India is a land of diversity. There are various different parts of India where people follow a different culture, perform different rituals and speak different languages. Due to the advancements in technology, people have started to explore the cultures of other parts of the country. The same thing can be said for Indian cinema. Although the most popular films are made in the Hindi language, it does not mean that there are not good films coming out of other parts of the country in languages other than Hindi.

Various film industries have opened up like the Marathi film industry, Punjabi film industry, Bhojpuri film industry that are producing films that are hit in those regions. But the biggest film industry in India after Bollywood can easily be said to be the Tamil film industry. A lot of good cinema is coming out of the Tamil industry every year. And due to the internet, these films are now easily accessible. One site that can be used to watch Tamil language films is Tamilgun.

What is Tamilgun?


Tamilgun is a torrent website where people can go to download and stream movies and TV shows. Although the site does have content of other languages, Tamilgun mainly focuses its attention on Tamil language content. A person can find movies from Tollywood as well as Bollywood on this platform. Tamilgun also hosts dubbed versions of Hollywood films on its platform. Thus, there is something for everyone on this website. In the beginning, Only South Indian content was present on this site, but with time, Tamilgun realised that in order to grow and expand the business, it needs to bring more diversity in regards to its content. So, the site then started putting up films from other languages like English, Punjabi, Hindi etc. Although continuous attempts are made by the regulatory authorities to ban this website, it still manages to run with the help of various proxies.

Features of Tamilgun

Following features of Tamilgun will show you why this site is a fan favorite in the streaming world:

  • The site has a great video library full of Tamil films of all genres.
  • Tamilgun does not charge any money from its users in return for its services. People can watch movies for free on Tamilgun.
  • The site also does not make its viewers go through the hassle of signing up and opening an account.
  • The videos that are available on the Tamilgun site for the watch to watch are in high definition. This enhances the experience of the users while watching a movie.
  • It is a great place for people who want to watch Hollywood movies in their regional languages as English movies that have been dubbed in Malayalam can be found on this site.
  • The site is compatible with mobile phones and a person can easily stream and download movies on his or her mobile phone.
  • Not only movies but Tamilgun also has mp3 songs on the platform. Thus, it also manages to attract music lovers to the website.
  • The videos on the site are organised alphabetically starting from A, all the way to Z.


People who put their money to make films can earn that money back through the sales of tickets in theatres. But if a movie ends up on a streaming website, people would watch it there instead of going to a theatre. Thus, the producers of a film can lose a lot of money. So, these streaming sites should be used only as a last resort and should not be the first option for watching movies.

How to Download Films for Tamilgun

Following instructions will be helpful to people who want guidance as to how to navigate the Tamilgun website and how to download videos from it:

  • You have to visit the Tamilgun website and search for the movie that you want to download. The search bar can be used for this purpose.
  • Once you find the film, click on it and you will be directed to a new webpage.
  • On this page, you will get two options – to stream the movie or to download it. Select the download option.
  • Then, you will have to select the video quality that you want to download the film and then the file will start downloading.

Alternative Websites for Tamilgun

No matter how great a site is, it will always have flaws. The same is the case with Tamilgun. It is not a perfect platform. There are ads on the site which appear very often and cause irritation among the users. So, there might be some people who would want to go to another website to watch movies. That is why we have made a list of websites that can be used to watch movies in case a user is not happy with the Tamil platform. Below is the list of websites that can be used as an alternative to Tamilgun:

1. Gofilms4u


The first name on the list of websites that are great for streaming content is Gofilms4u. This is considered to be one of the best substitutes for Gofilms4u. The site has made a huge name for itself for having a plethora of Tamil language movies on the platform. But that is not all that the Gofilms4u website has. Content of other languages like Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc. can also be found on Gofilms4u. A person doe not face any hurdles or confusion while using the site because the interface of Gofilms4u is straightforward and easy to use. One thing that makes this site a special attraction for the viewers is that GOfilms4u is updated regularly. Thus, the latest released films are uploaded to the site as early as possible. By regularly updating itself, the site also manages to put new content consistently. So, a user never runs out of interesting content to watch on this site. Another benefit of regularly updating the site is that any malware or viruses that might be present on the platform get removed. Thus, a site becomes a safe and secure place for an internet user and he or she does not have to worry about losing precious data on the computer.

