For people who are fans of comics and love reading comic books and mangas, this is the perfect place. The article will tell you about the Mangastream website which provides a platform to its users where they can come to read and enjoy their comic books and mangas.

Comic books have played a crucial part in the lives of a lot of people. As children, people loved to buy new comic books and mangas and read them again and again. It was the greatest joy in the world to them. Superheroes comics were the rage in those days. Every person would have their own favorite superhero and would religiously buy all the comic books of that superhero. The new wave of comic book films from comic giants like Marvel and DC and rejuvenated the comic book industry and a new interest has developed in the hearts of people to buy comic books again.

Cartoons and superheroes have now become the stuff of the legend. Earlier they had a niche audience but the success of superhero films has given them a new life and their popularity is not going down any time soon. 

Earlier, people used to have to go to comic book stores and buy physical copies of their favorite comics. But now times have changed. Technology has advanced a lot and due to this, there are now digital versions of comic books available on the internet. So, a person does not even have to get out of his or her house in order to read and enjoy their favorite comic books or mangas. Now that the comic books are available online, their fan base has also increased massively as new people who were not familiar with these things are now paying attention to it.

Manga is a different stream of comic books. Every comic book lover must have heard the term ‘manga’ at least once in their life. Manga is a Japanese word used to refer to comic books and graphic novels of that country. There is a lot of range when it comes to Manga comics. Action, drama, science fiction etc. are just some of the many genres that are there in the Manga world. Mangas do not appeal to a niche market. Manga comics have followers from all around the world.

But the problem with comic books is that they cost money. Whether a person buys one from a comic book store or from online, he or she has to pay money. In this way, it is not possible for many people to have a good collection of comic books. But there is a solution to this problem. There are websites on the internet where people can go to read comic books of their choice without paying any money. One of these websites is Mangastream.

Mangastream is a website where manga comics lovers can go to read their favorite comics. The website provides its services to the users for free. Mangastream has a diverse collection of comic books and has mangas in all popular genres available on its platform.

There are various categories in which comic books can be easily divided into. Mangastream does the same thing. The whole has been neatly organised and the content has been properly divided into different categories, making it easier for the users to navigate the website in order to search for the comic books that they want to read.

The first category is the Genre. Not every person will be attracted towards the content of the same genre. Not everyone likes romance and not everyone like action. Some people want comics of the thriller genre and some others are inclined towards the comedy genre. Then the next category is the alphabetical directory which involves sorting the entire content according to their titles starting from A all way to Z.

The next category is popularity. Obviously, there are some mangas that are more popular than others. Naruto, One Punch Man, Death Note etc. enjoy a cult following from people all over the world. This category is helpful for people who are new to the world of mangas. With this category, they will be able to know which mangas re the best ones and which manga he or she should start reading first.

The last category is the latest release. Manga lovers eagerly wait for the next episode of their favorite comics. As soon as the next episode is officially released, they rush to these websites to look for it. But due to the complicated layout and user interface of some websites, they are not able to quickly finds the manga that they want. Mangastream, by having this category, has an edge over its competitors as it reduces the work that a user has to do to find the latest episode of his or her favorite manga.

Features of Mangastream

To stand out from a crowd, you need to have some special characteristics and Mangastream has just that. Below is a list of features that the Mangastream website has that makes it better than its competitor websites:

  • The user interface of the Mangastream website is very friendly and smooth. People of all ages like to read mangas. So, no matter adults, kids or senior citizens, every person can easily use the website to read their favorite mangas.
  • As mentioned before, the site has a very efficient search bar and a lot of filters and categories that make it easy for the people to use the website. These filters are also helpful for people who are new to these manga websites.
  • Thee content on the Mangastream website is unique and diverse. This adds to the mass appeal of the site and attracts new users every day.
  • Mangastream also has a mobile app that can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones and tablets to read comic books. This app is helpful for people who are always on the run and mostly consume content through their mobile phones.

