One of the bets ways of watching films today is through streaming websites. A person does not have to spend any money or open an account on these websites in order to watch their favorite movies. One such website is Movievilla that provides its services to its users for free.

Although the most popular way to watch movies is to pay a visit to the theatres, there can be instances when a person is not able to watch the movie he or she wants in a theatre. Sometimes, it is because no theatre in the person’s proximity is showing that particular film. In other cases, it might happen that before a person could go to watch a movie in a theatre near him or her, the movie is already taken off. There might also be instances when a person just simply cannot afford to watch a movie in a theatre. For such people, there are other options like watching films on their TVs or on the OTT platforms present on the internet. These OTT platforms have exclusive films and web series that users can watch and enjoy. But in order to avail of the services of these platforms, a person has to open on account on the platform and also has to pay a subscription fee.

But there is a way that people can watch their beloved movies for free and that is through streaming websites. People can access these websites for free and also have the option of downloading movies from these websites.

One such website where a person can go to watch and download movies and TV shows is Movievilla. The website, with its large and diverse collection of films, soap operas and web series, tries to get the attention of people living in different parts of the world.

Features of Movievilla

Movievilla has some great features on its platform to boast of. These features are what make the site stand out from the crowd. Below is a list of features that makes the Movievilla website different from its competitors:

  • For people who do prefer watching movies online, Movievilla provides its users with an option to download movies on their devices and watch them at a later time. The users can watch these movies even when they do not have an internet connection or internet connectivity is poor.
  • Movievilla has a mobile app that can be downloaded and installed by users on their mobile phones and tablets. This enables the users to watch the content of their liking while they are on the go.
  • The mobile app is very effective as it does not crash and has no bugs on it.
  • The app is functional on almost all android devices out there.
  • The size of the app is very small. So, it does not cause a user’s phone to hang due to a shortage of memory space.
  • The user interface of Movievilla is also very reliable and makes it convenient for users to access the website.

How to Download Movies from Movievilla

Some people are very hesitant when it comes to downloading films from the internet. Lack of experience is one reason for this. If the user interface of the website is too complicated, then this hesitation can hamper the experience of the user and result in him or her not visiting the website again. Another reason is that many of these websites have bugs and viruses present on their platform that can infect a user’s computer and damage important and confidential data. So, a person needs some support and assistance in the matter of downloading movies from online streaming websites. There are certain steps that a user has to follow in order to download movies from the Movievilla website. Below is a list of steps that a user should follow if he or she wants to download movies and TV shows from the Movievilla website:

  • The first thing that a user has to keep in mind while downloading movies from a streaming website like Movievilla is that he or she must use a VPN.
  • Then, the next thing to do in the process of downloading movies is to visit the Movievilla website.
  • Upon reaching there, he or she has to click on the movie they want to download from the first page of the website.
  • Then the website will take the user to a new page that is dedicated to that specific movie.
  • There will be a download option present on that page.
  • Then they can click on the download option and the film will start downloading.


Although it is a lot of fun to watch films on streaming websites, we advise against it because the content present on these websites is pirated and piracy is not legal in India. These pirated versions of the movies can cause financial loss to the people working in the film industry. This is why the Government of India has made piracy illegal in India. Although there is often not much risk to a person’s computer when he or she is using any of these websites, it is still recommended that they should use these websites with caution.

8 Alternatives for Movievilla

No website on the internet is perfect. The same goes for the field of online streaming. No matter how much effort is put into building and maintaining a website, there will still be some reasons for people to not visit a site or to move from one site to another. It can be either because the movie a user wants to watch is not available on the website or because the user, due to some reason, is not able to access the Movievilla website. In these cases, there are alternative websites that a user can visit to watch and download the content of their liking. Below is a list of alternative websites that the user can visit if he or she is not able to access the Movievilla website or cannot find his or her favorite movie on the website:

