Humans always long to enjoy and keep themselves entertained. Being extremely social in nature, they keep looking out for entertainment options. Visiting the newly opened restaurants, trying out their new cuisines, catching up on the latest flick in the theatres are some of the things which people would love to do when they are feeling bored. Watching a movie in a theatre has become a very costly affair. The prices of tickets have risen manifold and you need to pay a fortune for enjoying all the other facilities one could enjoy along with watching a movie in the theatres. 

In order to avoid all of these, with the intervention of technology and the access to videos within second with the development of the internet, one could save a lot of time by not traveling to the theatres, waiting in a queue. Even if you don’t like the movie, you would want to watch it till the end for you have paid a very handsome amount for the movie tickets. Whilst you watch the movie in your home online or on your mobile phones, you need not even pay a single penny and if you feel the movie is very boring, you can switch the screens off or pause the movie and resume it later. 

In this generation, people have very little to no patience to wait until a movie is released legally in the OTT Services provider or released in the DVD format. In the second decade of the 20th century, the price of one DVD was so expensive that one could afford five full-course meals for that amount. So, it was from that time the interest towards watching movies in Pirated DVDs’ arose in people. As the storage medium took various shapes with time, one could watch movies online in the various file sharing and uploading sites and also save the movies in a secondary storage device and keep watching it as and when they desire to. 

The knowledge of watching movies in the pirated sites became a widespread thing that those from cities and even villages started watching movies in pirated sites. With the cheap availability of the internet and the sales of smartphones, which starts from even INR 1000, the proactivity towards watching movies in these sites became a very normal thing. 

So, when you are looking forward to watching movies in some of the best-pirated sites, then Filmyhit comes very handily and useful. 

What is Filmyhit? 


Filmyhit is a website most sought after by those who love Punjabi movies. One can download Punjabi movies from this site effortlessly due to the excellent features that have been incorporated into this site. This is a public torrent site where one can download the torrent file of the recently released movies. 

The Google ranking of this site is top-notch that one can find the site listed in the first few search list of Google. The extension has also not been changed. If you wish to watch the movies on this site without any interference, then you need to use the block the pop-up ads option. 

When you re-click on a movie icon, then you can avoid the chances of being redirected to another site. This site does face a lot of flak from the Government as it doesn’t operate on terms with the rules and regulations laid down by the Government.

The logo and the design of the website are excellent that you can find the movies listed on this site in one of the most effervescent way possible. All the movies here in this site are of HD quality. Even if it is not of the top-notch quality, one can find them listed here in this site under the category of non-HD movies. 

Even when you have very fewer internet data available, you can still download the movies from this site. 

Features of Filmyhit 

Filmyhit is one of those sites which has an extremely good User Interactive platform. This is one of the features which attracts a lot of users. It is not a great deal to have good content alone on your site. It is much important to design the interactive nature of the site in a way that would attract the users. 

Filmyhit keeps updating the content on the website very regularly. The best feature is that all the old content gets to the last search result and the content which was updated at the latest appears on top of the feed. 

Filmyhit is known for uploading movies from all the Indian languages. The site also has movies from Hollywood with subtitles and one can also find English movies dubbed in the regional languages uploaded on this site. 

Filmyhit is the most sought-after site by the people who reside in the northern part of India due to the reason that all the movies of the regional languages are uploaded on the site religiously. 

Legalities of the website 

The website is completely pirated in nature as it uploads movies and other videos without obtaining the required access from the governing body. However, the ones who are watching the movie from these sites don’t face any issues because of the illegal nature of the site. 

The website keeps changing the extension often in order to have control over what is being updated in this site, in the sense, in order not to lose data, the website has to change the extension. 

Latest movies to download 

Name any movie that was released in recent times, you can find it on the website. There is a separate column dedicated to the latest movies. Not just from one particular language, the latest movies from all the languages are released on this site. 

There are umpteen movies you can find in this section. One can find the details of the movie in the bottom right corner of the icon of the movie. There is a small section that is provided for the users to leave the comments. So, anyone who wishes to download movies from this website can make use of the facility provided in this section. Sometimes, you can even find the movies which are released on the same day on the website. This is something that occurs very usually on the site. Some of the latest releases are:

  • Baghi3
  • Tanhaji
  • Angrezi Medium
  • Malang
  • Pati Patni Aur Who
  • Mission Mangal
  • Thappad
  • Love Ajkal
  • Chappak
  • Mardaani 2

How to download movies from Filmyhit? 

