Movies have been a great source of entertainment for people for various decades. People love to watch new stories with interesting characters getting unraveled on the screens. Watching a movie in a theatre has become an event for many families. All the members of a family dress up and wear their best clothes and then go out to watch a film. Movies help in bringing people together and make for a wholesome family experience.

But now, not many people are interested in going to theatres to watch films. They do not want to make too much effort and just want to watch them in their homes. This change in the behavior of people regarding movies has given birth to online streaming websites where people can go to watch and stream movies and TV shows for free. To watch movies on these sites, a person does not have to step out of his or her house. That is the comfort that these streaming sites provide to the users. The streaming site that this article is focused on is called Movieninja.

What is Movieninja?


It has only been a few years since the Movieninja website has come into existence but in that short time, it has managed to gain a huge fan following and sees a lot of traffic every day on the platform. In the beginning, the film collection the site was very small and limited but with time, the site has added movies from all different film industries of India in languages like Tamil, Punjabi and Marathi and thus, has managed to create an impressive video directory on its database. All movies present on Movieninja have good video quality. Millions of people use this website to satisfy their entertainment needs despite the fact the content of the site is pirated which makes the site illegal.

Features of Movieninja

Following are some of the features of Movieninja:

  • A lot of attempts have been made to shut this platform down by the regulatory authorities but this still can still be accessed by people if they install a VPN on their device.
  • The user interface of the website makes it easy for the public to conveniently search for movies.
  • Documentaries, TV shows and web series can also be watched and enjoyed by people on this website.
  • The site does not take any money from its users and provides its content and services for free.
  • There is no need for a person to pen up an account on this site in order to stream content.
  • Apart from Bollywood and regional movies, dubbed versions of Hollywood films can also be enjoyed on the Movienina website.
  • The site has a diverse and varied collection of films that manages to satisfy people of different preferences and tastes.
  • Movies are not the only thing that can be found on this site. This site also has mp3 songs available on its platform. So, music lovers can also visit this website to enjoy the music of their favorite artists.


It is unethical and also illegal to use these streaming websites as they violate the laws made by the Indian Constitution. Some of these sites also have some security risks and can infect a user’s computer with a virus or a bug. So, people should be careful before they decide to use these sites as their source of entertainment.

How to Download Movies from Movieninja

There are people who are new to the world of streaming and need some guidance as to how to download films from these streaming sites. Following is a list of instructions that can help them in this endeavour:

  • Go to the Movieninja website and open the homepage.
  • Use the search bar and the filters for the movie that you want to watch.
  • After doing that, click on the thumbnail of the film and you will be directed to a new webpage.
  • There you can see the download option. Click on that and the movie will start downloading.

Alternative Websites for Movieninja

People have different tastes and not every person is bound to like the same things. The same goes for streaming sites like Movieninja. There are always going to be some people who will not be satisfied with the services provided by this website. These people are looking for other sites that can be better suited for their needs. For them, we have made a list of websites that they can use instead of Movieninja. Following is a list of those websites:

1. Cinemavilla Cinemavilla

The first name that starts this list of websites that can be substituted for Movieninja is Cinemavilla. Now, there are many sites that want to grow and be big and popular but not everyone can do so. It is important to study the market and the needs and demands of the public to know what exactly do they want from the websites. And then, the sites have to make changes accordingly so that the services that they provide match the requirements of the people. Cinemavilla is a website that tries to do this and has been successful so far in it. People today are tired of seeing the same kind of content being made over and over again. They want range. They want diversity. They want something fresh and different. They want to watch content that they have never seen before and content that blow their minds with their amazing visuals and gripping stories. Keeping this in mind, Cinemavilla has tried to bring in more and more diversity in the content that it puts on display for the public. Efforts are made to ensure two people with vastly different tastes in movies can still use the same website to watch movies. The wide range of the site can be highlighted from the fact movies are not the only form of content present on the site. People can find TV shows, documentaries and web series as well on the Cinemavilla website and enjoy them any time that they want. South Indian content like movies in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu are also present on the Cinemavilla platform.

