Streaming platforms are becoming more and more popular among the public as a means of watching and enjoying movies made all over the world. The sites provide users with a platform where they can find and stream a wide variety of content in one place. They do not have to visit different websites every time they want to watch a different movie or a web series. These online streaming websites put all their efforts towards the goal of providing its users with the most satisfying movie-watching experience. People also love these websites and get hooked on to them very quickly. So, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

One such platform that can be used by internet users to stream videos and movies is Moviespur.

What is Moviespur?


Moviespur is an exciting new streaming website that streams quality content on its platform. The website is not legal because the movies that are uploaded on it are pirated and piracy constitutes as a crime in the country of India. There are a lot of amazing movies present on the Moviespur website that a lot of the people out there might not be familiar with. When it comes to the video quality of the movies that are there on the Moviespur platform, a user will not be disappointed as most of the film titles are available for watching in HD quality.

Despite having the word ‘movies’ in its title, movies are not the only form of content that the Moviespur website deals with. Other than cinematic content, people can also find TV shows and web series on the platform that have multiple seasons. People can choose any of these shows and start binge-watching them.

The effort that goes into the process of watching or even downloading a film from Moviespur is minimal and thus, the site provides the utmost convenience to the users.

Features of Moviespur

Following is a list of qualities possessed by Moviespur that makes it a popular platform among the internet users:

  • The film collection of the site include includes very different categories of films. There are Bollywood films, South Indian films, Tollywood films, Animated movies, dubbed versions of Hollywood movies, TV shows, web series, dubbed versions of South Indian movies, episodes of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
  • The site is illegal. Due to this reason, it keeps getting blocked by the regulatory authorities of the country. So, the site keeps changing its name to dodge these authorities and stay active. So, despite being illegal, the site still remains functional and the loyal fans of the site, despite knowing that it is illegal, still visit Moviespur to get their fix of cinema.
  • Moviepur puts efforts to make sure that cinema from all parts of India gets a platform on the site. That is why you can see movies in different languages like Telugu, English, Hindi and Tamil being uploaded on a regular basis on the site.
  • Another good thing that Moviespur does is that when it comes to downloading a video file of a movie, it gives the internet users a choice. This choice is in terms of the video format that the person wants to download the movie in. A person can analyze various factors like internet speed and storage space and then, accordingly, choose the video format best suited for him or her.
  • One major feature of the Moviespur website that attracts a lot of eyeballs is that the site somehow manages to upload freshly released movies within just 24 hours of their release in the theatres and multiplexes.
  • The servers that have been put in place on the site are very smooth and fast. Thus, a user does not face any buffering or lagging issues while downloading or streaming a video on the site.
  • If you are a user who has limited data for use, then this site is good for you as the download process of Moviespur does not consume a large amount of data from the user’s device.
  • The site is also a great choice for people who always have their mobile phones in their hands and their eyes hooked on the screens. The site is compatible with mobile devices and provides a seamless entertainment experience to the people who are using it.


The streaming sites present on the internet do not constitute legal and thus, a person using them for entertainment purposes can face repercussions of the legal kind. Also, many of these sites are not safe for the users. There are a lot of viruses and bugs present on many of these streaming platforms that can easily infect the computer system of a user.

How to Use the Moviespur Website

It is advisable for the users to install a VPN in order to gain access to illegal online streaming sites like Moviespur. Doing this helps the users in hiding their IP address.

The procedure of downloading a file from the site I not complicated either. It involves just a couple of steps. All a person has to do is search the movie title on the website, click on it and then click on the download option next to the movie poster.

Alternatives for Moviespur

Today, people like to have choices in everything. So, why should it be any different in the case of online streaming websites? There are many movie sites on the internet that can do the job just as well as Moviespur for the users. So, it is only fair that a user should also give these other platforms a visit and see if he or she likes any one of them better than Moviespur. Following is a list of those websites:

1. Sdmoviespoint


The first name on this list of movie sites that can act as a good alternative for Moviespur is Sdmoviespoint. Sdmoviespoint is a movie site that has been gaining a lot of traction in the year 2024 and does not seem to slow down anytime soon. Unlike many of the other streaming platforms out there, the Sdmoviespoint site does not limit its video library to just Hollywood and Bollywood films. IT goes further and uploads films from the South Indian film industry on the platform. There are also dubbed versions of these South Indian films present on the site. So, a person who is a fan of the cinema that comes out of the Southern part of India but is not proficient in any of the languages that are spoken in that area can also enjoy these movies with the help of dubbed audio. The main aim of the website, as it should be, is to entertain the audience and do that while causing the least amount of inconvenience to the users. That is why the site has built a user interface that is not only friendly to the users but also acts almost as a guide and helps them in navigating the waters of the streaming platform. There are, however, certain issues that a person has to face while operating the Sdmoviespoint site. One source of revenue for the site is through ads. Due to this, a person can witness a lot of ads popping up on the computer screen while he or she is trying to watch or download a video. This can cause irritability among users. Although the site is worth tolerating these ads, some people might not have that much patience and may decide to opt out of using the site for good.

2. Gostream

As the name suggests, this is a site for people who want to have the ultimate streaming experience and do not want to deal with any technical issues like lagging or buffering. This is a very nice website and provides users with a friendly experience. People who visit the site for the first time are very likely to visit it again. The film collection of the Gostream website is amazing not only in terms of quantity of films but also in terms of quality as there are a huge number of critically acclaimed feature films present in the video directory of the Gostream website. There are options given to users by the site in terms of streaming a film on the platform. A user can choose to watch a film in SD (Standard Definition) quality or HD (High Definition) quality. Movies are not the only thing that a person will find on Gostream. There is much more exciting content like web series, documentaries, TV shows, award show ceremonies etc. that can be watched by users anytime they want.

3. Cmovieshd


The next website on this list of movie websites that a person can visit to fulfill his or her quota of entertainment is Cmovieshd. As it says in the name itself, the video files that are uploaded on the Cmovieshd website are in HD video quality. Apart from that, the audio quality of these videos is also very impressive. If a person wants to download instead of stream a film on the site, he or she can do so very easily as there are multiple links available with every film title that is present on the platform. Like many other streaming sites, it does not costa person a single penny to use the Cmovieshd site no matter how many movies that person might want to watch or download. The site is constantly being hunted by government authorities. So, it is advisable that a person should use VPN software in order to stream movies on Cmovieshd.

4. Putlocker


If a person has been using streaming websites for a couple of years, it is nearly impossible for him or her to not know of the legendary streaming platform that is the Putlocker website. Putlocker has been around for a long time and has managed to build a cult following for itself which consists of users who just plainly refuse to use any other website to play videos. There is a lot more than movies that you can find on Putlocker. It is very difficult to find award show ceremonies on the internet that are usually only telecasted live on the TV. People who are searching for these shows take a breath of relief upon visiting Putlocker. People who are ardent fans of TV soap operas also face the same issue because if they miss an episode, they have a difficult time finding it on the internet. Putlocker is the one stop solution to all their problems. Being an almost mythical figure in the streaming does not come without any costs. The site is always on the top list of websites that the Indian government is constantly making efforts to shut down. So, due to this, Putlocker has no other option but to keep changing its domain title in order to fool the regulatory authorities and still provide wholesome entertainment content to its followers.

5. Flicksmore


There are many people who are not completely comfortable with using movie websites to stream content as they feel they are stepping in an unknown territory which they know nothing about. Another reason for their hesitation is that there have been a lot of incidents of people having really bad experiences with these streaming sites. It is advisable for these people to start with Flicksmore as it is widely considered to be one of the safer movie platforms in the streaming sector. The site is constantly trying to improve itself and make itself safer for the users. One thing that Flicksmore does in this regard is that it refreshes the site regularly and thus manages to get rid of any unwanted material like viruses or bugs from the site. Constantly updating the platform also allows Flicksmore to regularly upload new movie titles. Thus, every time a user visits the site, he or she witnesses something new and exciting on the front page of the site. Flicksmore is not only good in terms of security but also excels in the style quotient. The front page of the site has a slider on which thumbnails of popular and newly released movies keep on rotating. This feature manages to get the attention of people who are not sure of what they want to watch on the site and are just streaming the site, looking for some interesting options.

