Gone are the days when you had to worry about how much it would cost to watch a film in a theatre. Today, there is no need for you to dress up and go out with your family just to watch a movie in a theatre. All of that can now be done by sitting on your comfortable sofa set in your house. There are websites on the internet that have movies, soap operas, webs series and TV shows on their platforms. New content is uploaded on these movie platforms on a regular basis and a person does not have to spend a single rupee in order to access the movies on this website.

These streaming websites are better than OTT platforms in many ways. First of all, it costs money for a person to gain access to the content that is present on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. That is not the case with streaming websites. Another thing that a person has to do in order to watch movies and web series on OTT platforms is that they have to sign up and open an account with the account. A user can stream or download videos from these OTT platforms only if they know the login id and the password that goes with it.

Another disadvantage of OTT platforms is that in comparison to the illegal streaming websites, their video directory is usually very limited and lacks range. This is another reason why people prefer illegal movie websites over the legal option of OTT platforms.

One example of these streaming websites is Kuttyweb. This site is very popular among the people of the younger generation who are more engaged in internet activities like streaming illegal movies and TV series.

What is Kuttyweb


Kuttyweb is a movie website that has a wide variety of content on it and people can stream and download movies on it at any time they want. Kuttyweb is a site that has been designed specifically to operate on mobile phones. Thus, people who use their mobile devices to stream movies constitute the majority of the site’s user base. This site is not suitable for desktop as a user might face difficulties in opening the site on their computer system.

On this website, people can download not only videos but also songs in the form of mp3 files. The site has a great collection of popular songs and albums from some of the biggest pop stars in the world. If you are a person who is looking for a new, catchy ringtone for your mobile phone, then Kuttyweb is the place best suited for your needs.

The main focus of the Kuttyweb platform is on showcasing the content that comes out of the South Indian region. Whether it is movies, mp3 songs or ringtones, Kuttyweb tries to give every form of entertaining content a platform on its site.

Features of Kuttyweb

Following is a list of qualities that make the Kuttyweb website stand out from its competitor platforms:

  • The content present on the site has variety. A person can find movies, ringtones, mp3 songs, TV advertisements, movie trailers and short films among many other things on the site.
  • The user interface of the Kuttyweb website is something that should be appreciated by all. A person who is new to the world of internet and streaming gets easily familiarised with the workings and operations of the site and can search, download and stream movies for himself or herself just after spending a short amount of time on the site.
  • In terms of content, diversification is the aim of the Kuttyweb website. The site has entertaining and exciting stuff for everyone. Not every person is interested in watching feature films. Some prefer listening to songs. Some like watching short films. And then there are some who like to gain knowledge by watching documentary films. All these different kinds of people will find the content of their liking on the Kuttyweb site.
  • Where some sites go wrong is that they will have a wide range of content present on the platform but they do not know how to arrange and maintain it properly. Everything is placed in a haphazard manner on the site. There is no order to anything. This can cause confusion among the users as they might face problems while looking for the content of their choice. Kuttyweb avoids this problem by having the entire content segregated into different categories. So, a person can choose any of these categories in order to find their favorite movie or song more easily.
  • This is a great place for people who are interested in exploring the content coming out of different small regions of the country. For example, the site has a good video directory of films of the Tamil and Telugu language. There are also many old cinematic masterpieces present on the site that are enough to make a person feel nostalgic about the good old days of the past.


We need to state the fact that although the Kuttyweb website has a lot of appealing features and exciting content, it is not safe for people to use the platform. The site has been declared illegal by the Indian Government as it has illegal prints of movies present on the platform. So, the best option for people is to use legal mediums in order to watch the content of their choice. In this way, they do not run the risk of facing any legal consequences that they might face in case of illegal streaming websites like Kuttyweb.

How to Download Movies from Kuttyweb

All a person has to do in order to access the site is put the title in the Google search engine and click on the official link that pops up on the screen. The downloading procedure is also not nuclear science. A few simple steps and a person can successfully download a file on their mobile device. An individual has to just search for the item that they want and click on the download option that the item has beside it.