2. Nitro Nitro

Another good website that can be used to watch and enjoy good quality content is Nitro. Different websites follow different ideas when it comes to what type of content they should have on display on their platform. Some sites believe that the quantity of films matters more as they can help in attracting a large number of users. Others believe that quality is more important and if a site has good quality content on its platform, it will become a popular and well-respected name among the users. Nitro takes both of these ideas and combines them. It has critically acclaimed films on the platform and the video directory of the site is also huge. There are no less than 7000 video files in the form of movies and TV shows present on this website. Thus, Nitro does the job of satisfying the needs of customers as well as making a good name for itself successfully. The site has been designed in such a way that it is compatible with different devices. So, it is not necessary to have a computer in order to smoothly navigate this website. The site runs without any glitches on tablets as well as smartphones. Video quality is another aspect of a streaming website that can have a significant impact on the success or the failure of a website. The videos present on Nitro show impeccable video quality and make for an amazing experience for the users.

3. Putlocker Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the biggest names in the streaming industry. People who are not even involved in watching movies on torrent sites are familiar with the name that is Putlocker. Money is a problem with a lot of people who love watching films. They want to watch films of all kinds but their pockets restrict them from watching all these different kinds of cinema. Thus, they are always on the hunt for platforms where they can watch their favorite movies for free. Putlocker is one such site that provides them with this platform. No subscription fee is charged by Putlocker from who watch content on its platform. The user interface is of great help to people who are new to the internet and do not have much experience in operating these streaming websites.

4. Tamilmv


The next name on the list of websites that can be used to watch entertaining and exciting content for free on the internet is Tamilmv. This site serves as a great substitute for the Movieninja website. The site mainly focuses on content that comes out of the South Indian film industry. Movies in Telugu and Tamil languages form the majority of the content that is present on the Tamilmv website. A person does not need to give any personal or professional information to the site to be able to use the website. There is no registration process involved and all the services of the website are free to the public. Latest Tamil films, as well as cult classics of the old times, are present on this site. One problem that has plagued and continues to bother a lot of the streaming websites on the internet is that of unwanted ads. These ads come on the screen time after time while a person is trying to watch a video. Even closing them does not solve the issue as it often happens that when a person clicks on one of these ads, he or she is directed to a new page or a new tab opens in front of the screen. This can be troublesome for many users. Tamilmv does not suffer from this problem and its loyal users do not have to worry about their movies or TV shows being interrupted by ads.

5. Filmyzilla


Film buffs usually do not have a lot of patience in them and really have trouble in waiting for some movies to release. They are always on the hunt for places where they can watch the recently released films without paying any money. Filmyzilla uploads films within just 2 or 3 days of their release. So, hordes of users rush to the Filmyzilla website to get their instant fix of entertainment. The site updates itself regularly. Thus, Filmyzilla is able to upload new and fresh content on a consistent basis. Details of the films can be found on the Filmyzilla website itself. So, there is no need for a person to go to other websites in order to know what a particular film is about. Different categories have been made to properly classify the content of the site and filters are provided to users to make the searching process easier. The videos present on the platform are also in high definition.

6. 7starhd


Now this is a torrent website that hosts the exclusive content that is only available on OTT platforms like Zee5, Netflix, AltBalaji and Amazon Prime. People can not only watch this exclusive content on the site but can also download the mon their devices with ease. Movies are not the only type of content that a person will find on the 7starhd website. There are music videos, web series and mp3 songs present on the platform as well. The library of the 7starhd website is very extensive and a person can find and enjoy old films as well as the recently released blockbuster films. Although it is not necessary to sign up and open an account in order to enjoy the services of 7starhd, there are certain benefits that a person can get if he or she goes through the registration process and opens an account. A person who has an account on the site will get regular updates and the latest content that is uploaded on the site from time to time.

7. Khatrimaza


Now, this site is for people who really love watching Hindi films made in India, Bollywood movies in particular. Bollywood is the biggest and the most popular movie industry in the country of India. Khatrimaza releases that there is a lot of demand for Hindi films and that is why Hindi films form a majority of the content of the website. A wide array of films can be found on the Khatrimaza website including films from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. The content of the Khatrimaza is able to successfully cover all major movie genres like action, drama, thriller, romance, horror and comedy. Categorisation of movies and other content is another impressive feature of the website.

