The number of movies releasing every year in the Indian cinema industry keeps increasing at a rapid rate. There are a lot of fans for the movies released in every region. So, the need to dub the movie in every language possible also rises heavily. There are certain websites where you can find the movies of all the major Indian languages which are dubbed. That too it is not easy to find movies which are dubbed in high quality in websites very easily, Movierulzhd is one of the types of site. 

It is a huge plus that one can find the APK files of all the latest games, applications that are found in android play stores of mobile phones in these types of websites. Everyone can’t afford the heavy subscription charges imposed by the OTT services providers like Amazon Prime, 1movies, Zee5, etc., So, when you are looking forward to watching the movies which were released much recently in high quality, then you can google for a website like Movierulzhd. 

There is not much problem of the website getting blocked or the services being hampered for the website is not completely pirated in nature and it operates mostly on terms with the regulations laid down by the telecom department of the respective country. 

What is Movierulzhd? 

Movierulzhd is a site where you can find movies from industries like Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood being released in this site as soon as the movies run for a while in the theatres. Any movie, which is confirmed as a hit in the regional languages is dubbed and released on this site. It is not very easy to find a website where the movies and serials from Pakistan are released. There are also many instances where the Pakistani language movies and serials were dubbed into the local Indian languages and released on this website. 

It is not a herculean task to find this website as this particular site doesn’t face any flak from the governmental authorities to a large extent as the other sites face. 

The design of the website is in such a way that every detail of the movie is listed excellently. The movies are not listed in a very haphazard manner so that the download of the movie is not very tough. 

There are not many websites where you can find the apk files of the applications. When you download the apk files from this site, it doesn’t affect the Operating System of the computer and the mobile phone which might occur if the malware of the phone is attacked. 

Many Hollywood movies are released on this site. But there are very few global language movies that are released on this site. 

Features of movierulzhd 

One of the best features of Movierulzhd site is that there are very a smaller number of advertisements displayed on the site. This is a major trouble one faces while they are downloading the movies from the site where the movies are hosted. 

Plus, there is one major complaint every one mentions while they download a movie from this site is that when a particular movie name is being clicked and there is another movie which gets downloaded. 

Categorization of the movies is done properly and you can find the entire set of movies under that category. This makes one find the movie they wish to download the movie very easily.  

A top-notch feature of the site is that one can find movies of dual audio. You can keep changing the audio of the movie while you are watching it. You can watch the movie online or you can download the movie and still watch it using the dual audio system. 

Latest movies to download 

There are a lot of excellent movies that are being released in the languages spoken all across the country. So, when you open the site, you can find the entire list of movies released in every other language on this site. Name any new movie, which is released in the theatres in the regions, you can find it on the website. 

There is a separate column dedicated to downloading the South Indian movies. One can see the movies of the regional languages in this category. 

One can see that the movies from the regions of North India categorized separately as Punjabi Movies, Bengali movies, etc.

One can find movies very frequently on this site and not the series. 

How to download movies from Movierulzhd? 

Movierulzhd is a site where one can find movies along with the details of the movie. There are many websites where when you can click on the download button, it might lead you to a different site. This is not the case with Movierulzhd. 

It is very easy to download a movie from the website. You need to move the cursor on the movie icon which is uploaded on the website and you can find the download button. Once you click on the download button, the movie starts downloading. All the files, which are uploaded in the site are in torrents format, so one must have a torrent application to download and save it on the computer. 

Legalities of the website 

The website is not fully pirated in nature. One cannot see the site being attacked by the governmental authorities often as the movies are released in this site only after the movies have been played in the theatres for a certain amount of time. 

So, when you are downloading a movie from this site, you need not worry if you are going to face any legal issues from the government. There are no issues. 

Best alternatives for Movierulzhd

Indeed, Movierulzhd is one of the best websites for downloading movies of all Indian languages, but you need to be aware of the other best alternatives in case, Movierulzhd is pulled down by the Government of India. Some of the handpicked alternatives for the site is provided. 

1. Fmovies 

When you are looking for sites where you can watch movies online without the issue of advertisements popping up in between, then Fmovies is the site you need to look out for. One of the special features of the website is that movies are categorized according to country. For example, when you click on Indian, you can find all movies which were released in India under that particular category. You can also find various subcategories under that single category. Those subcategories are nothing but the movies of the umpteen regional languages in the country. 

