Are you a person that is new to the internet and are looking for good websites where you can get entertained and spend your time having fun? If yes, then this article will be of great help to you.

There are so many options today for watching and enjoying various types of video content like movies, documentary films, music videos, TV shows, short films and web series. Some of these options are legal like the OTT platforms. OTT platforms like Netflix and Hotstar charge money from people in the form of a subscription fee and in return, provide them with amazing video quantity in the form of web series and movies.

But if you are someone who is not interested in paying for the subscription of any of these OTT platforms and would prefer to watch movies for free, there are online movie sites operating illegally that you can use to get your fix of cinema. These sites can be accessed easily. A person does not have to put in any effort to open an account on these sites as it is not required. All a person has to do is type the name of the site in the search engine and click on the official link that comes on the screen in the search results.

One website that could be of help to people who are looking for free sites is Pelisplus.

What is Pelisplus?


Cinema is not restricted to one language or one country. It is present everywhere, in every corner of the world. Films are being made today in all languages and people are also coming out of their comfort zones to watch movies that are made in foreign languages. Subtitles and audio dubbing have had a big role to play in the promotion of cinema of one country in other countries.

Spanish cinema has been making a lot of noise in the international film circuit and any time a new Spanish film starts doing the rounds of international film festivals like Cannes and Sundance, it gets the attention of all the hardcore cinephiles. Spanish film directors like Guillermo Del Toro, Alejandro G. Innaritu and Pedro Almodovar have been making masterpieces after masterpieces. Guillermo Del Toro’s film ‘The Shape of Water’ even went on to win multiple awards at the Oscars including the big award of ‘Best Picture’.

So, it should come as no surprise that Spanish language films are in very high demand these days. This is where Pelisplus comes in. Where there is a demand, there will also be supply. Pelisplus performs the supply part of the operation as it is a site that is known for hosting Spanish language films on its platform. There is no better website on the internet where a person can watch Spanish Films for free.

Features of Pelisplus

Following are some of the qualities that make the Pelisplus site special and unique:

  • The site has an amazing collection of Spanish films like Pan’s Labyrinth, Pain and Glory, The Motorcycle Diaries, Roma etc. Cinephiles visit this site often in order to explore Spanish cinema.
  • Apart from movies, there are other things like TV series and mp3 audio songs that can be streamed and enjoyed by people for free.
  • If you are a person that has a limited amount of internet data on your computer or if you are running short on storage space on your device, this site will be well suited to your needs. This is because, on Pelisplus, a person can choose the video quality he or she wants the movie to be played in. This decision can be made keeping in mind the storage space and the data limit.
  • There are very few complications involved with operating the Pelisplus website. Any person, whether it is someone who is completely unfamiliar with the internet or an individual who is a tech geek, can understand and operate the site after just a few minutes.


You must have heard of the saying ‘All That Glitters is Not Gold’. That is exactly the case with illegal streaming sites like Pelisplus. These sites seem very lucrative and possess a lot of great quality content. These things can easily make a person forget that these platforms are illegal. No matter how attractive these sites are, we should not lose sight of the fact that these sites promote piracy and are illegal. So, we should refrain from using these sites to watch video content.

Alternative Websites for Pelisplus

Following are some sites that can be used in place of Pelisplus:

1. Watch Series

Watch Series

The website that tops the list of alternative platforms for Pelisplus is Watch Series. Any person who is interested in watching English language content and regularly watches Hollywood movies and TV series must be familiar with the name that is Watch Series. If you are a person who is interested in mangas and love to watch the animes based on those manga comics, then you will really love this website. Apart from animes, this site is also good for people who are interested in watching drama shows that include good writing and solid acting performances. Some of the biggest and the most popular TV shows from all around the world are present o the Watch Series website. You can find multiple seasons of your favorite on the site and stream or download them whenever you want and that too, without paying any money to the site. The streaming option of the site allows users to watch the latest episodes of their favorite show in high definition. Thus, the site is as good as any other legal streaming platform that is present on the internet.