8. Tubidy


This is another great website that people can use to stream content in case they are bored with or dislike the Movieninja website. Tubidy pays a lot of attention to the regional cinema of the country and that is why films in different languages like Tamil, Punjabi and Marathi can be found on this platform. There are OTT platforms like Netflix and AppleTV where a person cannot watch any video without paying a subscription fee. The content of these OTT platforms can be watched on streaming websites like Tubidy for free. Ads are a big problem for the Tubidy website and despite many efforts, the site has not managed to get rid of this problem which constantly keeps annoying the users who surf this platform. Even though the content of the Tudiy site is pirated, it does not put a dent in the popularity of the platform.

9. YesMovies


This is a website that provides its users with an opportunity to stream their favorite movies and shows online for free. Apart from streaming, people can also download video files from the platform. All the shows and movies on this platform are sure to be in high definition because that is the only video quality that Yes Movies deals in. Old TV shows are very hard to find on the internet but a person will see that the Yes Movies collection of shows contains a lot of titles that were released a long time ago.

10. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

When it comes to cool look and stylish appearance, there is hardly any platform on the internet better than Popcorn Time. The platform manages to charm its viewers with its beautiful designs and colorful webpages. The movies that are present on the Popcorn Time platform have really attractive and inviting thumbnails that manage to capture the attention of the people in just a few seconds. A lot of people are more comfortable in downloading movies instead of streaming them as downloading a movie gives them the option of watching it any time they want even when they have no access to the internet. But when a user visits the Popcorn Time website, he or she gets so mesmerized by the user interface of the platform that the thought of downloading the film does not even come into the user’s mind. He or she just wants to keep using the platform and thus, decides to stream the movie on the platform instead. The movies that will be on display on the front page of the site are usually so attractive to the users that instead of using the search bar to watch the film that they wanted to see, they just keep scrolling down the page to see the films that the Popcorn Time platform has.

11. Rdxhd Movies


The next name on the list of websites that people can use instead of Movieninja is Rdxhd Movies. There are many websites that have either movies of poor video quality or do not provide many options regarding the video quality of the films that are put on display. Rdxhd Movies performs the function of providing multiple options to users in terms of the video quality that they want to watch a particular movie in. The wide range of content of the Rdxhd website has managed to impress a lot of people on the internet. Apart from mainstream cinema, people can watch and enjoy documentaries, web series and biopics on this platform.

12. YoMovies


The list of websites that can be considered a good substitute for Movieninja ends with Yo Movies. This site does a great job of segregating the content into different categories on the basis of factors like language, the year of release, genre etc. The user interface of the site also helps the users a lot in comfortably streaming and downloading movies from the website. English and Hindi language movies as well as movies from different regional film industries of India are showcased on the Yo Movies website. There is no need to pay any sort of fee to access the content present on Yo Movies. There is also no need to go through a registration procedure.

13. Viewster

Viewster is a website that can be used to watch more than thousands of TV shows and films. Although, the majority of them are anime, programs, and award shows. The site also gives you the access to browse through numerous web series and documentaries. There are so many categories of content available on this website. You can use this website for free. You can stream numerous movies and TV series and you can download the one you want to watch later on. You can find movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood on this website. Additionally, you can find content from many more languages too.

14. Film Chest

Film Chest is mostly used by those who are more into old classic films. The website has a very user-friendly interface. It features more than 2,000 movies that can be watched in high-quality audio and video. It is free to use the website. There are different platforms on which you can access this website. The website is compatible with almost all devices so you can try visiting this website from any device you want. The users don’t have to create an account for accessing the content on this website. The users don’t need to feel insecure about using this website because it doesn’t ask for any personal information of the users.

15. Retrovision Classic

This is another online website that can be used to stream and download movies. You can find some of the very popular classic movies on this website. You can find movies of different genres like Sci-fi, romance, fiction, adventure, and many more. It is completely free to use the website and you need not pay any additional charges to use it on any device you want. You can find movies and TV shows in different languages too. Some of them can also be found in dubbed versions which means you can watch any content you want in any regional language of your choice.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movieninja 

1. How many movies and TV shows are present on Nitro?

There are more than 7,000 video files present on the Nitro website in the form of movies and web series.

2. Is Movieninja a good website to watch movies?

Movieninja is a great option if a person is looking for a streaming website to watch and download films and TV series.


The intention of this article is not to promote or support piracy but to give information to the users who are looking for insights about the online streaming websites on the internet.


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