Back in those days, the people who weren’t interested in watching movies in the theatres, would rent or buy a DVD and keep watching the same movie over and over again in the devices meant for watching movies. As technology keeps advancing over the days, the internet has also expanded its capacity. So, one need not use the internet only for making google searches, many websites have arisen where you can find the latest movies. Many websites serve as a huge repository of movies. Some websites operate legally and other websites operate illegally. The legal websites demand a particular amount of money from the users to download and watch their content. 

When you use the illegal site for downloading and watching the movies, you can find that there are no major costs involved in the downloading of content. 

There can be very few people in the world who aren’t interested in watching movies. There might be few preferences in watching the movies based on genre, but everyone watches movies. 

Despite tracking the various sites and bogging them down by the government, the number of sites keeps increasing on a rapid count. 9xrockers is one of those sites which hosts all the latest movies and earns more largely by getting revenue out of the ads posted on the site. 

What is 9xrockers? 


9xrockers is a website that is known to host all the latest Hindi movies and movies from the other languages as well. It is a site that notoriously operates to create a huge network where movie sharing is much possible. The website is famous for leaking many movies of huge film stars on the day of its release itself. 

This particular website has appeared multiple times on TV for having broken the norms laid down by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. The major reason why this site is most sought after is the team behind the deployment of this site who keeps updating the content constantly. 

The movies from all the regional languages are found on this website. So, this website doesn’t cater to the entertainment options of those who reside in the Northern part of India alone, but also for those who reside in any region of the country as well. This website has a very enticing interface that anyone with no prior knowledge of downloading movies can access this site and download it. 


The website doesn’t operate legally and the Internet Service Providers have always tried to block this site. But the owners of the site have been too notorious and they keep using mirror websites and proxies to get access to the content posted on this site. This is done religiously by the owners of the site to escape the punishment levels posed on them by the government and to promote watching of pirated content online. 

There are few websites which at least abide by the rules and regulations partly, but 9xrockers is a site that is operated completely on illegal means. Though this site has been banned all across India multiple times, it has never lost its demand, and people still look out for this site when they wish to download and watch movies. As it receives wide reception from people across the length and breadth of the country, the website hasn’t lost its sheen at all. 

Features of this website 

One of the top features of this website is that one can find separate websites dedicated to every language. For instance, you can find a website called 9xrockers Malayalam, 9xrcokers Tamil, 9xrockers Kannada where the entire website has movies and web series of that particular language alone. The ones who aren’t interested in watching movies with subtitles, then they can prefer to watch it on these sites. Plus, there is another good feature about this site is that you can find the movies dubbed into that particular language from the other languages. And also, if you don’t wish to get confused with the entire list of movies in a single site, then this is the right choice for you. 

Name any movie, which was released sometime in the near past. You can find it on this site. This site is known for notoriously leaking many movies and every movie of the big star is released on this site. 

There are many sites where you find too many advertisements whenever you click the download button but when it comes to 9xrockers, this is not the scenario. As soon as you click on the download button, the movie starts downloading. 

If you want to download the movies in HD format also you can download and if you wish to download the movies in resolutions like 1080p and 720p is also possible. 

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, then this site is something you need to strongly look out for. Almost every newly released movie in Hollywood can be found on this site. 

There is no necessity to create an account to watch or download the movies from this site. You can straightaway visit this site and then download all the movies from this site. 

Name any TV series, cartoons, anime, and any other latest video which is creating a sensation, you can find it here on the website. 

The topmost feature of this site is one can get to download all the movies without even paying a single penny. 

Latest movies to download 

This is a heavily popular site and Global Alexa ranks the sites all over the world based on the number of visitors the site receives. This shows the popularity of the site. The average time spent on each website accounts for about 1 minute 44 seconds. So, this is a clear-cut statement that reveals that whenever a new movie releases in the theatres, people flock to this site to if check whether the movies are released on this site. 

  • Angrezi Medium 
  • Jawaani Jaaneman 
  • Pati Patni Aur Woh 
  • Jumanji-the next level 
  • Bala 
  • Houseful 4 
  • Kaithi 

How to Get movies from 9xrockers?

9xrockers is one of the top sites for downloading movies. If you have the idea that downloading movies from this site is one of the most tedious tasks, then it is wrong. When you are aware of the step by step procedure, then downloading movies from this site is one of the easiest things. 

You must visit the website using a web browser by typing in the name of the website along with its extension. It is much important to type in the name of the website along with extension because the website faces ban most of the time. 

In the search box, you need to type in the name of the movie you are looking forward to downloading. You can also make use of the categories section to download movies from this site. 

