Today, every person has become busy. Some are busy in their personal lives and some in other professional lives. And then, there are some who are trying to juggle both of them at once. In all this hustle, a person rarely gets time to just sit back and relax. There is no chance of a person going to a theatre to watch a film after working tirelessly at work.

After having a long day at work, a person wants to just go home and unwind himself or herself. And what better way to do that than watch a great way which can lighten the person’s mood up and make him or her forget about their problems or the several other things that are on their mind. TV is a good option to watch films but a person has no control over what he or she can or cannot watch. The OTT platforms are another option but sometimes the film that is required is not available on any of them. In these circumstances, the best way to go is to use online streaming websites to satisfy your film cravings and travel to another exciting dimension. One streaming website that can be used for this purpose is Filmymeet.

What is Filmymeet?


There are so many torrent sites on the internet that it becomes very difficult to differentiate a good site from a bad one. Using a bad site can have severe consequences. For example, a person can get a virus on his or her computer and can lose all the important data that is present on the system. One good website that can be trusted by the public is Filmymeet. This site has mainstream Indian content as well as films from Hollywood available on the platform.

Other than the website, Filmymeet has also successfully managed to develop a mobile app. This app is useful for people who do not want to watch films on laptops and prefer watching them on their mobile phones.

Features of Filmymeet

Following is a list of features that make the Filmymeet website attractive to the users around the country:

  • The mobile app is very convenient and easy to use.
  • The site as well as the mobile app do not face the problem of ads.
  • The Filmymeet mobile app is not very high as its file size comes to around only 3 MB. Thus, a user does not have to stress about the app putting too much load on the device due to its large memory size.
  • The application is compatible with android devices. Mobile phone s that have an android version of 4.0 or above can successfully support the mobile app.
  • The movie collection of the site is commendable as movies of all genres are present in it. The mainstream and popular movies that every person knows about are there as well as many rare and hidden classic films that not many people have heard about.
  • To ease up on the confusion regarding the search for the desired film, the site has put up features like filters and have created different categories on the site.
  • The site has put up age restrictions on its platform. This means that people below the age of 18 are not allowed to either stream or download movies from Filmymeet.
  • Both the website and the mobile app have a simple user interface and do not cause many complications for the users.
  • It is not only movies that are available on Filmymeet. Various different types of entertaining and exciting content like podcasts, video games, audiobooks and TV series can be found on this site. Thus, the site manages to bring people who have very different tastes and preferences towards itself.


A person should not get too indulged in the fun and games of these streaming websites that he or she completely ignores the repercussions that are present in relation to using these sites. These sites are illegal and unethical. They ruin the efforts of hundreds of people who work really hard to make a film. So, it is advised that people should watch films only on OTT platforms or in theatres and these sites should be avoided as much as possible.

How to Download Films from Filmymeet

Downloading films and web series from the internet is not a very complicated procedure. But there are still some people who need guidance in doing it. So, for those people, a few instructions have been listed below that can help them to download content from Filmymeet:

  • Before the downloading process can start, a person needs to hide his or her IP address. This can be done by downloading and installing a VPN app.
  • Once the VPN is successfully installed, a person should open it to change his or her location.
  • Now, the user should visit the website of Filmymeet. Google Chrome is recommended for this process.
  • When the site opens, use the various features like filters, sliders and search bars to find movies.
  • Once the desired film is found, a person will see a download link next to it. When a person clicks on that, he or she will be asked the location on the hard disk where he or she wants to save the film. After selecting the film, the user has to click on the download option and the films will start to download on the chosen hard drive.

Alternative Websites for Filmymeet

There is an infinite number of streaming websites on the internet. Some are bad, some are good and some are great. But no matter how a great a website, it cannot and will not b perfect. There will be some problems, some disadvantages or some drawbacks that every site will suffer from. And there is nothing that can be done about that. All a person can do is choose a website that fits perfectly for them and fulfills all their requirements conveniently. There might be people for Filmymeet is not a perfect site because it is not compatible with their needs. These people can look for other alternatives on the internet. Below is a list of streaming sites that can be used as a substitute for Filmymeet:

1. Primewire


The website that opens this list of alternatives for Filmymeet is Primewire. This is one of the few websites that are trending a lot among internet users these days. Every other streaming website has the download and streaming feature present on it. Primewire goes a step further to engage the user. It does so by providing a chat forum to the users. This is an exciting feature for many people as they now get a chance to interact with other people who are as crazy about films as they are. They can recommend films to each other and also discuss their favorite films and get each other’s opinions on them. This chat forum helps a person to gain more important knowledge about films and also helps in connecting with people similar to them. Primewire wants to make sure that every person is comfortable in using the website. For this reason, Primewire has made the website available in different languages to people.