2. Xfinity


The next website that makes its entry into this list is Xfinity. Now, this is not a site that enjoys the same level of reputation that many of its competitors do, but that does not make the site any inferior to the top streaming platforms on the internet. There are so many genres in which the whole world of cinema is divided into. Some of these genres are horror, comedy, romance, horror comedy, drama, action, thriller, action thriller etc. One of the best things that Xfinity offers to its users is that it does not ask them to open an account in order to be eligible to access the video library of the platform. People work hard every day and then go home to watch movies so that they can relax and chill for some time. But if that precious time is ruined by something, it will definitely annoy them. People want to watch movies without any interruption. They do not want any buffering or lagging issues while streaming a film. So, if a random ad pops up as a person is in the middle of a very interesting scene in a movie, this will surely ruin his or her entire experience. It is due to these ads that a lot of streaming sites lose users every day. But Xfinity does not face the same problem. The frequency of ads on this site is very low and the chances of a pop up ad interrupting a person in the middle of a movie are almost zero. If you are a person who leads a busy life and does not get time to know about the latest happenings in the world of entertainment, Xfinity will be of great help to you. There is a different section on the site where a person can see and read about all the attest news about movies and television shows. Things like the release dates of movies, the castings of films, earning of movies are posted in this section. A lot of people are interested in this type of stuff and will use this section regularly.

3. Just Watch

Just Watch

The next website on this rundown of alternative websites for Pelisplus is Just Watch. A solid argument can be put in favor of Just Watch for having the best domain name for a streaming site on the net. Also, the site does exactly what it advertises with its domain title. It allows people to watch films without with just a few clicks. It does not make them go through a tiring as well as the boring process of signing up and logging in. The user interface of the site is very simple and minimalistic. It does not contain any flashy or unnecessary features that might confuse people who are using the site for the first time. There are so many OTT platforms right now that it is really hard to keep an account of all the new movies and web series that are being made and released around the world. So, it is very difficult for a site to have all these shows and movies in its video library. But Just Watch does a great job on keeping an eye on the new releases and makes sure that any new movie or web series that gets released is up on their platform within just a few days. Thus, an individual will not face much difficulty in finding a widely popular series or a movie while searching for it on Just Watch.

4. TV Muse


TV Muse is an online streaming platform that has taken up the initiative of providing high quality entertainment to people for free. People who are not interested in going out to movie theatres to watch movies can just type TV Muse in their web browser and open the site to fulfill their cinematic needs. The navigation process of the site is very easy and it does not take a person a long time to learn it.

5. Vid Strum

Everyone loves a good drama show. A good dram show like Succession or Big Little Lies contains all the things necessary for creating a great series. A good drama show has to have great acting, spectacular writing, a memorable soundtrack and a cohesive direction. So, it is not easy to create a great drama show. Thus, shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire and the Sopranos stand a class apart from the rest of the crowd. If you want to enjoy a high quality drama show like Peaky Blinders or Breaking Bad online but do not want to spend money while doing it, you can just head to the Vid Strum website that specialises in having a great collection of drama content in its video directory. A person is usually hesitant when he or she is trying out a streaming site for the first time. He or she can get intimidated by the complicated interface of the site and the pop up ads and just drop the idea of streaming a movie online altogether. Vid Strum is a site that is very welcoming which, with the help of its clean user interface, makes the user feel at ease. The low number of ads also help in making the site more friendly for the users. Also, the site does not put any restrictions in regards to the country of users. Any person sitting in any part of the world can easily gain access to the site and stream his or her favorite films there. Vid Strum is a site that also performs the role of a mediator. It does so by acting as a middleman and redirecting users to third party platforms to watch and download videos and movies. One thing that everyone should keep in mind about Vid Strum is that when it comes to the quality of content in its library, Vid Strum is extremely specific. It does not allow any random movie or show to be added to its video database. In order to uphold its prestige and reputation, the site makes sure that only those movies and TV series are added to the video directory that is good and has garnered rave reviews from renowned critics all over the world. Thus, a user always gets supreme quality content and can experience cinema at the highest level.

6. Café Movie

Another good website that can act as a decent replacement for Pelisplus is a site that goes by the name of Café Movie. The site is not a big name in the streaming industry but has all the necessary features and qualities that are required to be a good streaming site for the public. There are different categories that have been used to sort and arrange all the video content of the site. This helps people in finding movies that are best suited to their tastes and preferences. The site is very reliable and provides verified torrents on the platform. Verified torrents mean that the torrent file is free from any type of malware or bugs that can harm the computer system of the user. Another feature of the site is that a person can enjoy movies of various different genres like thriller, comedy, action and romance. No matter how much a person likes a particular genre of films, he or she will eventually get tired of it and would want to watch something new and different for a change. At this point, the individual can explore the other genre of films that are present in the movie database of the site.