1. HDFriday


The first online streaming website that can be a good alternative for Movievilla is HDFriday. HDFriday is made to cater to those people who cannot wait to watch new films and are eagerly waiting for them to be released. The latest movies that have been released very recently in the theatres are uploaded on HDFriday’s platform as soon as possible so that the users can watch them and enjoy. The design of the website is very unique and lucrative. It manages to capture the attention of the users. The films and TV shows are sorted according to the language that they have been made in. This increases the mass appeal of the site as users from different parts of the world can come on the website to easily find the content in their preferred language. On HDFriday, a person can see the number of users that have liked or disliked a particular film. This helps a user in making a decision as to whether he or she should watch that film or just look for another one of the many that are present on the site. Reality shows are really popular nowadays. Today’s generation is obsessed with these shows and cannot get enough of them. The HDFriday site is also a great place for people who are really into the Indian reality TV shows. Shows that are popular among the youth like Roadies and Splitsvilla are present on the platform that the users can watch and enjoy.

2. Bmovies


The website has done a brilliant on the look and design of the platform. With a super cool dark theme that is soothing to the users’ eyes, Bmovies gets the attention of the users across the world. This dark theme of the website is perfect for watching films and TV shows and helps in creating a movie-watching environment for the users. The video library of Bmovies is also very impressive. Every other streaming website has Hollywood movies on its platform. But the film collection of Bmovies is not limited to just that. There are a lot of popular who want to watch foreign language films and watch to watch cinema from all parts of the world. To fulfill this need of the users, Bmovies has a lot of foreign language masterpieces from different parts of the world on its platform. This helps the website in catering to people from different parts of the world. But like every other streaming website, Bmovies also has its drawbacks. One disadvantage that a user faces while using Bmovies is that there is an annoyingly high number of ads that pop up on the screen from time to time which can ruin the movie-watching experience of the users.

3. Tamilyogi


One great alternative for Movievilla where a person can go to watch and download movies and TV shows is Tamilyogi. The reason why Tamilyogi has been named as such is because it is a website that mainly focuses on providing Tamil language films to the users. It aims to provide a popular platform for films of this language. And since the Tamil film industry is booming nowadays, the website is also getting huge traffic on its platform. But the name ‘Tamilyogi’that does not mean that the website does not have movies and TV shows of any other language available in its library. There are Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Marathi films that are present on its platform for the users to enjoy. Tamilyogi does that keeping in mind the needs of all the users spread across India. One of the most attractive features of Tamilyogi that attracts a lot of users towards it is that the website translates a lot of popular Hollywood into the Tamil language. The website is a host to over 1500 movies that have been dubbed in the Tamil language. Not just Tamil, users can also find Hollywood movies dubbed in various other regional languages on the website like Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, etc. 

4. 9xmovies


The most impressive thing about 9xmovies is that it has a movie collection that is so huge that there are only a handful of websites that are able to compete with it. There are times when after unsuccessfully searching for a movie on OTT platforms, a user starts searching for it on the streaming sites. But in some instances, the movie is so rare, that a user is unable to find it on any streaming site. This is where 9xmovies comes in. No matter how rare or old the movie is, there are high chances that a user will find it on 9xmovies. The website has films in various languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, etc. This helps in attracting users from all parts of the country. Apart from the films and TV shows, the 9xmovies website also plays host to audio music. So, music lovers can also pay a visit to this site to listen and enjoy their favorite songs. 

5. Hindilink4u

India is full of people who are fans of Bollywood films. They love watching the big blockbuster films in theatres. There are some die-hard fans who do watch all these movies on the very first day of their release. Due to this huge fandom that Bollywood has, sometimes a person might not be able to get a movie ticket for days as all the theatres might be housefull. Hindilink4u is a website that provides an opportunity for people to watch these movies on the internet as soon as possible. The website has a wide range of movies in its collection which does not only consist of movies from recent years but also has old classics as well in its collection of films. Hindilink4u is an old but reliable website for users. Documentaries are a rare thing on online streaming websites. Even if you manage to find a website that has documentaries on its platform, it will only have the most popular ones on its platform. This is where Hindilink4u stands out from the crowd. It has a good collection of Hindi documentaries available on the platform for viewers to watch and enjoy. 

