In India, Bollywood is the biggest film industry and, in the past, the most popular films of the country always used to come out of this industry. But as time has passed, things have changed in the cinema in the country. Bollywood is now not the only industry that is able to produce and release big-budget films that can go on to earn huge sums of money at the box office. South Indian cinema is exploding today with supreme quality content. Large sums of money are being put into making movies like Baahubali which then go on to shatter all the box office records of the country. So, it will be safe to say that the South Indian cinema has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to film industries.

Many streaming websites have taken notice of the growth of the Tamil cinema and have been making attempts to capitalize on it but most of them fail because they just try to replicate each other and thus, lack creativity and originality. But some brilliant streaming platforms can be really helpful to people who want to watch films from Tamil cinema on the internet for free. One website that can be used by Tamil cinema lovers to stream and even download their favorite Tamil movies is Tamilmv.

What is Tamilmv?

Tamilmv is a movie platform that has developed to entertain the section of people who are interested in watching and downloading South Indian films. Films of various South Indian languages like Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil are uploaded on the site regularly so that every time the users opens the website, he or she has something new and exciting to watch. The content that is available to the public on the platform is pirated and illegal. The site also provides the choice of downloading films to its users. This is useful for people who are not very open to the idea of streaming movies online. Tamilmv does not require its users to open an account with the platform. The site provides all its features and services for free to the people of the country.

Features of Tamilmv

Following list of features will show you why Tamilmv is a good platform to stream and download TV shows and movies:

  • The more choices a product provides, the more appealing it will appear to the users. The same is the case with streaming platforms. On Tamilmv, a person will have various options in front of him or her in terms of video quality. A person can stream or download a video file in standard quality or they can go for higher options like 720p and 1080p.
  • The site also works very smoothly on smartphones. A person can download movies quickly on their mobile phones with ease.
  • There are some sites that are considered safe for users. These sites are not maintained properly and have a lot of viruses and bugs on them. Tamilmv tries to provide the best and the safest experience to its users and it does to by regularly updating its platform. By updating, the site manages to get rid of any faulty codes or malware that might be there on the site.
  • The user interface of the Tamilmv website is very attractive. There are multiple themes that a person will found on the site and these themes can be used by the individual to customize the site according to his or her own preferences.
  • The site is also available in different languages. This feature adds to the mass appeal of the Tamilmv platform.
  • Tamilmv has been making attempts to penetrate different markets. This will help in the growth and development of the website. For this purpose, a mobile application has also been made by Tamilmv. Thus, people who spend most of the time of their day on their smartphone devices will also be able to access the content of Tamilmv.
  • The Tamilmv mobile app is very smooth and does not create any buffering issues for viewers while watching a movie. The app is compatible with Android as well as Windows devices.
  • Another brilliant feature of the mobile app of Tamilmv is that it also allows its users to watch Live TV on the app. The app has no less than 640 different channels that a user can view using the Live TV feature of the app.
  • The servers of both the site and the mobile app are extremely fast and provide a smooth and buffering free experience to the users.
  • The mobile application of Tamilmv is not very large in memory size. So, a user does not need to worry about his or her device running out of storage space while downloading and installing the Tamilmv app.


The Government of India and other responsible authorities have been constantly trying to stop piracy in India. For this reason, many of these streaming platforms get blocked from time to time as they host pirated content on their platforms. So, the right thing for people to do is not to use these streaming websites to fulfill their entertainment needs. Instead, they can use legal and ethical options to watch movies and web series like OTT platforms.

How to Download Videos from Tamilmv

Although the downloading procedure is mostly the same for many of the streaming websites, there might be some little changes here and there. So, to make it more convenient for the people who use the Tamilmv platform, we have made a list of steps that can be followed by the public in order to download videos from the site. Below is that list of steps:

  • There are various things that an individual has to keep in mind while downloading movies from the internet. One thing is that a lot of these streaming websites have pop up ads on them. So, in order to get rid of them, a user is advised to install an adblocking software.
  • The next thing that a user should be aware of is that these sites are illegal and a person caught using these sites can face some serious legal consequences. So, in order to avoid that, users should install a VPN.
  • To download a film, all you have to do is open the Tamilmv website and search for the film you want. Then click on that film and a new page will open up which will have a download option. Click on it and the movie will start downloading.

