Human beings inculcate different types of habits within themselves. Some like gardening, some singing, some enjoy sketching and a huge number of people develop a knack for watching movies. They can watch any number of movies during their free time. They learn a lot from the movies. Movies take up to a fantasy world where everything seems beautiful at the end of the story. Watching this gives us a high level of satisfaction and we feel good. This feels a good factor that enlightens our gloomy mood and frees us from all types of tension. Many people who love watching movies also like to keep a stock of them. When you keep a stock, you get to see your favorite movie yet over again whenever you want. Getting to watch and download whatever you want is not that easy. The paid streaming apps come with an added cost that cannot be afforded by everyone. To ease out such tough situations, we are going to you about a website where you will be able to watch anything and any point in time.

The website of Moviesrox is one of the illegal websites that gives you the independence to watch as many movies your heart desires to watch. The contents of the website are free. You can access them extensively without paying anything and can even watch them online. The website also allows you to download the movies of your choice so that you can increase your collection. You can download any number of movies without paying anything extra. The website does not delay boarding the latest movies and web series. Therefore, you are sure to catch the action as soon as they are released. You can enjoy the movies with your family and friends in the comfort of your home.

The website is indeed bliss to human mankind. However, there is a negative side to the website too. The contents of the website are not original; instead, they are stolen from the copyrighted owners. They are slyly updated on the website without the consent of the actual owners. This is a crime in the eyes of the Government and strict measures are being taken to close the activity of such websites. If by chance the website of Moviesrox is banned, the alternative websites would be there to help you watch movies as always.

What is Moviesrox?


Many people avoid visiting the torrent websites, as they cannot rely on the picture quality and authenticity of the website. However, Moviesrox is one such website that can be trusted for best picture quality. The software of Moviesrox is of high quality and that is why the third parties are kept away. This enables the normal functioning of the website and you get to experience the best movie-watching experience. The website of Moviesrox has gained immense popularity among the users because they provide high-end protection from the third party. The movie gallery highlights innumerable movies at absolutely free of cost. The gallery is updated frequently with all the new releases and it uploads them with the best resolutions available.

The website has a dark mode available like the other apps of the modern-day. A committed team works to keep the website up and running smoothly. When you start browsing through the website, you will get a hang of it. On the home page, you can see the categories of all kinds of movies and they are displayed in the thumbnail format. The movies are segregated as per performance ratings, genres, box office collections, and many others. The website of Moviesrox is a hub for all your cinema needs. The website is equipped with a special interface because of which you can always request for a particular movie or TV show that you wish to watch.

Legalities of the website

The website of Moviesrox is illegal. They update the contents on their website without prior permission from the original owners. These torrent websites generally keep changing their domain name or website link to survive from the legal issues. The contents that you find on such websites are corrupt, copied, or stolen and therefore, they have to face the copyright issues with the authentic content. All the activities executed by the website are unauthorized and against the laws of the Government. Hence, it would be better to boycott the usage of such websites.

Features of the Moviesrox

To grab the user’s attention, the smart website of Moviesrox has a few interesting features. We have mentioned some of the features you should know before using the website.

  • The website is equipped with a dark mode. It is added to keep up the X factor of the website like any other latest application. The function of the dark theme is to keep your eyes relaxed while you are engrossed in navigating the website thoroughly. 
  • The Home page of the website is strategically designed. You will find a scroll in alphabetical order and by choosing the particular alphabet; you can find all the movies starting with that alphabet. 
  • The web interface is loaded with a variety of listings and categories. There are several options on the taskbar so that the users can pick their own choice. If a user unsure about what to see, they can go through the several categories of movies available on the website. 
  • The website of Moviesrox has a huge collection of TV shows and web series. The user can explore all the web series and TV shows available on the website. The TV shows include American TV shows, British TV shows, and Indian web series.
  • There is an option for the users to create an account on Moviesrox. When they create they would find movies at per their taste. The website tracks the user’s choice and recommends a few movies to the user to watch. This makes the task of searching movies easier.

How to download movies on Moviesrox?

The wonderful services of the website are sure to keep you glued to it all the time. To make the most of the website you should know how to download movies from the website. Here we are going to describe the steps involved to download the movies easily to your device.

It is not a big deal to download movies from Moviesrox. Primarily, you should have a good browser, a high-speed internet connection, and a fully functional operating system.

When you have everything mentioned above, you need to open the website of Moviesrox and select the movie that you want to download. You either can browse through the different listings available on the website or can search your desired movie using the search bar.

When your movie comes up on the screen, click on the thumbnail and it will direct you to a new window. The new window would display all the options of download to you. You need to select the format in which you want to download and finally click on the download button.

