OTT platforms are the talk of the town nowadays. Every person is spending their days and nights binge-watching their favorite shows. People are regularly discussing the latest series that they have watched. There are arguments happening as to which OTT platform is better.

Although the arrival of OTT platforms has provided the people with a great option for watching movies, there are some problems as well. The first problem is that one OTT platform does not have all the movies and shows present on it. There are also some shows that are available exclusively on just one OTT platform and cannot be found anywhere. So, for these reasons, people have to buy subscriptions to multiple OTT platforms. This causes annoyance among the users as the OTT platforms are supposed to be convenient and hassle-free for the users but in the end, they themselves become part of the problem. But the more serious problem is that all these subscribing to different OTT platforms takes a heavy toll on the pockets of people. Sometimes, just to watch a single movie or show, a person has to buy a subscription for an entire month.

Thus, the flaws in the OTT system have come to light. But there is a way to watch films on the internet without having to pay any money and that is through online streaming websites. These sites, although illegal, are used by a large number of people to satisfy their entertainment needs as everything else just keeps becoming more and more expensive. One such website that is the focus of this article is MoviesDa.

What is MoviesDa?


MoviesDa is an illegal online streaming site that allows people to watch films and TV series on its platform for free. Movies in different regional languages like Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu can be found on this site. Award show functions, documentary films and web series are also present on the MoviesDa site. If a person wants to download the film from the site, he or she has the option of choosing from various different video formats that are available with every film on the website.

Features of MoviesDa

A person can know more about the MoviesDa website by reading about its features that have been listed below:

  • The user interface of the MoviesDa website is inviting and friendly. Thus, the site manages to attract a large number of users.
  • Videos in different qualities like 360p, Webrip, Camrip, Dvdrip etc. can be found here. So, a user can download a movie according to his or her preference.
  • The collection of the MoviesDa site allows people from all parts of the country to fulfill their thirst for entertainment.
  • Dubbed films, which have a huge market of their own, can be found on this site.
  • In order to make it easy for an individual to find a film of his or her choice, the site has divided the entire content into different categories.
  • Relevant info is provided alongside the films to give the users a better idea as to what to expect from the film.


Although these streaming sites make for fun entertainment, people should be discouraged from using these sites as these films promote piracy. Piracy of a film leads to huge amounts of losses to the film producers. Some of these sites also have security issues. There are chances that a person’s system might get infected with malware or a big while using this site. So, it is advised to stay as far from these websites as an individual can.

How to Download Films from MoviesDa

There are people who are new to the internet and need some guidance in regards to how to download films from the internet. Below is a list of instructions that can help them in downloading films from MoviesDa:

  • The first thing to do is open the MoviesDa website using the web browser and the search engine.
  • When the site gets opened, the user has to search for the movie of his or her choice. This can be done by using the categories or by making use of the search bar.
  • After finding the required film, a user will see the download options next to it. Clicking on them will start the downloading procedure.

Alternative websites for MoviesDa

There are often some technical difficulties that can restrict a user from accessing a website. In such cases, a person can make use of alternative websites. There are some websites that are a perfect replacement for MoviesDa. Below is a list of some of those websites:

1. Sun XT

The first one on the list of alternatives for MoviesDa is Sun XT. It is a great place for people who are interested in Telugu and Tamil language films. The movies present on the site are in high definition providing high quality experience to the users. The design of the website is very smooth and it is very easy to use the website from a desktop or a laptop. But that does not mean that people who mostly watch movies on their mobile phones cannot use Sun XT. Sun XT realizes that mobile phone users constitute a huge chunk of the total number of users that watch movies on online streaming sites. Keeping that fact in mind, the site has developed a mobile application. Mobile users, who are fans of Sun XT, can use this app. Apart from movies, there is another unique feature of Sun XT and that is that people can even watch live news on the site. There are certain issues that come in the way of the progress of the Sun XT website. One problem is that users have to go through the process of registration and have to sign up and a=open an account in order to access the content of Sun XT. This turns out to be too much of a hassle for many people and they decide to just not visit the site again. The other major problem with Sun XT is that it is not free. Monthly subscription fee has to be paid by an individual in order to avail of the services of the site. The subscription fee can range from 50 rupees to 480 rupees. One good thing about Sun XT is that it focuses on customer satisfaction and that is why if a user has any problem, they can contact Sun XT on their customer care number and their problem will be looked in to by the staff.