How to Download the Mangastream App

Downloading an app from the internet is not very complicated but there are still some people who are not aware of the process and need some guidance as to how to download them. Below is a list of steps that a person can follow in order to download the Mangastream from the internet:

  • If a person has an IOS device, he or she can just simply visit the play store and download the app from there.
  • But if a person has an android device, then he or she needs to take some extra measures in order to download the Mangastream app on their device.
  • An android user has to search for the app on a torrent website and also install a torrent downloading software.
  • When the person finds the torrent on the internet, he or she can just copy the URL of that torrent and paste it in the torrent downloading software and the app will start downloading.


There are certain things a user needs to be aware of while accessing these online streaming websites. The content present on these websites is pirated and is not legal. The people who are behind the production of these comic books and mangas stand to lose a lot financially in case their manga gets pirated and is uploaded on one of these websites. The revenue that the producer was supposed to earn will be lost as people will read the comics through the legal mediums but on these illegal sites. There are some security issues with some of these sites. So, people need to educate themselves and take the necessary precautions before they visit any one of these websites.

Best Alternatives to Mangastream

As the content present on the Mangastream website is illegal, the government is constantly trying to shut down. So sometimes, it might happen that a person cannot open the site. Then he or she can go to an alternative website to read mangas. The user can do the same in case he or she is not able to find the manga of their liking on Mangastream. Below is a list of alternative websites that serve as a good substitute for Managstream:

1. Comixology

The first name on the list of websites that can serve as a good alternative for Mangastream for reading mangas and comic books is Comixology. This website is owned by Amazon and has a really smooth and friendly user interface. People who are not tech-savvy can also use this website easily. Comixology also has a mobile app that people can download on their tablets and mobile phones. The app works on Kindle, Windows, Android and IOS devices. One major drawback that Comixology has that can be off-putting for a lot of people is that the content present on the website is not free to the users. A person has to pay money to the website in order to read his or her favorite comic books. 

2. MangaReader

MangaReader is another good website for reading mangas and comic books of different kinds.  The site shares a lot of similarities with Managstream in terms of the user interface of the website. It is because of this reason that MangaReader has managed to become popular among the Manga readers. The website has a ‘surprise me button on its platform. When a user clicks this, he or she gets a random comic book recommendation from the website. The one drawback of this feature is that it works smoothly on desktops or tablets. The feature fails to deliver on mobile phones. 

3. Manga Reborn

This website Manga Reborn has been aptly named as it provides a whole new and a completely unique experience for comic book and manga lovers. Not only does a person gets a vast variety of mangas on this website, but the mangas are also available in multiple different languages as well. This adds to the mass appeal of the site as people who are not familiar with a particular language can also visit the website to read mangas in their preferred language. On this website, a user also gets the opportunity to interact with other manga comic lovers, discuss their favorite comic books and share recommendations with each other.

4. KissManga

The next name on the list of websites that can be a good alternative to Mangastream and that people can visit in case they are unable to access the Mangastream website is KissManga. KissManga has one of the biggest and the most impressive collection of mangas. KissManga is famous for being one of the largest platforms for manga on this statement gets backed up by the fact that the website plays host to almost 1,00.000 different mangas. The site regularly updates itself and it also sends a notification to the users whenever an update happens so that people can visit the website to see what new content has been uploaded on the platform. 

5. Comicwalker

There are people who are really impatient and have difficulty waiting for the latest episodes or editions of their favorite mangas and comic books. People want to stay updated with what is happening in the manga world and are interested in every small bit of news. Comicwalker is a great website for these people as newly released content is uploaded on the Comicwalker platform as soon as possible. The website is also considered to be very secure. So, a user does not have to worry about his or her computer getting affected by a virus or any other form of malware.

6. Manga Fox

Manga fox is a website that has made its name by having a huge and diverse collection of comic books. The range of comic books is very wide and includes mangas from various different genres like romance, thriller, sci-fi, crime etc. The content present on this site is very deep and philosophical and contains a lot of messages and life lessons. People of all ages, whether kids or senior citizens, can enjoy the content of this site. Manga Fox provides all of its services to the users for free. People can not only read but can also download comics from this site on their devices. This gives them the opportunity of reading mangas at any time as per their convenience. The site also has a user friendly interface and has various filters and categories to make it easy for the users to search for the content of their choice. 