Alternative Websites for Kuttyweb

AS they say, there is plenty of fish in the sea. So, if you are not entirely comfortable with Kuttyweb or are looking for a movie site that is more suited to your wants and needs, you can make use of the list that we have made of websites that can be substituted for Kuttyweb. The list is as follows:

1. 9xmovies


The site that is opening this list is 9xmovies. 9xmovies has not been around for a very long time in the streaming sector but despite that, the site has managed to cultivate a large and loyal following consisting of users who belong to different parts of the country. When it was starting out, 9xmovies used to only upload Hindi language movies on the platform. But with time, the site realised that if they want the business to grow and expand and want more people to visit the site, they need to make some changes, especially in regards to the content. Now, you can find films belonging to various different film industries like Kollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood on the platform of 9xmovies. There is so much interesting and exciting content on this site for the users. There are soap operas, TV shows, reality shows, documentary films, award show functions, movie trailers, short films and TV advertisements that people can stream and download from 9x movies. The 9xmovies site has multiple domain titles. This is done to trick the regulatory authorities and to stay functional despite the legal restrictions. Hindi dubbed versions of Hollywood and Tollywood movies also form a part of the overall film collection of the site. The site has range in terms of video quality as well. On one side, there are HD prints of popular films and on the other hand, there are good quality prints of movies that are very small. These prints can be as small in size as 300 MB.

2. Tamilrockers


One of the biggest and the most popular names in the streaming industry in India is Tamilrockers. This site gives a tough competition to Kuttyweb as Tamilrockers is also a huge website that deals primarily in South Indian content. The site has gained notoriety for uploading movies that have been released just 24 hours ago. The prints of the films present on the site are pirated. Due to this reason, many streaming websites have films that do not have good audio. But Tamilrockers makes extra efforts to create an immersive movie-watching experience for the users. The site does so by using a software that performs the function of separating the audio of the film from the other noises. The end result is a great audio output. The site also has multiple servers, all of which are very fast. Thus, a person does not face any major technical issues while streaming a film. The multiple servers also come in handy when there is too much traffic on the site. In those cases, one server might get overloaded. So, people can watch content on the other servers.

3. Movierulz


Movierulz is a torrent website that allows people to download web shows, movies and music files from its platform. Movierulz does not charge anything from the public in return for its facilities and services. There is also no need for a user to go through the registration process in order to download the torrent of the item he or she likes. The site provides the feature of magnetic links which makes the downloading process even faster. Movierulz keeps changing its web address as it has been banned in India by the concerned authorities. The video directory of the Movierulz website contains cinema of various film industries both inside and outside of India. The video files of most of the movies in the collection are in high definition.

4. Worldfree4u


The next streaming website that makes its entry in the list of movie platforms that can work as an alternative for Kuttyweb is Worldfree4u. The site has the word ‘free’ in it which is enough of an indication that people from different parts of the world can access the site and stream or download movies from it without having to pay any money in the form of a subscription fee. This is what differentiates a site like Worldfree4u from the OTT platforms like Hulu, Hotstar and Netflix. Another area where Worldfree4u is better than the popular OTT platforms is the collection of films and web series. When it comes to OTT platforms, there are web series and movies that are exclusive and available only on a particular OTT platform. For example, a person can watch Stranger Things legally only on Netflix and nowhere else. All these web series and films that are supposedly exclusive can be found on Worldfre4u and can be streamed for free. The website constantly leaks newly released and popular Bollywood and Hollywood movies on the platform.

5. Jalshamovies


There are times when movies from Bollywood cast such a huge shadow that the cinematic gems from other regional film industries of the country do not get their chance to shine. IT is streaming sites like Jalshamovies that help these movies in getting an audience. And then, through word of mouth, these movies soon become modern classics. The same thing happened with many of Anurag Kashyap’s films like Black Friday. Jalshamovies is a site that tries to highlight the great work that is being done in the Bengali film industry. On the site, you can find a very impressive collection of the films of Satyajit Ray, who is considered to be one of the greatest filmmakers ever born in the country of India. There are also other Bengali masterpieces present on Jalshamovies. Other than that, relatively new movies also find a place of their own on the platform. But one thing that works against the Jalshamovies website is that since the site puts all of its focus on Bengali films, it shuts out all the audience members who want to watch movies from other film industries. This also reduces the amount of traffic that the site sees on a daily basis.

6. 1 Movies

1 Movies

Another great movie website that people can visit to fulfill their daily quota of entertainment is 1movies. 1movies is a torrent site with an amazing stock of movies, TV shows, web series and soap operas. Due to this range in content, the site sees a large amount of traffic every day on the platform. There are not many ways for streaming platforms to make money. Since they are illegal, they cannot put up Google ads on their platform. One major source of income for these movie sites is pop up ads. These ads are important for the sites as they make them money but these ads also cause problems among the users as people can face interruptions while they are fully immersed in a movie. This can be a big turn off and can completely ruin their mood. Although these ads can be blocked by installing a software but many people do not want to go through the hassle. Thus, they might just avoid the site in the future.