2. Todaypk


Todaypk shares a lot of similarities with Tamilgun and that is why it is considered a great alternative for the site. IF you are interested in watching Hindi and English language films, then this is a great website for you. People can also find various web series and TV shows on the platform and binge-watch them whenever they want. A lot of websites let their users stream movies online but they do not provide the download option to them. Todaypk allows its users to download the video files of the movies and shows present on the platform so that users can watch them any time that they want as per their own convenience. The Todaypk website provides a wide variety of content and that is why it has, over the years, emerged as a strong substitute for many famous OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix.

3. Khatrimaza


Now this is another great place to watch good quality content. If a person is looking for a website where he or she can find regional films from all different parts of the country, then there is no better website than Khatrimaza for him or her. Films in languages like Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil etc can be watched on this site. The content library of the site is also not short on diversity. The film collection of the site covers all major film genres like horror, drama, comedy, action, romance, thriller etc. So, people who have completely different tastes can also visit this website. Downloading a film can sometimes become a very complicated procedure. There are many reasons for this. One is that the user interface of the website is poor and makes it complicated for a person to download a movie from the platform. The other reason is that a user does not have sufficient knowledge as to how to carry out the procedure of downloading films from a streaming site. Khatrimaza makes the download process easy as it provides direct links to the users. A person just needs to click on this link and the film will start downloading. The video as well as the audio quality of the content present on the site is far better than many of its other competitor websites. While downloading, a person can also choose from various different video formats like 360p, DVDrip, 720p and 1080i.

4. Zmovies


The next name on the list of websites that a person should use to watch movies in case he or she is unable to access the Tamilgun website is Zmovies. There are some websites where all the content, whether it is movies, web series or TV shows, is completely scattered on the platform. Nothing is properly organized. This completely ruins the overall appearance and look of the website and also troubles the users in finding the content that they want to watch. But Zmovies does a spectacular job of keeping its video library neatly organised. The site does so by dividing its video content into different categories and providing features like filters and search bar to the users so that they can easily search for the particular film or show that they are eager to enjoy. One important function that the Zmovies website performs is that it updates itself regularly. By doing so, it uploads fresh and exciting content consistently. Thus, a person will always find something new when he or she visits the website and the user will never get tired of watching the content of this website. One of the best things about this website is that a person does not need to register or sign up in order to enjoy the services of Zmovies. But despite all its great qualities, Zmovies does suffer from disadvantages. One major problem with the website is that it does not have many old films on the site. Only the latest and the most popular films can be found here. A person will not be able to find a film on this website that was released before the year 2012. So, this will severely limit the growth of the website and people who want to watch relatively older films will not prefer this website.

5. Tamilrockers


There are many streaming websites that have gained a significant amount of popularity and thus, have managed to make a name for themselves in the streaming website community. But there are some websites that are on the next level when it comes to popularity. These websites have become household names. People who do not even use streaming platforms to watch content also know of these websites. One such website that is known by people in every corner of the country is Tamilrockers. Now, a site does not get this big without having a special quality that pushes it ahead of its competitors. Tamilrockers was one of the websites on the internet that started putting out freshly released films on its platform. Sometimes, the time difference between a film getting released in theatres and it getting uploaded on the Tamilrockers website was just a couple of hours. This was what drew people of the country towards it. On the morning of a film’s release, instead of going to the theatres, people would start opening up the Tamilrockers website on their computers because they knew that the film will be uploaded on the platform in just a short period of time. But just one quality is not enough for a site to make itself a household name. It needs a complete arsenal of unique features so that the competitors get left way behind. Tamilrockers started diversifying its content. It realised that movies are not enough to attract every person to the platform. Video content of different types like award functions, web series, short films, TV shows and documentaries started to be uploaded on the platform. This plan worked successfully for Tamilrockers as people who were not fans of movies but liked other types of video content like documentaries also started to pay visits to the website.

6. Movieninja


The next website that can act as a decent alternative to Tamilgun is Movieninja. There are many people out there who will argue that Movieninja is not only good but a better website than Tamilgun. The database of films that Movieninja has is pretty huge and not many other sites are able to compete with that big of a content library. People want a website that is welcoming and user friendly. They want a place where they can feel comfortable and do not face many hurdles in order to watch a movie. Movieninja provides exactly that to its users by developing a user interface that is super smooth and helps people in working their way around the website. Movieninja does not charge even a single penny from its users and allows the plethora of content that it has to be watched by the public for free. A person also does not have to go through the process of opening up an account in order to access the services of the Movieninja website. There are different sections and categories of films that will make it easier for people to navigate the platform.

