In a world where people would rather spend their time inside their homes rather than stepping out for a movie, pirated movie websites have experienced rapid growth. Even though none of the posted content on such websites is legal, it is safe to say that people are relying more and more on the same. Given that there are already so many available options on the internet, picking one can be a struggle.

Moreover, not all of these websites come with the needed security that you need while downloading movies which is another reason why you must keep an eye out on what is right and what is not. All that aside, 9xmovies is considered one of the best available pirated movie websites that you can invest your time and money on. 

This website does have its pros but because it is a pirated movie website, there are chances of it being taken down or disabled every once in a while. So, if you have been looking for some alternatives to that, we do have a few options that you can take a look into.

9Xmovies (2024): 14 Best alternative websites to 9Xmovies


What is 9xmovies?

As we did mention before, 9xmovies is a pirated movie website that provides you with the prints of some of the latest movie launches. The content on this platform is not legal, so make sure that you are aware of the said fact. Given that people do tend to get carried away thinking they are not doing something wrong downloading pirated movies, ask yourself again.

That aside, 9xmovies have been around for a few years now and is known to update their database with some of the best available movies, especially when it comes to the latest ones. 

Legalities of the website

As we did say earlier, 9xmovie is a pirated movie website, so none of the movies or the prints that you see on this platform is legal. This is one of the factors that you need to be clear about. Every single upload, especially the ones done on the same day as the release are all illegally done.

Not only does it affect the hard work put in by the people involved with the movie, but it also does affect the people’s goodwill in the long run. If you are that desperate to watch a new movie, download it after it is released on a legal platform, otherwise go watch it in the theatres.

Don’t have blind reliance on such pirated movie platforms.

Features of the website

9xmovies does have a very basic layout and user interface. Not only is it very interactive, but it is also quite easy to navigate through which is one of the main reasons why it is considered such a popular option.

The website does have categorised movie options that you can look through and check for yourself. They do have more of the Bollywood movies but you can get your hands on some of the Hollywood releases along with a few regional movies as well.

How to download movies on 9xmovies?

The majority of the people are very iffy about downloading movies from pirated movie websites thinking they aren’t safe enough, which is true. Not all the movie download websites are safe for you to download movies on.

That aside, the download process on 9xmovies is completely safe and very easy as well. All that you need to do is search and click on the movie that you would want to download. Once that is done, you can simply just download the movie and be done with it.

The only requirement during this is to ensure that you do have a high-speed internet connection because that is what makes all the difference. 

Latest movie releases

Some of the latest movie releases that you likely find on 9xmovies include:

  • Angrezi Medium
  • Baaghi 3
  • Thappad
  • Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochayante
  • Dharala Prabhu
  • Oh My Kadavule
  • Walter
  • Asura Guru
  • Bloodshot
  • Onward
  • Forensic
  • Trance

Best Alternatives for 9xmovies

As we did mention before, since 9xmovies is a pirated movie website, there are always risks of it getting banned when it updates a few latest releases. In such cases, knowing about the best alternatives can effectively help make the process a lot easier for you to take a look into. All that aside, it is quite important that you check out the options that we are about to mention and find for yourself the one that you deem good enough for your needs. 

Some of the best alternatives for 9xmovies include:

1. Khatrimaza


If you want to indulge in one of the best and most popular pirated websites on the internet, Khatrimaza is possibly the way to go. One of the primary reasons why it is an amazing alternative is because of the vast amount of movie library that it has.

Aside from all the available movies, this website is quite amazing if you don’t want to have an insecure experience while downloading movies. But, the best thing about this movie platform that makes this such a credible option is the user-friendly interface. 

Lastly, the website ensures to get their necessary categories sorted out for you which does make it a lot easier for you to select the one platform that you think is good enough for you.

2. DVDplay


If you are a Bollywood fanatic and have been looking for a good alternative for 9xmovies, DVDplay is one of the best available options. The reason why this is such an amazing option is all thanks to the wide range of movie collection that is available on this platform.

It does have a host of Bollywood, Hollywood and even some of the regional movies. You can find dubbed movies on here to download as well, which further makes it a good option for you to look through.

Just ensure that you do keep an eye out on the latest releases and search accordingly. They don’t necessarily do the same-day release of the movies, so you do have to wait for a few days before you can get the movie.

3. Filmyzilla


Filmyzilla is one of those amazing pirated movie websites which is known for its amazing range of movies, especially the dubbed movie collection. This is one of the primary reasons why it is considered such a good option.