When you click on the download option, the download would start in the background. You can download it either to your device or on web storage like Google drive or iStore.

Latest movies streaming on the website

The moviemakers have made several good movies in recent times. All the movies have a different concept and you will enjoy watching each of them. Some of the movies that you would find on Moviesrox are mentioned below:

  • Bala
  • Marjaavan
  • House Arrest
  • Kabir Singh
  • Chhichhore
  • Dream Girl
  • Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas
  • War
  • Joker
  • Ardaas Karaan
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Ghost
  • Laal Kaptan
  • Battalion
  • Made in China

10 best alternatives of Moviesrox

Moviesrox is doing well in its business and serving the important stakeholders, however, no matter how famous it is, the platform is a pirated one. The platform portrays content that is copied deliberately without any license and hence can be banned by the Government at any point in time. If it gets banned, you would not be able to watch movies free of cost, so we are bringing some of the other alternatives to your notice. You can scroll through them when you get the time and put them as favorites so that you do not have to get tensed when Moviesrox becomes banned.

1. Ipagal


It is not always possible too that you would get to watch the content that you want. Instead of sitting in front of the TV screen for hours and changing channels, you should explore the website of Ipagal. 

Here you will find all the Hollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood dubbed in regional languages. The website of Ipagal is managed very well and the layout has been designed with great creativity. Even the first time users would find it easy to navigate the website. You are allowed to download movies of every language and genre. 

The wide categories and filters make the website a brilliant pick. You will find movies and TV shows of different languages like Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telegu. All the contents of the website are free of cost.

2. Tamilrasigan


Everyone is crazy about new films. The reason is that everyone wants to see something new and innovative. Every new movie has some new plot, a new story, and a new perspective. If you want to watch countless new movies just after their release for free, you should watch them with Tamilrasigan.

This website mainly focuses on Tamil movies, as there is a huge demand for them. You can find any number of Tamil movies available on the website. The interface of the website isn’t critical. It is user-friendly so that everyone can use it extensively. 

The website is equipped with very fast servers that allow you to stream and download movies real quick. The website has an app version, which is small in size and doesn’t take up much of your device’s storage.

3. Xmovies8


Movies form a bridge between entertainment and us. We human beings connect to the reel life a lot; hence, it plays a big role in our life. With the increase in competition in the movie-market, the price of the theatre tickets has raised unnecessarily higher. 

If you want to avoid the cost and the crowd of the theatres, you should explore the website of Xmovies8. You can watch innumerable movies by live streaming them. When you stream movies, you can watch them without blocking your device’s storage and risking your device to the web threat. 

The structure of the website is quite simple and anyone would be happy to use it. You will get a plethora of movies here and you can even download them if you want.

4. MovieVilla


When you have nothing to do and find no one by your side, you can opt for watching movies. When you watch the movie, you get inside a virtual story and enjoy being a part of it till it ends. 

MovieVilla is one of the popular pirated movie websites that allows you to download and live stream any movie that your heart desires to watch. Apart from movies, you will also find web series, TV serials, daily soaps, desi-dramas, and many more entertaining items. There are different formats in which you can watch movies like Bluray, DVDScr, 1080p, etc. 

There are different movies available on the website of varied languages like Tamil, Telegu, Pakistani, Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, and Punjabi. The website will show you any movie that you want.

5. SolarMovie


Buying movie tickets and getting an expensive subscription is not everybody’s cup of tea. With the increase in everyday cost, not everyone can spend on entertainment. SolarMovie is one such website that helps you get involved in entertainment without spending a single penny. 

The website shows you different entertaining contents in the best picture quality and without the need of any registration or subscription. They have movies of different genres like romance, horror, kids, drama, comedy, music, adventure, and whatnot. You would be spoilt for choices with SolarMovie. 

The contents of the website are regularly updated so that you do not miss any new releases. There is less number of advertisements to bother you on the website. The website is like a one-stop-shop for movie buffs.

6. 1Movies

1 Movies

Everyone likes to watch movies without any interruption and 1Movies is a website that would fulfill your wish of watching the best quality movies. This website is hugely popular and the users find it quite similar to the premium movie streaming sites. 

All the contents of the website are pirated and therefore they are free for all the users. The picture quality is praiseworthy and the users get to witness the best movie-watching experience when they see it on 1Movies. 1Movies are accessible from any mobile, tablet, or laptop. 

Hence, you have the freedom to watch movies anywhere and at any time. If you log in to your account on 1Movies, you also get recommendations for new movies. A good VPN technology is required to access the site uninterruptedly.

7. O2cinemas


When you crave for movie time with your family, but cannot go out to the theatres, O2cinemas is there to help you out. It allows you to watch innumerable movies for free and have unlimited fun indoors. 

