When did you watch movies at theatres last time? It’s been a long time, right? We don’t get that much time to book tickets and arrange a program to watch films with your dear ones at theatres. You may have managed the time, but your friends or family members may not do that. So, it is disappointing when your programs get canceled. Also, when you get free time only at the weekends, you may not feel to go out and spend time; rather you want to stay at home and have your leisure.

Remembering these facts, there are numerous pirated websites which have the facility to download recent movies from there or watch online. These sites have an array of movies that have been released just a few days back. You can download those free of cost and also stream online if you have storage issues. Certain sites also have the facility of apps. You can download the apps on your smartphone and get movies through it. Now you can make your boring journey full of fun and excitement as you can watch the much-awaited films while traveling.

While talking about pirated websites, SkyMovies will always take an important part on the list. This site is popular among the movie buffs who watch different types of movies. Here, we will know about this site and its alternatives through a detailed discussion.

What Is SkyMovies?


SkyMovies is a pirated movie site from where one can download and watch the newly released Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu movies. Not only these movies, but you can also download or watch popular TV series, WWE matches, TNA shows, and wrestling matches on this website. This is one of the most hyped sites of torrent around the world. One of the main reasons for this popularity is that you can enjoy movies of HD quality on this site. Besides this, SkyMovies is also the site that stands out in the crowd because this is the only site that provides the latest movies for the viewers than any other similar sites.

Though this is indeed a pirated site and obtaining it is illegal, still the site is active by changing the domain name repeatedly for the users. Don’t you feel comfortable browsing for movies? You can use the SkyMovies app on your smartphone. It comes with easy user-interface and movie lovers of all ages can access it easily. Using the app is again more beneficial as it doesn’t have as many advertisements as the site.

Enjoying movies in SkyMovies is even more beneficial as you don’t need to pay anything to download movies or watch those online. Visit the site and download movies from the links. But, remember that this is a pirated site and all the contents of this site are obtained illegally.


Piracy is illegal and that’s why all pirated sites are illegal. SkyMovies is nothing but a pirated site and if someone ever gets caught downloading movies from this site that will be a punishable offense. But, until now, SkyMovies has not faced any such issues. It happens as the site changes the URL regularly and viewers need to know the current URL to download it. 

To download movies from this site, you can use a strong VPN to hide your identity. The site can hide the IP address of yours and you can download your favorite movies without getting detected.

Downloading movies from this site is also free from the threat of malware and viruses. So, you can download whatever movies you want without disturbing your systems with bugs and viruses.

Features of This Website

The overview of SkyMovies won’t be clearer if you don’t go through the features of this site well. Now, if you want to know more about the site, here are the amazing features of this site that also increase its popularity to movie lovers. Have a look-

  • You can watch any movies or videos online through SkyMovies
  • Downloading the latest movies of HD quality is possible through SkyMovies
  • Besides downloading and watching movies from the website of SkyMovies, you can also access the user-friendly app on your smartphone
  • The latest version of the app is quite advanced as it has fixed all bug-related issues to keep your device safe and give you a smooth experience of watching movies
  • Users also fall for this site as it offers super fast speed for downloading movies. You don’t need to wait the entire day for downloading movie anymore
  • The user-interface simple and pretty and it is also designed attractively to appeal to the users
  • The size of the app is quite compact and it won’t take much storage of your device
  • Movies and videos from SkyMovies of HD qualities works on any kind of Android devices

How to Download Movies from SkyMovies?

Now, when you get to know about SkyMovies, it is time to know how to download movies from this site. By following simple steps, you can do that easily. As the user-interface is so simple, you won’t find any difficulties in downloading movies from SkyMovies.

First of all, you need to open the website on your browser. Once you visit the site, you will find lots of movies on the Homepage. On the Homepage, you will find a search bar where you should write the name of the movie you want to download. In between, you will get nearly 5 pop-up ads that you can bypass easily. Once you cut all the ads, you will get the thumbnail of the movie. Click on it to play. you can also stream these movies online.

If you don’t have to time to stream online and want to download movies to watch later, you can do that by clicking the button ‘Download’ at the below of the movie. Once you click on it, the movie starts downloading automatically within a few seconds. To increase the downloading speed on your computer or laptop, you can use IDM software.