7. Lookmovie


Now this is a website that has taken its time to collect pirated content from various different sources and thus, has managed to form a huge video directory. Award shows, Movies, web series are some of the categories in which you can find entertaining content on this site. But what makes Lookmovie different from other streaming websites is that it also plays host to anime shows that most of the popular websites do not have on their platform. Animes shows have slowly emerged as a giant new category of content and people all over the world are now engaged in watching anime shows. People want a platform where they can watch movies seamlessly without any interruptions due to buffering or lagging issues. But most sites on the internet cannot promise that. In order to provide the users with the best movie-watching experience, Lookmovie has put up multiple servers on its platform. Thus, people do not have to worry about the movie stopping midway due to some technical glitch. In order to appeal to the masses, the website provides dubbed versions of movies on the platform. Along with that, it also provides the feature of subtitles with many of its videos so that it is more convenient for a person to watch a film or a show of another country. Another good thing about Lookmovie there is information available about the movie along with the movie title. So, there is no need to visit other websites like IMDB to gather information about the film.

8. Gostream

This is a streaming website that can be used by anyone and a person does not need to be a tech genius in order to be able to use the platform. A person has different options when it comes to watching content on this site. Depending on how strong or weak the internet connection is, a person can choose to watch a film in HD or SD quality.

9. Snagfilms


There are film buffs in the world who are tired of watching the same old stories in new movies. They have watched all the popular and blockbuster films and are now looking for some hidden independent films on the internet. Snagfilms is a perfect platform for these people. When it comes to Snagfilms, the center of attention is documentary films and low-budget independent films. These are the films that are as good as the films released in the mainstream cinema but do not get the same level of praise and recognition. These films and documentaries find a home in Snagfilms which puts these films on its platform to showcase them to the world. There are movies on this website that people would not be able to find anywhere else. When it comes to documentaries, the quality is top-notch as the Snagfilms website pickup those documentaries that have been shown on popular channels like Discovery or National Geographic. The site is compatible with phones and can be accessed by people while they are traveling from one place to another.

10. 1337x

1337xThe last but not least on the list of websites that can be substituted for Tamilgun to download and watch movies is 1337x. 1337x is an illegal site that hosts pirated content on it. But this fact does not deter its loyal users from visiting the site again and again. Primarily, the films that are here on 1337x are of HD quality and people have the option of streaming as well as downloading the mon their devices.

14. Rainierland

Rainierland is slightly different from other pirated movie streaming sites in the sense that it focuses on uploading less-known documentaries and short films. If you have watched all blockbuster movies and are looking for different types of content, come to Rainierland. These documentaries and short films are critically acclaimed and are as good as the blockbuster movies that are released in theatres. As soon as you enter the site, you would be pleased to see its vast collection categorised into groups. The contents are uploaded from different genres and are available in different languages. No matter what your movie preferences are, you would get the contents of your choice on Rainierland.

15. Los Movies

The next best alternative for Tamilgun is Los Movies. This site hosts pirated copies of the latest movies, web series, documentaries, short films, etc. It has the best collection of all contents. If you are looking forward to a thorough movie watching experience, you would never regret visiting Los Movies. With its huge directory of films and other content, it has successfully managed to earn millions of traffic. The site is freely accessible and allows everyone to stream and download content for free. You can choose to download or stream content in any format and language of your choice. So visit Los Movies today and have a great time with your family and friends!

16. Filmrise

Filmrise is another movie streaming platform that has become very popular among movie freaks in recent times. With so much competition, Filmrise has successfully continued to provide high-quality content to its viewers. When you visit this site, you would be surprised to see its variety of contents. Movies, web series, short films, trailers, etc. Available on this site come from different genres and languages. No matter if you are looking for thrillers, fictional works, drama, comedies, or romantic content, you are sure to find it here. Go through the innumerable categories on Filmrise and select the content of your choice! 

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tamilgun

1. What is Tamilgun?

Tamilgun is a streaming website that hosts pirated content on its platform that can be watched by people around the world for free.

2. What is the best alternative for Tamilgun?

Gofilms4u can be said to be the best alternative that is there for Tamilgun.

3. Is watching movies on streaming sites legal?

No, it is illegal to watch any type of content on these streaming websites.


We are aware of the fact that piracy is a crime in India. The only purpose behind writing this article was to educate the readers about the torrent websites that are present on the internet.


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