If you are thinking about how to spend your free time at home, then watching movies is the only major way to overcome boredom in this period. 3movierulz is one of the best sites to watch and download movies. Movies became the best source of entertainment when the cinema screens took the center stage. Earlier, stage dramas were put up in the street by a group of artists. These artists worked so hard to bring a lot of scenes from history in real life. 

When the movie screens were put in place, it was mostly black and white and the number of screens back in those days was also very much less in number. The number of movies releasing per year was also very less and the audience celebrated the movies released every single year. But, with the number of movies releasing in large numbers in the recent days, the other medium for watching has risen to a large number in the coming days. 

So, one of the major media is watching and downloading movies from pirated sites. These pirated sites do not charge you a single penny for watching the movies. Also, downloading movies from this site is one of the simplest things you could think of. 

3movierulz is the site where you can find movies from all languages, series, and other content. 

What is 3movierulz? 


3movierulz is the site where you can find the content which you need to pay for free of cost. If you love watching movies from Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and other regional languages, then you need to start using the 3movierulz site. This site apart from hosting movies from all languages also has a separate section dedicated to watching English series. The series are all from the OTT service providers like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc., If you wish to watch series, movies, and other content from these sites, then you have to pay a major amount. But, on this site, you can get to watch all the content for absolutely no price. 

3movirulz is the site where you can find the latest movies being released at the same time it is being released in the theatres. This doesn’t mean that the movies are all shot in theatres but they are pirated from other countries. 

Apart from the new movies, you can find many old movies on this site too. It is a well-known fact that many love watching the old classical movies due to the excellent content it strives to provide to the audience. 

If you are a person who is waiting to watch unlimited content, then this is the site you need to be choosing. There are umpteen movie choices to choose from to both watch and download in this site. Once you visit this site, you will not be ready to visit the other websites.


3movierulz is a site that is not operated legally. So, this site faces major issues from the governmental authorities who work very hard to bring down the menace created by the pirated movies uploading sites. Anyway, if you wish to watch and download movies from this site, you can very well do it by changing your Virtual Private Network. When you use a VPN, no one can locate where you are and you can watch movies on this website which was blocked in your country. Few websites face flak from the VPN of the other country as well but sites like 3movierulz are banned only in India as it supports the illegal uploading of movies. Though the site is illegal, the ones who are watching and downloading content from this site do not face any legal proceedings. You can very well watch and download content from this site without having any fear of being booked under law.

Features of this website

There are many top-notch features of this website that it becomes hard to list down all the best features. Some of the best features are listed here. 

  • 3movierulz is the site that has the best user interactive platform. The design and the other feature of the site are all in the right place that you don’t need to fear as to where the content is placed and how you are going to download as any person who is not comfortable with using technology also can make use of this site. 
  • An application has been released for this website. It is not a common thing to find the applications being released for illegal websites. As the website is not legal, one cannot download the application from the play store. 
  • An apk format of the application is available online and you can download this apk file and install it in your device. The size of the device is only 19 MB. You can enjoy live streaming as well in this application. 
  • The movies are arranged according to the year of release, genre, language, etc., As the categorization is being done properly, you need not worry if you had forgotten the name of the movie as you can find the movie belonging to any one of these categories. When you open the site, you find separate columns dedicated to film news, TV news, and other sections. 
  • This is the site where you can find content for free of cost. If a web series is being released in an OTT services provider, you can find it immediately on this site. Also, when you are planning to watch web series, you can make use of the autoplay feature. There is a problem with playing series in other websites as it is not arranged in an orderly manner. But his problem is not to be found in the 3movierulzhd site. 

Latest movies to download 

Name any recently released movie whether it comes to Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood, or any other movie industry, you can find it in this site. The site provides you with the list of latest movies to download. There is a separate section dedicated to the latest movies to download. 

  • Shubh Mangal Zyaada Saavdaan 
  • Angrezi Medium 
  • Love Aaj Kal 
  • Jaanu 
  • Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo 
  • Varande Avashyamund 
  • Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal 

How to Get movies from 3movierulz? 

Downloading movies from 3movierulz is one of the simplest things you can do. There is no tough procedure involved in this. You need to have a proper internet connection and this is a prerequisite. You need to visit the website. If you find that the website has been blocked in your country, then you need to use a VPN and use the network of some other country. You need to click on the download button to download a movie. You might seem some advertisements popping up and you need to ignore that for a while as the site runs mostly on the revenue generated out of ads. Once the display of advertisements is done, you just have to make wait until the movie gets downloaded. Depending on the speed of the internet, the movie download takes time. The servers of the website are large that it facilitates the fast download of movies. 