Latest Movies to Download 

Whatever movies get released, you can find it on SkyMovies overnight. If you have missed catching the newly released movies in theatres, you can download those from SkyMovies. Here are the latest movies to download from this website-

  • Bala
  • Housefull 4
  • War
  • Article 15
  • Subh Mangal Zyada Sabdhan
  • Chapaak
  • Tanhaji
  • Simba
  • Mission Mangal
  • Angrezi Medium

Top Best Alternatives to SkyMovies

SkyMovies is one of the best websites for downloading new movies. If you find any difficulties in downloading movies from this site and also watching online, you can try some of the alternatives to this site. Here is the list with the best of those. Read on to know more-

1. 1337x

If you are looking for the best websites which give you a smooth user experience like SkyMovies, you can go for 1337x. It is a pirated website that has a wide collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, including the action-packed and drama-based South Indian movies. You can download any video content from this website free of cost.

There are no legal issues that have been posted on 1337x as this website continuously changes its domain name and the users need to know the present domain name to use it. 1337x provides super fast speed while downloading movies. So, you can download as many movies as you want from this site. Not only movies, but you can download TV shows, music videos, short films, etc. from this site too.

The movie library of this site will make you confused as there are so many collections. You can check out the genres separately and will find easily the movie you are looking for. There are lots of proxies are available on this website for security purposes. Downloading movies from this site is easy because of the simple user-interface.

2. Movierulez

While making the list of the best alternatives to SkyMovies, Movierulez will be an important name on this list. This is a popular pirated site for movie lovers who want to watch any type of movie. Yes, besides downloading the latest movies, you can also watch old movies by streaming online or downloading. Usually, the huge collections of Movierulez include Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi dubbed movies.

When it is about raising your entertainment quotient at home, you can visit the site of Movierulez and download your favorite movies. The movies you find on this site are those that have been released only a few days ago in the theatres. So, you don’t need to run to watching movies at the theatre. Visit the site, know how to download the movies and get those on your devices.

Downloading movies from this site is quite easy. You just need to visit the site, look for the movies you want to download and click on the download link. It takes only a few moments to get the film on your device. This site serves speedily and you can get different qualities of movies, supported by your device.

3. Khatrimaza

While looking for the best websites that serve you as SkyMovies do with varieties of latest cinemas and other video contents, you can’t forget Khatrimaza. This is the pirated website which hosts numerous Bollywood and Hollywood films with other movies in regional languages. If you are not comfortable in downloading movies, you can also watch those online. That will save much of your storage.

Besides the website, there is also a user-friendly app that you can use now. Use the app to download movies on your smartphone. You can also stream movies and videos online through this app. Using the app is more beneficial as the downloading speed is better here than the website. Besides that, the users won’t get disturbed by the pop-up ads while using the app. Downloading movies from the website will be interrupted by some ads.

Using this website and the app is easy and comfortable. Downloading movies from this website is smooth. As it is a pirated site, you need a strong VPN to hide your identity. You will find lots of such VPNs over the internet. Use any of those and click on the download link of the movie you get on the website. Now, getting the film on your device is just a matter of time.

4. KatMovieHD

This is another wonderful alternative to SkyMovies that you can use without any stress to download movies. This is the website that will help you to get the latest Bollywood, Hollywood movies, and movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. to entertain you at your leisure. If you are a true movie buff, you will check out the website of KatMovieHD at least once. Not only the movies, but this site wins heart also for its collection of popular TV shows and documentaries. 

It is not a very old site and it was launched in India only a few years back. As it is a pirated site, there is always a threat of downloading movies illegally from this site. KatMoviesHD knows the fact well and that’s why they modify their URL constantly. You just need to find out the present URL while downloading. This website also has an app that can be accessed from any mobile platform.

This app is compatible to run in all kinds of smartphones, whether it is an Android or an iPhone. Today, web series are also getting huge popularity. You can also watch those online at KatMoviesHD or download those to watch later. There is one thing you need to remember while downloading movies from this website. You need to register yourself on this site. If you don’t do that, you will see lots of ads in the middle of downloading movies and the entire process can be a mess. Enjoy downloading movies from this site and watch those at your leisure.

5. Filmywap

Once you know the details of Filmywap you will understand why it is another good alternative to SkyMovies. Filmywap offers you different types of movies like Bollywood, Hollywood, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and so on. You can also download Hindi dubbed movies of 720p. The users can download movies of different qualities like 300MB movies, 1080p, etc. from this site.

Besides providing new movies, you can also download Hindi songs and other assortments from this site. The movies on this website are categorized perfectly under different genres. You will find films on action, horror, comedy, thriller, romance, crime, history, and so on. As soon as the movies get released, Filmywap downloads those and provide those to you. Initially, you may get the version, collected from theatres, but you can get the HD quality movies quite soon.

As it is an illegal site, the users should use a strong VPN to stay away from any legal nuisance. You can download movies on your computer as well as on your Android phone from Filmywap.

