Today, people have quite a little time in hand because of such a fast lifestyle. Therefore, it doesn’t happen much that you randomly go for a movie at the theatre and enjoy it. If you do so, the tension of projects and deadlines hovers upon your head. At that juncture, you can’t enjoy the movie at all and get irritated. But, if you can download your favorite movie whenever you want and watch at your leisure when you have nothing else to do, that will be highly recommended.

To bring your wish come true, you can rely on 1337x which is a directory of torrent files that helps you to download your favorite movies any time you want. You just need a stable internet connection. There are lots of such sites from where you can download movies. You will also find sites to stream online to watch movies. So, enjoying your leisure can be more happening now when you can watch any new releases with your family.

While talking about streaming online movies and also downloading those, the name of 13337x will appear in your mind. To get thorough information about it, read on.

What Is 1337x?


1337x is one of the most popular websites which works as a torrent file and also used as peer-to-peer file sharing. With access to 1337x, one can download numerous movies, whether it is from Hollywood or Bollywood. 1337x came into existence in 2007 and from 2016 this file became hugely popular among the users who are movie buffs. This site is used not only for downloading any kind of movies, but one can download music, games, software, etc. through this site. 

The popularity of 1337x lies in its speedy download and the wide library of movies and music from where the visitors can pick their favorite ones and download quickly. While checking out 1337x, you will find different sorts of files, like movie libraries, applications, documentaries, television libraries, music, games, and so on.

Now, before you start downloading movies from this site, you need to know that 1337x is a pirated site and it is illegal. The movies you find on this site are obtained illegally.


Now, it is a well-known fact that piracy is illegal. 1337x is an illegal site where you can find the pirated versions of the movies. But, the fact is that there have been no illegal issues on 1337x and the viewers don’t need to fear about downloading movies from this site.

Another threat is associated with pirated movies. That is the treat of viruses and malware which can damage your computer system. But, with 1337x, there have been no such cases so far. So, downloading movies from this site is almost stress-free and you can download as many movies as you can. Make sure you have high-speed internet, free from the irritation of buffering.

You can download movies from this site without any registration. So, downloading virus-free movies can be a great experience for you.

Features of the Website

From the discussion so far, it is clear that 1337x is one of the most happening sites from where you can download the latest Hindi and English movies. To know more about the site, you need to know about the happening features of it. Read on to know more-

  • You will enjoy the user-friendly interface of this site
  • You can download high-quality HD movies from this site
  • It is the wide collection of English and Hindi latest movies that have made this site so popular
  • You don’t need to get worried about the malware and viruses in your computer system as the movies and all other downloadable files are free from those.
  • You won’t find any difficulties to find the desired movie as the movies are arranged under particular categories in 1337x.
  • Downloading movies and music from this site is easy and that’s why the site is so popular among the users.
  • Certain easy filters help you to download movies.
  • You don’t need to do any registration for downloading movies from 1337x.

How to Download Movies from 1337x?

If you are a pro torrent user, you are well aware of the name of 1337x. It is one of the most popular torrent sites which is around for many years and is known for downloading the latest movies through it. There are lots of categories of movies and music in 1337x from where you can easily download your favorite one. 

Downloading movies from 1337x is really easy and secured if you use a strong VPN connection. With the VPN connection, you can work anonymously with 1337x. You can download movies through other IP addresses so that your identity won’t get disclosed over the internet. 

By following simple steps you can download your desired movies and music from 1337x. The first thing you need to do is to download Folx and launch the app. It is free to download and use further. Search for and look for the files you want to download. Now, open the magnet link. There will be a pop-up form where you need to select ‘Use Folx to catch download links in browsers’. Open the Folx and paste the magnet link over there. 

Choose the setting option and start downloading your 1337x movie. You can access this site from your smartphone as well as from your laptop. For comfort, you can use your laptop for downloading.

Latest Movies to Download

The list of downloadable movies is quite long. You will get confused once you try to download movies from this site. Here are a few of those-

  1. The Escape from Auschwitz
  2. Capsized: Blood in the Water
  3. The Occupation
  4. Bad Boys for Life
  5. My Name Is Sara
  6. The Last Rite
  7. Dolittle
  8. Battle Star Wars
  9. Space
  10. Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs

Top Best Alternatives to 1337x

Are you having any difficulty in searching for any particular movie on 1337x? If so, you can check out certain alternatives to 1337x. Those sites are equally good and you can find your desired movie at any of these sites with lots of others. Have a look-

1. Khatrimaza


While talking about the best websites for downloading the latest movies, 1337x will always be on the top. But, sometimes it may happen that you don’t find any particular movie over there. In that case, you can use the best alternatives of 1337x and Khatrimaza is one of those. Khatrimaza is a public torrent website from where you can download numerous Bollywood and Hollywood movies along with South Indian movies.

