The majority of the population in India has grown up watching films. Every person has fallen in love with these films and the actors that feature in these films. People like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar have become huge superstars and are considered role models by many. So, it is safe to say that Bollywood films have made a significant impact on the lives of Indian people. 

But people forget the fact that film industries other than Bollywood also exist in India. There are film industries that are working in different parts of India and making films in regional languages. Brilliant films are coming out of these small cities. These films go on to represent the country in various international film festivals in other countries like Cannes or Berlinale. So, these movies should also be promoted and watched by the Indian public because they are as good and important as mainstream Bollywood movies.

The Tamil film industry is one example of one of the many places in India from where high-quality films are coming out on a regular basis. So, it is important to make sure that these films get the recognition and appreciation that they deserve. There are streaming sites where that are specifically dedicated to Tamil cinema. People can go there and watch their favorite Tamil films without spending a single rupee. One such website that is famous for having Tamil content on its platform is Tamilrasigan.

What is Tamilrasigan?


Tamilrasigan is an online streaming website where people can go to stream and download films and web series. There are many sites out there that have Hindi and English films but Tamilrasigan’s main focus is on Tamil language films. There are times when no good English or Hindi film gets released for a while. In these times, people can turn to Tamil cinema to watch those films. Just one visit to the website is enough for a person to get addicted to the website. Then, they will come to the site again and again to stream their favorite films.

Features of Tamilrasigan

There are some special qualities of Tamilrasigan that help it in attracting people. Some of the qualities can be seen below:

  • There can be sites where users might find it difficult to search for a movie. But the user interface of the Tamilrasigan website is pretty straightforward. This is why more and more people are using this website to watch movies every day.
  • The speed that you will find on the servers of the website is very high. This helps a person in streaming a video without any interruption.
  • Tamilrasigan also has a mobile app that allows people to enjoy the content of the site on their smartphones and tablets.
  • The size of the mobile app is not very large. Thus, it does not take much time to download and install the app and also, the app does not take much space on the device.
  • The mobile app keeps getting updated regularly. In the latest update, all the bugs and malware have been removed.
  • The option of downloading films is also available to the users on this website.


Piracy is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a serious crime and a person found guilty of it will be punished by law. He can go to prison or might have to pay a hefty fine. A lot of money and time goes into making films. Producers invest their own money to make films and they can only earn back that money if the film is successful in the theatres. But if that film ends up on a pirated website, this can result in huge financial losses to those producers. So, people should try to avoid these websites at all costs.

How to Download Movies from Tamilrasigan

Following steps will help you in downloading a movie from the Tamilrasigan website:

  • The first step is to visit the Tamilrasigan website.
  • When the site opens, you can search for your movie there. For this purpose, the various categories or the search bar on the top of the page can be used.
  • Upon finding the film, the next step is to click on the download button.
  • When the download option is clicked, you will get a window where you will have to verify that you are not a robot by clicking into a column.
  • After successfully doing that, the video will start downloading.

Alternative Websites for Tamilrasigan

No matter how good a streaming website is, it cannot possibly fulfill the demands and needs of all the people on the internet. There will always be some people who will not like the website. Every person has a different taste and preference. For these people, there are other very good online streaming websites out there that can be a good substitute for Tamilrasigan. Some of these sites can be seen below:

1. Online Movies Gold

Online Movies Gold

The first name on this list of alternatives for Tamilrasigan is Online Movies Gold. Online Movies Gold shares a lot of similarities with Tamilrasigan and that is why it is a great substitute for it. The site is free to the public and there is no need for an individual to go through any registration process in order to access the content on the Tamilrasigan website. The user interface of the website is also very impressive and easy to use. The thing that differentiates Tamilrasigan and Online Movies Gold is the advertisements. Online Movies Gold is better than Tamilrasigan in this area because Tamilrasigan faces the problem of ads on its platform but Online Movies Gold has found its way around it and a very low number of ads ever appear on it. The benefits of Online Movies Gold outnumber the benefits that Tamilrasigan has. So, it should not be hard for people to replace the latter with the former.

2. Box TV

Now this site is a good substitute for Tamilrasigan because there are many movies that you might not be about to find on the Tamilrasigan website. But those movies can be found on Box TV. Box TV has a good collection of content not only in terms of Tamil language but in other regional and international languages as well. This is what makes Box TV attractive to the viewers. The reviews that have been coming out for this platform by the people are amazing and extremely positive.

