Movies have been serving the purpose of bringing people together for several decades. Cinema puts its power and influence on display in a lot of different ways. Today, a person sitting in one country is able to watch a movie made in a country that is millions of miles away from him or her, but he or she can still get, inspired, moved or entertained by it. One way to watch movies from other countries is through streaming websites. And this article is about ‘Dvdwap’, a website that plays host to movies and TV shows that people can watch without paying any money.

But gone are the days when the only way to watch films wat to go to the theatres. The invention of the television was a major breakthrough in terms of the way the public consumes content. Then, more options started coming as there was progress in the technology sector. Today, a person can watch movies on their TV set, laptops, tablets or even their mobile phones. There are OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix that internet users can visit to provide critically acclaimed movies and web series while sitting in the comfort of their homes. There are also streaming websites that can be used to watch films and web series. One such website that users can visit to enjoy their favorite web series is Dvdwap.

Dvdwap is an online streaming website that focuses on catering to those people that are looking for South Indian movies. The website has movies in various South Indian languages like Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil. Though there also movies of other languages present on the platform, but the main emphasis on the website is on the South Indian films. The number of South Indian films on the OTT platforms are very few. So, this demand is fulfilled by Dvdwap. The website also provides subtitles along with the movies. This is a feature that not many streaming websites have. Due to this feature, people from other parts of India are also able to watch the content of the website.

Features of Dvdwap


There are some features that Dvdwap has that makes it unique and helps the website in standing out from the rest of the competitor streaming websites. Below is a list of features of Dvdwap that makes the users choose this website over the other ones:

  • Dvdwap has a front page that is extremely lucrative and acts as a warm invitation to the users to use the website.
  • The servers of Dvdwap are very fast and provide good downloading speed to the users. This improves the overall experience of the users with the experience and makes them want to visit the site again.
  • Nobody likes to use a website that has a complicated user interface. The user interface of Dvdwap is pretty straightforward and is very easy to use by the users.
  • Sometimes, a person has to scroll a website for a long period of time before he or she can film the film of his or her liking. Dvdwap has filters in place which help the users navigate the website to find the content of their choice.
  • As there are movies of multiple languages present on the platform, it might become difficult for a user to find a film in his or her preferred language. Dvdwap takes care of that as it has a language filter which makes it easy for people to look for movies in whatever language they want.
  • Dvdwap is also a host to dual audio films.

How to Download Movies from Dvdwap?

Many internet users know how to download movies from online streaming websites. But there are some people who are not very tech-savvy and are very hesitant when it comes to things like downloading films from the internet. These people needed to be guided as to how to download movies and TV shows from online streaming websites. Below is a list of steps that a user can follow if he or she wants to download movies from Dvdwap:

  • The first thing a user has to do is type in the name of the site in the Google search engine and press the ’Enter’ button.
  • Then, he or she has to open the website link from the search results.
  • When the website opens, a user can easily search for the movies they are looking for.
  • When the user gets what he or she is are looking for, click on the thumbnail of the movie. Relevant information about the movie will come on the screen.
  • There, the user can find the download option. He or she has to click on the download link and the film will start downloading.


These online streaming websites do not come without their drawbacks. People who want to watch and download movies from these websites must be aware of the fact that the content available on these websites is pirated and piracy is a criminal offence in India that is punishable by law. The film producers can incur huge losses in case their movies get pirated and end up on these streaming websites. There also chances that of a user’s device getting infected with a virus when using one of these websites. So, a user should be careful while accessing these websites.

12 Alternative Websites for Dvdwap

There might be instances where a user is unable to access the Dvdwap website. It might be due to some government regulations or some other technical difficulties. In such scenarios, a user should not lose hope because there are other websites available on the internet that are just as good, in some cases even better, as the Dvdwap website. So, a user can visit any of these websites to enjoy the content of their choice. Below is a list of websites that can act as a good alternative to the Dvdwap website:

1. Toorgle


Toorgle does not have many bugs or viruses on its platform. So, the chances of a user’s device getting infected are pretty low and that is why Toorgle is considered to be one of the safer websites on the internet to download and watch movies. There are around 450 other websites on the internet that Toorgle is connected to. So, it increases the chance of a user successfully able to find the content of his or her choice and download it. One problem that the users face while using Toorgle is that it takes an unusually long amount of time to load the search results. So, a person needs to show patience while accessing this website but not all users are patient and they might just quit the website and never visit it again.