There is another special categorization of the movies on the website. One can see whether the movie is in HD format or it has been shot using a normal camera in theatres. There is a column called subscribe where one can subscribe to all the latest updates from the site. 

Whenever a new movie is uploaded to this site, one will receive updates to the mail which has been registered on this site. Name any genre of movies, one can find all the movies under that particular genre on that homepage. Be it any language from any part of the world, it can be seen under this category. 

2. 1movies 

1movies is one of the top movie download sites which provides the best services. When you are logging into this site with your mail ID for the first time, then you can enjoy the services at free of cost. The free of cost services are sometimes provided for one month and sometimes for even six months. During this free trial period, you can watch all the content on the site without paying even a single penny. Hollywood movies, English web series and based on geography, regional movies are also hosted on the site. 

When you wish to download movies from 1movies, then you need to download the application from the app store. So, in the application, the movies appear. Even after the trial period gets over, you can still watch movies in the application as you had downloaded it already. 

There are certain cracked versions of the website where you can watch the movies without paying for it. This is one of the sites where you can find authentic subtitles for the movies which are uploaded in it. As it is one of the top-quality service providers, one can only find the best content on the site. 

3. Moviezwap

Moviezwap is one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world. It is stated as the second largest used search engine in the world. There is an application called Moviezwap downloader where you can download the movies from Moviezwap and save it in the downloader application. 

There are also certain steps you can follow to download the movies from Moviezwap. As it is one of the largest video sharing platforms, one can find videos from any corner of the world being uploaded on this site. One can tune the quality of the video being uploaded on this site by changing it in the video which is uploaded. One can turn on the subtitles in this video. 

One cannot change the audio of the file which is uploaded. One of the biggest advantages of watching videos from Moviezwap is that it is very vibrant. When you are trying to upload videos to Moviezwap or you are trying to download videos from Moviezwap, you need not face any issue as it is operated in the right terms. When you type in the required keyword into this site, you can get the results displayed within seconds. This is one of the top sites you need to have an eye at to get the best content.  

4. Bestwap

When you are looking for a site that is similar in appearance to Movierulzhd for watching and downloading movies, then you must prefer watching the movies in Bestwap. When you type the name of the movie on the search box on the website, then you can find the movie getting displayed in the result with a lot of definitions for the video being uploaded on to the site. 

The star rating of the movie is provided on the bottom right corner of the page so you can check the quality of the movie before you decide to watch the movie or download it. There is also a space provided where you can post reviews of the movies. So, you can watch the movie after seeing the ratings posted for it. 

All the recently released movies are lined up under the column of the latest releases so that you need not check for the movies one by one when you are on the lookout for the latest releases. One of the best features of the site is that you can find very rich content and it is very user friendly. 

5. Downloadhub

Downloadhub is a video aggregator site. You need not hold an account on Downloadhubor you need not register on the site to watch high-quality content. Plus, you need not hold an account in any of the OTT Services providers to watch the content from those sites on the video aggregator. One can download all the videos for free from this site once you have logged on to this site. 

All the movies are structured in a very good fashion on this site and you can find all the movies arranged according to the genre in this site. It is not an easy task to aggregate all the content in one particular place, Downloadhub does it for you. Once you open the page, you can find more than 10 million movies in one single go. 

6. Movieretina

Movieretina is one of those sites where you can find movies from all parts of the world is released. When you log on to Movieretina, it would require you to log in with some of your details. Once you have logged on to Movieretina, a watchlist will be created. Depending on the content you have watched, suggestions keep appearing on the watchlist feed. 

If you wish to find content based on the geographical location, then you can use the Virtual Private Network and use the data provided from that particular location to access the data files. Movieretina operates in a much legal manner and you need not think twice before downloading the content from it. It hosts some of the best American web series. All the web series, which are posted on the site have subtitles attached to it. The wish list keeps getting updated regularly. 

7. Tamil Rockers 

Tamil Rockers is a site where you can find the latest movies of Tamil. One can find the movies from other regional languages in this site as well. It is very easy to download movies from this site if you have the torrents application. Every movie you wish to download gets downloaded as a torrent file only. Depending on the size of the file, the time of download will vary. 

The time of download will also depend on the quality of the file which is being uploaded. Tamil Rocker is a site that is known to upload the same file in different formats. The website faces a lot of flak from the government of India. The website is completely illegal and the extension of the website keeps changing often as the site is regularly pulled down by the telecom regulatory authority of India. 

