Have you been spending too much money on films and are now looking for an option that is inexpensive and effective? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Movie tickets are taking a heavy toll on the pockets of people. The prices have skyrocketed with the arrival of multiplexes. Not everyone can afford to pay this amount of money for multiple films. Another option is OTT platforms but that too costs money as people have to pay a subscription fee in order to access the content of the platform.

There is a solution to this problem and that is the online streaming websites on the internet. These sites can be used by people for free. That solves the money problem. There is no need to register on these sites to watch films. This solves the problem of going through annoying registration processes. The film collection of these websites is also very impressive.

Piracy has been a problem for the film industry for the several past decades. From DVDs, piracy has now moved on to the internet and pirated versions of films can be found on the streaming websites that are playing it on their platform for free. One such website that people can use to watch the content of their liking is Moviemad.

What is Moviemad?


Moviemad is a website that entertains its users by providing movies and web series on its platform for them to watch. One thing about Moviemad that impresses the users is its extensive video directory which contains movies of all times and genres. This helps in increasing the mass appeal of the website as there is a movie for every person on this site. Many sites brag about having films of having high video quality on their platform. But where Moviemad stands out is that along with superior video quality, the films present on the site also have amazing sound quality. Sometimes, a person is watching a film in a language that is not his or her first language. So, he or she might have some trouble keeping up with the film. In this case, subtitles help. Moviemad provides subtitles along with its films making it easier for people to understand the film and overall enhances the movie-watching experience of the user.

Features of Moviemad

There are several very impressive features of Moviemad that make it an audience favorite. Below are some of its features:

  • The Moviemad website enjoys a significant amount of popularity. Due to this popularity, the site manages to pop up in the top results when a person is searching for a streaming site on any search engine.
  • Options of both streaming, as well as downloading films, are available to the users. So, users can choose according to their preferences.
  • The popularity of Moviemad is not restricted to just India. The site is well-known in many other countries. The reason for this is that the site curates different content for different countries to appeal to a particular segment of society. Thus, the site manages to get everyone’s attention.
  • The film collection of the site consists of movies of various different genres like thriller, horror, comedy, action, drama etc.
  • The site also has movies with dual audio. Thus, more people are able to watch one movie.
  • A person needs a VPN in order to access the site and watch movies on it.
  • Films are available in different video formats. So, a user can choose according to his or her internet downloading speed.
  • The video quality of the films present on Moviemad makes for a great movie-watching experience.
  • The Moviemad website does not have any bugs or malware on its platform making it a safe place for the users to watch films and TV series.


The movies present on the streaming websites are available to the users for free but that does mean that they are legal. It is the pirated versions of films that are present on these sites. Piracy is a crime in India. So, necessary precautions should be taken before one decides to visit one of these sites.

How to Download Films from Moviemad

Downloading films from Moviemad is not a complicated process as the user interface of the site is pretty simple and allows users to navigate the site easily. But there might still be chances of a person getting confused as to how to download movies from the site. These people can follow the instructions listed below to download their favorite films:

  • A person should use a VPN while downloading films in order to be secure.
  • Proxy sites would have to be used to download content from Moviemad as the main site is constantly shut down by regulatory authorities.
  • After opening the site, just use the sear h bar or the categories of films to look for the movie want to watch.
  • After finding the film, you will see a download option beside it. Click on it and the download process will commence.

Best Alternative Websites for Moviemad

No website is perfect. Therefore, if for any reason, a person is not happy with the services of the Moviemad website, they can make use of many of the other great streaming websites that are there on the internet. User can choose from the following websites as to where he or she wants to watch movies:

1. Movierulz

Movierulz is the name that starts the list of alternatives for Moviemad. If a person is looking for a website where he or she can find a decent collection of South Indian films, then they should definitely pay a visit to Movierulz. A special feature that this website has that makes it different from the other streaming sites is that there are films with dual audio languages present on the site. So, a user can choose the language in which he or she wants to watch the movie in.

2. Project Free TV

The next streaming site you should pay attention to is Project Free TV. Binge-watching has become the norm nowadays. After a long hectic work week, people love to unwind by binge-watching their favorite TV shows. If you are such a person who loves watching episode after episode of your favorite show, then this website is for you as there are dozens of great shows present on Project TV that can be binge-watched by the users. But the site suffers from a drawback. Ads come up on the screen time after time interrupting the movie-watching experience of an individual.

