It is getting more and more expensive to enjoy different sources of entertainment nowadays. The ticket prices of films in theatres are rising constantly and with the arrival of multiplexes in most of the major cities of the country, these costs are increasing rapidly. Nit only the ticket prices, the prices of snacks that are available in multiplexes like popcorn and nachos are also surging day by day. The situation now is that the snacks are now more expensive than movie tickets. These are the expenses a person has to think about every time he or she wants to go out to watch a film.

Not every person wants to spend that much money on watching films. Even if they can, they would not do it for multiple films. So, there need to be other options which do not put a heavy dent in the person’s pocket every time he or she wants to watch a film. OTT platforms are a good option but they also cost money and the content present on these platforms is somewhat limited.

The best option is considered to torrent sites on the internet that can be used to stream and enjoy a large variety of films. One of these sites that is popular among the public is Movieretina.

What is Movieretina?


This is a site that is a source of entertainment for a lot of people out there. People fall in love with the content that is hosted by the Movieretina website. The site also provides an opportunity to interact with other cinema lovers living in different parts of the world. There is a poll option present on the site using which a person can get the opinion of other users about a film. These interactions help in creating a community and people also start to like the website more due to this feature. There is one catch when it comes to using Movieretina. A person cannot access the platform directly. In order to watch films on Movieretina, the first thing a person has to do is install the Telegram mobile app. Only after this app has been downloaded and installed on a person’s phone can he or she access the services of Movieretina.

Features of Movieretina

Following are some of the reasons why a person should visit the Movieretina website:

  • Multiple links can be found on this website that can be used to download films. This is helpful in cases where there is too much traffic on one link or the link is not working due to some malfunction.
  • Movies that have been released only a few days ago can be found on this website very easily.
  • There is no subscription fee that a user has to pay to access the platform.
  • You can also submit your requests as to what movie you want to watch and Movieretina will try to fulfill that request.
  • Movies are available to the public in different video qualities. So, a person can choose from various options depending on his or her internet speed.
  • In order to access this platform, you have to use to Telegram app. You can mute or unmute Movieretina on this app whenever you want.


Every person wants the best things at the lowest things. People are always striving for things that involve the minimum amount of risk. But in the case of streaming websites, it is different. There are certain risks that these online streaming sites pose in front of the users, but they still do not stop using it. People should only watch movies that are considered legal and do not break any law. This is in the best interest of the public.

How to Download Films from Movieretina

Following is a list of instructions that can be helpful for users who are looking to download films from Movieretina:

  • The first step is to download and install Telegram. It does not cost a person any money to install this app on his or her device.
  • A person has to go through the signing up. This is for those people who are using the application for the first time.
  • Personal details like name, phone number and email address need to be provided in the registration process.
  • Then, the next thing you need to do is search for Movieretina on the app. After finding it, you will have to select the option of joining that group.
  • Once you become a member of the group, you will get access to all the content that is being shared on that group and will be able to download it very easily with just one tap of a finger.

Best Alternative Websites for Movieretina

You cannot find all the content of the world in one place. That is just not possible. But it is not a reason to worry. There are many other platforms of the internet that are easily accessible and used conveniently to download and stream films. Some of these platforms have been listed below for people who are looking for alternatives for Movieretina:

1. Movieswood


The list of websites that can be used in place of Movieretina starts with Movieswood. The site is considered to be a great option by many people on the internet. Apart from streaming, a person also has the option of downloading a video file on his or her device. Thus, the individual can watch the film at any time at any place. The content from Bollywood, Hollywood and even Tollywood can be found on this platform. This just goes on to show the diversity that Movieswood has in terms of its content. This diversity also manages to impress the viewers and more and more people visit the site every day. Many streaming sites are happy with just having the latest and the most popular films on their platform. But the Movieswood website reaches out for more. Although it does have the popular films on the platform that every site has, films from the old days like the 90s are present that can be enjoyed by people who do not consider the year of release of a film as a factor while deciding which film to watch.

2. Katmovieshd


Every streaming site should have a unique selling point through which it is able to appeal to the masses. In the case of Katmovieshd, this specialty is the superior quality of videos that are present on the platform. The more films that a site has, the more viewers it stands to gain. The Katmovieshd website provides a wide variety of films that cover all the major genres like romance, horror, action, comedy, thriller etc. There are people who are not that much interested in movies. For these people, the site has TV shows and web series on its platform that can watch and enjoy at any time of the day. The one problem that the website has not been able to get rid of is the pop-up ads. They can randomly appear on the screen and cause irritation among the users. There might be some people who would take an effort to solve this problem by installing an adblocker but there will also be people who will just switch to another website.

