Filmymeet (2020): Top 14+ Alternatives for Filmymeet

Best 14+ Alternatives for Filmymeet

This is the best place for people who are die-hard lovers of cinema and who do not miss a chance to watch a good movie as this article will tell you about the websites that you can visit to watch and download movies and TV shows. The article will talk about the Filmymeet website and discuss its features. The article will also entail information as to how to download movies from the Filmymeet website. Apart from that, there is also a section in the article containing a list of alternative websites that a user can visit apart from the Filmymeet website.

Cinema has had a huge impact on the lives of people around the world. To some it has given hope, to others, it has taught how to look at the world from a different point of view. The power that cinema has as an influential tool is unmatchable. A film made in one country can have an impact on an individual sitting millions of miles away in another country. Thus, every person should watch good movies and try to learn as much as he or she can from them.

The most popular way to watch movies is by going to the theatres. It provides people with a chance to go out with their family, friends or their loved ones and spend quality time while watching a movie and have a memorable experience. But not everyone wants to get out of their house and go to their nearest cinema hall to watch a movie. Some people just want to sit in the comfort of their homes and watch their favorite movies and TV series on their TV or other electronic devices like laptops, tablets or mobile phones. For them, there are OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5 that provide good quality content which they can watch anytime and anywhere as per their convenience. Users have to buy a subscription to get access to the content on these OTT platforms.


Now there are people who cannot afford to go to theatres and also do not have enough money to buy the subscription of one of these OTT platforms. Does that mean they cannot watch movies and TV shows of their choice? The answer is no, it does not mean that. There is a way for these people to watch content and that is by visiting some websites on the internet that allows users to watch and download movies, soap operas, web series on their platform. A user does not have to pay any money to avail of the services of these websites. On such website that the users can visit is Filmymeet.

Filmymeet is a website that boasts of a huge gallery of movies and TV series on its platform. People can watch a different variety of movies on this website like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood etc. The website has all the latest releases available on its platform with good quality prints.

Apart from the website, Filmymeet also has a mobile application that the users can download and install on their tablets and mobile phones and watch the content of their choice while travelling or while just sitting in their homes. This also helps Filmymeet in reaching to a wider set of audience.

Features of Filmymeet

To stand out from a crowd, you need to have some special characteristics and Filmymeet has just that. Below is a list of features that the Filmymeet website and the mobile app has that makes it better than its competitor websites:

  • The size of the Filmymeet mobile app is just 3.09 MB so it does not take a lot of storage space on a user’s device.
  • The app supports multiple languages for users like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil etc. This adds to the convenience of the users.
  • The film library of Filmymeet is so vast and diverse that it can cater to the needs of all kinds of users from all different parts of the world.
  • There are some websites where you just scroll and scroll to find what you are looking for and in the end, you find out that the website does have that particular or web series on its platform. The Filmymeet website has various different filters like the year of release date, language, genre, country, IMDB rating etc. which help the user in easily finding the movie he or she is looking for.
  • The website does not only have movies and web series on its platform. A user can also find audiobooks, games and podcasts on the website which just attract a whole lot more users to the website than the other websites that just offer movies and TV shows.
  • The user interface of the Filmymeet website is very smooth and easy to use. A person does not have to be a tech genius in order to figure out how to navigate the website and search for the content that they want.
  • There are age restrictions as to who can download content from the website as Filmymeet does not allow people younger than 18 years of age to access the website.
  • The video quality of the movies that are there on the FIlmymeet platform is very good as most of the videos are available in 720p and 1080p format.

How to Download Movies from Filmymeet

Although downloading a movie seems like a fairly easy task but it can turn out to be a nightmare sometimes. Clicking on a wrong download link can at best, open a pop up ad and at worst, infect the user’s device with viruses and malware. So, a user needs to be careful while downloading movies from these websites. Following are the steps a person can follow if he or she wants to download movies and web series from Filmymeet:

  • The first thing a user has to do to download movies from Filmymeet is to download a VPN application so that the IP address of the user can be masked.
  • Once downloaded, a user should open up the file and select a country of their preference as their location.
  • The next step is to visit the Filmymeet website.
  • Upon reaching there, search for the movie you want.
  • When you find it, notice that there is a download option below the title or the thumbnail of the movie.
  • Click on that download link and your movie or web series will start downloading.