You can also choose the location where you wish your movie is supposed to get saved. The files are downloaded in torrent format. For this, you need to possess the torrents application where the downloading process is displayed. 

Best alternatives to 3movierulz 

3movierulz is indeed one of the best sites to download movies. But, in case you are not able to access the site, then you need to be aware of the alternative websites from which you can download your favourite movies. The 7 best alternatives are provided below. 

1. Worldfree4u


Worldfree4u is the site that you need to be choosing if you are deeply interested in watching the movies from Bollywood in a large fashion. The website is properly maintained by a team of professionals who make sure that the movies are uploaded on to this site in the right fashion. The website is constantly blocked by the telecom regulatory board of India due to the content it uploads on to its site. When you wish to download any content from this site, then it is advised to visit the Virtual Private Network of this site to download content. 

Different resolutions for one single movie are found in this site. When you choose to download a movie with a lesser resolution, then you can see that the download takes much lesser time. Also, movies from all the other regional languages are dubbed into Hindi and the movies in Hindi are dubbed into other regional languages. If you are not fine with watching a movie with subtitles, then you can opt for this feature where you watch the dubbed movies. This site is famous all over the country for the top-notch content it uploads on to this site. 

2. Movierulzhd

If you are looking for a site that is similar in appearance to 3movierulzhd, then you need to look out for Movierulzhd. This is the site where you can find the latest releases from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, and Tollywood in the best fashion. All the movies are arranged in a particular category. Either based on the name of the actor or based on the year of its release. 

The categorization of the movies on this site is top-notch that you won’t get irritated while you are trying to download movies from this site. There is a search box provided which you can make use of while you are trying to download the movies. Just type in a keyword you are looking out for, then you will be able to find it on this site. You can either watch the movie on this site or you can even download them. This site has a huge repository of a collection of movies on this site that you tend to get confused as to which movie you need to be watching. Also, all the movies uploaded on to this site are in HD format. Even if it is not in HD format, the clarity of the movies on this site is too good. 

3. 9xrockers


9xrockers is known for notoriously leaking the movies from Bollywood and all from the other movie industry as well. One of the top-notch features of this site is that there are different websites for different industries. For instance, you can find 9xrockers Kannada where you can find movies from the Sandalwood industry, and the movies released in other languages dubbed into Kannada can also be found in this site. There is 9xrockers Malayalam where you can find movies in Malayalam and there are movies from Bollywood dubbed into Malayalam. 

The website is under constant attack by the government authorities. If you name any movie which was released sometime in the past, you can find it on this site. If you are an ardent fan of Bollywood movies, then you should not miss out on watching movies from this site. By this, don’t conclude that only those who are residing in the Northern parts of India like to watch movies from this site, there is a lot to cater to people from any part of the country. The quality of videos uploaded on to this site is of top-notch quality and one can find videos of all types of resolution in this site. 

4. TamilRockers


Name this site in Tamil Nadu and you will get astonished by the fact that there are very few people who aren’t aware of this name. The site was under constant attack by the Tamil film industry personnel and there were also allegations that the owners of this site were arrested sometime in the past. Don’t go by the name TamilRockers as you can find movies from other languages too in this site. The site is a torrent website. So, when you are trying to download movies from this site, you need to make sure that you possess a torrent application. The download process can be seen in the torrent’s application. The time left for the download process is also shown on this site. 

The biggest challenge when it comes to watching movies in Tamilrockers is you need to find the original domain. If you cannot find the original domain, then it becomes really hard to watch or download movies from this site. The site has movies from other languages as well. The movies uploaded on to this site has subtitles attached to it. So, you need not worry about not getting the crux of the movie. 

5. Fmovies


If you are a fan of global cinema, then you are supposed to watch movies from this site. Movies from all across the world are released on this site. Under the category of Indian, you can find movies from India and there are various subcategories under Indian, where you can find movies from the regional languages as well. 

There are movies from the other parts of the world like France, Germany where the movies are dubbed into English. The movies are arranged neatly in this site with IMDB ratings. There is also an IMDB filter in this site where you can rank the movies based on the IMDB rankings, either in ascending or descending order. This is one of the best features as if you are confused as to watch which movie, then you can make use of this filter. 

You can also subscribe to this site by registering yourself with a mail ID. Once you register yourself with this site, then you can receive updates from this site straight to your inbox. This is one of those sites which are widely flocked by film enthusiasts and by those who are great fans of global cinema. 

6. Movie night

Movie night 
Movie night

When you go by this name, when you are thinking of a movie to catch up on a Saturday night, then you must prefer watching movies from this site. This is one of those sites where you can grab a tub of popcorn and start watching the series and movies without having any second thoughts. 

