This article will give you information about the streaming services present on the internet that people use to illegally consume copyrighted content. These sites are free and host pirated versions of movies and TV shows. People can choose to either stream or directly download the video files of these movies and shows on their computer systems. These sites are a great source of entertainment for people who do not like going out to watch a movie. They prefer the comfort of their homes. They like to watch movies in their cozy rooms with friends and family. The website that this site will focus on is Xfilmywap.

What is Xfilmywap?


There are often times when you are desperately looking for a movie online but cannot seem to find it on any legal content platform. You do find that film on multiple illegal streaming sites but you are hesitant to use them for various reasons. One reason is that the sites are illegal and if the user is caught watching pirated videos on that site, he or she can face severe legal consequences. The other reason why users are hesitant to use these sites is because of security. People are worried about their computer being hacked or infected by viruses while using these websites. But Xfilmywap is a website where a person does not have to worry about any of those things. The has a vast library of amazing and exciting video content that a person can watch continuously for months and never get bored. It is also considered pretty safe by many people who use the site on a regular basis. The site does not ask its users to spend any money and provides all its amazing content to them for free.

Features of Xfilmywap

A site cannot become huge and popular if it goes on doing what every else is doing in the market. There needs to be some special quality that makes the site stand out from the crowd. Xfilmywap has many of these qualities that have led to its success. Some of these unique features are as follow:

  • The thing that impresses the users the most about the Xfilmywap website is the site’s film collection. It can be clearly seen that a lot of effort has been put into curated the collection of the site. Movies from different film industries of India and abroad have been brought together and thus, a great collection of cinematic masterpieces has been created that can give a tough competition to any other website with a great video directory. The video library of the site covers cinema of various regional languages like Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil etc.
  • Not only can a person stream video online on the Xfilmywap site, he or she is also allowed to download the video files of movies and TV shows on their computer devices. This is convenient for people who are worried about buffering issues while watching a movie online. This is also preferred by people who do not have a strong internet connection all the time. So, whenever they get a decent internet connection, they can download the film and can watch it later when they are offline.
  • Xfilmyap also gives choices to users in terms of video formats. A person can choose which video quality he or she wants to download or stream a movie in. A user should choose a video format after taking into consideration his or her internet network strength and the data limit that he or she has on their device.
  • Xfilmywap keeps updating and refreshing itself on a regular basis. By doing this, the site is always putting fresh new content on the site. Thus, people do not have to wait too long to watch the films that they have been eagerly waiting for for months. The site also makes sure that a newly released movie is uploaded on the front page of the platforms as soon as possible. This is because it is usually those movies that have been just released in theatres that attract the largest number of users to the site as a majority of the population is interested in watching those movies only.
  • The site provides a very fast downloading speed to the users. It only takes a person just a couple of minutes to download a movie from the Xfilmywap website. This is a quality that attracts a large number of internet users to the site. People who do not care about the aesthetics of a site and just want a site that allows them to quickly download a movie are the ones who visit this site most often. Also, the file size of the video files present on Xfilmywap is not large, so a user does not have to worry about running out of data while downloading a film from the site. These movies also do not take up much storage space in the computer system of the users.


Although these illegal online streaming film sites like Xfilmywap are used by millions of people without a care in the world, it should not be forgotten that the sites are not legal and promote illegal practices like piracy of content that is copyrighted. A lot of people put their savings into making a movie and when a movie fails to earn any money due to piracy, it causes huge financial damage to the pockets of these people. So, piracy should not be promoted and these sites should be avoided at all costs.

How to Access the Xfilmywap Website

Although it is very easy to navigate the Xfilmywap website, there are certain complicated steps that a person has to take in order to access the site in the first place. The fact that the Xfilmywap site is illegal and unethical does not make a difference to its users who are loyal fans of the platform and will continue to visit the site to download and enjoy movies. These people should follow the following steps in order to be able to access the Xfilmywap site:

  • The first step in this process is to surf the internet and download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the device. The next thing to do is to install that software on the system. A VPN software will help the user in hiding his or her IP address and protect him or her from the regulatory authorities that are out there trying to shut the Xfilmywap website down.
  • The next step is to open the app and select a country where the Xfilmywap is still functional and is not banned.
  • Once a person does that, he or she will be able to open the site and can watch thousands of videos for free on the site.