It is one of the simplest procedures one could follow to download movies from Filmyhit. When you move the mouse cursor on top of the movie icon on the page, the download button appears. When you click on the download button and choose the location you wish to save the file, the downloading process starts. 

Filmyhit has a very good system in which, while you are downloading any movie from that site, you don’t even encounter any pop-up ads at all. 

As the files, which are uploaded on Filmyhit are in torrents format, one needs to download the torrents application on the electronic device. There is an amazing part of using torrents file format as the torrent’s application can be downloaded both in the mobile phones as well as computers. 

You need not worry regarding the virus infection while you are downloading a file from the website for all the files that are uploaded on to the site only after scrutinizing the file several times. 

Best alternatives for Filmyhit 

When you are trying to download a movie from Filmyhit site and you aren’t able to find that particular site, then you must be aware of the various alternatives from where you can download the movies. Some of the best alternatives for Filmyhit are listed below. 

1. Tamilyogi


Tamil Yogi is one of the top websites for downloading movies. As the name goes, when you wish to download Tamil movies from the internet, then without a second doubt, you need to go for the Tamilyogi website. 

Apart from the recently released movies, there is a separate section dedicated to downloading movies that were released back in the earlier part of the 20th century. One can also find movies with subtitles on this site. In this age, web series are released in Tamil as well. So, you can find the various web series from Tamil in this site.  

All the movies uploaded on this site are of top video quality. The Tamil fans throng to this website whenever the movies of their favorite stars are released. This is one of the best sites for viewing films and downloading them. You can choose to change the resolution quality. 

2. Bolly4u


Bolly4u is the website that hosts some of the best Bollywood movies. This is the top site for uploading movies on to the site. Name any recently released movie, you can find this on the site. As Hindi movies are released all over the world, there is a huge fan following. There are not just fans for Bollywood movies within India, but these movies have fans all over the world. So, this website has become famous all throughout the globe. 

One can find not just movies, but a lot of other good music albums as well on this site. When you are trying to download any file from this site, you don’t face a single virus attack or any other major issue. All the files are arranged chronologically and it is very easy to locate the files on this website. 

3. Moviemad


As the name goes, if you are mad about movies, then you must never think twice before you plan to download movies from this site. Name any language, all the movies are released on this site. The site is maintained by a well-rounded team of professionals and they are well versed in handling huge databases. The number of users who flock the website is very large in number and when the download process starts within seconds, there is very little issue that is encountered in this site.  

There are many sites where the movies are arranged according to years and on the basis of language. But, in this site, one can find the movies arranged according to the name of the actors in all the film industries. Moviemad is one of the best sites to download and enjoy a lot of English web series. 

4. Moviesraja


Just like the name of the site goes, Moviesraja is the king of all the movie uploading websites. The site has a big database of all languages and one can enjoy watching the movies at the best quality possible. Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood or Mollywood, every single movie is found on this site. Subtitles file is also provided on the site. One can download the subtitles from the website. 

It can be added along with the movie. It is not a very tedious process. This facility has been provided keeping in mind that there are few people who aren’t really interested in watching the movie with subtitles. There are others who don’t know the language and cannot understand the crux of the movie without the aid of subtitles. So, the plus fact is that anyone across the world can throng to this site. 

5. Project Free tv

Project Free TV
Project Free tv

If you are an ardent fan of watching the series telecasted on TV channels, then you must never miss out on downloading them from Project Free TV. Based on the geographical location, there are many options provided for one to download the TV series from these websites as much as they can. You can change the location at the top right corner of the webpage and then you can see the entire list of TV shows being displayed on the page change according to the location you had chosen. 

The special feature of this site is that you can find the subtitles for all the global language web series which are uploaded on to this site. So, you need not worry or think twice before downloading any series from this site. A small review is provided about the series and one can also find a small description of the series on the site. 

6. Limetorrents


When you are having the torrents application installed on your computer or on your mobile phone, then you can straightaway download all the torrent files from this particular website. The best part of this site is that all the files are uploaded only in torrent format. Torrents are said to be one of the top file sharing formats. 

This file format is very much suitable for all kinds of operating system and it doesn’t carry any virus or infect one’s computer in the worst possible manner. Limetorrents is one of the best sites which even accepts the requests from the user and the movie gets uploaded on to the site very casually. 

This is a public domain site and anyone can upload movies on to the site. One can use this site and log on using the registration details. 

7. Anime planet

Anime planet
Anime planet

Anime-Planet is the site where one can find different types of anime and it is the best thing one can find on the internet. This is a rare type of site where one can find anime of top quality on this site. 

