When you are stuck at home and there’s no other way to pass your time rather than watching movies and indulging in some recreation, there are several of the pirated movie websites that do come in handy during such times. Given that they come with a lot of complications, be it the overall movie download experience or even the lack of legality of the website, the options are actually quite extensive. But, then again, not many people want to spend their money on watching a movie in the theatre.

Even though we’d suggest that you do buy a ticket and watch a movie instead of illegally downloading it from pirated movie websites, the majority of the people still do rely on these websites for their movie fix. Wapking is one of the most common ones of them all. If you are someone who is looking for a navigable user interface with a wide movie collection, this is one of the best platforms for that.

But, given that it is a public torrenting website, it is possible that the same would end up being banned from time to time for violation of the rules and regulations online. In such cases, knowing about the alternatives for the website can be a saviour for you.

Wapking (2024): 14 Best Alternatives for Wapking for a seamless movie experience


What is Wapking?

Wapking is a public torrenting website which provides with the movie download options for some of the latest movie releases. Every single content updated on this website is illegal and that is something you need to know and be aware of.

Given that they update illegal content and movie prints, their websites are often subjected to risks of being shut down or banned for good.

The best thing about this website aside from the amazing range of movies available in the fact that they have a very mobile-friendly website as well. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about using the website on mobile platforms as well.

What are the features of Wapking?

Wapking is known for its ease of use and its simple user interface, both on the desktop and the mobile versions. To be fair, it is also important to note that they have everything in sections. Right from some of the latest releases to the categorised movie options, you do find a lot of options available. 

One thing about this website that stands out is the ease of the download process. It doesn’t have a lot of ads popping up which keeps the process fairly easy, fast and without any kind of glitch at all.

Legalities of the website

Coming round to the legalities of the website, none of the content of the movies that are updated on this website is legal. All of them are updated illegally, which is one of the main reasons why they are considered not suitable for download on ethical terms.

Since making a movie takes up so many efforts and work on the part of the makers and the actors, we always encourage people to go out and watch the movies instead of being reliant on these kinds of pirated movie websites to get their fix.

How to download movies on Wapking?

As we did mention, Wapking does have a very effortless and organised interface, which means that you don’t have to struggle a lot with the download process. It is fairly easy and very fast as well, ensuring that you wouldn’t even have to worry about the safety of the device you are downloading it from.

Know for a fact that they don’t have malware and viruses integrated into their interface, so every single move through the website that you take is possibly safe for you and won’t end up causing a ruckus.

That said, for the download process, you need to first select the movie that you want to download and then go on and click on the download option. From there, it should directly start the download process for you without further issues. 

Latest movies release

Given that Wapking does like to keep their database updated all the time, it is likely that you will find all of the latest movies on this platform without any kind of glitches. It might be possible that you wouldn’t find all the latest movie releases but they do keep into account to update as much as possible.

Some of the latest movie releases include:

  • Angrezi Medium
  • Thappad
  • Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochayante
  • Walter
  • Bloodshot
  • Forensic
  • Baaghi 3
  • Dharala Prabhu
  • Oh My Kadavule
  • Asura Guru
  • Onward
  • Trance

These are some of the generic movies that have been recently released around in the last month. Wapking is likely to have almost all of them, if not all.

Best Alternatives to Wapking

As we mentioned, Wapking is often exposed to the risks of being banned because of the illegal content that they update. If that is something you have been skeptical about, there are some amazing alternative websites that you can take a look into without further questions.

Some of them include:

1. Movierulz


First and foremost on the list of the best alternatives for Wapking has to be Movierulz. The primary reason behind this is the ease kind of movie collection that they have. This means that the movies that you were likely going to find on Wapking can be found on Movierulz too.

Aside from that, this is also one of those mobile-friendly platforms that ensure better ease of use unlike anything else. If you don’t like complicated user interface and a lot of popping ads, this is a good choice.

The website does have their movie options categorised into separate sections, so you can easily navigate through them and select the one that you think is suited for your needs. They don’t update the movie on the release date, so be aware of that.

2. Khatrimaza


If you want to know of an OG website when it comes to pirated movies or the public torrenting, Khatrimaza is one that you just can’t forget about. The main attribute of this website that made this such a popular option is all because of the amazing library of movies they have.

Aside from that, this platform also hosts a wide range of Hollywood and South Indian movies too aside from the Bollywood ones, so if that is something you are looking forward too, you wouldn’t regret opening this website at all.

The best and one of the unique attributes of this website is the fact that they update the movies on the day of their release, which ensures that you can watch them without any issues.