2. Filmyhit


Today, diversity and a wide range in the content can take a streaming website a long way. Filmyhit sees huge traffic on its website due to this particular reason. People can watch films in HD quality on Filmyhit. This is not something that can be promised by a lot of other websites. Filmyhit does not ask from its users any personal or professional details and allows them to use the site without any signing up procedure. If a person has gotten bored watching only one type of content, he or she will find a variety on this website as Punjabi, Marathi, Bangla, and Tamil movies are present on the platform. There are people who are interested in watching Hollywood films but they are not well-versed in the English language. These people get the opportunity to watch English films on Filmyhit as the site uploads dubbed versions of these movies on the platform.

3. Wapking


Today, the entertainment industry has changed. Films are not the only form of video entertainment now. There are other things like documentaries, award functions and short films that people watch to pass their time. Big film stars like Vidya Balan, Kajol, Saif Ali Khan and Emraan Hashmi are also doing content that is different from movies like short films and web series. So, a person wants to watch all these types of content. For them, Wapking is a perfect website as it hosts all these kinds of entertaining content. The uploading speed of the site is also another very good reason to visit it. If a film gets released today, it is uploaded on the site within just 2 or 3 days. Thus, people do not want to spend money on theatre tickets visit the Wapking site to satisfy their movie needs. Regional films also find a platform here on this site.

4. PlayTamil


There are a lot of fans of Tamil cinema in India. And these fans are not restricted to only those parts of the country where Tamil is spoken. They are spread all over the country. The action sequences and the visual effects of Tamil cinema have been getting better with every film. PlayTamil manages to get the attention of these people with its latest and superior quality Tamil language content. The movies on the site are segregated according to the different genres that they belong to. Thus, a person does not have to make a lot of effort in searching for his or her choice of movie.

5. Bolly4u


Now this site is particularly for Bollywood fans who admire film stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan. Bollywood is a huge industry and a lot of films come out of there every year. It is not possible to watch each and every Hindi film that gets released in the theatres. This site is not suitable for people who want to watch English films or cinema from any other part of the world as majority of the content on the site is India-centric.

6. Flixanity

Now this is a website that has remained under the radar and not many people have heard of it. The site has a decent collection of TV shows and films. If there is a movie that is becoming popular and creating a lot of buzz among film lovers, Flixanity tries to put that film on the platform as soon as possible. Flixanity does a good job of updating itself consistently and thus, manages to upload the latest content on the site on a regular basis. There is one problem with the website that might be a turn off for the users. In order to stream films on Flixanity, a person has to register himself or herself with the website.

7. Freemoviescinema


As the name makes it obvious, the films can be watched on Freemoviescinema for free. The site keeps getting blocked or banned from time to time. So, it is better for users to install a VPN if they want to use this website. The video library of the site contains films from years as recent as 2019 and also has classic films from the 1960s as well. Thus, people of all ages are drawn to this site. The site has been well maintained really well and sports an overall neat look.

8. Bigflix

If a person is looking for content that is made in India, Bigflix is a good option. The Bigflix site puts its focus on curating Indian content and has users mainly from India. More than 10,000 films and web series can be found on Bigflix which goes on to show how impressive the site’s film directory is. But the problem with Bigflix is that unlike many other streaming websites, a person cannot access the films on this site for free. A subscription fee has to be paid by the users. Thus, a person might decide not to use the website for this reason.

9. Moviemad


Moviemad is a name that comes among the best streaming websites out there. Everything about this website is great. A huge film collection, HD quality films and easy to navigate interface makes it a great choice for users. Dubbed versions of popular films are also present on the site for the people to watch and enjoy. A lot of efforts have gone into the design and overall appearance of the site and it clearly shows when a person opens the homepage of the site.

10. 101 Torrent

It is very difficult to keep track of all the torrent websites that are present on the web. But it is more difficult to differentiate the good torrent sites from the bad ones. It can be safely said that 101 Torrent is one of the good ones. There are people who look for websites that have more than just movies on their platforms. They want to enjoy music, listen to insightful podcasts and read e-books. For them, 101 Torrent is a perfect match as it has all these things on its platform. The speed that a person gets on this site while streaming or downloading a film is really fast and leaves a good impression on the users.

