MP3juices is a music streaming website that people can visit to listen to and download the songs and albums of their favorite artists. One special feature of Mp3juices is that it allows people to have access to songs that are present on third party websites. A user can stream and download songs from this site without paying any money. But no streaming website comes without drawbacks. The thing that might irritate a user while he or she is navigating the site is the pop up ads that regularly come on the screen. This can ruin the music-listening experience of the user.

Punjabi music is the new rage nowadays. So many great songs are getting released nowadays that the popularity of Punjabi music is now not limited to only the northern region of India. People from all over the country listen to these songs. Mp3juices tries to capitalize on this by having a very impressive collection of Punjabi songs on its platform. This results in a large amount of traffic for the website.

Features of Mp3juices


To stand out from a crowd, you need to have some special characteristics and Mp3juices has just that. Below is a list of features that the Mp3juices website and the mobile app has that makes it better than its competitor websites:

  • The song library of Mp3juices contains a huge collection of Punjabi songs. This adds to the mass appeal of the website. 
  • The services of the Mp3juices website are available to the users free of cost.
  • The content of the website is very neatly organised. There are various filters and categories on the website to help the users in easily searching for the song that they want to watch.
  • The user interface of Mp3juices is easy to use and allows users to easily navigate the website in order to listen to and download the music of their choice.
  • You can not only listen to the songs online but the site also provides the option to the users to download these songs and albums. Thus, people can listen to their favorite music at any time they want even when they do not have an internet connection.
  • The website uploads the latest released songs on its platform as soon as possible. Thus, people who are eagerly waiting for the release of a new song instantly rush to this website. 
  • The audio quality of the uploaded songs is also quite impressive and makes for a good listening experience. 
  • Apart from songs and albums, movies are also available on the site. This helps in attracting movie lovers to the site who can watch and download movies from the site’s platform. 
  • The audio quality of the songs that are there on the Mp3juices platform is very good. The user also has the option of deciding what audio quality he or she wants to download the song or album in.

How to Download Songs from Mp3juices

Although downloading a song seems like a fairly easy task but it can turn out to be a nightmare sometimes. Clicking on a wrong download link can at best, open a pop up ad and at worst, infect the user’s device with viruses and malware. So, a user needs to be careful while downloading songs from these websites. Following are the steps a person can follow if he or she wants to download songs and web series from Mp3juices:

  • The next step is to visit the Mp3juices website.
  • Upon reaching there, search for the song you want.
  • When you find it, click on it and that will take you to a new page.
  • Notice that there is a download option on that page. Click on that download link and your song will start downloading.


While using a streaming website, a person should be aware of the fact that the content that is uploaded on these websites is pirated. Piracy is illegal in India and is a criminal offence punishable by law. So, a person should always keep this in mind while surfing these websites as he or she alone is responsible for their actions.

Alternatives for Mp3juices

Mp3juices is a great website to listen to and download songs but since it is a website that has pirated content on its platform, the government and other regulatory authorities might make attempts to shut it down. Sometimes, it may also be the case that the song you are looking for is not available on that particular website. In such scenarios, a person needs alternative websites that can fulfill his or her needs. Below is a list of alternative websites that a user can visit, in case he or she is not able to access the Mp3juices website:

1. Waptrick


The first name on the list of websites that can be considered a good alternative for Mp3juices is Waptrick. The website has music from India as well as other countries present on the platform. The competition in the world of streaming websites is fierce and cut-throat. In order to survive and stay in the competition, a streaming website needs to do something extraordinary. In order to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of its competitor websites, Waptrick does not restrict itself to content from just one industry. The website goes for diversity and thus, has a diverse range of content present on the platform. Apart from mp3 songs, the website plays host to video games and software applications as well. Thus, the audience of the site is not limited to just song lovers and it attracts people who have different interests and do different things for fun. Another thing through which Waptrick attracts users towards it is by having an instant chat feature on the platform. A lot of users find this feature really interesting and use it to interact with people from other parts of the world and can talk to them about their similar music tastes and give and take recommendations from each other. Waptrick also targets the market section of people who are interested in wallpapers and themes. People who like cool wallpapers and themes on their mobile phones can download and install them from this site. Various different genres of video games like action, arcade, combat, quiz etc. are present on the platform. With this, Waptrick adds another market section to its large audience.


The next name on the list of websites that people can visit in order to listen to, enjoy and download music of their favorite artists is There a lot of people in India who are fans of western music. There is a huge audience for this kind of music and realizing this, has put western music at the center of its music directory. But the site does not limit itself to just this one genre of music. The services of the website are available to the users for free.

3. Vuze

Vuze is a very popular name in the music streaming circuit. The main focus of this site is on music. The content present on the website majorly consists of ringtones and mp3 songs. The services of the Vuze website are available to the users for free. The user interface of the website is super smooth. Thus, people who are not tech-savvy and are hesitant to use these streaming websites can also navigate easily through Vuze in order to enjoy the music of their choice.

4. Naa songs

Having a niche can be very beneficial sometimes. It acts as an assurance that there will always be a particular segment of the market that will want that niche content. The niche market that Naa songs focuses on is the section of people who like to listen to Tamil music and tries to cater to their needs. There is a large number of people who are interested in Telugu music and are looking for websites where they can stream and download Telugu songs. 

5. Beemp3

Another great music streaming website that people can visit to listen to and download their favorite songs and albums in case they are not able to access the Mp3juices website is Beemp3. The search speed of the website is very good. All a person has to do is put the title of the song, artist or album in the search bar and the site will immediately produce the required results. There are multiple download links available for the songs and albums present on the website. This is helpful to the users because if a person is not able to download a song from one server due to any technical reason, he or she can always make use of the other download links that are available on the site. 