When you move the cursor on top of the name of the movie, then you can get a small description of the movie. After reading the description, you can decide whether you want to watch the movie or not. Plus, movies, web series, and cartoons are arranged in an orderly manner in this site and you don’t have to confuse as to which movie you would love to watch. There is the concept of dual audio for certain movies on this site as well where you can change the audio used in the movies. 

One can find subtitles attached to all the movies on this site so that people can understand easily. 

7. Movieninja


One can call this site as being developed to suit the taste of the new generation. There are a lot of movies from Hollywood on this site. There is a separate section dedicated to web series alone. You need not subscribe to any OTT services provider like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., You can find all the latest released web series on this site. 

This site has the feature of autoplay so you need not worry as to whether you need to keep changing the episode after one particular episode is over. This is one of the common problems that many encounters while they are trying to watch series from illegal sites. But this problem is not to be found on this site. Another exciting feature of the site is the black, white, and grey colours used for the design. A wide combination of colours would make the website look very irritating to the eyes. You need not register yourself to watch movies on this site, you can just log on to it and start binge-watching.

8. Myfilmtime.com

If you are looking forward to enjoying quality time with your friends and enjoying some good movies, look no other than Myfilmtime.com. The site brings an amazing collection of films that would cater to everyone’s movie preferences. Various blockbusters also have their dubbed versions available. No matter if you are looking for top-quality Hindi, Tamil, English, or Marathi films, you would surely get it here. Besides streaming online you can also choose to download your favourite content on your device for free. The downloading process is easy and doesn’t require much time. The best part about Myfilmtime.com is that it is continually updated by developers. So you don’t have to search hopelessly for the latest releases. Come to Myfilmtime.com and enjoy browsing through its varied collection.

9. Watchmovierulz.me

Watchmovierulz.me is another site worth considering. Here too you can find a huge collection of movies, coming from every language. Not just that, the movies are from different genres. On Watchmovierulz.com, you can get the best-rated horror, comedy, thriller, functional, and romantic movies in HD definition for free. If you don’t want to stream them online, you can download them on your device. To make it easier for people to get their desired films, the site has cleanly categorised its contents into several groups. Click on a suitable group and browse through the movies of that category. If you wish to stream one, click on the movie link. You would be redirected to another page, where you must select a suitable format before streaming or downloading the movie.

10. Moviesming

If you are a big fan of Bollywood movies, Moviesming is just what you need. Its services are accessible to all without any cost. Here, you can enjoy a variety of Bollywood content, starting from movies, web services, documentaries to short films, trailers, music videos, etc. The contents are drawn from different genres like horror, comedy, drama, romance, and others. The website is well designed and properly maintained, unlike most other sites we see on the internet. It’s cleanly categorised as well. If you are unable to get your desired movie from the categories, you can look for it in the search box. However, before you proceed to download or stream any content, you are advised to connect your device to a VPN server.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About 3movierulz 

1. Can one get HD movies from 3movierulz? 

Yes, it is possible to get HD movies from 3movierulz. Most of the movies uploaded on to this site are of HD quality and one cannot deny this fact at all. Also, you need not worry regarding the spending of extra data to download the movies.  

2. Is it possible to find subtitles in the movies uploaded on to 3movierulz? 

Yes, it is possible to find subtitles in the movies uploaded on to 3movierulz site. Even if you don’t find the movies along with the subtitles, you can download the movie and the subtitles separately and then join them together as a single file. 

3. Can one find Hollywood movies in 3movierulz? 

Yes, it is possible to find Hollywood movies on the 3movierulz site. All the Hollywood movies uploaded on to this site have great picture quality. You can also download Hollywood movies with subtitles. All the top Hollywood star movies are found here. 

4. Can one find Indian and English web series on this site? 

Yes, it is very much possible to find both the Indian and English web series on this site. Almost all the series which are found in the OTT services provider sites can be found in this site. This is one of the best features as you need not pay for the subscription charges you otherwise need to incur if you are watching movies from other sites. 


Watching and downloading the content which was not uploaded legally is said to be a crime in most of the countries. So much hard work, effort, and time go behind every movie production. Only when you watch the movies in the theatres, you appreciate the film industry’s effort. Piracy is one of the biggest hurdles which is being tackled by all the film industries in India. If you watch the movies in the theatres, you can stop piracy to a major extent. It is also advised to get a subscription of any legal services provider as you would not be disrespecting the work of the professional and you can enjoy watching the movie with your beloved ones and family in the comfort of your home.


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