This article is focused on an online streaming website named ‘Sdmoviespoint’. Details regarding queries like how to navigate the website and how to download movies are given in the article.

For many years, the only choice people had in terms of watching movies was by going to a theatre. But that changed with the arrival of Television. The invention of TV changed the way people consumed content. People watch films and their favorite soap operas on their TV sets along with their family. But the problem with the content on TV is that a person cannot choose what he or she wants to watch. They have to just watch whatever is airing on the TV at the time. The best they can do is change the channels. Then came the internet and everything changed. Now, people are able to watch films for free on streaming websites.

One website that is making a lot of noise in the online streaming world and is a great alternative to Sdmoviespoint is Sdmoviespoint. It is growing at a rapid pace in the year 2021. Sdmoviespoint is in the business of appealing to the masses. That is why it has films from different film industries like Hollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood present on its platform. There are multiple servers present on the website. These servers are of great help to users as they are able to download films instantly with their help. Along with the movie titles, the site also shows relevant information about the movie. Taking the help of this information, the users can decide whether they want to watch a particular film or not. The users can also create their personal watchlist on this website.

Features of Sdmoviespoint


There are some features that Sdmoviespoint has that makes it unique and helps the website in standing out from the rest of the competitor streaming websites. Below is a list of features of Sdmoviespoint that makes the users choose this website over the other ones:

  • The Sdmoviespoint website has a vast collection of films that manages to attract all kinds of audiences to the platform.
  • The main focus of the website is on Hindi and Bollywood movies as they are in extremely high demand in India.
  • The website has servers that are quite fast. This helps the users in downloading movies quickly and the room for server errors is also less.
  • Every movie on the website is accompanied by description so that a user can decide for himself or herself whether he or she wants to watch the movie or not.
  • Apart from Bollywood films, Sdmoviespoint also plays host to films from the Hollywood film industry.

How to Download Movies from Sdmoviespoint?

Many internet users know how to download movies from online streaming websites. But there are still people who are unfamiliar with the process of downloading movies. Below is a list of steps that a user can follow if he or she wants to download movies from Sdmoviespoint:

  • The first thing a user has to do is type in the name of the site in the Google search engine and press the ’Enter’ button.
  • Then, he or she has to open the website link from the search results.
  • When the website opens, a user can easily search for the movies they are looking for.
  • When the user gets what he or she is are looking for, click on the thumbnail of the movie. Relevant information about the movie will come on the screen.
  • There, the user can find the download option. He or she has to click on the download link and the film will start downloading.


Everything comes at a cost and nothing is free. So, people who want to watch and download movies from these websites must know that the content available on these websites is pirated and piracy is a criminal offence in India that is punishable by law. The film producers can incur huge losses in case their movies get pirated and end up on these streaming websites. There also chances that of a user’s device getting infected with a virus when using one of these websites. So, a user should be careful while accessing these websites.

10 Alternative Websites for Sdmoviespoint

You must have heard the old saying that nobody is perfect. The same goes for these online streaming websites. No matter how hard a person tries, nothing on the internet is perfect. One website cannot have all the films in the world on its platform. So, there might be cases when a user is not able to find his or her desired film on this website. Also, because these websites are illegal, the government and other regulatory authorities continuously try to shut them down. So, this might also lead to instances where a user is unable to access the Sdmoviespoint website. In such scenarios, a user should not lose hope because there are other websites available on the internet that are just as good, in some cases even better, as the Sdmoviespoint website. So, a user can visit any of these websites to enjoy the content of their choice. Below is a list of websites that can act as a good alternative to the Sdmoviespoint website:

1. Sony Crunch

Sony Crunch
Sony Crunch

The first name on the list of alternatives for the Sdmoviespoint website is Sony Crunch. There are people who are okay with just streaming movies online. But there are people who want to download movies so that watch them again at any time of their choice. This is where Sony Crunch comes in to play. Sony Crunch is a streaming website that is popular among users who not only want to watch movies online but download them as well. The website has is not just for people who use laptops but it also tries to cater to mobile phone users. And that is why Sony Crunch also a mobile application. This app can be downloaded on android phones as well as phones that operate on IOS. Playstation 4 users can also install this app on their device. The one hiccup that is there on the website that put off users is that a person has to go through a registration process in order to access the website. 