3. Bmovies


Now this is a site that is very underrated in the streaming sector. The film collection that Bmovies possesses is bigger than most of the other streaming websites out there. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer this website over others to watch movies. The site does have ads on its platform but this is a problem that can be fixed by an adblocker. A person does not have to go through the process of signing up in order to access the content of the Bmovies website. The content is divided into various categories according to the genre, year of release, country etc.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

The next name on the list that a person can use to stream and download content is Tubi TV. IT was in the year 2014 that this website started its operations. You will find one of the most amazing video collections on this website. There are no less than 15,000 movies present in the video library of Tubi TV. Thus, a person can never get tired of watching the content of this site. There are various unique features that this site has. For example, it is not compulsory for a person to sign up and open an account on this website to watch and download movies, but if he or she chooses to do so, then the person will get additional advantages. They will be able to maintain a watchlist and will also be able to resume a film from where they left it the last time. If you have an account on this website, you will also get film recommendations from the site as to what you should watch next. Tubi TV will give you these recommendations based on your previous history of films.

5. Stream4u

Smooth streaming is one of the most important things that are required out of a streaming website. Without it, the whole purpose of the streaming website gets defeated. Why would a person visit a website to stream movies if the movie cannot play without any interruption? But still, it is not that easy to achieve a seamless streaming platform. Stream4u does this with ease. The site has four streaming options on the website. Thus, a person faces almost no buffering issues while watching the film of his or her choice. The multiple servers are also very helpful in controlling large amounts of traffic. If the server is overloaded by too much traffic and cannot work efficiently, people can resort to the rest three servers present on the site. The site has varied content from different countries of the world and also in different genres. One disadvantage that the Sgtream4u website has is that the video files on this site are not accompanied by any subtitles. So, a person who is not well-versed in the English language might face some difficulty while watching the films.

6. Besthdmovies


Despite the fact that the content present on this site is pirated, the Besthdmovies website witnesses an unusually large amount of traffic every day on its platform. It does not matter to the users that this website is illegal. One of the reasons why this site is able to appeal to the masses successfully is due to its varied collection of content. The video directory of the Besthdmovies website contains a lot more than just movies. There are people who love watching documentaries and short films. These people also visit this site as a lot of critically acclaimed documentary films and short stories get featured on this website. All the videos on this site are in HD quality. So, at least in the video quality department, a user will have no complaints. Tamil, Telugu and other regional movies are also available on this site. Hollywood movies are also dubbed in Hindi and uploaded on this website. So, you can see that there are obviously various attractions due to which people visit this amazing website.

7. Ditto TV

You will find many streaming websites that focus on movies, but there are very few websites online that have TV shows and web series as their main focus. Ditto TV specialises in TV shows. So, it is a great site for people who are addicted to TV shows and just cannot stop binge-watching them. A large number of live TV shows can be found here, many of which will not be present on the other streaming websites out there. Although the site gives most of its attention to TV series, there are other types of content also available on the site. A person can also watch and enjoy Hindi movies on Ditto TV.

8. Cinemavilla


Having a niche an be very helpful when it comes to streaming websites. Focusing on one particular thing allows the site to appeal to the people who like that thing in a better way. In this way, the site manages to cultivate a healthy relationship with the people and grows its user base every day. Cinemavilla has found its niche in South Indian cinema. This site allows its users to stream and download HD versions of films from its platform. And people can do it for free as Cinemavilla does not charge any subscription fee from its users. The best Malayalam movies and TV serials can be found on this website.

9. Jalshamovies


One of the greatest directors of Indian cinema was Satyajit Ray. His work is appreciated to this day in the country. His films were watched not only in India but also in other countries. He was also awarded an honorary Oscar at the Academy Awards. The Apu trilogy was his most acclaimed work. Many film directors today credit him as a source of motivation and inspiration for them. But the movies made by Satyajit Ray are now gold. So, it is not easy to find them on the internet. Finding a Satyajit Ray film on a streaming website is a rarity. Jalshamovies is a website that has a good collection of Satyajit Ray films on its platform. So, all the film buffs who are searching the internet for these films can find them here. Jalshamovies is a great platform for people who are enthusiastic about Bengali cinema as a majority of the content of the site revolves around that. People can enjoy biographies and documentaries of this site. The dilemma with Jalshamovies is that the thing that it specialises in is the same thing that becomes a hurdle in the site’s growth. The fact that the site has mainly Bengali content on it does not appeal to a large portion of the public and they might prefer to use some other website in order to stream movies.

10. Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers

Now, this is a site that has managed to make aa huge name for itself in a very short period of time and is today, one of the top names in the streaming world. Here, you can find mainstream Hindi films as well as regional movies from different languages like Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam and Tamil. People also get the option of downloading movies in the video format of their choice. Thus, a person can choose his or her preferred video format according to the strength of the internet connection.

11. Putlocker


A site would be really lucky to enjoy the level of popularity that Putlocker enjoys in the streaming sector. Putlocker also has a mobile app for people who stream and download movies on their smartphones. The app has been well-reviewed by the public. You can find movies in dual audio here on this site. This can increase the entertainment factor as watching a film in one language can be way more fun than watching it in another. The TV show collection of the site is as impressive, if not more, as the film collection. Top-rated shows from different countries are present on Putlocker for free.

12. FZmovies 


The next website that can be substituted for Tamilrasigan to stream content is FZmovies. The website has made a name for itself by uploading the films that have been recently released in theatres on its platforms. What is more impressive is that the site takes only a couple of days after the release of the film to put it on their platform. So, people without spending money on theatre tickets can watch the films that they have been waiting for so long on this website. Short films, web series, documentaries and award functions are also there on the site for people who are interested in that type of content. The user interface of FZmovies makes sure that a person can easily navigate the platform to watch movies. The content of the site has been neatly divided into various categories.

13. 1 Movies

1 Movies

Now this is another good torrent website that can be used in place of Tamilrasigan. The video directory of the site is varied and diverse. In this way, 1 Movies tries to appeal to the larger sections of the public. There is no need for any sign-up and people can stream movies on the site for free. One drawback that 1 Movies has is the advertisements. This is a problem that many other streaming sites also face. On 1 Movies, it can happen that a person might be watching a thriller film and a really intense scene is going on and out of nowhere, an ad comes on the screen. This can ruin the whole mood of the person. To solve this problem, a person needs to download and install an adblocker. Good quality English language films can be found here. Most of the movies on 1 Movies are those that are popular worldwide and have managed to earn large sums of money at the box-office.

14. 300mbmovies4u

The last name on the list of websites that a person can use to watch TV shows and movies in case he or she is unable to access the Tamilrasigan website is 300mbmovies4u. If you are looking for a website where you can find high quality movies but in small memory size, then this is the best site for you. As the name suggests, it is the specialty of this site to provide decent quality videos in small sizes like 300 MB. This site is great for people who stream content on their mobile phones as these devices have less memory space as compared to computers. Bollywood films that earn big at the box office can be watched and downloaded from this site.

15. Los Movies

The first alternative site to Tamilrasigan that one must consider is Los Movies. People mostly use the site to watch their favourite TV shows. However, this site also hosts an innumerable number of movies, old and new from different languages and genres. If you are looking for a site that would deliver content in high quality, Los Movies is the right choice. Apart from streaming movies or TV serials, you can also download them in any format. The best part is the site is extremely well organised and planned. Its layout is simple and easily navigable. On the home page, there are clean categories of films. You need to select a suitable category of your choice and click on your desired movie.

16. Rainierland

The next best alternative to Tamilrasigan would be Rainierland. This is a newly developed site that has become quite popular among movie freaks. It has made a name for itself by uploading all the blockbuster movies within a few days of their theatrical release. What’s best about this site is that it uploads all contents in HD quality. Usually, we don’t find high-quality content on free movie streaming sites. But Rainierland has proved to be different. With Rainierland, you can enjoy top-quality content sitting back at home. No longer do you have to visit theatres to watch movies. So, visit Rainierland and stream a variety of content for free!

17. Go Movies

A site that you would enjoy browsing is Go Movies. This is an extremely well-designed, user-friendly site. People have given good reviews about the functioning of this site. Oftentimes we see pirated sites not functioning well. But with time, Go Movies has truly enhanced its quality of services. Besides offering content from every language, Go Movies uploads films from every genre like comedy, drama, romance, thriller, horror, etc. Again, apart from movies, one can also find some of the top-rated web series, documentaries, short films on this site. The site allows people to download films if they are unwilling to stream them online.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tamilrasigan

1. Is piracy illegal in India?

Yes, piracy is illegal in India and is a punishable offence under the Indian constitution.

2. What is the best alternative to Tamilrasigan?

Due to the similarities that both the sites share, Online Movies Gold can be considered the best alternative for Tamilrasigan.

3. Where can a person watch Tamil films on the internet?

If you want to watch Tamil language content on the internet, you must pay a visit to Tamilrasigan.


We respect the Constitution of India and thus, do not support or promote piracy in any way. People should watch films only in theatres or on OTT platforms.


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