Alternative Websites for Tamilmv

We have curated a list of websites that can be useful to people who are not satisfied and are looking for streaming sites that are better suited to their needs. Below are those websites:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The first website on this list of alternatives for Tamilmv is The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is one of the biggest and the most popular torrent platforms in the world. People not only in India but in various parts of the world use this website or are familiar with it. This is the holy grail for people who are deep into the habit of using torrent websites to download and watch movies. But the special thing about The Pirate Bay is that it has so much more to offer than just movies. There are software applications, mp3 songs, music videos, e-books, pdf files and video games that are present on the platform. In the streaming world, being a huge website does not come without its disadvantages. The Pirate Bay is illegal and thus, is on the radar of the regulatory authorities of many different countries of the world. They are all trying to shut this platform down but the site keeps changing its domain title and people, with the help of VPNs and proxies, are still able to access the website. IF you are looking for a place where you will find all the Hollywood movies, then The Pirate Bay is the best option.

2. Filmywap


For movie maniacs who eat sleep and breathe movies, this is a pretty cool website. The Filmwap website is a great substitute for Tamilmv as the former also has a good number of South Indian movies on its platform. Not just South Indian films, Filmywap has movies from various different regional film industries of the country. Movies from Punjab, Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat etc. can be found on the Filmywap platform. But this does not mean that the content directory of the website is restricted to only movies from India. Fans of English language films also have a reason to cheer as Hollywood films are also present on the platform of FIlmywap. The site also takes care of people who are interested in Hollywood films but are not proficient in the English language. IT does so by uploading dubbed versions of English movies on the platform. There are many sites that can come off as complicated and confusing to many users. But the Filmywap website manages to avoid that problem by maintaining the site properly and by having all its content sorted into different categories making it easier for the users to search for their beloved films. A person can find so much more than just movies on the Filmywap platform. There are many critically acclaimed documentary films available on the site which are not easily available anywhere else. There are two types of people when it comes to movie websites – those who want to stream movies online and those who want to download them on their devices and watch them later. Filmywap manages to keep both of them happy by providing the options of streaming as well as downloading on its platform.

3. Isaimini


Isaimini might be the best alternative on this list for Tamilmv. This is because there are a lot of similarities between these sites. Like the Tamilmv website, Isaimini also focuses on the content that comes out of the Southern region of India. Not only are there Tamil movies present on the site, but people can also find movies of other languages dubbed in Tamil on this platform. In order to cater to a large number of users, the site has also developed an application for mobile phones. A person who has a smartphone can download and install the Isaimini website on their devices and watch and download content on them. The site does not take any money from the public and offers its services for free. An individual does not have to go through the tedious process of opening an account to enjoy movies on the Isaimini platform.

4. Bolly4u


Bollywood is not just a film industry in India, it is a religion. People are crazy about films that come out of Bollywood and also for the actors and actresses who star in these films. So, it is great for a website to have Bollywood content on its platform as this type of content is bound to attract a decent number of users to the site. The site is very easy to use and people can easily search, download and stream videos on the site. There are movies present on the platform that have HD prints in formats like 720p and 1080p. Other than that, there are also movies whose file size is as small as 300 MB. People who want to download movies quickly usually go for the 300 MB files. This is a pirated website which makes it a little dangerous for the users. People who still want to use it need to install a VPN in order to hide their IP addresses. The content of the Bolly4u site includes TV shows, documentaries, film trailers, music videos and web series.

5. FZmovies


The next name on the list of websites that people who are not impressed with Tamilmv can use is FZmovies. One advantage that the FZmovies website has over Tamilmv is that FZmovies is not only a film website. There are also songs and albums available on the site that people can download and enjoy. Thus, FZmovies not only attracts film buffs but also people who are in love with music. One thing to note is that people do not have to register to use the services of the FZmovies website. Although there are some benefits associated with signing up on this website. IF a person has an account on FZmovies, he or she can see the history of the movies that have already been watched on the website. This can be useful in case a person wants to recommend some movies to another person. As the site runs the risk of getting blocked by the authorities, it keeps opening up more and more proxy websites so that the users always have access to the website.