3. Jalshamoviez


If you want a website that comes with a mixed library containing the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and even the South Indian and other regional language movies in HD, Jalshamoviez is the way to go for you as they have all of these movies sorted out for you under one roof. 

One thing about this website that does take away some of the good points has to be the lack of organisation. Everything is all over the place, meaning that you have to take your time out and check through the available options to then download the movies.

They do have a few dubbed movies as well, which again adds to the good books. But, if you want the latest releases or same-day movie updates as the release date, that is not something that you do get with this website.

4. Filmywap


Next up is Filmywap and much like the name, its characteristics and features are also a lot similar to Wapking. It does have a mobile-friendly website that ensures that you can download the designed movies on your phones too.

Whether or not this platform is worth it is reflected in the kind of quality you get from the movie. Every single one of them comes with an HD quality print, which ensures that you never have to compromise on the quality of the movie that you are watching.

Aside from that, the website has also been designed to make it easier for you to download movies. They have sectioned places where one section houses the latest updated and then there are movie categories that you can check from and download movies according to your needs.

5. Fmovies


If you want to give a chance to an underrated platform for movie downloads, Fmovies is one of the best available options. One of the main reasons why it is touted as a credible option is all because of the amazing range of movies that it has on the platform.

From the latest Bollywood movies to all the favourite Hollywood movies, you get it all. They don’t have a vast collection of South Indian or other regional language movies, but they have a few popular ones that you can check out. 

It doesn’t have a categorised approach to their movies, which means that you have to search for the movie manually and then download it if it’s available. This does turn out to be a pickle at times but the search navigation is easy on this platform.

6. 7StarHD


Next up on the list of the best alternatives for Wapking has to include 7StarsHD. Aside from the fact that they more or less have a similar layout and collection of movies, the one factor that makes them different from each other is the fact that they have all the HD movies on their platform.

This means that every movie that you download is likely the best quality that you can imagine. They don’t compromise on the quality of the print they are updating, which is one of the reasons why they don’t do same-day updates as the release date.

Waiting for a few days is worth it, mainly because of the fact that you do get the best quality picture and at the same time, you never have to compromise on the credibility of the movie. They do have a high risk of getting banned because of the content they update.

7. Extramovies


Extramovies is that one platform for pirated movie websites that caters to the absolute best and world-class movies. What we mean by this is the fact that they have a huge collection of movies that you can download from.

This is one of the primary reasons why this platform has gained so much popularity within a short course of time. The majority of the movies that you can’t find on other public torrent websites are likely there on this one.

The best thing about this platform that makes this one of the best available options is all because of the easy categories that they have. You can either download from the available library or even search manually to check the ones that you deem best for you.

8. Downloadhub


Downloadhub is not a very popular platform but this underrated option is actually one of the best around when you are trying to find a good alternative for Wapking. Even this has a mobile-friendly version, so you need not worry about anything at all.

The best thing about this website that makes it worth all the time is possible because of the wide range of movie options. They have a number of dubbed movies too that you can check from which is not easily accessible on the other platforms.

Aside from that, even their download process is hassle-free and fast. All that you need to do is select the movie that you want to download and then follow through the process without any hassle at all. Make sure that you do have a good internet connection because that makes all the difference.

9. Moviemad


If you are a crazy fanatic of movies, Moviemad is a platform that you will resonate well with. This is every movie lover’s paradise. They update some of the latest launches, which is one of the primary reasons why they have gained such rapid popularity.

The best thing about this platform that makes this a credible one is the transparency of the website. You don’t have a lot of ads popping up or even have a plethora of options available for download. It is pretty simple and straightforward, making the process a lot easier for you.

Having a fast internet connection is mandatory if you want to download the movies glitch-free. The primary reason behind the same is all because of the high-quality movie library that they have. Since they are bigger files, ensure that you have the necessary storage available as well.

10. Onlinemoviewatchs

Onlinemoviewatchs is for those individuals who like the concept of online streaming. There is a number of people who don’t prefer playing by the rules and download the movie. Instead, streaming is something they resonate well with.

If you are one of them and find online streaming of the movies as a better option than the direct download, this is a platform that allows you to do that. They do have a few pops up ads here and there but it is likely that the same won’t hamper your user experience.

Aside from everything, the one factor about this platform that makes it worth the time and effort is possibly the amazing collection of movies that they have. From the latest Bollywood movies to the South Indian movies, they have it all.

11. 1movies


Next up on the list of the best alternatives for Wapking is 1movies which does come with a lot of movie download options for you. It is true that they have a very small library of movies but you don’t necessarily have to worry because it updates all the popular ones.