After you choose the movie, you need to click on the download button. The download link appears and the process begins. You can also choose the location where you wish to save the movie. 

Best alternatives to 9xrockers 

9xrockers is one of the top sites for downloading movies. Yet, one can find that there are many alternatives to this site and these come very handy when you are trying to find out which site would suit your preferences. 

1. Mp4moviez


 It is a well-known fact that despite a lot of movie file extensions in the list of file download websites, mp4 is one of the most preferred file download extensions. The file extension is supported by many computers and it is also possible to download these files in mobile phones and other devices. When you enter into this site, you will be flabbergasted to find the umpteen list of movies to watch and download as well in various languages. 

One can find resolutions for all movies on this site. So, if you wish to save up a lot of data, then you can choose to download the movie in 720p, 1080p, and another type of resolutions. Plus, this is the site where you can download movies, series, and other types of videos in whichever resolution you want to. 

Mp4moviez has some of the top-quality films which you could not even find on the other websites. This is one of the best features of this site. Moreover, the movies are arranged according to the year of its release and so people flock to this site without any second thoughts in mind when they even wish to download the movies which were released years ago. 

2. Movieninja


Movieninja is a site you need to use if you are interested in watching movies from Hollywood and English web series alone without any hindrance. The appearance of the site and the User Interface is very exciting and one needs to watch out in this site for the extreme User Interface levels. The colors used in the design of this site are shades of grey and golden. When you move the cursor on top of the movie icon, you can see a small description of the movie as a synopsis along with the IMDB rating of the movie. 

Plus, another major highlight of this page is that you can find whether the resolution of the uploaded movie is of HD quality or the non-HD quality type. One can also choose whether to watch the movie immediately or to watch the movie later. This is one kind of rare option which is not provided by many sites. Also, one can find a separate section dedicated to web series alone. The web series you find n this site are all found in major OTT Services provider sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., So, this site gives you the pleasure of watching the movies and web series from the OTT sites even without holding an account in those sites. 

3. Bolly4u


As the name goes, all the movies released in Bollywood are showcased to you in this single site. It is a well-known fact that Bollywood is one of the largest film producing industries in the world. Also, another exciting feature you can find on this site is that all the files uploaded here are in the torrents format. This is one of the best formats for movie downloads as it provides the best viewing capacity. But to download the files in torrents format, you need to have the torrents application. Downloading torrents application is one of the simplest things to do. Be it on your computer or your mobile phone, you can download torrents application. It is available readily in the play stores and when it comes to the computer, you need to google for torrents application and download it on your computer and then run the software. 

Also, the movies on this site are arranged according to the names of the Bollywood actors. So, if you are a fan of a particular actor, you can find the list of the movies they had acted in that particular category. Also, occasionally some good Bollywood songs are uploaded on this website and you can also download them. 

4. Tamilgun


Kollywood is the name of the Industry that produces Tamil films. If anyone looks out for good regional language movies, then the Tamil film industry ranks in a higher position. There have been various Blockbusters in Hindi, whose original making was in Tamil. So, for those who like to only watch the originals, can log on to this site and watch the movies on this site. The best part of watching the movies on this site is that the quality of video on this site is too good and you can also find subtitles attached to the videos of the movie being uploaded. 

One of the biggest features of this site is that the categorization of the movies. The movies are categorized based on various parameters. Some of them are the names of the actors, the year of release of the movie, latest releases, etc.

The other major feature of this site is the fact that the resolution of the movie is too good. One cannot find the movies that were shot in the theatres on this site. All the movies uploaded here are mostly of HD quality. Though the files are in HD quality, they do not consume much data to download. 

5. Fzmovies


Fzmovies is the site where you can find a huge collection of movies of all languages. Also, the best part about this website is that you can find movies of all genres in all languages. The content team of Fzmovies keeps updating the site constantly and you can find the movies released later in this site as well. As there are many languages in this site, one can find the movies being categorized according to the languages. Under every category, you can find subcategories.

Another major feature of the site is that there is no disturbance caused due to the continuous display of advertisements as you keep watching and downloading from this site. Also, the site is maintained in a much safe manner that you can never find any issues like malware attacks and other kinds of trojan attack on this site. So, if you are a kind of a movie freak who would like to explore all kinds of movie genres, then watching movies from Fzmovies is the thing you need to look out for. 

