In terms of entertainment, there is no substitute for movies. A person gets completely immersed in the world of a movie and for a couple of hours, forgets about what is happening in the rest of the world. They help people in relieving stress and anxiety. They are also a great source of learning as every year a significant number of documentary films are made in different parts of the world highlighting different aspects of the society that we live in. That is why it is said that movies and cinema reflect the society that people live in.

There are a number of ways to enjoy movies. But if are not a big fan of getting ready and walking out of your house to watch a movie in a movie theatre nearby, then one of the options you can choose is streaming platforms that are available on the internet. Another reason why these streaming platforms are a good option for consuming cinematic content is they do not put a dent in the pockets of film lovers who are film addicts but do not necessarily have the money to watch them in multiplexes or on OTT platforms.

Movies4u is a good streaming platform for streaming videos. So, if you are new to the world of streaming and do not know which site is good and which is bad, the safe option for you is to just use the Movies4u website to quench your thirst for cinema.

What is Movies4u?

Movies4u is an internet website that puts up pirated versions of movies and TV shows on its platform for the users to watch and enjoy. With the help of these sites, a user can comfortably watch his or her favorite film anywhere and anytime that they want. All they need is a device like a computer or a mobile phone and a decent internet connection. The site is pirated and thus, is illegal in India. People do not have to pay any fees or charges to enjoy videos on Movies4u. The content of the platform is free to the internet users.

The fact that the site is illegal prohibits Movies4u from having Google ads as a source of revenue on its platform. Thus, the way that the Movies4u website earns money is by having pop up ads on its platform. On Movies4u, there is a wide variety of films from different film industries like Hollywood, Kollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood that can be streamed and downloaded by the users. Also, people can watch videos without going through the tiring and boring process of signing up and creating an account.

Category of Films

In order to make users pay a visit to a streaming website and subsequently, get them hooked on it, a streaming platform needs to have a solid directory of films and TV shows. In this department, the Movies4u website has done and is continuously doing very well. The movie collection of this illegal streaming platform covers a wide range of genres. Some of the genres in which Movies4u have movies are listed below:

  • Comedy – If you are looking for something to relieve stress and t reduce anxiety, there are not many things that do a better job than a good comedy film. A good comedy film should make us laugh our hearts out and should ultimately uplift our moods. Movies4u has plenty of such films that can entertain the users and make them happy.
  • Drama – A good drama movie can take the viewers through a roller coaster of emotions throughout its entire runtime. In order for a drama movie to be good, there needs to be some terrific acting performances which only come if the casting is done right.
  • Thriller – If you are in the mood for something that will pump up your heartbeat, a well-made thriller will do the job. A good murder mystery can manage to get the audience engaged in the film and a good twist, in the end, is just a cherry on the top.
  • Horror – If you are having a sleepover with your friends and are in the mood of something adventurous, a horror film will give you an experience that you will remember for the next few days.

Features of Movies4u

We have made a list of Movies4u features that will make it easy for you to decide whether this site is suited for your needs or not. The list as follow:

  • The video directory of the site has some cinematic gems from different film industries in the world. So, Movies4u does not restrict itself when it comes to the film collection of the platform.
  • As it has been mentioned before, the film collection of the Movies4u streaming platform does manage to successfully cover a lot of the major film genres that are out there.
  • There are a large number of streaming platforms on the internet that have all the popular movies on their platform. But what they lack is good video quality. What good is having a huge library of films when a person cannot even properly see what is happening on the screen? You can find high definition video files of some of the most popular movies in the world on this platform.
  • It is said that watching a movie on a streaming platform is easy but there are some people who are not tech-savvy. When it comes to accessing these sites and streaming and downloading content from them, these individuals can face a lot of problems. Sometimes, the difficulty can be so much that they might end up thinking of going to a theatre is an easier, more convenient way to watch a film. The user interface of the Movies4u platform has been designed keeping in mind that not every person on the internet is well versed with the process of navigating websites to watch videos. People who are at a disadvantage in the technological sector can also use the website without having any major issues.
  • What a lot of streaming websites do not realise is how big an impact a homepage of a streaming platform can make in the eyes of the users. A good, well-designed homepage will capture the eyes of the users. Users are generally very impressed by and appreciative of the effort that has been put by Movies4u website in designing the homepage of the site. That has done wonders for the platform as it has increased the daily traffic and also increased the average time that people spend on the platform.