2. 123movies


There are not many streaming websites on the internet that are as popular as 123movies. Over the years, the site has managed to build itself into a brand and enjoys a good reputation among the internet community. One thing that the 123movies website can boast of is that the website is very neat and well organized. There various filters and categories like genre, year of release, country, IMDB Rating, etc that have been used to divide movies into different sections. Thus, a user does not have to make too much of an effort in looking for the movie they want to watch. The content present on the 123movies website is accessible to the people for free and no user has to go through any registration process in order to avail of the services of the website. He or she can just start using the website to watch and download their favorite movies. Another attractive feature that the 123movies website has is that there are multiple streaming and download servers present on the website. This enhances the user experience of a person and he or she is able to watch the movie of their liking without any kind of interruption. 

3. CoolMovieZone


Popularity does not always equate to quality. A streaming site might be famous but it does not necessarily mean that it will be good. There are plenty of popular websites that prove this point. Now, CoolMovieZone is one site that not many people may have heard about but that does not mean that it is not at par with the other online streaming sites on the internet. The site stays true to its name and has cool and critically acclaimed movies present on its platform. With mainly Bollywood and Hollywood films in its collection, the CoolMovieZone website is a good opportunity for the users to find some hidden gems. There are a lot of people who want to watch films of the older times and look for streaming websites that have them on their platform. But the results are not satisfactory. These people can visit CoolMovieZone as the website has films that date back to the 80s decade. So, people who are looking for some old-school fun movies must visit this website.

4. Tamil Rockers


Another streaming website that can act as a great alternative for Sdmoviespoint is Tamil Rockers. Tamil Rockers has managed to make a huge name for itself in the online streaming industry in India. The way it has done it is by uploading the latest released films on its platform on the very first day of their release and that too, within just a few hours. So, all the people who do not have money to watch a film in a theatre or do not have the patience to watch it on TV or an OTT platform, rush towards this website. There is hardly any website that is more popular in India than Tamil Rockers where people can go to watch the content of their choice. Staying true to its name, Tamil Rockers is a hotspot for users who are looking for Tamil language content on the internet. But the content of the website is not limited to just Tamil language films. Tamil Rockers realized that it needs to widen its boundaries and expand and it did just that. Tamil Rockers started having movies and TV shows of other languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi etc. on its platform. A person does not have to go through the hassle of registering himself or herself on the website to avail of the services of Tamil Rockers. 

5. Cinemavilla


Another popular name among the Indian users for downloading and watching content is Cinemavilla. The website has movies in various different regional languages like Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil etc. The risk of getting a virus or malware on the device of a user is very less as the website is updated on a regular basis. The interface of the site is also very smooth and easy to use for users. One advantage of Cinemavilla is that it is not very big in size and takes very little space on a user’s device. So, a user does not have to constantly keep worrying about the storage space on his or her device.

6. Primewire


The next name on the list of alternatives for Sdmoviespoint is Primewire. Primewire takes pride in being one of the most visited websites on the internet. There are so many streaming websites on the internet that it can confuse a user as to which he or she should visit. What Primewire does to stand out from the rest of its competitor websites is that apart from having movies and TV shows on its platform like the other websites, Primewire also has popular music videos available on its platform. Thus, apart from people who love to watch films, lovers of music also visit the website to enjoy their favorite songs. 

7. Downloadhub


Diversification is of great help when it comes to matters of growth and development. After a point, the users reach a saturation point where they get bored with the website and the content present on it. So, a website has to constantly improvise and adapt to the changing environment and to also fulfill the ever-changing needs of the people. The unique quality of Downloadhub is that it does not put its focus solely on movies and web series. Music videos, movie trailers, mp3 songs and games are also there on the website for the users to enjoy. Downloadhub provides its services to the users free of cost. In order to add to the mass appeal of the website, Downloadhub has curated itself so that the content list for every country is different so as to cater to the needs specific to each country.

