The entire population of India hails from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity. Therefore, their taste varies in everything, be it food or entertainment. Today we will talk more about entertainment. Creating diversified content of entertainment to please everyone is not easy. It takes a varied thought process, energy, and hard work to create marvelous content that would be like by all. The Bollywood film industry does all it takes to create magic onscreen. Every year numerous movies, web series, TV shows, documentaries, etc are released just to entertain the people around the world. People become huge followers of the movie industry and crave to watch movies at the theatres.

It is not always possible to make it to the theatres to watch movies or take subscriptions of several streaming services just to watch some of their web-shows or TV serials. Especially the old generations don’t have that much energy to drag themselves to the theatre every Friday. An easy resolution to all the problems mentioned above is the pirated movie website. 300mbdownload is one of the several websites available over the internet that allows you to watch movies from the comfort of your home. All the contents of the website are free and there are no hidden charges to access them. You can even call up your friends, neighbors, and cousins to watch a new movie and save thousands of money. Going to the theatre was always an expensive affair with all the cost of the tickets, popcorns, other edible things, and the fuel charges. With 300mbdownload, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy uninterrupted movies.

The website of 300mbdownload has many attractive features, however, you should keep it in your mind that this is an unauthorized site that steals the content of the copyrighted owner and uploads them. Piracy is a threat to the movie-making industry because when they leak the latest movies on their website, more people refrain from going to the theatre, and thus they have to face a huge loss. The Government is in a constant lookout to ban such a website whenever possible. Therefore, you should learn the names of the alternative sites that are equally good and can show you all the movies that 300mbdownload used to show. We have tried to name some of the best websites that wouldn’t disappoint you with their services.

What is 300mbdownload?


Most of us cannot imagine our lives without watching our favorite movies, TV shows, and web series. However, time becomes a constraint in many cases. 300mbdownload is one of the illegal websites that allow you to watch various TV shows, music videos, web series, and most importantly your favorite movies at your convenient time. There no need to pay anything for the contents that you see on the website. Instead, you can watch them online or download them for free. With 300mbdownload, you do not have to wait to watch a new movie at home. The site is very regular at uploading the newest releases on time.

The contents of the website are of different languages like Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, English, and many more. 300mbdownload is a user-friendly website where you do not have to log on or off, answers the various surveys, etc. Another good thing about the website is that it does not require much data or high-speed internet to access the website seamlessly. The site works well even with regular mobile data. There are even no pop-up ads on 300mbdownload to annoy you. The website is surviving by changing its domain names, hence; make sure to use the latest link or domain name of the site. The website is also equipped with a dual audio facility.

Legalities of the website

The website is adorned with exciting features to delight its viewers; however, there is one drawback of the site. The website is not approved by the Indian Government. Many of the domain names and the links of the websites have been banned by the Government. The website has been changing its domain for survival. The website steals the content of the owner without their consent and that is piracy. The website works against the rules and regulations of the country’s legislation.

Features of the 300mbdownload

Whenever you try something new in life, you should be aware of its features. Here we will be displaying some noticeable features of 300mbdownload.

  • If you are using 300mbdownload for watching movies, you wouldn’t have to wait long for the movie to get downloaded. Nobody likes to wait because everybody is falling short of patience. 300mbdownload would never make you wait as the website boosts up speed by clearing the bugs with every update.
  • The quality of the content is quite high in 300mbdownload. Both the audio and video quality of this site is beyond expectation and it would light up the movie-watching experience of the viewers. Even the latest releases are uploaded in HD picture quality.
  • The website is accessible 24/7. It gives you unlimited access without any limitations. You are allowed to download in numerous movies each day as per your needs.
  • The layout of the website is amazingly user-friendly and simple. There are no complicacies on the website and people of all age groups would be happy to access them with ease. After all, every one of us wants to fidget with things that are easy to handle.
  • The interest in watching movies just after their release stays only for a short duration. If you are not able to see it within a few days, the interest dies out. 300mbdownload allows you to watch the latest movies within a week of their release date. It takes the minimum time required to upload the recent content.

How to download movies on 300mbdownload?

It is incredibly easy to download movies on 300mbdownload. We have mentioned the easy steps that you need to follow to download a movie conveniently. You first need to find out the recent domain of 300mbdownload and locate the website.

After reaching the website, go to the search bar and type in the name of the movie or any other content that you wish to download. If the movie is present on the website, you will get to see the image or poster of the movie on the screen. Just click on the image and it would show you different formats of download like 360p, 480p, 720p. You can choose the one you want to.

Once you have selected the format, click on the ‘download’ button. You would be able to see your movie getting downloaded from a different window to your preferred destination in no time. You can start watching the movie then and there or can save it to watch later.

While download if you are redirected to any of the inappropriate links, just make sure you close them instantly.