7. Megashare


The first part of the name ‘Megashare’ highlights the huge collection of movies and web shows that Megashare has in its library. The collection has something for every person and that is why the site witnesses a large amount of traffic every day as people from many different walks of life visit the platform to get entertained and to have a fun time. IF you are a person who prefers to stream movies online instead of downloading them on the computer, then this site is perfect for you. The streaming servers of Megashare are very fast and help the users in saving the time that they would have spent on downloading the video file of the film. If a person is in the search of a streaming platform where he or she can enjoy high quality video content and that too in high definition video and audio quality, they should definitely pay a visit to the Megashare website. A person will find different filters like country of origin, language and IMDB rating that he or she can use to better search for the required movie. These filters help the users tremendously as they do not spend a large amount of their precious time in just searching for the movie instead of watching it.

8. Kisscartoon


The next website on this list of streaming platforms that can replace Pelisplus is Kisscartoon. It should not be difficult for a person to guess what the site is about after reading its name. Kisscartoon is a streaming platform that puts a majority of its focus and attention on content that is animated. This can include animated movies, cartoon shows and even animes from Japan. The content that is being created today in the animated sector has reached far beyond the age group of just children and teenagers. People of all ages are now hooked on shows like Love, Death and Robots, Big Mouth, Dragon Ball Z and Rick Morty. Thus, the site witnesses a large amount of user traffic day after day on its platform. Today, lives have become stressful for many people. People face a lot of struggle in their personal, private and professional lives. A lot of individuals today face problems like anxiety and depression. We all have old memories of our childhood when we used to watch our favorite cartoon shows all day without a single worry in the world. We would watch them upon waking up and also before going to sleep. Kisscartoon gives people an opportunity to revisit those good old days of the past when we were happy without any stress or worry in the world. The site allows you to explore the world of animes, which is new to a lot of people. There are many great anime series that people can watch for free on the Kisscartoon site like One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Death Note, One Punch Man, Cowboy Bebop, Mob Psycho, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist etc. All the latest episodes of these shows can be streamed online without any technical issues like buffering or lagging. A person also does not have to worry about an ad interrupting his or her movie experience as the frequency of ads on Kisscartoon is very low.

9. PepeCine


PepeCine is very similar to the Pelisplus site in terms of its user interface. The user interface of PepeCine is not at all complicated. This is what makes this website easily accessible by people of different kinds. You can watch a lot of TV series and Spanish movies on this website. You get to watch everything in HD visuals and that too, without having to pay extra charges. You will not come across any irrelevant ads on this website. You can navigate through the website very easily to find the content you are looking for. Additionally, the PepeCine website offers a news section where you can find the most recent information about TV shows and movies.

10. Gnula


For those who are looking for the best alternative site to Pelisplus, Gnula CA is the ultimate option. Gnula comprises the most top-rated movies in different genres including Adventure, Animation, Science, Comedy, Drama, Family, Biography, History, Terror, Music, Romance, etc. Just like many other websites, Gnula doesn’t have a database of its own. The categories are also based on different languages. The website is supportive of a lot of different languages. You can access this website from any device you want because it offers high compatibility with almost all devices. It also offers added information about the movies and TV shows featured on this website.

11. Pedropolis


For the people who are fans of Pelisplus, Pedropolis is an amazing website to go for. The features and content offered on Pedropolis are quite similar to that offered on Pelisplus. The default language of this website is Spanish which can make it a positive point for Spanish users. Similar to other sites, the Pedropolis website provides you an option to sort the content according to their date of release, names, subtitles, etc. This makes it easier for the users to search for their favourite movie. There is a lot more offered on this website which makes it so popular amongst the movie streaming platform.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pelisplus

1. Is it safe for an individual to use the Pelisplus platform to consume content?

A person needs to install a VPN software and then, he or she can surf the site and enjoy movies without any worry in the world.

2. What is the use of a site like Pelisplus?

Pelisplus is an illegal film site on the internet that can be used by people around the world to stream and download video files for free.

3. Does Pelisplus charge money from its users?

A person does not have to spend a single paise out of his or her pocket in order to enjoy the amazing and exciting content that is provided by Pelisplus as all the services are open to the public for free.


This article has not been written o promote piracy. We strictly condemn it and wish for users to watch movies legally.


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