Aside from the already existing collection of movies, the one thing about this website that makes it a very credible option is the print of the movie. You get all the HD print movies, which ensures that you have the best experience watching it.

Since the movie prints are so amazing, you will likely have to have a good and fast internet connection for you to be able to download the movies, so make sure that you do keep an eye out on that.

4. Wapking


While Wapking is a very popular pirated movie website, it is not just a movie that you can download from this platform. It is a multipurpose platform that allows you to download songs and a plethora of games as well, which is pretty amazing.

Aside from that, this platform does have a very easy to use interface without any ads that make it a lot easier for you to download the movies without having to worry about clicking on the ads. It also comes in varying prints and formats for the movie.

As for the collection, the platform does have a good collection of movies, so you need not worry about that. They don’t necessarily update the movies on the release date but you do get the same within a few days.

5. Pagalworld


Yet another amazing and quite popular pirated movie platform that you can get your hands on is Pagalworld. The reason why this is such an amazing alternative to 9xmovies is because of the similar types of movie collections that they both have.

They don’t have a plethora of Hollywood or regional language movies, so if you have been on the lookout for the same, we would suggest that you do look for something else. But, make sure that you still cross-check once.

Apart from the movies, this platform does have a collection of amazing songs too, especially that of the Indie and Punjabi songs that you can make the most out of. The download process and interface are also very interactive, so you are not confused halfway through.

6. Filmywap


Filmywap is a very interactive and good quality public torrent website that has a plethora of movie download options for you to take a look through. Aside from all the movie options, the one thing that does make it such a known option is all because of the collection it has.

You do get categorised movie labels which make the searching process a lot easier and streamlined, so you need not worry about anything at all. They do have some dubbed regional movies that you can download if you are in the mood to watch some.

The one thing about this website that can be a Debbie downer is the fact that they come with a lengthy download process. But, the download is completely safe for you to do, which further ensures that you need not worry about that prospect.

7. Moviezwap


Another good pirated movie website that serves as an amazing alternative to 9xmovies that is worth looking into is Moviezwap. Aside from the fact that they have a very responsive platform, it also supports almost all kinds of movies, which is amazing.

From the latest Bollywood to some of the Hollywood movies, you do get a lot of options when it comes to this platform. The best thing about this platform that does make it a worthy option is the subtitles and the dubbed movie options. 

Aside from that, this platform is also quite famous for the easy download options which ensure that you don’t have to go out of the way to get things done, which again is pretty awesome. Just make sure that you select the best print for downloading.

8. 7starsHD


Yet another HD pirated movie website that you can look into is 7starsHD. The best thing about this website that does make it a credible option is the fact that they do come with an HD version of all the updates that they make.

Aside from the movies, you also have amazing music options which again is pretty good, so you don’t have to worry about that. The only thing that you possibly need to ensure is the fact that the platform should have a very interactive user interface.

Since the movies and songs are all high quality, it is going to take a lot of space for downloading and will also need high-speed internet, so make sure that you do have those two factors sorted out as well.

9. Extramovies


Not many fall for this trap but extramovies is that one public torrent website that is known to provide all the latest movie launches in one place. If you don’t want a bad quality print of the movie, we would suggest that you do take a look at this one.

This is not the most popular platform but does have the features that should make it one. It is quite underrated but if you want some unique movies to download that you have not been finding anywhere else, you might likely end up finding it here.

The only downside to this movie platform is the fact that they don’t have proper categories for everything, which can make things a lot more complicated than what it is. But, they do have a search bar, so you can directly search for the movie that you want to download.

10. Downloadhub


If you want a platform that more or less has all the best kinds of movie download options and that too of varying genres and language, downloadhub is the best available option for you to take a look into.

This has a very interactive interface and is known for its collection of the regional language movies which is often scarce in some of the other movie download platforms. If you want a good print and easy downloading option, this is the platform you need to be on.

The one spooky and alarming thing about this platform is the anonymity of the person handling it. The IP addresses and such are very concealed for this website, which could be a sign of red alert, so make sure that you check that out first and then make the move ahead.

11. Tamilyogi


For the individuals who have been on the lookout for the latest Tamil movies, be it the original or the dubbed version, Tamilyogi is your answer. But, that doesn’t mean that the platform only has Tamil movies.

The reason why this is considered a good alternative to 9xmovies is that it does come with a plethora of movie options for download, especially in the category of the south Indian regional movies. 