Anime is the latest thing one finds interesting on the internet. Anime is animated characters and one can keep watching the anime for hours together without getting bored at all. Anime is mostly from Japan, but one can find anime from every other country as well in today’s world. In Anime planet, one can find different types of anime with subtitles. 

These are the types of videos that people from all age groups love watching. They are designed using some of the best graphics and the sound quality of the videos uploaded on the site is of very good quality. 

8. Jattmovies

Jatt Movies
Jatt Movies

When you are looking forward to downloading some of the best Punjabi movies and the movies from other regional languages, then you are supposed to use the website named Jattmovies. In order to download movies from this site, you need not hold any account details or you need to register on to this site. All the movies are arranged according to language. One can use the sort feature in order to sort the movies according to the time and other details. 

The website is extremely user friendly and one faces zero to no issue while downloading movies from this site. There are not many sites like Jattmovies which are very much suitable for downloading Punjabi and movies from the other regional languages. The site can be translated to Hindi as well and one can find it very easy to read the instructions in Hindi and use the site effectively. 

9. Sky Movies


Sky Movies is the site where you can find literally every movie released in the global sphere. There are many languages spoken all over the world and it is indeed a difficult task to maintain a huge database of the movies being released on this site. 

The design of the site is too good and the main menu is placed on top of the site and one can find the various movies categorized into that particular menu. When you click on that menu, you can find the list of movies dropping down from that single menu. You also have a technical assistant on the website who would clarify all the doubts you have. 

10. Isaimini


Isai means music. So, going by the name, never come to the conclusion that this site is suitable for downloading only music. There are various other file formats for the videos uploaded on to this site. This is one of the top sites for downloading movies from regional languages and you can find that this site is maintained in the best possible manner. 

One needs to choose the location where one wishes to save the file which they choose to download. Once the location is chosen, the download process begins. All the files uploaded on to this site have some of the best audio and video quality.

11. Vumoo


Vumoo is an outstanding website for people who are interested in watching TV shows and movies. If you are already aware of the name of the movie you want to watch, you can just enter the name and search for it. The database of this website is extremely useful. There are just a handful of advertisements you can find on this website. This ensures that your streaming or downloading experience doesn’t get hampered. It is completely free to use. The best part about this website is that it doesn’t ask for any of your details. You can use this website to stream and download any movie or TV show you want.

12. Watchfree


With the Watchfree website, you can get completely free access to stream movies and TV series in HD quality. You shouldn’t get bothered by the registration option offered to you because that is not a compulsion. You can navigate through the site very easily which makes it easy for you to find your favourite movie even in such a vast library. You can find a lot of famous movies including the ones which are recently released, movies with the best rating, and many more are included in its collection. You can access this website from any device you want.

13. GoMovies

There are numerous reasons why Gomovies is used by so many users. You can find videos and movies from different genres on this website. Some of the commonly found genres include horror flicks, talk shows, Action movies, Sci-fi, and a lot more. The registered users can even ask for including any specific content of their choice. It has an easy user interface which makes it so widely preferred by a large number of users. It offers a search bar that makes it easy for the users to search for the desired movie or TV show. It is free to use.

Here is the list of other alternatives: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Filmyhit

1. Do all the files on the website are of HD quality? 

No, not all the files which are uploaded in the site are of HD quality. There are many other files that have much lesser video quality and it is mentioned in the bottom right corner of the page. One can even prevent a lot of time waste by choosing to download the file which is of less size and quality. 

2. Do the files downloaded from Filmyhit corrupt all the other files in the system? 

No. The files downloaded from Filmyhit doesn’t corrupt all the other files in the system. The files uploaded in this site are free of virus attack and they hardly cause any damage to the files. 

3. Can one download games from Filmyhit? 

There is a separate column dedicated to the WhatsApp videos and other latest videos. But one cannot find a space from where one can download games. There are few other websites from where one can download games. 

4. What is a unique feature of the site? 

One of the most unique features of this site is that one can find even the Big Boss shows and the various other seasons. There is a separate section dedicated to WWE shows, various Netflix shows are dubbed in Hindi and one can also find the Hindi dubbed version of top English web series. 

5. Can one find multiple audio files on the website? 

One can find dual audio files on the website. There are very fewer chances of finding multiple audio files on the website. This is possible only in the case of movie streaming websites. 


Filmyhit is a website that doesn’t operate in terms of the conditions laid down by the Government of India. The website contains files that are pirated in nature and it is operating illegally. It is suggested to watch the movies only in the theatres in order to respect the work done by the film professionals and to respect the hard work of the crew. If in case, someone is found watching the movies from this site, they aren’t booked as an offense.


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