6. Jattmovies

Jatt Movies
Jatt Movies

By the name, you can say that you can find a huge list of Punjabi movies on this site. Also, you can see that there is a huge collection of movies from the other languages spoken widely in the region. It is not easy to find a site where you can find regional language movies. Movies from those languages are dubbed into Hindi and it grabs fans all over the country. This website provides you with the opportunity to watch movies that are of really good quality in terms of content in languages you can understand. 

Also, you can find that every newly released Bollywood movie on this site. So, if you are looking forward to enjoying great Bollywood movies, then this site provides you with the top-notch resolution of the video and along with subtitles as well. 

Also, it is completely free to download and watch movies on this site. You need not pay a single rupee to download and watch movies from this site. Also, the web design of the site is too good enough to grab a lot of visitors. 

7. Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers
Jio rockers

Jio Rockers is not the site which is owned by Jio. Just like Tamil Rockers, Jio Rockers is a pirated site which uploads movies on to the site for users to watch and download movies from this site. One can find movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and other South Indian languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, etc., on this site. One of the best features is that the movies are uploaded along with subtitles on this site. So, the movies would garner attention from fans from the length and breadth of the country. 

It is a known fact that there are a lot of fans for Hollywood movies in the country. Language being a barrier, people can’t understand the crux of the movie. So, the movies are dubbed into Hindi from Hollywood.

8. Sdmoviepoint


Despite lots of other streaming websites available on the internet, Sdmoviepoint has managed to create a good name for itself. It’s one of the most preferred movie sites available nowadays. Not just streaming, the site even allows downloading of movies for free. The site uploads contents in multiple formats allowing users to choose a suitable format before streaming or downloading. With its vast collection of contents, it brings to you movies in several languages like Hindi, English, Bengali, South Indian, Gujarati, Marathi, etc. Even the contents are from a variety of different genres like horror, thriller, comedy, romance, and whatnot. No matter if you are looking for the latest movies, web series, documentaries, or short films, you can get it for free only on Sdmoviepoint!


As the name suggests, this site holds the biggest collection of South Indian movies. Starting from the Telugu and Tamil blockbusters to old South Indian films, you would get them all here. The site has an easy, simple UI that allows smooth browsing. When you enter the site’s homepage, you would be surprised to see the plethora of movie collections here. Apart from south Indian films, you can also watch Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional films like Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, etc. This site is sure to contain films that cater to your movie preferences. The best part is that this site mentions a small description of every movie. Thus it helps you get some idea about any unknown movie you choose to stream.


Another major alternative to 9xrockers is The site is extremely popular because of its amazing collection of contents. It chooses to upload only the best ones that too in HD resolution. Thus, is sure to enhance your movie streaming experience. To enable people to get their movies easily, the site has listed its contents into categories based on their IMDb rating, language, genre, and year of release. Sometimes, groups are also found based on the lead actors. This site, though an illegal one, has been providing promising services to its users for years now. You would not regret choosing for a thorough movie streaming experience.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 9xrockers

1. Should one be above the age of 18 to download movies from this site? 

No. Anyone who can download movies from this site. You just need to have a proper internet connection to the download site. If you have internet with high speed, then you can find that the movies are downloaded in a much faster manner. 

2. Is it safe enough to download movies from this site? 

Yes. It is very much safe enough to download movies from this site. The site doesn’t have files that are affected by the virus and other malware. So, when you download movies from this site, your system doesn’t get affected at all. 

3. Why is 9xrockers much famous amongst users? 

As the website hosts a lot of movies on this site, several users flock on to this site to watch and download favorite movies of their stars. Moreover, the user-friendly nature of this site makes it one of the most sought after by many around. 

4. Is only HD movies available on this site? 

HD movies are found in large numbers on this site. There are also movies with other better resolutions in this site which takes much lesser time to download and watch the movies. 

5. Can one download Hollywood movies from this site? 

Yes. There are many Hollywood movies found on this site. One can find many Hollywood movies with top quality and subtitles. Name any favorite actor of yours and you can find their entire movie names listed on the site. 


According to the Copyright Act of 1957, piracy is considered a grievous crime. Anyone found indulging in acts of piracy would be given stern punishment. It is not advised to watch the movies in pirated sites to respect the sweat and work of the film industry personnel. This disclaimer is put up to make people aware of the fact that it is never encouraged to watch movies in these piracy sites. And to respect the hard work put in by the team of professionals, it is much required to watch the movies in the theatres and keep the work of the film industry going in full swing. There have been various cases of websites being banned due to copyright issues and one needs to keep in mind the seriousness of the issue if in case there is a lawsuit filed against the owners of the website. Also, if a person is found circulating the content obtained from these websites, then they can be booked under various laws in the Indian government.


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