In the beginning, if a person wanted to watch a movie, he or she had to visit a theatre and buy a movie ticket in order to sit inside the cinema hall and watch a film. Times changed and then came television sets that garnered the drawing rooms of people’s houses. Initially, there were only a few channels on TV. Now there are Over-the-top platforms that are present on the internet to watch movies. But the problem with them is that OTT platforms have a very limited video library. It often happens that a person is unable to find a particular film on any of the platforms that he or she has subscribed to. At these moments, a person might think to himself that what good is it to buy a subscription to an OTT platform if he or she cannot even watch the desired movie on it?

Online streaming websites possess a vast library and have a film collection that is much larger than the one that OTT platforms have. So, for this reason, streaming sites automatically become the first choice for many people. But some people still hesitate to use them as there is a risk of catching a computer virus from the site. But most people are willing to take this risk and that is why streaming sites have become so huge these days.

What is Cinemawap?

Cinemawap is known to be one of the most popular torrent websites today. It is because apart from Cinemawap, there not many streaming websites that successfully manage to upload high quality prints of recently released films in a short time. Another reason why the site has been able to interact with a large number of users is that there are movies from multiple Indian languages like Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali and Marathi on the platform.

The site is considered to be illegal and thus, has been banned in the United States of America. But not all countries work in the same way. That is why people in India are still able to enjoy the contents of the site. The site is free and does charge any subscription fee from the public. So, the only source of revenue for most of these illegal streaming websites is ads. Whenever a user visits the site, he or she faces some sponsored ads that the site has put in place to earn money.

In order to avoid getting banned or shut down, the site has created multiple domains. So, if one of them does not work, the others surely will. Some of the domain titles of Cinemawap are:


Features of Cinemawap

We have curated a list to convince you why Cinemawap should be your new top choice to watch movies. Below is the list:

  • Even though the site Cinemawap is banned in some countries, its subsidiaries like Cinemawap English dubbed movies and Cinemawap 300 MB are still active in those places. So, the site has a worldwide reach.
  • The library manages to cover all important and popular film genres like sci-fi, animation, romance, comedy, murder mystery, biographical drama etc.
  • Another reason why Cinemawap is famous is because the site serves big blockbuster Indian films shortly after their release. Some of the latest releases present on Cinemawap are Angrezi Medium, India’s Most Wanted, Maska, Romeo Akbar Walter, Four More Shots Please Season 2, The Sky is Pink, Spiderman Far from Home, Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Zoya Factor and The Devil All the Time.
  • Classic masterpieces like The Grapes of Wrath, Casablanca, Rosemary’s Baby and Gone with the Wind are also available on the site. It is really hard today to find these old cult classics on the internet today for free.


One of the reasons why Cinemawap has been able to do so well for itself is because it illegally pirates the movies released in theatres and makes money off them. The people who have put their hard-earned money into making the film do not get to see a single penny of the profits that are made by illegal streaming platforms like Cinemawap. A person, if found guilty of indulging in the act of piracy, can be punished according to the law. He or she can be fined an amount that can go up to 10 lakh rupees. The punishment can also be in the form of imprisonment that can be as long as 3 years. So, you should be really careful and be aware of the repercussions before you decide to use any one of the illegal online sites on the net.

Alternative Websites for Cinemawap

If you want to use a site other than Cinemawap, then you can make use of the following list:

1. Rdxhd Movies


The site already has the world HD in its name. This is enough to reassure the users that Rdxhd Movies is a site where they do not have to worry about the video or audio quality while watching a film. If you are a person who does not feel comfortable using a laptop, then you can use your mobile phones as the Rdxhd Movies site has also developed a mobile app. People who prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones can use this app. Another reason to prefer the mobile app over the website is that while using the website, a person may have to face many unwanted pop up ads. That is not the case when it comes to the mobile app. The file size of the app is just around 3 MB and it works on all android phones with an Android version 4.0 or higher. The site is illegal so VPN software is required to gain access to its content.

2. Showbox


Some websites will have all the biggest movies in the world on its platform but what good is it if a person is not able to find them quickly. Many streaming sites do not arrange their content properly and prove difficult for a user when he or she wants to search for a particular video. But on Showbox, you will find that all the latest and popular movies are right at the front and it only takes a user just one click to play any one of those movies. The ease with which a person can operate the Showbox platform is a major part of its mass appeal and also a big reason behind its success.

3. Bolly4u


Although many streaming sites on the net offer movies from multiple countries and genres, there are not many platforms that only focus on a niche segment. Bolly4u has not only named itself after the Bollywood film industry but has also put the majority of its focus on the movies that are being made in this industry. You can find the big box office releases and the small independent films placed side-by-side on this website.

4. MoviesDa


Nobody likes to open a site time after time to see if a particular film that the user has been waiting for has arrived on the site or not. MoviesDa helps solve this problem by sending a notification to the user when the required movie gets uploaded on the platform. The site also provides a decent amount of information about the cast and crew that has worked on the film. This is helpful because there is always some actor, actress or some person that is working behind the scenes that makes the user want to watch the movie.

5. Khatrimaza


There are some sites that are really good but do not get the success that they deserve. Hard work is not enough to succeed. You also have to capitalise on the right opportunity. Khatrimaza did exactly that when it became one of the first online sites to serve the web series Mirzapur, which is arguably the biggest and the most popular show in India right now, on its platform. And since then, the site has only gotten bigger and bigger. Now, the site gets more than a million visitors a year and the numbers keep on increasing every year. Khatrimaza is a great example of how it takes just one right step at the right time to become an overnight success.

6. Watch Series

Watch Series can be considered as one of the best alternatives of Cinemawap. You can find documentaries, short films, web series, movie trailers, and a lot more on this website. However, sometimes you might get disturbed by a few pop-ups which appear in the middle of a TV show or movie. You can choose the print in which you want to stream or download any particular content out of the many options offered. There are numerous TV shows and movies offered on this website and there are high chances that you can find your desired content on this website.

7. Bob Movies


Bob Movies is a very well-known website that can be used as a reliable alternative to the cinema wap website. You can get access to all of its content for free. There are so many categories into which the content of this website is classified into. The different categories include release date, genre, category, etc. You can access this website from any device you want because it is compatible with almost every operating system. You can use this website without streaming or downloading any movie or TV show you want. You need not create any personal account to access this website which is another great advantage.

8. Subs Movies

Subs movies are also a major alternative that you can go for in the place of Cinemawap. You can continue browsing through numerous TV shows and movies. You can also find many documentaries and short movies on this platform. You can watch romantic movies, crime thrillers, and a lot more on this website. You can select the format in which you can download content depending on the quality of internet connection that your device has. The website is completely free to use and you need to pay additional charges to access this website. The website has very high compatibility too.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Cinemawap

1. Can we use the Cinemawap website directly?

It is usually advised to install VPN software before visiting a site like Cinemawap. But if a person is not interested in downloading VPN, he or she can use the proxy servers available on the net to directly access the website.

2. Is Cinemawap free?

Yes, movies and web series can be watched on Cinemawap for free.

3. Does a person need to register to use Cinemawap?

There is no need for any type of registration for a person to access the site.


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