Aside from all the amazing benefits of this platform, the one thing that stands out is the ease of download. You don’t have to go out of your way for this, which is pretty amazing. Simply select the movie and download it. As simple as that but the Tamil movies or any regional movie doesn’t come with a subtitle option.

12. Moviemad


If you are made for a movie like the majority of the people are, Moviemad is a platform that you just can’t do without. Because there are already so many available movie options for this platform, the one thing that makes this a good option is because of the easy download process.

For those who have been struggling to keep a check on the pirated movie sites with a bad reputation, this one doesn’t make you regret any part of it. It does have a very easy download option and navigable user interface too.

There are movie categories sorted out on the platform as well which further makes this a worthy option for you to look into.

13. TodayPK


Todaypk is for those who are Telugu movie fanatics. If you don’t find good Telugu movie options and have been looking out for one for a long time, this is the platform that you need to be on.

Aside from that, this movie platform hosts several amazing options for Bollywood and Hollywood movies too. Some of the most popular categories that are worth looking into are the dubbed categories that make it easier for everyone to watch the movies they want. 

The Hindi dubbed movies are quite popular on this platform which further makes it a very credible option for you to take a look into. Just make sure that you use a high-speed internet because that does make a lot of difference.

14. Bestwap


Last but not least on the list of the best alternatives for 9xmovies is Bestwap. The reason why that is the case is because of the amazing range of available options. Aside from that, it also keeps track of the safe download options.

If you don’t necessarily want to struggle with the download process, I would suggest that you do keep an eye out on the available options of movies on this platform. They do have Bollywood, Hollywood and even south Indian movies that you can choose from.

Even this platform doesn’t contain a lot of unnecessary ads that make this worthy of the usage. Just ensure that you have everything sorted with the internet before you start downloading movies from here.

15. Mega share

Mega Share is a very good website that can be used as an alternative to the 9x movies website. The users can find endless categories of movies to choose from. There are a lot of added features offered on this website which makes it even more interesting for the users. The users can use this website for as long as they want and they don’t need to pay any charges to stream its content. The options that are offered to you are endless so there can be times when you will be confused about what to watch now and which one to watch later.

16. Kasper Movies 

Kasper Movies 

Kasper Movies has such an amazing collection of movies that you are going to fall short of words when talking about this website to anyone you know. It features a large number of movies and TV series. One can find both old and new movies on this website. All of its content is free to watch and download. Not just that but every content featured on this website is uploaded in a lot of formats which makes it convenient for the users to download in whichever format they want. One can also find several dubbed movies on this website.

17. Movie777

The next website that we are going to talk about here is Movie 777. You are going to enjoy the content featured on this website. It can be used for streaming as well as downloading any TV show or movie you want. It offers a lot of other documentaries and short videos too. You can download the content you want in any format of your choice. The website can be accessed on any device that you are convenient with. You just need to enter the name of the website in the browser of your device. The layout of this website is highly sorted and the users have no scope to face any confusion in accessing the website.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 9xmovies

1. Does it require high-speed internet to download movies from 9xmovies?

Yes, since the movies are all of the good quality prints, you must have high-speed internet for a seamless download experience. The only thing you want to ensure is the fact that you should have enough free space on your device too as the movies can be pretty big.

2. How many movies can I download for free on 9xmovies?

For those who aren’t aware, 9xmovies is a completely free platform. So, you don’t necessarily have to pay anything to be able to download movies. Since these are all public torrent websites, you don’t have to pay anything upfront which is one of the reasons why you must keep an eye out in case they charge money because they generally shouldn’t.

3. Is it safe to download movies on 9xmovies?

Since 9xmovies is a public torrent and pirated movie download website, it is common for people to think that they are not the safest for movie downloads. That is not necessarily the case when it comes to this one though. They have a completely safe platform, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about anything at all.

4. Are there any legal pirated movie websites?

Piracy itself is an illegal task, so, no, there aren’t any kinds of legal pirated movie websites. All of these platforms are illegal, so it is something that you do need to be aware of. Given that they do come with their fair share of claims, make sure that you at least have this prospect clarified because none of the pirated movie download sites are legal.


As we have mentioned before time and time in this article, we do not support piracy or the websites. This is strictly for informational purposes. We know and understand the kind of hard work that the artists and the team put into the making of a movie and we know how hectic, time-consuming and budget induced process. This is the reason why it is better we clarify once again that we don’t support piracy. If you are willing to watch a new movie, we would always suggest that you watch the movie in the theatre first and then keep this as secondary.

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