Finding movies in Khatrimaza will be easy for the viewers as all the movies are categorized perfectly so that you can find the one easily you want to download now. All the latest movies are available on this website. The download link always gets changed from Khatrimaza for piracy issues. So, you need to know the latest download link to get your favorite movies. Not only movies, but you can also download popular TV shows and music from this website.

You can use Khatrimaza without any tension of bugs as the files are free from those to give the users a smooth experience of downloading and watching movies. Besides that, it uses certain super-fast servers which help in downloading the movies at great speed.

2. 9xmovies


If you are a true movie lover, you may already have 9xmovies. This is a great alternative of 1337x as it comes with a wide range of collections for Hindi and English movies. Not only Bollywood and Hollywood movies, but you can also download the action-packed Tamil and Telugu movies from this website. This website is not older than 8 to 10 years and got high popularity within this time to the movie buffs.

To download movies and popular TV shows from 9xmovies, you don’t need to pay any registration fees. Isn’t that amazing? Initially, you can get the theatre prints of the latest movies here. After a few weeks of release, you can get the HD quality picture of the movies. An exclusive feature of 9xmovies is that you can stream it online to watch movies besides downloading. The extensions keep on changing for security issues. So, know about their latest updates to track your favorite movie on this site and download it instantly after release. 

You can search for your favorite movies quite easily on this site as those are stored under particular categories. There are numerous films in several languages available here. With the feature of 330MB movies, users can download any movie of this size faster. Speed is another exciting feature of this site. You don’t need to wait an entire day to download just one movie. Click on the download link and it will be done within little time. You can download as many movies as you want from 9xmovies.

3. Filmyzilla


If you are a fan of any kind of movies, whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood, or dubbed movies, you will fall in love with this website. Many of you don’t get time to visit cinema halls after every release. To quench your thirst for the latest movies, you can take the help of this website anytime. It is one of the best alternatives to 1337x. But, why choose filmyzilla out of everything?

The crew of this website is dedicated to bringing the latest movies with lots of varieties to the viewers. Not only the famous Hindi or English movies, but you can also enjoy regional dubbed movies, like Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada films through filmyzilla. Not only that, but this site is very careful of delivering the high quality, HD movies for a smooth experience of the film lovers. 

Viewers also don’t need to get worried about the malware or viruses as this website is free from such a mess. Due to the piracy issue, the extension of this website keeps on changing. You need to be aware of the latest extension to land on the right site and download your favorite movies faster. Not only popular and new movies, but you can also find varieties of TV shows, music videos, animation movies, and so on.

4. Bolly4U


While talking about the best alternatives of 1337x, Bolly4U will always be on the list. This website is famous for distributing the latest Hindi and English movies along with South Indian and other regional movies. It is not always possible for everyone to visit theatres each time whenever new film releases. If you start downloading those movies from Bolly4U, it will be easy to watch whatever films you want.

One of the most happening features of Bolly4U is that you can download a 300MB movie without any interruption. There is a collection of such movies on this website. The movies are categorized in such an organized manner that you won’t face any difficulties in finding your favorite movie. This website is popular because it collected movies from Motion Pictures. If you love movies from that production house, you can rely on Bolly4U.

Another exciting feature of this site is that you can download dual audio movies. As all the English and South Indian movies are dubbed into Hindi for your benefits. Choosing the authentic site of Bolly4U can be challenging to the viewers as there are lots of unlawful sites available. So, if you want to download the latest movies now, Bolly4U is the best choice for you.

5. Moviezwap


Moviezwap is an important platform to download Hindi movies as well as dubbed movies. Today, people don’t have that much patience to wait for a weekend to visit theatres to watch movies. That’s why they trust such kind of websites which provide HD quality movies at free of cost for downloading. You don’t need to make any registration and pay anything to download movies from Moviezwap.

Downloading movies from Moviezwap is easy once you follow the proper procedure. The first thing you need is a strong VPN that can hide your real identity over the internet by hiding your IP address. The experience of downloading movies from Moviezwap is quite interesting as you can download the latest Hindi and English movies, dubbed movies, music, and so on. You can download varieties of sizes of movies. Usually, such websites let you download 300MB movies. But with Moviezwap, you can download 400MB, 600MB, 1GB, and even 4GB measurement movies too. 

This is a piracy site from where downloading movies is illegal. But, so far there are no such issues with this site. Also, you don’t need to get worried about bad quality movies or malware as this website takes the best care of such matters quite well.

6. Moviemad


Downloading movies from the piracy sites and enjoying those at home with your friends and family is one of the great ways to pass time. In this matter, Moviemad can help you a lot. This is one of those amazing sites which have a huge collection of the latest movies, whether Hindi, English, or South Indian movies. One of the most amazing things about this site is that you can download any number of movies whenever you want without making any deposits or registration.