6. 123 Movies


This is another great platform for people who like to stream movies online. There are various different categories into which the entire content of the website has been divided. There are multiple servers on the website to accommodate large amounts of traffic. These servers help the users in downloading and streaming movies without any difficulty. There are also many film titles whose video files are in HD quality. This improves the viewing experience of the users. The website has not made it compulsory for its users to open an account on the site. But a person who signs up and opens an account stands to have access to some special features. For example, a person who has an account on the site can put in a request to the people of 123 Movies to make a movie available on the platform which is not already present in the film directory of 123 Movies. Navigation of the website is also not difficult because of the straightforward interface of the website.

7. O2TVseries


This is a great place or people who are looking for a neat website that is easy to use and where all the content is sorted into different categories. On the O2TVseries platform, films and TV shows are arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z. The search bar that is present on the top of the homepage also produced very quick results. There are different categories on the site like genre, language, release date, rating etc. to make the searching process easy for the people.

8. Filmyhit


The next website on the list that is a great substitute for Tamilmv is Filmyhit. There is a large variety of content on this website in terms of Hollywood and Bollywood films. The downloading procedure for this site is very simple. Thus, people who are new to the internet prefer this website for downloading and streaming videos. The Filmyhit website also has magnetic links for many of its movies. The advantage of downloading content from magnetic links is that the user’s identity is not revealed and he or she does not need to use a VPN in order to access the site.

9. Bestwap


This is a platform that is very diverse in terms of content. Apart from movies, there are video games, movie trailers, award shows, themes, music files and short films that can be found on the Bestwap platform. This is a great place for people who do not have a lot of money but want to enjoy a wide range of content on the internet. The site is free to the public and there is no need for any registration. The Bestwap site does a great job of arranging also of its content neatly into different categories. The site is aware of the fact that the content on the website is very diverse and thus, can cause difficulties to people in searching the content that they want to watch. For this reason, the site has put up various filters and a very effective search bar to make the searching process easy for the users.

10. Babahd


The last name on the list websites that are recommended for people who are not happy with Tamilmv is Babahd. Babahd has a video library that manages to impress even the most hardcore film enthusiasts. The site ahs movies on the platform which cannot be found anywhere else. The site has mainstream content like Hollywood blockbusters on the platforms as well as offbeat films and informational documentary films. What many streaming sites fail to realize is that not every person on the internet is tech-savvy. So, these sites do not work on simplifying their user interface so that people of all ages are able to use the website. Babahd has done a nice job of developing a simple and easy to use interface.

11. Movieload

If you are looking for a suitable alternative to Tamilgun, look no further than Movieload. It is one of the largest and most popular torrent movie streaming sites available in recent times. It has been functioning for years now and has earned millions of traffic. Not just in India, but the site has earned popularity in foreign countries too! The major reason for this is its high quality of services. The site continually updates its contents and hosts the latest releases in HD quality only. Starting from Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional movies, this site uploads dubbed versions of major blockbusters too!

12. A2movies

For movie maniacs, a2movies is a great option. It’s a pretty well-designed website that is easily browsable. People love to navigate through its well-classified contents. The contents are grouped into various categories based on names of actions starring, year of release, language, IMDb rating, etc. Movies in different languages, from different genres, can be found on a2movies. No matter if you are a Bollywood, Hollywood fan or love to watch regional films, you would find movies catering to your choice. The best part is its contents are accessible for free. Neither do you have to register nor subscribe to avail of its services.

13. Cinemawap


This site is a major hub of films. We know how much people love to watch films for their recreation. If you are looking for a site that would provide you with a versatile collection of films, what better site is there other than Cinemawap? Besides having a smooth UI, it provides an easy browsing experience. All you have to do is simply go through the multiple categories of films and click on the film that you would like to stream. Every film has a short description attached to it. From the description, you would understand whether or not to stream that movie. However, besides movies, you also get access to a whole range of documentaries, short films, web series, etc. 

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tamilmv

1. Is the content present on Tamilmv authentic?

No, the content on Tamilmv is pirated and thus, illegal in India.

2. What is the best alternative for Tamilmv?

One of the very best alternatives for Tamilmv is the Isaimini website. This is because there are a lot of features and qualities that are common in both of these websites.


The source of income for the film industry is the money that comes from the sale of film tickets in theatres and multiplexes. So, if films get pirated, ticket sales will reduce and this will harm the film producers. So, people should not use these streaming platforms to watch videos.


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