Latest movies streaming on the website

The movie-making industry is continuously making movies without any pause. Hence there are numerous releases each year. Some of the movies, which got released recently, are mentioned below and you can watch them on 300mbdownload.

  • Chhapaak
  • War
  • Gul Makai
  • Street Dancer 3D
  • Tanjhaji
  • Jawaani Jaanemen 
  • Panga
  • ChichhoreyGood Newwz
  • Darbar
  • Happy Hardy and Heer
  • Jumanji: The next level
  • Terminator Dark Fate
  • Dolittle
  • Bad boys
  • Zombieland

10 alternative sites of 300mbdownload

In this section, we are going to mention the names of the other 10 competent websites that would equally awestruck you with their services. As you are aware, the website of 300mbdownload is illegal and can get banned by the Government anytime. Therefore, it would be better to know the names of the other websites that are good enough to fulfill your wish of movie watching without having to pay a penny. If ever you are not able to access 300mbdownload, you can check out the websites mention below and can choose the one that you find suitable.

1. Filmywap 

There was a time when people had to depend on TV channels to watch their favorite movies, TV serials, documentaries, game shows, etc. However, with the advent of the internet, the possibilities and options have increased a lot.

Filmywap is one such website available on the internet that allows you to watch any entertaining program at any point in time. The best part is you do not have to spend a penny to enjoy the programs. It is an illegal torrent website that has movies of all genres and all languages like Hollywood, Bollywood, Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu, and Tamil. 

You can access the website to watch a huge number of movies, web series, desi-drama, and other videos. The website can be accessed from any PC, tablet, mobile, or laptop.

2. Moviezwap 

Nowadays there are several apps available on where you can watch your favorite movies, web-series, and many other entertaining items. However, you have to pay any subscription to get access to the content. 

With Moviezwap, this is not the case. Moviezwap allows you to watch movies online and download them free of cost. The items of Moviezwap are of various genres like suspense, horror, thriller, comedy, romantic, etc. The website also has an app version for the convenience of the viewers. 

Both the app and the website are updated on time so that there aren’t any kinds of bugs existing. The website is equipped with super-fast servers so that the waiting time for downloading and streaming is minimal. The interface of the app and the website is simple and clutter-free.

3. FMovies 

All over the globe, movies are considered as a source of recreation as it helps to uplift one’s gloomy mood. To the people who are crazy about movies, FMovies is one such website that allows them to watch innumerable movies for free. 

The website was launched in Vietnam and people from all corners of the world can access it. The website doesn’t host only movies, but also web series, TV shows, desi-drama, award shows, and many other entertaining things. 

FMovies are easy to handle and people say the site looks more like a legitimate site of Netflix. You will find all the new movies in this website and that too at HD resolution. You will get the look and feel of a theatre while watching the movies at FMovies.

4. Tamilyogi 

For a movie maniac, watching a movie is like consuming supplements to keep up the film diet. It is like a food for thought to them. To access the movie anytime anywhere, they can explore the website of Tamilyogi. 

Tamilyogi is an illegal torrent website that has become famous in very little time. Even though the website is illegal, it provides excellent picture quality for all its videos. You can either watch the movie online or download it to watch it at a convenient time. The website has gained popularity because it collected Tamil movies. 

You can find every movie that you want to see. Apart from Tamil movies, the website has good collection Hindi, Telegu, Kannada, English, and Malayalam movies. The services of the website are quite praiseworthy.

5. Moviemad 

If you think movies are your best companion during your free time, then you should access the website of Moviemad. This is a popular website that has all kinds of Hollywood, Bollywood, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Pakistani movies to its collection. 

There are so many options for you on this website that you will never fall short of movies. It also showcases web series, TV shows, anime, and other entertaining stuff. The structure of the website is simple and easy-to-go. 

You will be able to find your favorite stuff with just a few clicks. The website is free from all kinds of viruses and bugs as it keeps getting updated regularly. There is no threat to your device if you use this website though you need a VPN technology.

6. WorldFree4u 

The population of movie buffs is large and not everyone can afford the tickets to the theaters. To fulfill their dream of movie-watching websites like WorldFree4u has cropped up all over the internet. 

This is a pirated website that has movies like Hollywood, Bollywood Malayalam, Tamil, and Telegu. You just have to name the movie and you will surely find it in the search bar of the website. The users do not have to create an account or sign in to access the website. All the contents of the website are available to the users for free. 

The website also has many dubbed movies that attract its viewers and draws huge traffic each day. With this website, you would be able to download a movie in just 300MB data.

7. Bollyshare 

Movies are like the heart and soul of our country India. That is the reason the Bollywood film industry is blooming full-fledged. If you do not want to spend a hefty amount at the theatres and still want to enjoy the latest movies, then Bollyshare would be happy to help.

You will be able to view the latest movies here by streaming online or can also download movies for offline viewing. Unlike other websites, Bollyshare has a very simple website that can be accessed by everyone without any prior training. 