6. Snagfilms


You can find a lot of movie websites that will have all the well-known and celebrated movies on its platform like The Dark Knight, Avengers, Thor, Avatar, Inception, Dunkirk, Interstellar etc. But what most of these sites lack is a collection of really good independent films and documentaries. These films usually get ignored and thus, do not get the recognition that they deserve. This is where Snagfilms comes into the equation. Snagfilms does recognize the awesomeness of these indie films and that is why it provides them with a platform where people who have not heard of these gems can watch them and have a cinematic experience that is superior to watching some of the big blockbuster films. And the brilliant thing about the site is that it offers all of this for free to the public. One more interesting feature about Snagfilms is that there is also a mobile application of it that people can download on their phones and watch informative documentaries and indie masterpieces on the go. The site has a large video directory that includes films of all major movie genres like horror, action, romance, thriller, drama etc.

7. Zooqle


Another movie website that makes for a good substitute for Moviespur is Zooqle. Zooqle has been around in the streaming sector for a long time. Earlier, Zooqle was known as Bitsnoop. The website was created in the year 2008 and to this day, the site is still relevant and used by millions of people to download movies. If you are on the hunt for a variety of torrent links, then Zooqle is a great option. Verified torrents is not an easy thing to find. There are a lot of fraud websites that are peddling a bunch of fake torrents on their websites. These torrents either do not work or contains files that are not related to the movie that the person wishes to download. These fake torrents are also dangerous to the security of a person’s computer. So, it is very impressive for a website to have nothing but verified torrent links on its platform. The site is extremely smooth and runs at a really fast speed. Zooqle is a website where there is a significant amount of content for everyone. It has not been created just for people who want to stream movies. There is other type of content available on the platform as well like audio files, podcasts, video games, software applications etc. So, Zooqle is an example of a place where people having very different tastes come under one roof to satisfy their needs.

8. Kuttymovies

If you are interested in a website that deals with mainstream content like movies from Bollywood and Hollywood, Kuttymovies is a great option for you. If a user is not interested in the function of streaming, he or she can also download the films from Kuttymovies on the device and watch it later. There are TV serials on the platform as well for people who are addicts of web series and have a habit of watching a large number of episodes in one sitting. Apart from movies and videos, people can also find mp3 audio files on Kuttymovies. The site has music in both English and Hindi languages. So, admirers of music also form a part of the total user base that visits this site. The site has recently updated its entire platform. So, now it is clean and runs better than ever. The user interface has been designed to make sure that people who are new to the site do not face any complications while they are getting used to the platform. Kuttymovies also has an application that runs on smartphones. The app is really small in size. So, there is no cause of concern for a person regarding running out of storage space while installing the app. The mobile app works a lot better and faster than the website. The site as well as the app is free for everyone and does not require registration from the users.

9. Limetorrent


Lime torrent is one of the well-known websites which you can download and watch movies for free. Apart from movies, the website has several other applications that include documentaries and even music. It is significant to ensure a proper internet connection before you start using this website. The website also faces constant privacy and legal issues that are a major hindrance for the website to run smoothly. The process of downloading your favourite movies is very easy for the users to navigate. The database of Limetorrent’s website is updated frequently which provides the users with amazing high-definition video qualities.

10. Movieswood


There are plenty of websites available on the Internet that offer users a variety of movies. Movieswood is one such torrent website that focuses on Hollywood and Bollywood collections of movies. The users can also watch regional movies online with the help of this website which has gained popularity over the years. The website offers the users plenty of choices to run movies and stream them either online or offline. Movieswood is a website that has pirated content and is any legitimate one. It is important to be careful while using this website as it may contain several risk factors.

11. Besthdmovies


Besthdmovies is one of the latest websites that is primarily known for its Hollywood and Bollywood contents. There are so many websites available in the market like the OTT platforms- Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime, etc that provide movies and web series only if it is subscribed by the user. Most people want to watch their favourite movies and TV shows free of cost. Besthdmovies offers the player a huge library collection of the latest movies and classics of the last decade. This makes the website highly demandable among the public. The website also offers a wide range of animated films that entertain children.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Moviespur

1. Why are streaming sites like Moviespur illegal?

Moviespur is an illegal online streaming website because the content that is present on the platform of the site has not been procured through a legal source. The films are all pirated and have been uploaded on the site without the permission of the people who were behind the making of those films.

2. Have the Indian Government and other authorities taken any actin against sites like Moviespur?

The Indian regulatory authorities are constantly working towards shutting down illegal platforms like Moviespur but there are not entirely successful as these sites keep changing their domain names and still remain active and accessible to the users.

3. How much does it cost to watch movies on Moviespur?

The Moviespur website is free to the public.


The purpose of this article is not to promote piracy. It has been written just to provide information to the readers.


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