8. FilmOnline4U

When you are looking towards downloading movies from a site where the movies are dubbed in Hindi from the other regional languages, then you need to look forward to the site, FilmOnline4U. The design, content segregation and another outlook of the website are much similar to Movierulzhd. So, whenever you find Movierulzhd blocked by the government of India, then you need to head straight towards FilmOnline4U. 

One can find Hollywood movies on the site as well, but the number of movies that are dubbed into Hindi from the other regional languages counts more than that of the Hollywood movies. 

All the details of the movie are listed right from the original language in which the movie was shot, the actors and the production unit which was involved in the shoot of the film. FilmOnline4U is a site where you can find very fewer advertisements which pop up now and then when you are watching a movie. And, it is a very easy task to download the movies from FilmOnline4U. 

9. Moviesrox

Vudu is a different kind of movie uploading site that you would find very enhancing to watch. This is a type of site where you can purchase the movies and watch it for a very minimal cost or you can watch it for free with ads being displayed in between. 

This website requires you to register yourself on this site before you wish to watch content. This website doesn’t provide you with the straight option to download movies from this site, but you can use a third-party application to download movies and series from this site. 

This site is held and operated by some of the top professionals. One can find movies, series, and videos of all titles being displayed in this site in a very effortless manner. Name any recent movie, which was released in any language in any corner of the world, you can find it listed here in this site. 

10. O2cinemas

O2cinemas is a website where and you can watch all the latest movies which are released in India on this site after the movie has been taken off the theatres. The best part about this site is that it has no subscription fee and one can download the videos and watch it when the person is offline. 

An application can be downloaded from the app store as well. This website has some of the top-notch features using which you can enjoy watching movies for hours together. One can use the Voice Search facility in the application as well to search for the various videos in the section. One can find various Disney programs in O2cinemas.

11. Spuul

Spuul is a website that allows users to stream through a wide range of content. It is free to use but also has an option for a subscription. It does not just let you stream the content but you can download any content you want. The downloading process is as easy as streaming over this platform is. There are movies from different categories that you are surely going to love once you start using this system. It is a very well-organized website that classified its entire content under a lot of subheadings. This way it becomes way easier for the users to find the content that they are looking for.

12. Bigflix

Bigflix is another well-known platform that allows users to browse through a wide range of Hindi movies. You can stream the movies and download the ones you want to. There are many video quality options in which you can download a particular content. There are many genres of movies and TV shows available on this website. You can watch all of them in HD visuals. You can access this website from any device you want. This platform is indeed the best for all those who are movie enthusiasts. It is free to use. The users don’t need to get registered or create an account to use this website for streaming or downloading their desired content.

13. Onion Play

This is another amazing website that features an exceptionally wide collection of movies and TV shows. All of its content is free to stream as well as download. You can stream any content you want in HD visuals and audio. The website works very seamlessly and has an interactive user interface. There are numerous movies and TV shows featured on this website. The website is completely free to use. The content of this website is very well classified under many categories to help the users in finding out their desired content at ease. It is a very reliable alternative to the Movierulz website.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movierulzhd

1. Is Movierulzhd is a good website for downloading movies from all languages with subtitles? 

One can find movies from all languages being released on this site. But one cannot be really sure if they would come along with subtitles. All the movies are dubbed and released, so the need for subtitles is not too high. 

2. Are there any reports of malware attacks while downloading movies from Movierulzhd? 

As far as the results have come, there have been no major cases of such reports. One can scan the movies in the anti-virus software package and check if there are any major issues of the virus. 

3. Can one download songs from Movierulzhd? 

One cannot download songs mostly from this website. The site is exclusively dedicated to downloading movies. However, the website can accept the request from the users and upload the songs as a folder. 

4. Are there chances of downloading web series from Movierulzhd? 

Mostly, one cannot download web series from Movierulzhd. The main reason behind the fact is that as much as the movies are uploaded, web series aren’t uploaded in the site. However, when requests are made, the series upload is possible. 

5. Are the games downloaded from Movierulzhd supported in all computers and laptops? 

Yes, the apk files of the games downloaded from the movierulzhd site are supported in all computers and laptops. One needs to know the other steps to follow post downloading the apk file. 


Movierulzhd is a site that is not operated on terms with the conditions laid down by the Government of India. So, watching and downloading movies from this site is not really appreciated. When someone is found downloading content from the website and monetizing it, it is considered a serious offense. It is always best to watch the movies in the theatres to appreciate the hard work and efforts of the technicians and personnel who were involved in the making of the film.

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