2. TodayPK

There is hardly anything in India that enjoys as much popularity and limelight as Bollywood. Everyone is interested in what is happening in the Hindi Film Industry. What new stars are on the rise? Which film is releasing on the upcoming weekend? Which film made 100 crore rupees at the box office? Which film won the Filmfare award for ‘Best Picture’? So, it is obvious that there are people who want to watch all the popular Bollywood films and they do not care whether the medium they are watching it from is legal or illegal. For these people, TodayPK is a perfect choice. TodayPK is so popular that people are leaving OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix and rushing over to this site. One reason for this is the extensive library of Bollywood films. Another reason is that apart from films from Bollywood, there are also Hollywood films present on the site dubbed in the Hindi language.

3. Gofilms4u

If you are a film enthusiast who does not care about the language of the film or the TV show and just want to watch good cinema, then Gofilms4u is the perfect place for you. TV series and movies of various different languages can be found on this site. The regional cinema also finds a platform on the site as films of languages like Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu are showcased on Gofilms4u. Thus, those films that are not able to earn big money at the box office can still become popular among the masses through such sites. One good thing that Gofilms4u does is that it updates itself regularly. By doing so, Gofilms4u is able to upload the latest films on its platform as soon as possible. So, people who are loyal fans of the Gofilms4u website do not have to wait for a long time to watch their favorite movies.

4. Dvdvilla

The next alternative for MoviesDa that people can visit to watch the films of their choice is Dvdvilla. On this site, people can stream movies smoothly but apart from that, they also get the option of downloading movies. Thus, they can watch them later whenever they want. The site has done a great job of neatly segregating its content into different categories. Thus, there is no fuss in finding a particular movie. Sometimes, before watching a movie, a person wants to know more about it. For that, he or she has to go to Google and search that movie and get information on it. Dvdvilla saves all these efforts of the users by providing a small synopsis of the movie alongside it making it convenient for the users to decide whether to watch the film or not.

5. King Movies

Now this is a streaming website that has been making a lot of noise on the internet. King Movies has managed to create a huge buzz around itself on various social media platforms and due to this, it is rapidly gaining popularity and getting bigger and bigger every day. The appearance of a site means a lot when it comes to getting the attention of the users. Some sites do not give much regard to the look of the site and thus, lose a lot of followers. Some sites dedicate a lot of their time to getting the perfect look for the site but are still unsuccessful. King Movies has a sleek design and a cool look that manages to capture the eyeballs of the public. The movies presented on the front page have really cool and colorful thumbnails.

6. Ice Movie

The next name on the list of websites that are good for watching films online is Ice Movie. The IMDB ratings of the films are also visible with them. This helps the users in making their decision as to what movies they should watch. Various categories and filters are there to simplify the process of searching for films. One cool thing about the categories on this site is that a person can choose the country of which he or she wants to watch a film of. That is not something that can be done on many other websites. The site does not make its users go through the process of signing up in order to watch the films and the content of Ice Movie is free for use to the public.

7. PlayTamil

It is not an easy task to make a name for yourself in the streaming world. There are a lot of websites out there and the competition is also very high. But even in these difficult circumstances, PlayTamil has managed to secure a place for itself in the streaming industry in India. The site has done that by applying all its efforts towards appeasing a particular segment of the market. The segment of people that PlayTamil targets are those who love watching films from the Southern region of India. Realising that there is a lot of demand for South Indian films in the whole country, PlayTamil formulated a plan to create a niche for itself. You will find many sites that will have the latest released films on them but the sites which also play host to rare classic gems of the old days are very rare. PlayTamil is one of those rare sites as there are movies dating back to the 80s present on its platform. The site displays the popular and trending films on the front page of the site. This sometimes causes problems as it leads to too much traffic on the site. But then again, it is a good problem to have because having too much traffic is better than having no traffic.

8. 7starhd


7starhd is one of those streaming sites that have arrived on the scene very recently but still have managed to create a name for themselves. A user can watch movies on this site without having to pay any kind of subscription fee. The video directory of 7tarhd has award functions, short films, web series and documentaries in it. It is very easy to download movies from this site as all the movies are just one click away. If you are a film lover whose taste is not restricted to just one genre of films, then this website is for you. Content from various different genres like drama, comedy, action, horror, thriller etc. can be found here.

9. Dvdplay


It takes a whole different level of popularity for a website to get on the radar of the Indian regulatory authorities. The Government of India is constantly making efforts to shut down the operations of Dvdplay. But the fan following of this site is so huge that people still manage to find a way to use this website. Categories have been made to sort movies according to their genres, year of release etc. It makes the site look neat and clean. The number of movies that a person can watch on this site is unlimited as the services of 7starhd are free to the users.