3. Limetorrents


There are so many torrent websites on the internet that it has now become very difficult to keep a count. But some of these sites are not as good as the others and it might get difficult for some people to differentiate between the good and bad torrent websites. Limetorrents has arrived in the streaming world recently but this does not, in any way, mean that it is somehow inferior to the other websites. Limetorrents has all the features to compete with the top torrent websites out there. That is why even though the site is new, it has become very popular among people who watch and download films and web series from the internet. The front page of the site is very detailed and all the information on it has been organised in a proper way. Thus, it becomes easier for people to learn their way around the site.

4. TeaTV

Having a target audience in mind can be a good idea sometimes. This can help the site in focusing on the specific requirements of the selected set of people that it has to fulfill in order to be successful in the business of streaming. TeaTV focuses on those people who mostly use their mobile phones to watch web series or movies. TeaTV has developed its platform keeping in mind the people who have android devices with them. In this way, it is able to provide high quality services to them. Most of the sites only have web series and movies on their platform. But here on TeaTV, a person can find documentaries and award functions as well. Thus, an individual never runs out of things to watch on this website.

5. Moviewatcher

The next website that is great for people to watch movies and TV series is Moviewatcher. The site has been nicely designed looks visually spectacular. The movie collection of the site is as good, if not better, than the appearance of the site. There are more than 10,000 titles of content that a viewer can find on this site. It is due to this feature of the site that people in millions rush to this site to watch content every year.

6. Skymovies


Although the site has the word ‘movies’ in it, the content present on its platform shows that Skymovies tries to cater to the demands of all different kinds of people who have varied tastes and preferences. Some people like to listen to music, some like to watch short films and then, there are others who are fans of documentaries. The needs of these people can be fulfilled by Skymovies. Old as well as new films are uploaded on the site on a regular basis. The site is also not behind when it comes to regional content. Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, English and Telugu are just some of the many languages whose cinema can be witnessed and enjoyed on the Skymovies website. There is no need for a person to spend any money as the site can be accessed for free.

7. Khatrimaza


This website is a household name when it comes to Indian cinema. Many people have the misconception that Indian cinema only means films that are made in Bollywood. But the Indian cinema consists of so much more than that. There are regional film industries in various different parts of the country that are making films that are of the caliber of world-class cinema. But these movies do not get as much limelight as the mainstream Bollywood films. It is on streaming sites like Khatrimaza that these films find a home and are provided a platform that exposes them to the audience that usually consumes mainstream content. Everything on the site is neatly organised. So, people spend more time watching movies than searching for them.

8. Mp4moviez


This is a streaming site that puts pirated content on display for its users. The fact that the content is pirated makes the site illegal according to Indian law. So, constant attempts are made by the Indian authorities to block this site. So, if a person is looking to access the Mp4moviez website to watch movies, he or she has to make use of a VPN. Only then, they can get access to the site. A person can see multiple download links on the site. This tells the users that the downloading process will be easy as there will be no interruptions due to any technical reasons or due to too much traffic on the website.

9. Snagfilms


Now this is a site that supports the content that is made by independent filmmakers. It is not easy to make a film on a shoestring budget. It is equally difficult to make a documentary film. But the efforts of these filmmakers are not rewarded as sufficiently as of those who make mainstream blockbuster films. These independent filmmakers even face difficulty in finding a platform where they can showcase their work. This is where Snagfilms comes in. The site put these low budget independent films and documentaries on its platform for the world to see. The audience of the site is also mostly those people who are indie cinema as they believe it to be as good as any other mainstream movie out there. The content is free to the public. In order to appeal to the section of the public that views films on mobile phones, Snagfilms has made a mobile app. This app is compatible with IOS as well as android devices. So, this app is great for people who like to watch stuff on their phones while travelling.

10. Downloadhub


This is the go-to site for many people in India who like to watch movies on streaming websites. Downloadhub does not have content of only one type. The site has movies from Hollywood as well as Bollywood. Other than that, regional films in different languages like Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi etc. are also available on the Downloadhub platform. Films dubbed in different languages also form part of the content that the Downloadhub website puts on display for its users.