The list of movies in Moviemad is regularly updated. Therefore, you get to know about the new movies in the theatres and can download them to enjoy those. As it is a piracy site, downloading movies from this site is illegal. But, you can do so by using essential tools, like VPN to maintain your security and privacy. Moviemad uses various domain names to serve viewers with different movies. You don’t need an account to login here. You can visit the site and download movies directly.

It is a subscription-free site and one can download any movies from this site just by a few clicks. Besides downloading films, you can also stream those online. Thus, you can save data and watch movies, even when you have a low capacity for storage. This site is also popular because of its mobile application. There are videos that you can download on your mobile phones.

7. TodayPK


TodayPK is another popular name in the genre of websites from where you can download movies free of cost. It is known for the wide collection of the latest movies for movie buffs. You can download Bollywood and Hollywood movies, regional movies in Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and Kannada languages, etc. Besides these, you will also find Pakistani movies on this site.

Downloading movies from this site is super easy as you just need to visit this site and be ready to download whatever you want. There is no registration fee and you also don’t need to make any deposition to download movies. Also, you don’t need to open any accounts over there. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to download any movies as all the latest movies are categorized under particular titles.

Watch your favorite movies with your friends and family and make your weekends full of fun when you can download movies from TodayPK without any fuss. It is speedy and will take only a few moments to download.

8. FMovies


Last, but not the least, this site can also increase the entertainment quotient at your leisure with the latest movies. Visit this website and download whatever films you want to watch now. As the downloading speed is quite high and free from buffering, you won’t get any problems with downloading. As this site keeps on changing the domain name and uses tools, like VPN, you don’t need to worry about your privacy and security.

The movie library of this website will impress you as the movies are divided into lots of categories so that you can find those easily. Choose your favorite genre and look for the films you want to watch. Not only movies, but you can also watch the latest and popular TV shows by downloading from this site.

Visit the site and you will fall in love with it as you can also stream your favorite movies or TV shows online. That will help you to save much of your data and storage capacity of your device.

9. Tamilgun


This is another pirated website and is pretty well known among the users. The website is more popular for Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies. It provides high-quality videos and movies. Like many other pirated websites, this site also provides free access. It is amongst very few websites, which provide you an ad-free experience. You can watch movies and videos without the interruption of advertisements. The site routinely uploads the latest movies in high quality and provides a user-friendly interface. This has made the torrent site popular among the users and the audiences. You can use the various filters and search for your favorite movies easily.

10. Archive

This a popular supplier of engaging and free media content over the internet. The website has a gigantic library of movies, music, software, books, and other videos. All the content of the website is free to use. You need not require any subscription fee to get access to the content here. Currently, Archive has the best accumulation of films, videos, and music tracks. With 2.8 million music tracks and 2.4 million films, the website has been able to delight its customers. You will be able to locate the content easily in the database of the website. You can find movies of various genres like action, drama, dream, romance, and many more.

11. IceFilms

The free online streaming site will allow you to watch various movies and TV shows in HD picture quality. The website is loaded with the best TV shows and movies that you cannot afford to miss. The website is updated regularly with all the new releases. You can enjoy the latest content free of cost from the comfort of your home. You can explore multiple categories like adventure, horror, romance, fight war, and action. There is an advanced search box, which lets you find your favorite content within a second. For the movies that are not available, you can place a request.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 1337x

1. Will you face any problems while downloading films from 1337x?

1337x has a user-friendly interface that makes it a problem-free site for downloading movies. Therefore, you won’t face any issues while downloading. Besides, they take care of the files to make those free from malware.

2. Is it legal to download movies from 1337x?

As 1337x is a piracy site, all movies in this site are pirated versions and that is illegal. Still, you can download from this site as they keep on changing their domain name to keep you safe.

3. Do you need to pay anything to download movies from 1337x?

This is one of the amazing features of 1337x that you don’t need to pay a single penny while downloading movies from this site. You just need to visit the site and download your favorite films as many as you can?

4. Is the service of 1337x speedy enough?

If you haven’t used 1337x so far, you can do that now because of its buffering-free, faster services. You don’t need to wait longer to download any movies as it takes only a few minutes to do that.


We never support any kind of pirated sites. Downloading movies from such sites is not legal and it is also a punishable offense. Therefore, we should stop piracy right now. It takes a lot of toils to make a movie. Therefore, movie lovers, it is our duty to respect their hard work and buy tickets to visit theatres to watch movies. Piracy is an illegitimate work that hampers the growth of the film industry a lot. So, we need to stop supporting and doing piracy right now.


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