8. Isaimini


South Indian movies are the rage nowadays. So many good films like Kumbalangi Nights and Super Deluxe have been coming out of the South that now people from all parts of India now want to watch films from that region of the country. Isaimini is a website that specializes in content that caters to the people of South India. Movies from other languages that have been dubbed into Tamil are available on the website. Isaimini is a site that is very neatly organized. The content of the website is divided into sections. The first section contains films and web series that are made originally in the Tamil language. The other section contains movies that are in other languages but have been dubbed into the Tamil language to cater to the South Indian people.

9. CMoviesHD


Another streaming website that can be a great alternative for Sdmoviespoint is CMoviesHD. CMoviesHD is a website that has worked a lot towards the design and appearance of the website and it shows on the front page of the site. The CMoviesHD website has popular and the latest movies presented on its website with gorgeous posters adding to the aesthetic look of the website. It is mostly the fan-favorite movies that are displayed on the front page of the website. Apart from that, the website also has different filters and categories on the platform. These are helpful to the users in successfully searching for the content they want to watch.

10. Nitro


The last but not the least on the list of online streaming websites that act as a good alternative for Sdmoviespoint is Nitro. Nitro is a special website when it comes to the collection of movies. The video directory of the website is so extensive that it brags of having more than 7000 TV shows and films present on its platform. The video quality of many of the movies on this website is pretty impressive. This attracts a large amount of traffic to the website as people want to watch films in HD quality as it enhances the movie-watching experience. 

So, these are the alternative websites that a user can visit in case the Sdmoviespoint is not able to fulfill their needs. These alternative websites are also useful in cases where due to some government regulations, the users are not able to access the Sdmoviespoint website.

11. Los Movies

Los Movies is a very good alternative to the Sdmoviespoint. It has copies of almost all the recently released movies, documentaries, series, and short films. You can find a wide range of content on this website. Once you start using this website, you are not going to regret using it. The site is free to use and the users can stream as well as download the content absolutely for free. You can stream or download the content in the language you want. So, if you are someone who enjoys watching movies in their leisure time, this site is going to become your absolute favourite.

12. YIFY

YIFY is another well-known website that allows you to watch a wide range of content. You can find several old and new movies and TV shows on this website. It is a free-to-use website that doesn’t require you to pay any additional charges. There are many categories in which the content of this website is classified. This makes it easier for the users to find out the exact content that they are looking for. You can watch as many movies as you want on this website. There are numerous TV shows as well and you can watch any content you want in HD quality audio and video.

13. LetMeWatchThis

LetMeWatchThis is another outstanding website that has a simple interface and it features a varied range of content. For streaming movies on this website, you just need to search for the movie or TV show and touch the play option. You can find both old and new movies on this website. The website is completely free to access. You need not get registered to stream its content or take any other advantage of this website. The content on this website is featured completely in HD quality audio and video. Few simple steps need to be followed by you to access this website.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Sdmoviespoint

1. What is Netflix?

Netflix is an Over-the-top (OTT) platform where people can go and watch good quality movies and web series. A subscription fee has to be paid by the users to avail of the services of Netflix.

2. Does a person has to pay money to watch movies on Sdmoviespoint?

No, the content on the Sdmoviespoint website is available to the users for free and they do not have to pay any subscription fee to enjoy their favorite movies on this platform.

3. Is it legal to watch movies on Sdmoviespoint?

No, the content on the Sdmoviespoint website is pirated and piracy is a criminal offence that is punishable by law.

4. Is Isaimini a good alternative for Sdmoviespoint?

Yes, Isaimini is an online streaming website that acts as a great alternative for Sdmoviespoint.


 We want to make it clear that we know that piracy is a crime in India. We do not support or promote it in any way. The article has been solely for information purposes.


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