11. Movies4u

The next website that can be used as a good substitute for Movieretina is Movies4u. This website is great if a person wants to live stream movies on his or her computer. The site is very smooth and the movies can be streamed without any buffering or lag issues. The video quality of the content that a person will find on this site is very high. So, every movie that a person attempts to download from the site will be in high definition. Although it is advised that a person should not use streaming websites as they are illegal, one of the best options that anyone can go for is Movies4u.

12. Housemovie

A person will never get tired of the content that is available on this website. All the movies on Housemovie all available to the public for free. The collection of the website is amazing and a user can never run out of interesting stuff to watch on this platform. Although there is one catch with this website. The main source of revenue for Housemovie is through running ads on the platform. This can cause annoyance among the users as there are chances of their movie getting interrupted time after time.

13. Iomovies


Sometimes, the overall look and appearance of a website go a long way. When you open the Iomovies website for the first time, it will be very hard for you to believe that it is a free website as the site has been brilliantly designed and a lot of effort has been put into making the site visually amazing for the users. There are often times when people get indecisive and have a lot of difficulty in selecting a film. Sometimes, they spend more time selecting a movie than watching it. The Iomovies does the work for them as it gives them recommendations as to what they should watch. There is also a comment section present on the site where people can leave their feedback regarding a film. The media player is of the highest quality and every film runs smoothly on the site.

14. Madras Rockers

Madras Rockers

Every person has a different taste when it comes to films. Some like Hollywood films, some are into Bollywood movies and then, there are others who are interested in watching world cinema. Similarly, there are people who love watching South Indian movies on the internet. They enjoy them a lot. And when it comes to South Indian content, one of the biggest names in the streaming industry is Madras Rockers.

15. 5 Movies

5 Movies
5 Movies

Now, this is not a very well-known website on the internet. 5 Movies is one of those names that have managed to stay under the radar due to some reason. But this site is still a very good option for watching films. And also, the site has been growing and gaining popularity little by little every day. In order to reduce the efforts of the users, the content of the site is segregated into various different categories. One other impressive thing about this website is that the number of ads that show up on the screen is very low. This is impressive because there are streaming websites that are way bigger than 5 Movies but they still have not managed to solve the problem of ads.

16. Pagalworld


The last website on this list is one that can provide all-round entertainment to its visitors. Movies are not the only thing that can be found on this website. You can find web series and mp3 songs here as well. So, people who like to listen to music also rush to the site to enjoy their favorite songs from their favorite artists. There is no need for a person to go through any registration process in order to use the facilities of Pagalworld. If a person cannot find his or her desired film on the site, he or she has the choice of putting in a request to the site.

17. Moviecastblog

A major alternative to Movieretina, Moviecastblog has become a household name for movie maniacs. If you are looking forward to streaming more than Bollywood content, this is the site for you. Here, you would get to stream and download Hollywood films, web series, and documentaries. Not just English ones, but you can also stream content in regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, etc. The site hosts content in different languages, from different genres. So, irrespective of one’s movie preferences, this site hosts a wide variety of content that is sure to provide you with a satisfying experience.


Another site worth considering is If you are a movie freak, this site is for you. If you don’t have time to visit theatres and watch your favourite films, you can stream them at home only on free of cost! Yes, the site doesn’t require subscription charges or registration. Here, you can stream and download movies of any language. The contents come from different genres like horror, thriller, fiction, romance, drama, comedy, etc. No matter what kind of movies you prefer, you would get them here. With the site’s easy interface, it has provided a satisfactory streaming experience for years.

19. CriticBay

The next website you can visit for a thorough movie streaming experience is CriticBay. This site has offered flawless and smooth streaming and downloading services to people for years. If you are willing to download films, you can do it in simple easy steps. The site’s user-friendly UI has made it even easier for people to use this site. They can browse through the list of movies, web series, etc. From the categories. If you are unable to get the movie of your choice, you can simply search for it in the search bar. Furthermore, the site uploads contents in HD quality and other formats too, thus allowing users to stream contents in the format they like.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movieretina

1. How to use Movieretina?

In order to use Movieretina, a person has to download and install Telegram. Then, the person has to sign up on the app and join the Movieretina group in order to avail of its services.

2. Is 5 Movies a good website for streaming movies?

5 Movies is a site that is growing every day and is a great option to stream movies on the internet.

3. Is Movieretina free?Yes, people can sue the Movieretina website for free.


Piracy is a crime and it should not be promoted in any way. We are against piracy and also against these online streaming websites.


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