More and more people today are turning to illegal movie streaming sites on the internet to see new stories that are being made every day. And due to this reason, new streaming websites are being created every day. But if a person is new to the internet, he or she might have a difficulty in differentiating between good and bad film sites. So, this article will help you in finding good movie sites on the internet that you can use to watch interesting content. One such illegal movie site is Hmoviearea.

What is Hdmoviearea?


Hdmoviearea is a website that is known for playing host to various types of video content on its platform. All of this content is pirated and is not legal. Despite this, the site sees a large amount of traffic every day on its web pages as people do not care about the legal repercussions and are just interested in watching great cinema for free on the site. A person does not have to pay any kind of fee to the Hdmoviearea website in order to enjoy its content. The site can be used by anyone in the world and there is also no requirement for a person to register or open an account.

The content present on the site is of various types like web series, movies, TV shows, documentaries etc. The site does not have movies from only one region of the area. The video directory of the site includes movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Exclusive web series that can only be found on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar or Netflix are present here and can be accessed by people for free.

Features of Hdmoviearea?

Following are the features that Hdmoviearea has:

  • Binge-watching has become such a huge phenomenon today that it is nearly impossible for people to wait for an entire week for a new episode of their favorite TV show. But there are still some shows like Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders that are so good that people are willing to wait. So, whenever a new episode of one of these show releases, people rush to the streaming sites to watch them. Hdmoviearea capitalises on this by uploading the latest episode of the show on the site in just a few afters after it is telecasted live on TV.
  • There are various different file sizes that can be found for films on Hdmoviearea. So, a person according to his or her data limit can choose the appropriate file size. Some of these file sizes include prints of 300 MB, 500 MB, 700MB and 1 GB.
  • The site realises how big the Indian film industry is and in order to capitalise on its potential, the Hdmoviearea website has started putting content from various different regions of the country. Regional movies of languages like Punjabi, Kannada and Bengali get a platform where they can be watched by people who would not go to watch these movies in theatres under normal circumstances.
  • Popular movies like Kabir Singh, Joker, Avengers Endgame, Dabangg 3 etc. are present on the Hdmoviearea site in high definition prints. These prints are sometimes better than the ones that are played on TV channels.
  • One of the coolest features that the Hdmoviearea website has is that of the Request option. This feature is useful in instances when a user is unable to find the required video on the site. Using this feature, a person can put in a request to the site asking them to upload a film on the site that is not yet present in the film collection of Hdmoviearea. The website often takes action on these requests and then upload the required movies. This is a feature that impresses a lot of internet users.
  • There are also dual audio films that are present in the film directory of the site. Today, movies are dubbed in different languages because cinema has expanded so much around the world that a movie made in part of the world is watched in another country that is poles apart from it. So, in order to make sure that a movie is watched by large amounts of people, the filmmakers and the OTT platforms like Netflix dub these movies in different languages. By doing this, these sites make sure that nobody misses out on amazing content just because of the language barrier.


Piracy is not only unethical but is also a crime. Any person found guilty of it can face serious legal consequences. So, it is best to stay away from these illegal platforms.

How to Download Movies from Hdmoviearea

Downloading is an easy process but people who are new to the internet might take some time to learn it. In order to help them, we have made a list of instructions that they should follow in order to learn how to download video files from the Hdmoviearea site. Following is the list of instructions that people can use to download movies:

  • The first step is to use the web browser and the search engine to open the website of Hdmoviearea.
  • Then, there are various options at the service of the user. He or she can make use of the search bar or go through the various categories to find the movie that he or she is interested in watching.
  • Once the film is found, the user has to click on the thumbnail of the film and he or she will be taken to a new web page.
  • There, the user will see multiple downloading and streaming options. Clicking on the downloading link will start the downloading process.

Alternative Websites for Hdmoviearea

In case you are not happy with the Hdmoviearea and are looking for some change, you can make use of the following list of websites to get your daily quota of entertainment:

1. Hdmovieshub


In this great list of websites that can replace Hdmoviearea, the first website is Hdmovieshub. It is the popularity of the website that has helped Hdmovieshub in scoring a spot on this list. Recently, Hdmovieshub has launched a new version of its website. This version has been developed keeping in mind the users who operate the site from their cell phones. The number of these type of users is increasing day by day. Also, not every person is able to afford a laptop. Most people in the rural areas of the country consume content through their mobile phones as it is cheaper and more convenient. The servers that have been installed on the site give very fast speed. It makes the streaming process smooth for the users and they are able to watch movies with just one click of a mouse. Even if a person is travelling, he or she can smoothly stream a video on the phone despite having a poor internet connection. The website has been neatly designed and the user interface of the site is such that Hdmovieshub does not consume a large amount of data from the user’s mobile phone. The site has various different movie prints that differentiate on the basis of quality. You can find prints in 480p, DVDrip, HDrip, 1080p etc.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