7. Downloadhub


The name says it all. If you are not a big fan of streaming and prefer downloading files so that you can enjoy them whenever you want, then Downloadhub is the perfect site or you. The site covers movies from all the major film industries of the country. You can find Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Marathi films on the site. There are also different video formats in which a person can watch or download a film. Users find it really easy to learn the ropes and to understand how the website works.

8. FZmovies


The next name on the list of movie sites that can be used in place of Kuttyweb is FZmovies. One thing that makes FZmovies stand out from its competitor sites is that FZmovies manages to put out movies only days after they are released in multiplexes and theatres. This is one of the major reasons why, despite being an illegal streaming website, FZmovies has managed to become so popular among the internet users. The appearance of a site can substantially add to its mass appeal. If the front page of a site is developed and maintained in such a way that it appeals to the users aesthetically, then this gives the site an edge that many of its competitor platforms might not enjoy. The site has done a terrific job if properly arranging its content as different categories have been made and movies are sorted according to these categories. The site has also installed filters. These filters make it easier for people to look for the item that they are interested in. The site is also considered very safe. There have not been many complaints by people about their devices catching any sort of virus or bug from the FZmovies site.

9. Isaimini


The last name on the list of alternatives for Kuttyweb is Isaimini. Today, the South Indian film industry has become huge and is now giving the Hindi film industry a run for its money. The industry is so huge that the highest-grossing film of India, Baahubali, came out of South India. So, it comes as no surprise that people are trying to get on the hype train of South Indian movies and trying to make a profit out of it. But it is easier said than done. Isaimini is a site that has managed to capitalise on the growing popularity of South Indian films. The site has been uploading critically acclaimed Tamil and Telugu movies on its platform for quite some time. The site has movies in different video qualities. You can find different print qualities like Dvdrip, Screener, 720p, 1080p, 360p, BRrip etc. The appearance of the site is very soothing and manages to make the users comfortable for the get-go. If a person faces any difficulty while streaming, he or she can also use the option of downloading the film. It also does not take a lot of time to download a film or an episode of a show from Isaimini as the site provides good download speed.

10. Plingd Music

Plingd Music is a platform made especially for Malayalam content. The diversified content that this platform provides to the users attracts the viewers towards using this website. They would be able to use the application to listen to their favorite Malayalam songs and will also be able to download them. The best part of the Plingd Music website is that it keeps the database updated. So, as the database is updated daily, it gives the best experience to the users. The users will also be able to listen to different poetry and watch documentaries if they so desire. So, hurry up! And start using the platform.

11. Maango

Maango is an amazing website that is versatile. The website provides a variety of content from Hollywood, Bollywood, to even Tollywood. One can also find the content of South Indian languages. The website has gained wide popularity over a short time because of the quality that this website provides to the users. The users would be able to download their favorite content and also listen to their favorite songs offline in their spare time. The website provides all the updated music so the users could find the recent release on the website and download them for free. So, why wait to enjoy these amazing features of the website?

12. Saavn


Saavn and Jio have collaborated and this platform after collaboration has become one of the most widely used platforms for downloading music of the different genres. One of the interesting aspects of this application is that it allows the users to not just listen to their favorite music online but they could also listen to the music offline by downloading the songs of their choice. If you are looking for an alternative to Kuttyweb then Jio Saavn is one of the most popular and best alternatives to the Kuttyweb website. It is a platform that allows users to download music free of cost. The users will not have to pay any amount to enjoy the features.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Kuttyweb

1. What is the use of streaming websites?

People can use streaming sites like Kuttyweb to enjoy movies and shows without having to spend any money out of their pockets.

2. How to download movies from Kuttyweb?

All a user has to do is find the item that he or she wants to download and they will find a download button on the page which will kickstart the downloading of the file.

3. Is Kuttyweb affecting the movie industries in India?

Yes, illegal streaming websites like Kuttyweb are adversely affecting the film industries of India. This is because the filmmakers and producers earn revenue through the ticket sales of the film. But if the film is uploaded on these streaming sites where people can watch them for free, then these producers lose out on all that revenue.


The article has been written for informational purposes and not to condone the act of piracy.


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