If you want the same day movie as the release date, you wouldn’t have that on this platform. Since the prints that they update are pretty high quality, the same day release is not possible for them. But, the movie is generally updated within the first week of the release.

As for the features of the website, they have it all. From the categorised movie genres to the amazing range of the easily downloadable files, you get it all on one single platform.

12. 9xrockers


If you want a website that houses both movies and music, 9xrockers is possibly the best available option in the market. The best thing about this website is the breezy and responsive user interface that they have.

This ensures that you need not worry about the credibility of the website and can easily navigate through and select the movie that you possibly want to download. If you don’t find the movies on the search, it is likely not updated.

They also have a help option wherein you can register your issues and they will likely get back to you with a solution or an answer to the queries that you have. The print of the movies they update is okay and nothing over the top.

13. Moviesrox


As weird as the name of the platform does suggest, Moviesrox is possibly one of the best available alternatives to Wapking. They have a very similar movie collection and user interface, meaning that you wouldn’t have to worry about not finding movies to download.

They do have a wide collection of the latest movies, be it Bollywood or even the Hollywood options that you can check out for yourself. The only download is the fact that they don’t have a very extensive South Indian or regional language movie collection.

If you want the movies to download on the release date, it is not available on this website for security reasons. They do update it on the first week of release, so it is not like you have to wait for a long time.

14. 300mbdownload


It might seem off for a website to have such a domain but this is for the individuals who don’t want to download bigger movie files. The files that are updated on 300mbdownload are all either 300 MB or lesser in size.

This makes the download process a lot faster, easier and glitch-free. It is true that the quality of the print is not the best but to be fair, you wouldn’t complain about it since it does download a lot faster in comparison.

They have categorized movie options that you can select from. Make sure that you have a good working internet connection too.

15. AZMovies

This site uploads the latest movies. The site is always updated and new contents are uploaded within a few days of their theatrical release. No matter if it’s a Bollywood, Hollywood, or Bengali film, you will find it here. Besides these languages, you can also spot a wide variety of regional films in languages like Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, etc. The site’s UI is user-friendly and easily browsable. From the homepage, people can browse through the list of categories that the site offers. What’s best about this site is its free accessibility. Neither do you have to register nor subscribe to access its contents.

16. Yify tv

Another popular movie streaming alternative is Yify TV. Popularly known as Ymovies, this site is unconventional when compared to the other existing movie streaming platforms. People have found this site useful and more entertaining. Its robust search feature is the primary reason behind its popularity among movie freaks. You can apply various filters to get the movie you are looking for. If you cannot find it from the categories, you can simply search for it in the search bar. The site would come up with suitable results. Apart from movies, the site also features the latest songs, videos, and TV shows. You can choose to stream in multiple resolutions like 1020p, 320p, 480p etc. If you don’t want to stream online, you can download the content for free!

17. FlixTor

Another excellent platform for streaming and downloading movies is FlixTor. Not just movies, you can also choose to stream your favourite TV serials and programs here for free. The site uploads the latest releases right on time, allowing its users to have fun anywhere, anytime. With FlixTor, you can now stream the newest contents at home without paying subscription charges! Besides all, the website is user-friendly and easily browsable. The best part is that people can even request for their favourite movies to be uploaded. So if you can’t find the movie you are looking for, simply request it! Once it’s uploaded, you would be notified.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 300mbdownload

1. Does Wapking allow mobile download?

One of the primary reasons why Wapking is such a popular platform is all because of the amazing mobile-friendly platform that they have. If you don’t have a desktop and rely on the mobile for the downloads, it is likely that the same will be sorted out for you here.

2. Is it safe to download movies on Wapking?

Wapking is an independent website with the least amount of ads and no malware on the website. This ensures complete safety and security for you, so you need not worry about anything at all. 

3. Does it cost to download movies on Wapking?

Wapking is a completely free public torrent website, so no, you don’t have to pay anything to download movies from here. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you have a fast internet connection because that makes all the difference.

4. Does Wapking have dubbed movies?

Wapking is not the best platform for dubbed movies. There are a few that you can download but they don’t have an extensive library. They also don’t have subtitles, so that can further be a problem if you are talking about regional movies.

5. Is Wapking worth the time?

Wapking does come with a very easy user interface, has a plethora of movie options and doesn’t contain obstructions in the form of ads. This is one of the reasons why this is worth the time.


As we have mentioned before, we do not support piracy. This article has been written with an intent to provide the necessary information and not to urge people to watch the movies on the pirated websites. We believe that it is better to watch the latest movies at the theatre.


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