6. TamilYogi

As the name suggests, one can download the highly interesting Tamil films from this pirated website. Besides those, you will also get amazed by the outstanding collection of Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada movies on this site. This website offers different video codecs like 420p, DVDScr, 1080p, DVDrip, and lots of other codecs to download movies.

Presently, there is a growing interest among movie lovers to watch South Indian movies. To meet their requirement for new movies, this site brings the latest movies to them overnight. All the movies on this site are free of cost. Still, it is a pirated site and that’s why its activities are illegal. To keep the users safe from any trouble, TamilYogi uses different URLs like Tamilyogi VIP, Tamilyogi stream, Tamilyogi internet, Tamilyogi biz, etc.

Not only the new movies, but you can also find old movies on this site that you want to watch again. Downloading movies from TamilYogi is simple and you can enjoy a movie marathon if you can access this site.

7. HDFriday

If you are looking for one of the best sites to download the latest movies, HDFriday can be the end of your search. This is one of those various public torrent sites that provide links to new movies and lots of popular TV shows. This site is popular for its large collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. HDFriday is an excellent hub of movies from different genres like sci-fi, thriller, horror, comedy, drama, and so on. This is regarded as one of the best platforms for Hindi, English, and Hindi dubbed movies.

Along with movies, one can also download the favorite episodes of the popular shows or the entire episodes from this site. You can also get music videos, songs, and other video content on this site. If you are willing to watch all the videos and movies in HD quality, this is the site you can look up to. You don’t need to pay anything for downloading movies from this site.

As HDFriday is a pirated site, you have to be aware of the different domain names of this site to land on the right page to download your favorite movies. Now, if you are tired of your regular busy life and want entertainment in your home, you can think of HDFriday first.

8. BobMovies


BobMovies is a great alternative to the Skymovie website. The user interface of this website is very smooth and easy to comprehend. The users can get their hands on a lot of features when they start using this website. You can access this website for free. There is no additional cost needed to stream or download the content on this website. It is a very popular platform which has been serving us for a long time now. It comprises a lot of movies and TV shows. From the oldest to the newest of movies, you can watch all of them on this platform.

9. IO Movies


The next website that we are going to talk about is IO Movies. The most striking feature of this website is its layout. The website is designed exceptionally well. There is no chance for the users to get confused while searching for their desired content. It is a very easily accessible website and you just need to follow a few steps to stream content on this website. It has a very simple user interface which makes it easy to be used by different people. The content is divided into many categories like old movies, new movies, classic movies, dubbed movies, etc.

10. Vmovees

Vmovee is a must-try website if you are crazy about watching movies. It has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. Even if the users don’t have any movie name in their mind from before, they can always browse the entire content of this website and then choose what they want to watch. All the content offered on this website has high-quality video and audio. You can download the content of your choice in any quality you want. The website is supportive of almost all formats so you can download the content in any format of your choice.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About SkyMovies

1. Is it safe to use SkyMovies?

SkyMovies is one of the most popular torrent websites, therefore it is pirated because of copyright issues. So, using SkyMovies is illegal and if you ever get caught, you will be penalized. But, till now there is no record of SkyMovies to get troubled by any legal issues. To keep the interest of the users’ safe, they change their URLs constantly. If you have security tools, like a strong VPN connection, you can use SkyMovies for downloading the latest movies.

2. What are the reasons behind the popularity of SkyMovies?

SkyMovies is quite popular among the movie lovers who want to download the latest movies. First of all, the site gives you access to the movies free of cost. Besides, it is a huge collection of Hindi and English with movies from other regional languages to woo people from different parts of the world. This website also works quickly enough to download movies. You just need to have a strong internet connection.

3. How can you download movies from SkyMovies?

SkyMovies comes with a very user-friendly interface. Once you open the site, you will find it so easy that anyone of any age can download movies from this site. The Homepage of the site will show you the latest movies. You can also find the search bar over there where you can search the movie by its name. Once you get it, click on the download link below the movie name. Within a few moments, you can get your movie on your laptop or smartphone.

4. Can you access SkyMovies from your smartphone?

Yes, you can do that as SkyMovies offers a handy app to download or stream movies online. Using the app is easier than the website as you can easily access it no matter where you are. Also, you won’t get so many ads on the app that disturbs you while downloading movies from the website. Download the app on your smartphone and enjoy your journey by watching movies.


SkyMovies is indeed a pirated site and that’s why it is banned in India. You should not support piracy and download movies from this site. The film industry depends mainly on the business it makes from selling the tickets for the film. A film requires lots of hard work and emotions to complete. If you don’t go to the theatres and buy tickets, there will be a huge loss of this industry and people, connected to this industry, won’t get interested to get into this profession. So, to keep your interest in watching movies alive and to stop this illegal practice, you should stop downloading pirated movies.


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