This is an excellent platform where you will find all the latest movies, TV shows, web series, and many others in HD picture quality. You any find any movie in your preferred language. The movies here are of the languages Hindi, English, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Punjabi. 

The website is built very strategically so that you can access the website smoothly. The filters and categories are in place so that you find your favorite stuff easily. O2cinemas has an app version that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

8. 9xrockers


Suppose you are travelling long distance alone and don’t have anyone to even talk to, the long-distance seems to be even longer and the paths become never-ending. With 9xrockers you would not have to feel the same. 

9xrockers is a torrent website that helps you to watch several movies online and even download them without spending a penny. You can get the feel of the theaters when you watch movies on 9xrockers as every content on this website is available in HD resolution. 

Here you will find movies of varied languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Punjabi, and many more. The users are not required to sign-up or create an account on the website. They can just simply visit the website to download movies.

9. Moviesraja


Watching some good movies can make you feel stress-free. If you want to utilize your free time and watch movies of your choice, Moviesraja should be your all-time companion. 

This pirated website is loaded with movies of all kinds from the latest release to the old age classics. The website is compatible with both smartphones and PCs. You will find several contents in the website that would keep you entertained. The servers mentioned in the website are super fast ones. 

When you download movies using them, you can download the biggest files within few minutes. It saves much of your precious time. Moviesraja is available in an app version and the size is quite small. It won’t occupy a significant amount of your device’s memory.

10. MovieRetina


With MovieRetina, you would be able to watch all the latest movies and web series of the ear without spending any amount of money. Be it comedy, romantic or horror, you are sure to find it all. 

MovieRetina wouldn’t even ask you for any kind of registrations. One of the special features of the website is that it allows its users to give feedback about its content. If you are unsure about particular content, you can check the feedbacks given by the other users and decide whether to watch it or not. 

You will get items of different languages here; hence language would not be a problem with MovieRetina. The movies are available to you in different formats and you can choose the one that would suit you best.

11. Dvdvilla


The website Dvdvilla is one of the popular movie streaming sites that allows people to watch films of their choice. The site hosts a variety of content and gives people the freedom to stream and download any content for free. If you aren’t a tech guy, you can still access this site because it’s easily browsable. You can also download your favourite movies on your device with simple, easy steps. If you are someone who can’t afford to pay the high subscription charges of the legal alternatives, Dvdvilla is the best site for you. Besides getting Bollywood and Hollywood movies, you can also get to choose from a plethora of regional films as well.

12. Dvdwap


Another site that’s extremely popular when it comes to streaming movies and videos online is Dvdwap. The website comes with a dark theme. It’s user-friendly and easily navigable. Its contents are divided into clean categories to enable people to find their desired films in no time. For years, this site has been functioning smoothly, delivering top-quality content to people. When you start browsing through the site’s collection you would be left surprised. Not just films, but the site also brings the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Marsha, Gujarati films in high definition. The site also hosts movies from different genres, thus giving a versatile movie streaming experience to its users.

13. LimeTorrent


If you are a movie maniac, this site needs no introduction to you. Lime Torrent is one of the popular torrent movie streaming sites that are extremely popular among movie freaks. If you aren’t interested in going out and watching your favourite movies in theatres, you can easily watch them on Lime Torrent. The best part is that these sites are available free of cost and don’t charge subscription charges for their services. Another thing about LimeTorrent is that this site has very few ads. So people wouldn’t be interrupted while streaming movies on this site.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Moviesrox

1. Where can the downloaded movies be stored?

Either you can keep it in your device, or you can save it in web storage like Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, etc. You may choose any one of the mentioned.

2. Is it legal to use the website of Moviesrox?

As per the direction of the Indian Government, participating in the piracy business by downloading movies is an illegal act of offense. Hence, people should always avoid using the website for watching movies.

3. What movies can I expect from Moviesrox?

The website of Moviesrox has a huge collection of movies and that is why it has been able to attract many users. You will find movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam and many other languages.

4. Can I use Moviesrox from any phone and any browser?

Yes, the website of Moviesrox is compatible with any browser. You can access the website from any Android and iOS devices. You should have a strong internet connection.

5. Do I need to pay extra if I download too many movies in a month?

No, all the contents of the website are available to the users for free. You neither have to pay for online streaming or downloading the movies.


We would like to make it clear that the article is written just to give information about the pirated websites to the reader. We are well aware of the fact that websites like Moviesrox are pirated and are a threat to the movie-making industry. We would take the opportunity to spread the information to the readers that they should not use such pirated sites to watch movies. If they do so, they would be violating the rules of anti-piracy law and will be working against the Government. If they are caught by the legal authorities, they would have to face the harsh consequences.


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