There is an app version available for the users. Almost all Android devices are compatible with the App version. The movie files of the website are very small and take up very minimal space of your device.

8. Playtamil 

The South Indian movies recently have gained huge popularity due to its action sequence and story. They come up with some new verticals with every new release. Hence, the viewers just can’t wait to watch the latest movies. 

The website of Playtamil is there to play all the Tamil movies be it new or old. The movies are all available in HD format, which is 1080p or 720p. For the ones who are not able to understand the Tamil language, Playtamil also has dubbed versions of the movies. 

The dubbed movies are available in the language of Hindi, English, Kannada, Punjabi, Telegu, Marathi, etc. You can download as many movies as you want. There is no upper limit for download. You would get to access everything for free on this website.

9. Tubidy

We often get bored when we use public conveyance for transport. Playing movies can be a relief during that time. Tubidy is of the pirated website that can help you play movies and other videos on the go. 

Whether you are inside the metro or waiting for the bus, you can always pass your time watching movies on Tubidy. The interface of the website is easy to use and people of all age groups can handle it very well. You can access Tubidy from your computers, mobiles, and tablets and therefore can be used anywhere anytime. 

Tubidy has an inbuilt video converter. You can easily convert the YouTube files to MP3 format. Tubidy has great download and upload speed and you would be able to share content with a little data usage.

10. 123Movies 

Watching movies can off the boredom from your life. To watch countless movies without spending anything, you should access the website 123Movies. 123Movies has a huge library of movies, award-shows, web series, TV shows, and many more. 

You find all the movies here on 123Movies ranging from the latest ones to the golden age classics. It is one of the best websites for downloading and streaming a large number of movies. One of the best features of 123Movies is that the website shows all its contents in high definition picture quality. 

There are several dubbed movies available on 123Movies that attracts more number of viewers. The interface of the website is user-friendly and you can easily navigate through all the categories. You are allowed to download limitless movies each day from this website.

11. HOOQ 

It hardly matters if you are looking for Hollywood movies or old classic movies from the Bollywоod, this website is going to be the go-to option for you. It does not just provide you the free access to movie streaming but you can download the movies directly to your device. For some added features, you might have to avail of a subscription which can be bought at a very nominal price. You can find an endless list of movies from different categories and languages on this website. It has high compatibility with almost all operating systems so you can use it on any device you want.

12. HOO

The next website that you can go for if you want to watch any TV show or movie is the HDO. It is an amazing website that can provide you with varied content to watch. The best part is that you can watch all of its content in HD quality. It is free to use websites which require no registration or subscription to be accessed on any device you want. Finding your way to this website is not difficult at all since you can do so just with the help of a few easy steps. You must give it a try if you haven’t used it ever.

13. Look movie


With the look movie website, you can just end your search right here and rely on this website to help you in finding all that you want to watch. You can find numerous TV shows and movies on this website. The majority of the TV shows and movies can be watched in dubbed variants too which means you can watch them in any of your regional languages. This makes it easier for you to watch the movie. You can use this website with the help of very simple steps. It is safe to use because it doesn’t ask for any personal details of the user.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 300mbdownload

1. What is the dual audio format in 300mbdownload? 

Not all people are aware of all the languages of our country. Especially people are ignorant about English and South Indian languages. Hindi is a common language and known by all. 300mbdownload has lots of Hollywood and South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi for its viewers. This is called dual audio and is available with 300mbdownload.

2. Is it illegal to use 300mbdownload?

Yes, it is illegal to use the website of 300mbdownload. 300mbdownload is a pirated website where the contents are stolen from the owner without any permission or royalty. Hence, it is an act of offense. Anybody accessing such content is also considered guilty and has to face the consequences if caught by Government officials.

3. Do I need a VPN to access the website of 300mbdownload?

VPN is an advanced technology that covers you while you are accessing the pirated website of 300mbdownload. It is advisable to use VPN technology while watching movies on the website so that you are saved from the eagle eyes of the Government.

4. What is the limit of daily download on 300mbdownload?

 There is no limit levied by 300mbdownload. You can download any number of movies per day from 300mbdownload. There are no subscription charges and no hidden cost of downloading or watching unlimited movies online on 300mbdownload.

5. Why should I choose 300mbdownload when there are other websites on the internet?

300mbdownload has a special feature that there are no pop-up advertisements on the website. You can watch uninterrupted movies on the website for a long duration. Another thing is the picture quality of the website is always great for all its contents.


This article does not promote the usage of 300mbdownload or any of the alternative websites. We are very well aware of the fact that they are illegal websites and the contents available on the website are all plagiarized. As per the Indian authority, pirating content is an offense and should be prohibited by everyone. Download the content from the pirated websites are equally offensive and against the law and order. We request the citizens of India to stop piracy and watch the movies at the theaters only or else will have to face the harsh consequences.


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