There are a lot of perks associated with using streaming platforms. Although these sites do not charge any money from the public, nothing ever actually comes free in this world. There are repercussions that a person can face if he or she is caught making use of these websites to stream movies. So, it is important for people to know that watching cinema on streaming platforms like Movies4u is not only unethical but also illegal.

How to use Movies4u

In order to use the Movies4u platform to watch, enjoy and download movies, a person needs a VPN. By installing that, a person can gain access to the website and start watching his or her favorite movies. In order to download movies from the site, a person needs to first use the search bar or the different categories on the front page to search for the desired film. After finding it, the user has to click on the thumbnail which will lead to a new webpage. There, the user will find a download button that will start the downloading process.

Alternative Websites for Movies4u

As good as Movies4u is a streaming platform, there are always websites that are better, at least according to some people. And we do not want users to confine themselves to just one platform. They should be able to explore new territories, find new websites and watch new movies. That is why we have made a list of online illegal streaming platforms that can be used by people if they ever get bored or tired of Movies4u. The list is as follow:

1. 1337x


The website that opens this list of alternatives for Movies4u is 1337x. This is a very well-known and respected name in the streaming world. The site has been operating for many years now and enjoys a very healthy following by a large number of internet users. 1337x is a torrent website and is illegal because the platform of the website had pirated prints of movies on it. 1337x has done a very good job of creating and maintaining diversity and range in terms of its content. Due to this, the site has managed to gain the attention of people from different corners of the world. There is so much different stuff on this platform for the users. People can enjoy anything from feature films to documentaries to short films. The video quality of these videos is also pretty decent. Most of the movie prints are available in high definition.

2. Filmymeet


The next website that makes its entry in this list of good streaming websites is Filmymeet. The site has all the good things that a user can ask for. The library is well maintained and has movies from the old times as well as the newly released blockbuster films. The site has been maintained very well. There are a lot of categories that have been used to sort different videos. So, it makes it easier for a person to use these categories to find the movie ho or she is searching for. Another step that the Filmymeet website has taken in order to make the site more user friendly is that the site has put up various filters like ratings, year of release, genre etc. So, people who are fans of a particular genre do not have much trouble in looking for movies that are best suited for them.

3. Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers
Jio rockers

There are not many streaming sites that have grown at a pace that is as fast as Jio Rockers’. Jio Rockers have been in existence for just a handful of years but the site has seen a meteoric rise as the users seem to have immediately fallen in love with the platform. All the services and features of the Jio Rockers website are available to the users for free. That is one of the major reasons why the platform has gained so much traction as people who cannot afford to or do not really want to spend their money on films can watch and enjoy them for free on the Jio Rockers website. One good thing that Jio Rocker has done is that it did not put a cage around itself. By that, we mean that the site has not followed a narrow vision and has been open to exploring all opportunities. That is why, the platform has not only Hindi language movies but films of other languages like Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi etc. There are multiple video formats available on the site. So, a person has the option of choosing his or her preferred format and watch or download the movie in that particular format. A person takes the decision of choosing the video format depending on how much space he or she has on the computer device and on how strong the internet connection is. The procedure of downloading a film from Jio Rockers is also a cakewalk. Just a single click on the available download links will easily do the job. The speed at which the video file gets downloaded to the computer is also very impressive. There are enough decent streaming sites out there that provide good quality videos. But when it comes to the quality of audio, that number of sites drop down drastically. Jio Rockers boasts of having videos that have great audio and give the viewers an immersive experience while watching a film. Different genres like horror, action, drama, comedy etc. can be seen in the film categories that are present on the front page of the platform.

4. Khatrimaza


If you are looking for a streaming platform on the internet that will provide some good quality and entertaining Indian content to watch and enjoy, then your search can end with Khatrimaza. Khatrimaza is a very popular site among Indian internet users. The most basic thing that a streaming platform needs to do in terms of content is to upload popular and critically acclaimed films from Hollywood and Bollywood on the platform. But the mistake most websites make is that they stop at just that. They do not think of expanding their range. They are content with what they have and that is why most of these sites lack behind as they refuse or fail to adapt to the changes in the environment. Khatrimaza focuses equally on all the film industries that are operating in India. Movies from east, west, north and south can all be found on a single platform in Khatrimaza. Punjabi films, Bengali films, Marathi films, Telugu films, Kannada films etc. are some of the collections that the Khatrimaza platform has of films of various regional languages. However, despite all its great qualities, Khatrimaza is not a perfect streaming site. The site does suffer from the problem of ads. These ads can pop up any time while a user is surfing the website. So, there needs to be a display of patience by users in order to watch content on this website. But not every individual is patient enough and might just decide to quit the website.