YTS is a household name when it comes to online streaming websites. Every person who has been downloading movies from the internet for a long time must have come across YTS or one of its proxy sites at least once. That is the popularity of YTS. So many movies get released every week but it is not possible for people to watch them all. The latest films with good audio and video quality are uploaded on the YTS platform as soon as possible for the viewers to watch and enjoy.

3. Movierulz


If you are looking for a website where you can watch your favorite South Indian films while sitting in the comfort of their homes, then Movierulz is a great option. The website runs smoothly on laptops as well as on mobile phones. So, people who watch films on their mobile phones are also users of this website. With its large collection of South Indian films, Movierulz has created a niche market for itself. But that does not mean that people from other regions in the country do not visit the website. There are South Indian movies present on the platform that are dubbed in other Indian languages like Hindi. This adds to the mass appeal of the website. The website also provides the option of multiple audio languages to the users so that they can watch these movies in their preferred language and enjoy their experience to the fullest. The video quality of the films present on this website is quite good which helps in providing a better experience for users.

4. CoolMovieZone


CoolMovieZone is one of those websites on those streaming websites that are not very popular but are as good as any other website on the internet. If a person is interested in watching Bollywood and Hollywood films, they must pay a visit to CoolMovieZone. This is because the films that the website has date back to the 80s decade. People who are looking for some old-school fun movies must visit this website.

5. Movie4k


Movie4k does a great job of acting as a bridge between the users and the films that they want to watch. People who are bored of watching mainstream films from Bollywood and Hollywood and are interested in watching world cinema can visit Movie4k as the website has films in various languages like Japanese, French, English, German, Turkish and Russian. Thus, the website manages to attract a larger amount of traffic to the platform. Registration is not necessary for this website but a user can do so if he or she wants to. The website has the latest releases as well as the old classic films present on the platform. 

6. 300mbdownload


300mbdownload is a website that stays true to its name as the video files on this website that are eligible for downloading are of 300 MB in size. This increases the convenience for users as they can download the films of their choice quickly and also do not have to worry about running out of storage space as the downloaded files are not very large in size. For people who are in love with Bollywood films, 300mbdownload is a great place. On other websites, a user has to navigate through films of all kinds to find Bollywood films but it is easier for them here as the main focus of 300mbdownload is on Hindi language movies. The latest films, as well as the old cult classics of the Hindi cinema, are present on the platform. 

7. HDFriday


HDFriday is a website that can be considered a great alternative for Dvdwap. For people who are short on patience and find it difficult to wait for a new movie, HDFriday is a great website. The site uploads new movies as soon as possible on its platform. The design of the website is very unique and lucrative and easily manages to capture the eyes of the users. To increase the mass appeal of the site and attracts users from all parts of the world, HDFriday has sorted the movies according to the languages that they have been made in. Thus, a person can easily find the film of his or her preference. One feature of HDFriday is that it allows users to rate the movie as good or bad. This helps the users in selecting a good movie. The HDFriday site is also a great place for people who are really into the Indian reality TV shows. Today, reality TV shows in India mostly cater to the younger generation. Shows that are popular among the youth like Roadies and Splitsvilla are present on the platform that the users can watch and enjoy.

8. Vumoo


Sometimes it happens that a user is scrolling through a streaming website to look for a suitable movie to watch but he or she does not know much about the movie. So, to get information about the movie, the person has to visit another website like IMDB. This can sometimes be too much work for the users. Vumoo solves this problem for its users as it has a brief description of every movie on the platform. Movies of different genres and languages are present on the Vumoo platform for the users to watch and enjoy. And they can do it all without having to pay any money. The website also plays a host to regional films. A majority of the films present on the platform have a video quality of 720p which is more than good. 