There are sites in the streaming world that are so huge that they have attained a special status in the industry and are now untouchable. The Pirate Bay is one of those websites. The site was one of the very few websites that were there at the very beginning when the streaming sector started a revolution of its own on the internet. The Pirate Bay enjoys a level of reputation and popularity for itself that is unheard of. The site has arguably one of the biggest film databases on the internet. A movie has to be extremely rare and low-key if the Pirate Bay does not have it. Apart from that, the site is smooth and is operational in many countries around the world. The site is so popular that not only does it have an existence in other countries, it is also banned in many of these countries. So, there are a large number of proxies present on the internet that people can use with the help of VPN to access the Pirate Bay website. The site has magnetic links present with every one of its torrents. This helps in speeding up the downloading process for the users as they do not have to go through different web pages just to get the download link. The site has content from all over the world. You can find regional Indian hits on it as well as a collection of cinematic masterpieces from the legendary director Akira Kurosawa. And if you are not a fan of movies, you can still use this site for various purposes like downloading important software applications for your computer. You can also download several video games from the site and have a good time with your friends. There is a plethora of content for music fans as well. People can find the entire discography of their favorite artists on the Pirate Bay website. There is hardly anything that the Pirate Bay cannot do in terms of providing the ultimate entertainment experience to the users.

3. Limetorrents


The next name in the list of illegal movie sites that can be used to enjoy Bollywood and Hollywood films is Limetorrents. Limetorrents is another big name in the torrent world and has been operating on a large scale for many years. The site was made in the year 2009. The site brags of having one of the biggest torrent databases in the world as there are more than 9.8 million torrents present on the Limetorrents website and that number keeps increasing by thousands every day. The vast directory of the site includes content of various types like movies, video games, softwares, animes, web series, TV shows etc. The number of seeders and leechers for every torrent is very good. Thus, a user gets good speed while downloading torrents from the Limetorrents website. On average, a user gets around 3 mbps speed on the Limetorrents site. The site has a presence in different countries like France, The United Kingdom and Australia.

4. Yify Torrents


This is a site that has a very aesthetic and pleasing overall look and manages to make a good impression on the minds of the users. This is a site that many of the veteran internet users must be familiar with. The site is popular for providing high quality pirated prints of Hollywood films in very short size. Millions of users pay a visit to Yify Torrents to download HD prints of their favorite movies. One disadvantage of Yify Torrents is that the video directory of the site mostly contains only Hollywood films. Therefore, people who want to watch films of other languages have to find another streaming site. This causes huge damage to the user base of the site. Another drawback that the Yify Torrents site suffers from is that the site is not able to upload newly released films immediately on its platform. So, this site is not recommended to those who are impatient and want to watch a film as soon as it releases. But the movies on Yify Torrents are worth the wait as they are far superior in terms of audio and video quality.

5. Torrentz


Another legendary website that can be sued to download high speed torrents from the internet is Torrentz. Torrentz is a very old torrent platform and is used by people to download music and movies. In order to be safe for the users, the site has recently updated itself and thus, has managed to get rid of viruses and malware that might be festering on the platform. The site gets blocked by the authorities of many countries. That is why Torrentz has created multiple domains so that people are able to access the site without any issue. If you are wondering about the downloading speed that you will get on the Torrentz site, we are happy to tell you that you would not be disappointed as a person gets an average speed of 2 Mbps while downloading a torrent file form the site.



The next website that finds a mention on this amazing list of alternatives for Hdmoviearea is RARBG. RARBG is a delightful place for people who are film buffs and cannot get enough of the cinema. People who are open to watching cinema of different countries tend to have a really great time on the RARBG site. One interesting thing about RARBG is that the site adds more than 30,000 torrents every single day to the already existing vast library of content. Thus, it is natural for people to get attracted to the site as they get exposed to new exciting content every day. There are different categories present on the site’s platform and the entire content has been segregated into those categories. There are many filters that the RARBG has placed on the front page of the site to help the users in easily finding the videos that they desire to watch. The site has been banned in various countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Portugal, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. But there is a way to use the site despite these bans. There are multiple proxies of the RARBG site on the internet. People can access these proxies to get around the ban.