3. Cinemavilla

Sometimes it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. That is the exact ideology that is followed by Cinemavilla. It has picked a niche for itself and now makes efforts to please the segment of people who are concerned and interested in that particular niche. In the case of Cinemavilla, that niche is Telugu movies. The latest and the most popular Telugu films can be found here easily.

4. Sony Crunch

Now, this is a name that is different from the other streaming sites mentioned on this list. Sony Crunch is not only a film site. There are various other types of content present on the site for the public to consume. The one thing that works against the Son Crunch website is that a person has to go through the process of signing up and making an account on the site to watch films. But believe us when we tell you that it is more than worth it to go through the hassle of registering on the site because, after that, you are introduced a plethora of crazy, entertaining and exciting content. In order to reach out to a wider audience, Sony Crunch has also created an app for mobile phones. This app is compatible with both IOS and android devices. Other than that, the app also works on PlayStation 4.

5. Ice Movie

If you are looking for a streaming website that has in its collection all the high rated and critically acclaimed classic films, then Ice Movie is the perfect choice for you. The Ice Movie website has dedicated a whole category to movies that have got an incredibly high rating on the IMDB website. Thus. People are able to easily search for the high rated movies on this platform.

6. Nitro

Another good streaming website that is a good alternative for Moviemad is Nitro. The thing that attracts people towards this site is the extensive collection of films that Nitro possesses. The number of movies that can be found on the Nitro website is around 7000 and that number is increasing every day. But that is not all that is present on Nitro. TV series also take a share in the total amount of video directory that Nitro has. The website has been well-designed and can be operated on laptops, desktops, tablets and even mobile phones.

7. Look Movie

One can put a solid argument that LookMovie is not only a good alternative for the Moviemad website to watch films and web series, but it is also better than the latter. How the website looks and how smoothly it works matter a lot to a normal user. He or she wants minimum fuss while operating a site and if there is any sign of complication, the first thing they will do is exit the site. Look Movie has an interface that is very friendly to the users and does not cause any complication when it comes to searching for a movie. The movies that are trending and creating a lot of buzz in the entertainment sector are displayed on a slider on the front page of the site. When a user clicks on a movie, he or she is provided a lot of information about the film like a synopsis, year of release, IMDB rating etc. This helps in the decision-making process of the user whether he or she is interested in the film or not.

8. ZMovies

Sometimes, have a huge video directory does not work in the favour of streaming websites. There are old movies and new movies, all mixed in one collection. Due to the extensive collection, it might get difficult for a person to successfully search the film he or she wants to watch. Therefore, it is sometimes easier to create a niche for yourself and focus on a small segment of content. And that is the thought process that is followed by ZMovies. The video library of ZMovies has films starting from the year 2012 only. Any movie before that year is not present on the site. So, this site is only for people who are interested in the recently released films. The sign does not force its users to make an account on the platform.

9. MoviesDa

There are people who are tired of watching the same old Bollywood and Hollywood films that all have the same storyline, same action sequences, and same endings. They want something new and fresh. They want to be surprised and taken aback by something that they have never seen before. This is where the regional cinema comes into play. Regional films tell the stories of everyday people who walk among us. These films talk about their roubles, the thing they have to go through, and their dreams. It provides a new perspective of the country to the people. So, it is important that these movies should reach out to wider audiences and they have the potential of making a solid impact on the minds of the audiences. MoviesDa plays a host to these regional films. Films of various different languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu etc. can be found on this site. The content on this site is a breath of fresh air for all the cinema lovers of the country.

10. Bollyshare

People are not fans of Bollywood films, they are followers. Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan are worshipped by the masses of this country. So, it is no shock that Bollywood movies are watched by a significant portion of the total Indian population. Bollyshare fulfills the desires of these Bollywood lovers by giving them high-quality films for free that have recently released in the movie theatres. That is why the site enjoys a high number of users every day. Apart from movies, the site has also made a place for documentaries in its directory showing that it is not only trying to cater to the masses but also to the people who are interested in quality cinema and who want to educate themselves on various topics. Dubbed versions of popular films can also be found on Bollyshare. And many films also have subtitles along with them which makes the movie-watching experience better for the people.