9. Flicksmore


Flicksmore is known for being a safe website to watch movies and TV shows. Where it differs from other streaming websites is that most streaming websites only have movies and web series on their platforms but Flicksmore also plays host to various award function shows that are telecasted on TV. This helps in attracting users to the website as many people often miss the live telecast of these award shows and later, they cannot find them easily on the internet. The front page of the website is designed really well as movies are displayed on a slider. There is one thing about Flicksmore that can put off the users on the internet. The one drawback that Flicksmore has is that it is not free. People can use the website for free for 30 days, which is considered a trial period, but after that, they have to pay a subscription fee to watch the content on the website.

10. Snagfilms


There are a lot of streaming sites on the internet that have movies and TV shows on their platforms. But where Snagfilms stands out is that it also has a good collection of documentaries and independent films on its platform. This is not something many websites can boast of. A person can find the rarest of films on this website. Snagfilms offers its services to the users for free. Snagfilms also caters to the needs of the mobile phone users as the website has developed a mobile app that people can download and install on their mobile phones. Thus, people who do not have a lot of time to watch movies can watch them on their mobile phones on the go.

11. Movies Counter

Movies Counter

Over the years, Movies Corner has managed to gain a lot of popularity and has built for itself a loyal user base. The smooth interface of the website attracts a lot of users as they can find the search results in a short span of time. The video quality of a film is crucial to the entire movie-watching experience of a user. The websites that have films in bad video quality on their platform, do not last for long. The content present on the Movies Counter platform is very good in terms of both video and audio quality. This makes for a better movie-watching experience for the users. The website also has documentaries on its platform. This attracts another niche segment of users to the website. Every movie on the website has a short paragraph along with it that contains information about the film. Thus, the users do not have to visit a different website like IMDB to know about the movie. This information also helps the users in making the decision as to whether they should watch a particular movie or not.

So, these are the alternative websites that a user can visit in case the Dvdwap is not able to fulfill their needs. These alternative websites are also useful in cases where due to some government regulations, the users are not able to access the Dvdwap website.

12. Movie Rill


Movie Rill is a very popular website that can be used to stream or download movies. You can find almost all kinds of TV shows and movies on this website. You can access all of its content for free. The content that you can avail of on this website is of HD quality. You can watch some of its movies and TV shows in dubbed versions too. The homepage of this website is very well designed. The content of this website is categorized into many categories which makes it very convenient for the users to find out the content that they want to watch.

13. Movie777

Movie 777 is one of the top-rated websites that you can use as an alternative to Dvdwap. It can be used for streaming and downloading any TV show or movie that you like. There are several formats in which the users can download any particular content that they want. You can access this website on any device you want just with the help of a few easy steps. It is free to use the website. You need not get registered or subscribed to use this website. You can find different genres of TV shows and movies on this website.

14. LookMovie


The next website that you can opt for is the Look movie website. One can find a wide range of TV shows and movies on this website. You can use this website for free. You can find different genres and categories of content on this website. You just need to search for the website on the browser of your device and then, you will be taken to the homepage where you will find the different categories in which the content of this website is classified. For all the movie buffs out there, Look Movie is an amazing website to go for.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Dvdwap

1. What is Netflix?

Netflix is an Over-the-top (OTT) platform where people can go and watch good quality movies and web series. A subscription fee has to be paid by the users to avail of the services of Netflix.

2. Does a person has to pay money to watch movies on Dvdwap?

No, the content on the Dvdwap website is available to the users for free and they do not have to pay any subscription fee to enjoy their favorite movies on this platform.

3. Is it legal to watch movies on Dvdwap?

No, the content on the Dvdwap website is pirated and piracy is a criminal offence that is punishable by law.


We want to declare that we are aware of the fact that piracy is not legal in India and is a punishable offence. We do not, in any way, shape or form, promote or support piracy. A lot of people put tremendous amounts of effort into making films and all their hard work can be ruined if the film ends up on a streaming website as soon as it is released. The article has been written only to provide information to people who want to know about online streaming websites that are popular in India. Users should be aware of this and should take necessary precautions before visiting any of these streaming websites as they themselves are responsible for their actions.


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