6. Jalshamoviez


Sometimes, the limelight and the popularity of Bollywood films overshadow the cinematic gems that are produced by the other regional film industries of India. When a big-budget Hindi movie is released, then a regional film does not get many screens in theatres and thus, is not able to make a huge amount of profit. Apart from that, people also miss the chance to watch these films as many of them are not available in the theatres near to them. These movies find a home on these streaming websites. Tough these films do not make money from these streaming sites, they manage to gain popularity and sometimes. A cult status as more and more people are able to watch them on these platforms. Jalshamoviez is a great option to watch the best films in various different regional languages that are there in India. Films in languages like Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi etc are present on the site. This makes for a diverse collection of movies. Movies are available in different video formats for users to download like HD, AVI, MP4, MPEG etc. The user can decide which video format he or she wants to watch or download the movie in.

7. Khatrimaza


Another great website that the users can visit to watch the content of their liking is Khatrimaza. The website has a film collection of not only Hollywood and Bollywood films but also of regional Indian films. Regional films in languages like Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam are present on the site. In order to increase the mass appeal of the website and attract more users, Khatrimaza looks beyond the users who access these websites on their computers. It aims to target those people that consume a majority of their content through their phones. And for this purpose, the website also has a mobile app that the users can download and then watch movies and TV shows on their mobile phones free of cost. Another good thing about Khatrimaza is that the website has multiple servers available for every film and TV show on the website. This is because sometimes due to technical reasons or due to excessive traffic, the download or the streaming server does not work. So, having multiple servers makes it possible for users to watch their favorite films and TV shows without any interruption. One disadvantage that Khatrimaza has is that the Khatrimaza app is large in size. So, it takes a lot of space on a user’s mobile phone which can result in a shortage of storage memory in the phones.

8. Play Tamil


If there is one movie industry that is making a lot of noise these days in India, it is the Tamil film industry. For Tamil cinema. The success of films like Baahubali has opened the gates for a larger audience from all parts of the country. So, it is a great time to be associated with Tamil language films in some way or the other. Play Tamil tries to do exactly that by focusing on putting Tamil language films on its platform. Play Tamil has a smooth and easy to use user interface that allows people to easily navigate the website to look for the films that they want to watch. This also saves users a lot of time while searching for their favorite movies.

So, these are the websites that can work as a good substitute for Movievilla in case the user is not able to access the site for any reason.

9. BestHDMovies


The BestHDMovies website is on the top list for watching your favorite videos and movies in high definition quality. The BestHDMovies proffers amazing features to the users while watching the movies. The best part about this website is that the users can get access to their favorite movies without paying a single amount. They can download the movies on any device such as a tablet, Smartphone, computer, or others. With all these great features, the website also provides movies from both Hollywood as well as Bollywood in high definition quality. People of all ages can use this website except the kids.

10. SabWap


SabWap is more of a search engine than a website. SabWap is an amazing option to go for especially if you want to watch your favorite movies free of cost. This is the best alternative to MovieVilla to download your favorite videos or movies. The search engine of SabWap is only limited to videos and movies. When the users search from the search engine of SabWap, they will get to see an entire list of websites from which they can avail the video that they were looking for. The users could then watch the video or download it as per their requirements.

11. India4movie


Another alternative to MovieVilla is India4movie. It is entirely based on Indian movies that are Bollywood movies. This platform is specially made for Bollywood lovers and might disappoint those who like to watch international movies. The best part about this site is that the users would be able to download their favorite movies at the earliest. The movie usually gets released on the first show and you could get the movie on the second show over this site. The site provides all the best quality latest releases. Try it out and enjoy watching your favourite movies of your favourite actor and actresses.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movievilla

1. What is Movievilla?

Movievilla is an online streaming website where users can watch their favorite films and Tv shows.

2. How much does it cost to watch films on Movievilla?

The services of the Movievilla website are available to the users for free of cost.

3. Does an individual has to open an account on Movievilla to watch films?

No, a user does not have to open an account to avail of the services of Movievilla.

4. Is the content present on the Movievilla platform legal?

No, the movies and TV shows that are there on Movievilla are pirated and piracy is considered a crime in India.


We want to declare that we are aware of the fact that piracy is not legal in India and is a punishable offence. We do not, in any way, shape or form, promote or support piracy. The article has been written only to provide information to people who want to know about online streaming websites that are popular in India. Users should be aware of this and should take necessary precautions before visiting any of these streaming websites as they themselves are responsible for their actions.


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