Alternative Websites for Xfilmywap

In case you are not happy with the Xfilmywap website and want to try something else for a change, you can make use of the following list of streaming websites that can be a substitute in place of Xfilmywap:

1. HDO


The first streaming platform to make its entry into this list of websites that can be used in place of Xfilmywap is HDO. HDO is a legal streaming platform where people can watch a large number of movies and web series without having to worry about doing anything unethical or breaking any laws. Since the site is legal and has legally acquired the content present on its platform, it charges a subscription fee from people who are interested in the content that the HDO has for its users. Once you pay the fee and get registered, you will be open to so many exciting films that you will never want to leave the website. If you are a person who does not have a lot of patience and want to watch movies as soon as possible, this site is for you. If a person is not interested in waiting for a movie to be downloaded, he or she can just simply play the movie online on the site. The site is smooth and can play the movie without any glitches or technical errors. There is so much entertaining content being produced today that a lot of the amazing web series remain under the radar and fail to garner a large fan following. HDO highlights these web series on its platform and thus, these web series get a new life and are finally able to earn the recognition that they truly deserve. HDO specialises in Hollywood movies and covers all the popular genres of cinema. The video collection of the site has big blockbuster as well as movies from the older decades like the 60s, the 70s and the 80s.

2. Popcornflix

Popcorn Flix

If you are in the hunt for a streaming platform with a great aesthetic look that will the new users in awe, you do not have to look any further than Popcornflix, The site has been designed beautifully and manages to please every person who visits the site for the first time with its sleek design. Popcornflix is another platform that is legal and performs all its functions in an ethical sense. It does not break any laws in its operations. So, people who are hesitant to use illegal streaming websites can forget all their worries and simply head to the Popcornflix website. Popcornflix is owned by a company that goes by the name of Screen Media Ventures. The headquarters of the site is located in the city of New York in the United States of America. It was in the year 2010 that the site became operational and from then on, it has been gaining a steady following year after year. If you are a person who does not hesitate to spend money and want a superior product irrespective of the price, then this site is perfect for you. Once a user buys the subscription for the Popcornflix platform, he or she can access so many amazing web series and movies that he or she can be easily overwhelmed by just the large quantity of good content that the platform has to offer. A person can stream as well as download the videos of this site if they are a registered user. The content of the site has been curated in such a way that it appeals to users of all ages. Apart from the movies and web series that are there for adults, Popcornflix also has cartoons and animation films whose main target audience is children who never get tired of watching animated content.

3. Hulu


The next website to finds its mention in this list of alternatives for Xfilmywap is Hulu. Hulu is one of the biggest streaming platforms present on the internet and enjoys a good reputation and a large fan following in the streaming sector. Walt Disney Company owns the Hulu platform. People can find a very good library of movies and TV series on this platform. The video database of the platform contains content of various languages like English and Japanese. The site has headquarters in the state of California in the United States of America. The site was started in the year 2007 and since then, it has been on a steady path of growth and development and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. The site has more than 30 million users spread across the site who have subscribed to the Hulu platform. If you are not in favor of the streaming sites that are serving pirated versions of copyrighted videos and are looking for good legal options that you can use to consume quality content, then Hulu is a great choice. A person would not regret it if he or she gets a subscription to the site. Hulu is highly addictive and a person will keep watching one movie after the other continuously on the site.

4. Filmyzilla


Now this is a website that is different from the other websites that have been mentioned in the list above. It is different because unlike the other sites on this list like HDO or Hulu, Filmyzilla is an illegal platform and engages in promoting pirated content on its platform. But being illegal does not put even the slightest dent in the popularity of Filmyzilla as people in thousands visit the site on a daily basis. In many instances, Filmyzilla has been the first site on the internet to leak pirated prints of big blockbusters films of Hollywood and Bollywood that have just been released in movie theatres and multiplexes across the country. If a user faces any issues with the Xilmywap website or is unable to open the platform due to any restrictions by the Government of India, he or she can use the option of Filmyzilla. This is because, according to many users on the internet, Filmyzilla is not only a great alternative for Xfilmywap, but in many ways, it is better than the former. The user interface of Filmyzilla is inviting to the people who are new to the world of streaming. People do not hesitate while using the site and find it really easy to search for their favorite films using various options like categories and the search bar that is placed on top of the site. There are also various filters that have been installed on the site. All this has been done so that a user can have a comfortable and relaxing experience while using the site. The site also has the feature of streaming that people can use in order to watch video online. The traffic witnessed by Filmyzilla is so huge that it often leads to the crashing of the website.