11. Tubidy

Apart from Hollywood and Bollywood, there is another film industry called Tollywood which makes films in South Indian languages. Cinema from all three industries is present on the Tubidy website. Biopics have become the new trend these days. Biographic films are being made on people that have achieved some exceptional milestones and on people that are celebrated by the Indian public. Biopics like M.S. Dhoni, Mary Kom, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Dangal etc. show us that people in India love watching films about successful people. Realising this, Tubidy has tried to take advantage and thus, has been uploading biopics on its platform since it knows that they are in high demand. As the site has pirated content on it which is illegal, the domain of Tubidy has to be changed constantly. This is because constant efforts are made by the Indian Government and other regulatory authorities to block these websites for good. This does make it difficult for the users to access the website but once the site has been opened, it is easy sailing from thereon.

12. Movie4k


The next name on the list is Movie4k. If a person is unable to access the Moviemad website for some reason, he or she can always use the Movie4k as it is a great alternative to watch television shows and movies. The range of video formats that are available on this site is astonishing. The range goes all the way from Webrips to 1080p. All the top-rated TV shows can be found on this site.

13. Rainerland

Just like its name, Rainerland is a very different website from the others that have been mentioned on this list. Its user interface is one of the easiest to use out there and can be used smoothly by people who are not tech-savvy. The number of movies that a person can watch on this site is unlimited as the site is free for use by the public.

14. Khatrimaza

Khatrimaza is another website on the list that specialises in Indian content. By Indian, it does not mean only the Hindi language. Khatrimaza has content of many different languages coming from different parts of India like Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Telugu and Tamil. Khatrimaza’s claim to fame was when it uploaded the viral web series Mirzapur, that everyone was going gaga about in India, on its platform. This one move helped in increasing the site’s popularity to a whole another level. And since then, it just keeps on growing without any signs of slowing down.

15. 1337x

1337x is a household name when it comes to the world of online streaming. The site is famous for so many reasons. One of them is providing movies of high video quality in sizes as small as 300 MB. A person can stream as well as download the content they like from the site. There is no need for any registration in order to do that. The focus of the site is on English, Hindi and Telugu content. By focusing on just these areas, the site has been able to drive a large amount of traffic towards itself. A user does not have to reveal any personal or official information like Aadhar card number, email address, credit card details etc.

16. 1Movies

There are a lot of streaming websites out there that have a good collection of films. But 1Movies goes beyond that by having popular and critically acclaimed TV series on its platform as well. This leads to an increase in the audience of the site. There is no website on the internet that is perfect. Every site is faulty in one way or the other. The drawback that 1 Movies suffers from is that a lot of ads pop up on the screen which can ruin the experience of a user. In order to solve this problem, a person has to install an adblocking application on his or her device. But for that, they have to go through the hassle of downloading it which might be a turnoff for many of the users out there.

17. Torlock

After a long tiring day at work, we need some entertainment to refresh ourselves. If you love to watch films and relax, you can visit Torlock. It’s a popular movie streaming pirated site that delivers the latest movies, web series, documentaries, etc. To people for free. If you are not a big fan of movies and prefer to watch web series instead, Torlock has you covered. You can stream your favourite web series in any format of your choice sitting back at home. You can even download them for free and watch them later! Also, there are very few ads that might interrupt your streaming experience. Unlike other sites, this site would deliver top-notch services, leaving you satisfied.

18. IsoHunt

If you are looking for a top-rated torrent site that has in its collection all the biggest blockbuster movies. If you are willing to stream the major Bollywood, Hollywood, or regional films, you would find them on IsoHunt. There are different categories of movies available on IsoHunt based on different factors like language, genres, year of release, actors starring, IMDB rating, etc. These categories have made the search easier for users. If you are unable to get your desired movie from the categories, you can search for it in the search bar.

19. Rainierland

The website’s easy and smooth UI is just amazing. Browsing through its contents gives you a satisfying experience. The first thing you would feel once you visit the home page is getting excited. Starting from Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati films, the site brings the latest collection of contents from different genres. Every content available on Rainierland is trending. When you click on any content, you would be provided with lots of information related to that content. If you are willing to stream it, click on the link given below and choose a specific format in which you would like to stream the content. Apart from streaming the site also allows free downloading.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Moviemad

1. Is 1Movies a good streaming website?

Yes, 1Movies is a great streaming website with a decent collection of both films and TV shows. The site acts as a great alternative to Moviemad.

2. Is the audio quality of the films present on Moviemad any good?

Moviemad is known for its fine audio quality and the sound of its movies is considered to be one of the best out there.


We want to declare that we do not promote piracy in any shape, way or form. The article has been written to give information to people who want to know about streaming websites.


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