7. Manga Panda

The next name on the list of websites that can be a good alternative for Mangastream is Manga Panda. The website has a smooth user interface due to which it easily accessible from all devices whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone. There is a huge library of mangas that have been translated into the English language so that people from all parts of the world can enjoy them. The comics can also be downloaded from Manga Panda and all the services of the website are available to the users free of cost. Manga Panda suffers from a major disadvantage. The one drawback that Manga Panda has is that the site has a lot of advertisements that pop up randomly and disrupt the user who is trying to read a comic book or a manga. This can be really annoying for a user and he or she might decide to just quit the website and never visit it again. 

8. Mangaeden

The thing about Mangaeden that is really impressive is that it plays host to more than 10,000 different manga series. The site has a good overall look and a sleek design. The website also gets updated regularly so that the latest comic book episodes and editions are available to the users as soon as possible. One thing that Mangaeden does to show that it cares for its users is that the website is open to user feedback. People can submit their reviews of comic books and mangas on this website and the website then curates its content accordingly. 

9. Manga Town

The last but not the least on the list of websites that be a good alternative for Mangastream is Manga Town. A user does not have to pay any money in order to access the website. There is also no need to open an account to read mangas on Manga Town. The website has a forum where people can give their feedback or complaints. In this way, the Manga Town website also involves its users in the decision-making process.

10. TenManga

TenManga is a popular alternative to MangaStream. With lots of manga series and movies to offer, you get the scope to discover many new manga that you haven’t read earlier. As the site hosts innumerable numbers of manga, it has cleanly categorised its contents on its homepage. You can explore the categories and click on a suitable category that matches your preferences. Read an innumerable number of manga comics and stay entertained! What people love most about this site is that it has a user-friendly interface. In addition to that, there are very few ads that pop up while you are reading manga. Thus the site ensures that you stay engaged throughout.

11. MangaKakalot

Another alternative to MangaStream is MangaKakalot. Functioning for years now, it has become an extremely common alternative. Lots of users use it despite the presence of better sites because this site continually updates its collection of manga. Not just that, it brings manga comics from different genres. You are sure to get your favourite comics here. The site’s interface is extremely user-friendly and easily browsable. If you aren’t willing to read the comic online, you can easily download it on your device. Don’t worry, accessing the site is allowed for free. There’s no hassle involved. Neither do you have to subscribe nor do you have to register.

12. MangaGo

Last but not least is MangaGo. It offers a wide variety of manga comic collections and the best features. With a user-friendly UI and well-designed website, the site has gained millions of traffic ever since it started functioning. It offers a gigantic collection of manga, ranging from Naruto, One Piece, Astro Boy, Dragon Ball Z, etc. With its variety of contents, it’s sure to never let anyone get disappointed. Overall, it’s a nice website that hosts a versatile collection of manga comics. The best part about this site is that it uploads contents from time to time and allows downloading for free.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mangastream

1. What is Mangastream?

Mangastream is a website on the internet that plays host to comic books and mangas. People from all over the world can visit this website to get their daily dose of mangas.

2. How much does it cost to read comic books on Mangastream?

A user does not have to pay any money to avail of the services of the Mangastream website.

3. Is piracy legal in India?

No, piracy is illegal in India and is punishable by law.

4. Is the content present on Mangastream authentic?

No, all the comic books and mangas available on the Mangastream platform are pirated.

5. What are the most popular Manga comics these days?

Naruto, One Punch Man, One Piece, Attack on Titan and Death Note enjoy a great deal of fame and popularity from fans all over the world.


We want to let you know that we do not, in any way, support or promote piracy of comic books and mangas. This article has been written solely for information purposes and users must access these websites on their own risk. A lot of money is involved in making these comics and the producers run a high risk of facing financial losses if the manga gets pirated. A user should take necessary precautions before he or she decides to read a manga or any other comic book on any one of these online streaming websites.


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