5. Djpunjab


This is a platform that has been around for a long time and is also known by people who are not from Punjab and do not know the Punjabi language. The site is so old that a lot of people on the internet have been using it since their childhood days. In the old days, the data limit used to be very low and the internet speed also used to be very slow. So, the site used to mainly host content that was small in size like mp3 songs, ringtones, mobile phone themes and 3gp videos so that people could easily download them on their devices. But as technology grew and 3G and 4G came into play, the site started putting up large files like movies on the platform and people also started downloading them with the same enthusiasm with which they used to download songs and videos. Thus, this is a site that does not concentrate only on movies but also has audio songs, movie trailers, music videos etc. on its platform. If you are a fan of Punjabi music, this site will be heaven for you as the music collection of the site contains all the major albums and the greatest albums of the biggest pop stars of the Punjabi music industry. But it does not mean that the sole focus of the site is on Punjabi content. Movies, music and movie trailers of various movie industries of the country can be found and downloaded from the Djpunjab website and that too, for free.

6. Fmovies


The last website that will grace this list with its presence is none other than Fmovies. There are not many illegal streaming movie sites on the intent that enjoy popularity on a scale as large as Fmovies. The site is the first option that pops into the minds of thousands of users whenever they think of watching a new movie or a web series. Although the site does not operate legally like Popcornflix or Hulu, people still use the site to quench their thirst for entertainment. Fmovies has been operating for a long time and in that time, has developed a film collection that is a class apart from anything that the other illegal movie sites have to offer. Despite being old, the site adapted to the changing environment beautifully and thus also created an amazing library for web series and TV shows consisting of names like Game of Thrones, Money Heist, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Narcos, Peaky Blinders, The Good Place, Orange is the New Black, How to Get Away With Murder etc. These are the series that every person is talking about nowadays and that is why the Fmovies site sees a lot of traffic on its platform on a regular basis.

7. Stagevu

Stagevu is a website that features over a million movies and TV shows for users to stream and download. Its huge database is what makes it counted amongst one of the biggest websites to offer movie streaming services for free. One can find different categories and genres of movies on this website. You can download whichever movie or TV show you want just by clicking on the download button right beside the content you are streaming. If you are enthusiastic about watching movies, this website is a must-try for you. You are going to love it once you try it out.

8. Movie Mad


For all those who are looking for the best alternative to xfilmywap, movie-mad is the ultimate website to choose from. Its content not just comprises movies but so much more is included here. One can find documentaries, short films, award shows, and other video clips too. You can stream the content on this website for free. Downloading any content you like is easier than you expect it to be. You just need to make a single touch to download the content you like. No registration process needs to be completed before you stream its content. So, go ahead and access this website without any worries.

9. 123Europix

123 Europix can also be counted as one of the reliable alternatives of xfilmywap. There are numerous options on this website and you can choose what you want to stream or download. The users can never feel bored of this website not only because of the features offered here. But, because of the content which gets updated from time to time. You can find almost all classic hits on this website. The download speed offered on this website is pretty good which makes sure that your movie gets downloaded real soon. You need to pay any extra charges to access this website as it is completely free to use.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About xfilmywap

1. Can a person go to jail for using Xfilmywap to watch movies?

Xfilmywap is an illegal streaming platform and if a person is caught using the site to stream movies, he or she can legal consequences. These consequences might involve going to prison for a period of at least 6 months.

2. Is Xfilmywap popular?

Yes, Xfilmywap is popular in the world of streaming and is used by millions of people who are looking for platforms where they can stream movies for free.

3. Is piracy a crime?

Yes, piracy is a criminal offence in India.


We want to make it crystal clear that this article is no way intended to promote or support the act of piracy in any way, shape or form. We condemn the act of piracy and request people to use legal platforms to watch movies.


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