11. Torlock

Now this might be the most unique name on this entire list of websites that can be used as a substitute for Filmymeet. Torlock is more of a search engine than a streaming website. Torlock, like many other sites, provides its content for free to the users. But what makes the site completely unique is that if a person is able to successfully spot a fake torrent site on the internet, he or she can inform Torlock about it and the site will pay a reward of 1 dollar to that person. The content present on Torlock also has a very wide range. A person can find songs, video games and animes on the site. The site also provides really fast speed to users. The search results pop up really fast and the downloading process is also very breezy.

12. Kickass Torrents

This is one of the oldest and the most well-known torrent websites, not only in India but all around the world. The site has one of the simplest user interfaces that you can find on the internet. This site is particularly great for those who love music and are constantly on the hunt for new artists and songs. Films can be downloaded from this site in a very short period of time.

13. M4ufree


If you are a person who likes new content as much as the content of the older days like the 60s and 70s, then this is the perfect site for you. Different filters like the year of release, genre, rating etc. are present on the site to make it easier for people to choose films. The streaming of films happens very smoothly and a person is able to watch films without any lag or buffering. No registration or subscription fee is needed to use the site.

14. Yify TV

If you have been using streaming sites to watch films and web series for a while, then you must have heard of this site. Yify TV is a well-known and widely respected name in the streaming world. There is hardly any site that is more reliable than Yify TV when it comes to the video quality of the films or the downloading speed of the torrents. One thing about Yify TV that might turn off a lot of users is that the site is focused on only films. Thus, all the people who are looking for a website that has TV shows or web series present on it will be disappointed with the content that they will find on Yify TV. Films of around 21 languages can be found on this site. This includes films of languages like Korean, English, Japanese, Hindi, Greek and French. On the first page of the site, a user can fin the films that are trending that week. No pop-up ads are there on the site. So, a user walks away from the site with a pleasant experience.

15. Iomovies


The last name on the list of websites that can prove to be a good substitute for Filmymeet is Iomovies. The site is preferred not only because of the content present on it but also because of its amazing features. An individual will get mesmerized by looking at the range of content on Iomovies. A person will never get bored with this website. There are really old movies present on this site. So, a person can find any critically acclaimed film on this site regardless of the year it was released in. There is also plenty of content for people like TV shows and have a habit of binge-watching.

16. StreamingSites


Despite offering pirated content to viewers, StreamingSites has continued to gain popularity among movie freaks over the years. It’s been functioning for a long time, offering high-quality content for free. The site continually uploads the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and other regional films to ensure that people stay entertained anytime, anywhere. One of the major reasons for the successful functioning of this site is its collection of varied contents. Starting from movies to web series, TV programs, short films, you are sure to get whatever you are looking for, only on streaming sites. Not just that, contents are uploaded in multiple formats to allow people to stream or download in a format of their choice.

17. a2movies

This is another notorious movie streaming site that has come up recently. The site is well known for uploading the pirated contents of the latest releases within a few days of their official release. Besides offering movies and web series, the site uploads major TV programs and daily serials regularly. So if you have missed any episode of your favourite TV soap, you can stream or download it from a2movies. It’s a great site for anyone who’s addicted to watching TV shows. The best part about the site is its user-friendliness. Even if you are accessing it for the first time, you wouldn’t face any difficulty.

18. Hulkclouds

Hulkclouds has managed to make a name for itself on the internet within a short span. Millions of people already prefer to use this site because of its high-quality content. What’s best about the site is that it continually updates its contents by uploading new ones. Besides the latest films and web series, this site uploads some evergreen old movies too! If you aren’t interested in streaming movies online, you can download them on your device in any chosen format. Also, you can stream them in your preferred language! Isn’t that amazing? So visit Hulkclouds now and get a thorough movie streaming experience.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Filmymeet

1. What is unique about the Torlock website?

One amazing thing about the Torlock website is that it pays people who can point out a fake torrent website to them. These people are paid 1 dollar as a reward.

2. Can a person download movies from Filmymeet?

Yes, the Filmymeet website provides its users with the download option so that they can watch them at any time they want.

3. Can any person access the Filmymeet website?

No, only people that are above the age of 18 are allowed to use the site to watch TV shows and movies.


Our advice to the public is that they should not use these websites to watch films as these sites promote piracy. Only legal mediums should be used to consume content.

Best 14+ Alternatives for Filmymeet

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