7. Filmyzilla


If you are in search of a platform on the internet that hosts good Indian content, Filmyzilla is a great place. Indian has grown a lot in the last decade or so. The Hindi film industry has given a lot of masterpieces in the last ten years like Gangs of Wasseypur, Tumbbad, Dangal, Andhadhun etc. Not only Bollywood, but various regional film industries in the countries have also risen to the challenge and made some brilliant pieces of cinema in the country. The site is constantly hunted by Indian authorities. Thus, it is important for Filmyzilla to keep changing the domain titles in order to stay active and be accessible to the public of the country. The user interface of Filmyzilla helps the users in quickly learning how the site works and they are able to quickly figure out how to search for the movies on the site. The site does not ask the public to go through the registration process in order to be able to watch or download videos on Filmyzilla.

8. Lookmovie


Now this is a streaming site for which there can be an argument that it is better than the Hdmoviearea site. The thing that is the biggest strength of Lookmovie is its vast database of movies. There are movies of different languages in the video directory of the site. This is great news for cinema lovers who do not discriminate movies on the basis of the language they have been made in. There are subtitles along with movies on Lookmovie. The subtitle feature helps in bridging the communication gap. The site contains movies in different genres like action, comedy, romance, biography, thriller etc. But apart from that, there are also some underrated indie gems on the site that are not usually watched by people in the movie theatres. These movies get a second life on these sites and by word-of-mouth, manage to become cult classics. There is a decent amount of information available along with every movie on the site. You can see the IMDB rating, synopsis, genre, year of release and language of the film on the site and then make your decision whether this movie is worth your tie or not.

9. Movies4u


The last name on this wonderful list of film sites is Movies4u. Movies4u caters to people who are interested in Hindi language films. Some of the biggest film directors in India like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rajkumar Hirani, Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bhardwaj etc. make films in the Hindi language. There is a significant amount of people who are eager to watch the next films of these directors. Movies4u puts these movies on display and allows people to download these sites. One thing about the Movies4u site is that the site does not have its own download links on the platform. It directs users to other torrent websites from where they can download the films they desire to watch. There is no signing up required to watch movies on Movies4u.

10. MoviesJoy

Movies Joy

If you are looking for a website that does not require you to register then it is the Movies Joy website that you are looking for. The website does not require the users to sign in and provides a user-friendly interface. It is a free-to-use application that provides an ad-free experience to the viewers. The viewers could watch all the popular movies, animations, family shows, reality shows, and TV shows, as well. The website also has its mobile application allowing the viewers to download it through the Google Play Store on their Android phone. The best part of this application is that with every movie you can choose the quality of the video from HD to CAM.

11. Afdah


Afdah is a great platform that streams free movies. This means that the viewers will not have to pay a hefty amount to watch their favorite movies for free or the recent release. The most inspiring and interesting fact about this platform is that it allows the viewers to watch every genre of the film without any interruption of advertisements while watching. It provides an ad-free experience without having the users pay any amount for it. The site also provides updated and fresh content. It also has its mobile application and does not require the viewers to register to enjoy watching their favorite shows.

12. WatchFree


If you are looking for one of the best alternatives to the Hdmoviearea website then you should visit the WatchFree website once. It is an amazing website that provides excellent quality videos and an amazing range of films, TV shows, and TV series. But, there is a twist to the tale, the viewers will have to register on the website to watch all their favorite movies, TV series, and TV shows. The site provides all the popular as well as the top-rated movies online. It also provides the user a search engine so that the viewers can find their favorite movies with convenience. All the latest releases will be available on the site.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hdmoviearea

1. Is the Hdmoviearea safe?

Although no illegal site on the internet is completely safe, Hdmoviearea takes necessary measures and precautions to keep the site as safe and secure as possible for the users.

2. Why is Hdmoviearea a popular website?

Hdmoviarea is a place where a person can find some of the best movies ever made in Indian cinema. You can choose to watch the recently released blockbusters or you can sit down and cherish the old masterpieces made in the 60s and 70s.

3. How to download files from Hdmoviearea?

You have to use the search option or the categories of the site to search for the film and then, click on the download link and the film will start downloading.


The purpose of this article is not to support piracy. IT has been not written so that people can know about the streaming world that is out there.


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