It is normal for a person to get carried away by all the amazing services that these websites provide to film and TV show lovers. But one should not forget the fact that the content available on these websites is pirated and illegal. So, a person should always keep this in mind while surfing these websites as he or she alone is responsible for their actions.

14 Alternatives for Filmymeet

Filmymeet is a great website to watch and download movies but since it is a website that has pirated content on its platform, the government and other regulatory authorities might make attempts to shut it down. Sometimes, it may also be the case that the movie you are looking for is not available on that particular website. In such scenarios, a person needs alternative websites that can fulfill his or her needs. Below is a list of alternative websites that a user can visit, in case he or she is not able to access the Filmymeet website:


RARBG has made a name for itself by being one of the safest websites out there that a user can access to watch and download web series and movies. This is because the site keeps updating itself regularly to steer clear of any bugs, malware or viruses that can infect a user’s computer and damage the data on their device. Apart from the usual movies, soap operas and web series, the website also has software applications and games on its platforms to cater to all kinds of users. There are certain drawbacks that the RARBG website has. One of them is that a lot of random ads pop up from time to time on the screen while a user is surfing the website. This can be annoying for the user and he or she might decide not to visit the site again. Another disadvantage of the RARBG site is that the user interface of the website is not the best. It is not very smooth or easy to use, but still, it manages to get the job done.

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is so popular in India that it has become almost a household name for the Indian users when it comes to watching their favorite movies or the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows or soap operas. Apart from the Hindi and English language, the website also has content from various Indian regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi etc. This increases the mass appeal of Dailymotion and helps the website in attracting more users from various different parts of the country. One drawback which can be a turnoff for the users is the ads that pop up often on the screen and can ruin the movie-watching experience of a user.

3. Tamil Rockers

There is hardly any website that is more popular in India than Tamil Rockers where people can go to watch the content of their choice. Staying true to its name, Tamil Rockers is a hotspot for users who are looking for Tamil language content on the internet. But with time, Tamil Rockers has expanded and has started having movies and TV shows of other languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi etc. on its platform. A person does not have to go through the hassle of registering himself or herself on the website to avail of the services of Tamil Rockers. One reason as to why people choose Tamil Rockers over other websites is that Tamil Rockers uploads the latest films on its platform on the very first day of their release and that too, within hours. So, all the people who do not have money to watch a film in a theatre or do not have the patience to watch it on TV or an OTT platform, rush towards this website.

4. Nites Movies

Nites Movies is a website that has an extensive collection of films and web series on its platform. Films of various genres like horror, comedy, romance, thriller, action, drama etc. are available on the website to appeal to different users. Every film on the website has its IMDB rating visible on the thumbnail, making it easier for the users to decide whether they should watch that film or not. No subscription fee is required to be paid by a user to avail of the services of the Nites Movies website. Although it is not compulsory for a user to register on the website to get access to the content available on the website’s platform but opting for registration does have its benefits. A registered user gets the option of commenting on the content on the website and also gets the feature of saving movies to the watchlist which he or she can watch at a later time. The number of ads that show up of the site is also pretty low which enhances the experience of a user. One drawback that Nites Movies has is that the video quality of the films and web series available on the Nites Movies website is not that great and can hinder the movie-watching experience of the users.

5. Toorgle

Toorgle is one of the safer websites on the internet to download and watch movies. There are not many viruses or malware on the website that can infect a user’s device. Toorgle is connected to around 450 other websites on the internet. So, it increases the chance of a user successfully able to find the content of his or her choice and download it. One thing about the Toorgle website that can sometimes put off the users is that it takes an unusually long amount of time to load the search results. So, a person needs to show patience while accessing this website but not all users are patient and they might just quit the website and never visit it again.