10. Pagalworld

A website needs a unique selling point in order to stand out from the competition and attract people towards itself. Failing to do that can lead to the downfall of the said website and eventually, the site shuts down. The specialty of Pagalworld is that it quenches the thirst of those people who want to watch a film as soon as it comes out in theatres but they do not want to spend money on it. Pagalworld attracts people by uploading movies as soon as they are released in the theatres. This is not something that many other websites on the internet can pull off. If you are in search of a website where you can watch short films, movies, documentaries and web series without spending a single penny out of your pocket, Pagalworld is a brilliant option. The site is easy to use due to its smooth user interface. There is also no need for a person to register himself or herself on the site to watch films and TV shows.

11. TamilRockers


The next name on the list of alternatives for MoviesDa is probably the biggest and the most popular streaming site in India. TamilRockers is the holy shrine for people who are addicted to watching web series and films online. The content that is now coming out of South India is breaking all the stereotypes and perceptions that people had about the type of films that were made in that part of the country. Films like Trance and Baahubali are creating waves not only in South India but in all other parts of the country. So naturally, the demand for South Indian films is increasing. TamilRockers has managed to capitalize on that and is now considered the best place for people who are looking for South Indian content. The popularity of the site does not simmer even a little bit despite the fact that the content hosted by TamilRockers on its platform is pirated and illegal.

12. Online Movies Gold

Online Movies Gold
Online Movies Gold

India is a place of diversity. There are so many different cultures and languages that prevail in different parts of this country. This is the beauty of India that attracts foreigners towards it. Films are also made in different parts of the country, that too in different languages. But the problem that arises with this is that people are not familiar with many languages. An average person just knows his regional language. So, it becomes difficult for people to watch films from other regions of the country. Hindi cinema is the biggest and the most popular in India. But there are many people in South India who do not understand Hindi and thus, are unable to watch those films. Online Movies Gold provides a solution to this problem as it hosts Hindi movies on its platform that are dubbed in other regional languages. Thus, language is no longer a barrier when it comes to watching films on this site. But there are some things that hinder the growth of Online Movies Gold. Streaming of movies gets interrupted by frequent random advertisements. These are unwanted ads that can irritate the users. If Online Movies Gold intends to grow and become a giant in the streaming sector, they need to deal with this problem because there are other sites out there on the internet that do not have such problems on their platforms.

13. Moviespur


The first alternative to the site to MoviesDa would be Moviespur. Similar to MoviesDa, Moviespur is also an illegal movie streaming site that hosts pirated content. Due to its consistent services and good quality of movies, this site has quickly emerged to be everyone’s top choice. It’s a holy shrine for all movie maniacs who love to watch movies and web series all day. Not only can you watch movies in different languages like Hindi, English, and other regional languages but also watch movies from various genres that suit your movie preferences. The site hosts the top-rated contents in clean categories to make it easier for people to look for their desired movies.

14. Moviesbet

Another major streaming site and a popular alternative to MoviesDa is Moviesbet. This site is a comparatively new one but has managed to become popular in a short span. People can watch its contents for free, without registering on this site or subscribing to it. The collection of contents on this site has short films, award functions, documentaries, trailers, etc. The contents can not only be streamed online but can also be downloaded on your device. Don’t worry, the downloading process is easy. Besides offering these perks, the site comes with a well-designed and user-friendly interface. So visit Moviesbet today and enjoy a thorough movie streaming experience!

15. Sdmoviepoint


On Sdmoviepoint, there are very few advertisements. Hence, you don’t get interrupted frequently while you stream contents online. Secondly, this site offers content in HD resolution which highly improves your experience. Unlike most other illegal sites available on the internet, this site is connected to fast servers and allows easy streaming and downloading of its contents. It’s safe and secured to be accessed. You would simply be amazed to see the vast collection of contents on Sdmoviepoint. What’s more amazing is its clean categorisation of contents. The categories make it easier for people to get their desired movies. If you are unable to find any particular movie on this site, you can request it too! 

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About MoviesDa

1. How much money does MoviesDa charge from its users?

The MoviesDa website does not charge any money from its users and all the facilities of the site are available to the public for free.

2. What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is an OTT platform that people can visit to watch films and web series. A subscription fee has to be paid in order to access the content on Amazon Prime. A person also has to go through the registration procedure and sign up.

3. Are there any advertisements on Online Movies Gold?

Yes, Online Movies Gold suffers from the problem of advertisements.


The article has been written solely for informational purposes. A person should take necessary precautions while using these streaming websites as the content present on them is pirated and illegal.


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