6. Downloadhub


The next name on the list of streaming websites that a person can go to in case he or she is not able to access the Mp3juices website is Downloadhub. Although it is movies and TV shows that people visit this website for, that does not mean that Downloadhub does not have any other type of content on its platform. Instead of focusing on just one type of content, Downloadhub focuses on diversity in order to increase the mass appeal of the website. Music videos, movie trailers, mp3 songs and games are also there on the website for the users to enjoy. And all of this is available to the users for free. The website does not have only Indian users but people from other countries also visit the website. For this reason, Downloadhub has improvised so that the content list for every country is different so as to cater to the needs specific to each country.

7. DjPunjab


There is no music industry in India that is more popular than the Punjabi music industry. Every other Punjabi song that is being released is going viral nowadays. Even the Bollywood industry is obsessed with Punjabi music. Many new movies that are being released have at least one Punjabi song in them. They are also constantly remixing Punjabi songs to promote their movies. One of the biggest names in the music streaming world, when it comes to Punjabi songs, is DjPunjab. The site has a very well curated collection of Punjabi music. Songs by young artists as well as old school cult music tracks by Punjabi legends are available on the platform. Although this a website that has pirated content on its platform which is considered illegal, the site still manages to attract an unusually high amount of traffic. The website provides the option of downloading songs to its users. Thus, people can enjoy their favorite songs at any time that they want. Downloading songs also allows a person to play songs even in the absence of an internet connection.

8. FrostWire

The next name on the list of websites that can be considered a good alternative to Mp3juices to stream and download music is FrostWire. There are a lot of websites that have a good music collection on their platform but the audio quality of their songs is very poor. This might result in the user not visiting that site again. The music present on FrostWire is of great audio quality can really enhance the music-listening experience of a person. This is a really important feature as if an individual likes the quality of the music of a website, he or she might start visiting that website often. 

9. Spotify

Another great website that can be used as an alternative for Mp3juices to stream and download songs is Spotify. People can visit this website in case they are not able to access the Mp3juices website due to some reason. There is hardly any name bigger than Spotify in the music streaming industry. Spotify has gotten so huge by having a diverse range of content on its platform and thus, catering to the wants and needs of a large number of people around the world. The site does not play host to only songs and albums. In order to grow its audience, Spotify also has music videos as well as podcasts on its website as well as on the mobile app. But even a brand as big as Spotify also has some drawbacks. One thing that works against Spotify is that there are a lot of advertisements that can ruin the music-listening experience of the users. This problem can be solved but in order to do that, a person will have to spend money. An individual can buy the premium package of Spotify in order to stop the ads. Another solution for these ads by installing an ad blocker software on the system. There are very low chances of any other website or a mobile app having a music collection as impressive as that of Spotify.

10. PureVolume

The last but not the least on the list of websites that can be a good alternative for mp3juices is PureVolume. PureVolume is not just another music streaming website. It is a place where music fanatics come together to interact like a community. They discuss their music tastes and share recommendations with each other. PureVolume is a great platform for artists who are just starting up in the music industry. PureVolume gives these artists a chance to sign up on the website and then they can upload their own music to showcase it to the world. People are not only able to listen to these songs, but they are also provided with the option of downloading them from the website. The content of the PureVolume website is not limited to just mp3 songs. The website also plays host to mp4 videos of songs from various genres. These mp4 videos can also be streamed and downloaded by the people. 

So, these are the websites that a user can visit as an alternative in case he or she is not able to visit the Mp3juices website due to some technical reasons. A user can also visit these websites in case they are not able to find the content they are looking for the Mp3juices website.

11. Baseshare

Baseshare is an amazing platform, especially for music lovers. It is one of the best alternatives to MP3Juices. If you are a fan of MP3Juices, then you should try Baseshare for once. It provides all types of songs for the users to listen to and download. You could listen to your favorite songs at any time. All types of music of all genres are available on this site. The best part is you could download all these songs too without paying any amount. The users could download as many songs as they desire. There is no restriction on the number of songs they could download. Base share is an amazing site for all categories of music lovers.

12. Mp3skull

Mp3skull is an amazing website that provides direct links for downloading. The website was founded in the year 2010 and is available in both English and Indonesian language. It is one of the best alternatives to MP3Juices which provides all categories of songs to the users. The users can avail music of every genre and download the music for free. It has the latest as well as the oldest music available on its platform. The Mp3skull provides a search engine to the users so that they could search their favorite songs and download them later. Use Mp3skull from today to enjoy listening to your favorite music and get an amazing experience.

13. Mp3tunes

An MP3 tune is a service provider of music. It is an amazing website to download music at a very fast speed. The MP3tune is a user-friendly site. It provides the latest music free of cost. The users will not have to pay a hefty amount to listen to their favorite music at their convenient time slot. You could download high-quality music on any device of your choice. You could also listen to the latest songs that have been released recently and download them on your device to listen on repeat mode. It is a perfect option to go for if you are a music lover. So, why wait? Try this site at the earliest to enjoy its features!

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mp3juices

1. What is Mp3juices?

Mp3juices is a website on the internet that the users can visit to enjoy and download the music of their choice.

2. Does a person have to open an account on the Mp3juices website to download songs?

A person does not have to go through any registration process in order to access the Mp3juices website to watch and download songs.

3. Is the content available on the Mp3juices website authentic?

No, the songs and albums that are present on the Mp3juices website are pirated.

4. Does Mp3juices have a good music collection?

The audio library of Mp3juices is pretty extensive as it has songs from various different genres on its platform.


We want to state that we do not, in any way, shape or form, promote or support piracy. We know piracy is illegal in India and is a punishable offence. The article has been written solely for information purposes for people who want to watch songs online. So, a user should be careful while accessing any one of these websites as there might be some repercussions in some cases.


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