6. Cinemavilla

Another popular name among the Indian users for downloading and watching content is Cinemavilla. The website has movies in various different regional languages like Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil etc. The risk of getting a virus or malware on the device of a user is very less as the website is updated on a regular basis. The interface of the site is also very smooth and easy to use for users. One advantage of Cinemavilla is that it is not very big in size and takes very little space on a user’s device. So, a user does not have to constantly keep worrying about the storage space on his or her device.

7. Popcorn Time 

Popcorn Time is one of those websites that have the best layout design which attracts users towards it. It can easily be called the pirated version of Netflix as it shares a lot of similarities with the famous OTT platform. The movies on the Popcorn Time platform have stylish posters as their thumbnails which just adds to the aesthetic look of the website. Popcorn Time aims to serve people of all parts of the world and that is why it is available to the users in around 44 different languages.

8. Primewire 

Primewire is one of the most visited websites on the internet and is popular among people who love to watch movies online. What Primewire does to stand out from the rest of its competitor websites is that apart from having movies and TV shows on its platform like the other websites, Primewire also has popular music videos available on its platform. The website also provides the users with options as to what video quality they want their movies in and thus, can download movies and web series of the video quality of their choice.

9. Downloadhub

The unique quality of Downloadhub is that it does not put its focus solely on movies and web series. Music videos, movie trailers, mp3 songs and games are also there on the website for the users to enjoy. And all of this is available to the users for free. As the users that visit the Downloadhub are from different countries, Downloadhub has improvised so that the content list for every country is different so as to cater to the needs specific to each country.

10. Isaimini

Isaimini is a website that specializes in content that caters to the people of South India. Movies from other languages that have been dubbed into Tamil are available on the website. The content of the website is divided into sections. The first section contains films and web series that are made originally in the Tamil language. The other section contains movies that are in other languages but have been dubbed into the Tamil language to cater to the South Indian people.

11. O2tvseries

O2Tvsereis has a neat and clean interface that runs smoothly and can give the users the desired results in a short span of time. The movies and web series are also categorized neatly in alphabetical order from A to Z. Other categories into which the movies are sorted are country, year of release, genre, IMDB rating etc. The website contains international as well as regional language movies on its platform.

12. TVMuse 

More than movies, TVMuse focuses on TV shows and web series. The website has more than 2,000 shows on its platform with combined 1,00,000+ episodes. So, this website is a paradise for TV show lovers. The TVMuse also ranks the TV shows that are on its platform. Thus, acting as a guide, TVMuse helps the users in making a decision as to what to watch and what not to watch.

13. YTS

A user who has been watching and downloading movies from the internet for a long time must have come across YTS or one of its proxy sites at least once. More than 100 English language movies are released every week but people, especially those living in other countries, are not able to watch them all. This is where YTS comes in. It makes these films available to the users as early as possible and the video quality of these movies is also pretty good.

14. CMoviesHD

The CMoviesHD website has popular and the latest movies presented on its website with gorgeous posters adding to the aesthetic look of the website. It is mostly the fan-favorite movies that are displayed on the front page of the website. Apart from that, the website also has different filters that assist the user is successfully searching for the content they want to watch.

So, these are the 14 websites that a user can visit as an alternative in case he or she is not able to visit the Filmymeet website due to some technical reasons. A user can also visit these websites in case they are not able to find the content they are looking for the Filmymeet website.


Q) What is Filmymeet?

Answer – Filmymeet is a website on the internet that the users can visit to watch and download the content of their choice.

Q) What is the registration process for the Filmymeet website?

Answer – A person does not have to go through any registration process in order to access the Filmymeet website to watch movies and web series.

Q) Is the content available on the Filmymeet website pirated?

Answer – Yes, the movies and web series that are present on the Filmymeet website are pirated.


We want to state that we do not, in any way, shape or form, promote or support piracy. We know piracy is illegal in India and is a punishable offence. The article has been written solely for information purposes for people who want to watch movies online. So, a user should be careful while accessing any one of these websites as there might be some repercussions in some cases.

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