand out from the rest of the movie streaming alternatives. This site uploads the latest contents only in HD resolution, thus offering a satisfying movie streaming experience to all users. That’s the reason why Moviemad continues to be a popular movie streaming site on the internet despite the emergence of a lot of other sites. If you are someone who cannot pay to watch movies, this is the best platform for your entertainment.

12. Kutty Movies

Another great movie streaming alternative is Kutty Movies. The best thing about this site is that it has very few ads. Most illegal torrent sites on the internet are full of ads. People get irritated sometimes due to the display of an unwanted number of advertisements while streaming or browsing. Keeping the needs and convenience of users in mind, Kutty Movies has restricted the number of ads. This site strives to allow people to peacefully stream their favourite movies on the internet. They also can download their favourite movies, web series, documentaries, etc. In their device, anytime, anywhere.

13. KatMovieHD


KatMovieHD holds an extensive collection of the latest films. Not just the latest ones, some of the popular old and rare contents are also found here. Other than movies, you can look for the major documentaries, short films, trailers, web series on KatMovieHD. The site has well-classified content based on its language, genres, year of release, IMDb rating, etc. You can browse through the site’s collection and stream any content of your choice. Apart from the major movies, the site also uploads some popular tv programs and serials. So visit KatMovieHD if you haven’t yet done so and enjoyed a thorough movie streaming experience!

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Zooqle

1. Why is Zooqle illegal?

Zooqle is an illegal movie site because its video directory contains pirated prints of films that have been obtained illegally and without the copyright permissions.

2. Has Zooqle been permanently blocked or shut down by the authorities?

No, Zooqle is still functioning and can be accessed by people to stream movies.

3. Why is there a need for an alternative to Zooqle?

There might be times when the site will not be accessible to the public due to legal or technical reasons. In those circumstances, people can choose one of the alternative sites. Also, not every person is bound to like the Zooqle site. If a person wishes to look for a different site, he or she can make use of the list above.


We do not condone the act of piracy and are strictly against the illegal distribution of copyrighted content.


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