5. Madras Rockers

Madras Rockers
Madras Rockers

While on the hunt for a streaming website that is perfect, every person has different preferences. Some people want a site that shows diversity. Some are looking for a platform that caters to a certain niche that they like. And then, there are people that like a mix of both. For the people belonging to the third category, Madras Rockers is a great option. Madras Rockers plays the role of a niche site as the platform specialises in the content that comes out of the South Indian film industry. So, a majority of the users that pay a visit to the site to download or stream videos are those who are interested in South Indian cinema. But the Madras Rockers website also caters to people from other parts of the country as well. On the site, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Bengali films can also be found by the users. There are people who want to watch movies on these streaming websites but are hesitant. One reason for this hesitation of theirs is that they are afraid that they will not understand the process of operating these websites and make a mistake that might cause some damage to their computer or more importantly, to the data on their computer. These people do not have to stress about those problems with Madras Rockers as the user interface of this platform is very welcoming and almost acts as a guide to the teachers walking them through the working s of the site. People are able to easily navigate through different categories and filters to search the movie or video that they want to view.

6. Wapking


The last website that makes its entry in this list of amazing streaming platforms that a person can use in case he or she does not like the Movies4u website is Wapking. The Wapking website is different from the other sites mentioned on this list. One of the reasons for this is that the site shows diversity not only in the context of its movie collection but also in terms of its overall content. Apart from the video content, there are also mp3 songs and albums present on the site that people can stream or download on their mobile devices. Thus, people like to listen to different kinds of music can come to the Wapking website and enjoy the songs and albums of the artists that they love and admire. There are software applications present on the platform also. This is suitable for people who are always looking to upgrade their computer software and want the best application for everything whether it is for watching movies, playing video games or for listening to songs. The site invites people with very different tastes to one platform. By doing this, Wapking manages to reach out to a larger number of people and increase its user base.

7. Movieflix

Movieflix is an amazing platform that does not restrict the user to contents like movies but it also has documentaries, TV series, and much more as a part of the huge library videos of this site. Movieflix is a user-friendly website that makes it easier for lay people who are not professionals in this field. Also offers movies with amazing qualities like 1080p, 720p and 360p. The website also allows the user to download movies if they want to watch them later. One of the interesting features of Movieflix is that the servers are really fast and allow the user to watch their favourite film without any interruption.

So, these are the online streaming websites that can be useful for those who are looking for alternatives for Movies4u.

8. YoMovies

Yo Movies

YoMovies is a platform where you can watch TV shows in series on a social networking platform. The user need not pay any registration fee or subscription for watching movies online on YoMovies. The website has a user-friendly interface that allows them to watch movies and video content on any device whether it is a laptop or smartphone or desktop without any interruption. The main advantage of using this website is that the user can download movies of any language and quality according to their device storage capacity. Keep in mind that YoMovies is an illegal website that is subjected to risk.

9. Tubeoffline


Most people are not aware of Tubeoffline. Tubeoffline is a platform in which the user can download movies from the platform and watch them offline on any device. Tubeoffline is a legal and free audio-video downloading platform. The users without any hesitation can make use of this website to watch their favourite movies as it does not have a complicated procedure for downloading movies. It is very easy to access the website and download your favourite movies. All you have to do is copy the URL of the audio or video that you want to watch offline.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movies4u

1. How does Movies4u earn revenue?

Movies4u earns revenue by having pop up ads on its platform.

2. Is Movies4u a legal streaming platform?

No, the Movies4u website is illegal and a person can legal consequences if he or she gets caught using the website.

3. Are there any legal streaming platforms?

Yes, there are platforms like Netflix, Hulu, AltBalaji, Zee5 and Amazon Prime where people can stream movies and web series legally.


With this article, we wanted to highlight the features and qualities of the Movies4u website. This article is, in no way, intended to promote piracy.


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