Torrent is a way of downloading movies that are often frowned upon. While some people even categorise it as illegal, Limetorrent is one of those few torrent websites that catered only legal content on the platform. But, because it is one of the most popular torrenting websites, the site is often very unstable. In such situations, the last thing that you want is to spend your time and energy on such a website.

Finding some good alternatives for this website can indeed be tough. Because they hosted some of the latest movies and amazing applications and such, you will likely have a hard time finding a good alternative that matches up to the caliber of the website.

To help you out in such times of crisis, we have sorted through some of the best available alternatives for Limetorrent that you can avail of. Known for a fact that every website that we are about to mention provides legal torrent links, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your device and such. So, keep a check on the things and ensure that you do have a fast internet connection.

What is Lime torrent?


Limetorrent is one of the most popular torrent websites that you can watch movies on and even download them for free. Aside from movies, they also host several other categories including applications and even songs that you can listen to.

It is extremely important to ensure that you do keep an eye out on the internet speed that you have because that is what makes all the difference. This website uses the peer to peer BitTorrent data transfer protocol, in case you were wondering how things work in this. 

Because of the constant legal and privacy issues, none of the torrent websites will likely run as smoothly. This means that you will have to look for alternatives to this website without fail. In case you have been looking for some good ones, we have listed them out for you.

Features of Limetorrent

Unlike every other torrenting website that you can across, Limetorrent does have a very clean and crisp layout. This means that you wouldn’t have to regret spending your time on this website. It is easily navigable and ensures that you can download your desired content just with one click.

It has easy categories and even better organisation on the website that makes it a lot easier for you to download the movies or applications or music as per your needs and requirements.


While Limetorrents doesn’t necessarily host a newly released movie or such, not all the content available on their website is likely legal. This is the reason why you must keep an eye out on the same. 

If you don’t want to indulge in it, we would suggest that you opt for the official media partners or streaming platforms for the said movies, music, or applications. They are completely legal for you to download movies from without any hassle at all.

How to Get movies from Limetorrents?

Now that you are on the website, the process of download is a lot easy. The website is quite easy to navigate along.

So, all that you need to do is find the torrent file for the movie that you want to download and select the download option underneath. It is just that simple and doesn’t complicate things, so you can check them out accordingly.

Their database is updated quite frequently which means that you can watch some of the latest breakthroughs without having to pay a penny for it.

Best alternatives for Limetorrents

Now that we have briefed you about every basic detail that you need to know when it comes to Limetorrents, it is time we take a look at some of the alternatives. There are quite a few that you can check out, so we are going to break them down into the best ones available on the internet.

You must check out the ones that you feel comfortable with. Make sure that you also do have a good internet connection is you want to download the movies effortlessly.

Some of the best alternatives include:

1. Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

When it comes to talking about the very best Bit Torrent website on the internet, Pirate Bay is the one that you can’t do without. It is termed as the most resilient bit torrent site and all for the right reasons. It lets you search, download, and even upload torrents to.

This is a user contribute torrent providing website which allows you to get easy access to any torrent file in some of the most diverse categories of movies, music, games, and even some of the registered software.

If you want to invest your time on a website that will not disappoint you, this is most likely the one you will need. But, with the traffic influx and the kind of content that they host, the website is not functional in every country. This is the reason why you might have to access it using a VPN or even look for some alternatives.

2. Extra Torrent

If you want to spend your time on an independent torrent search engine and Bit Torrent system, this is the website you need to be on. The primary reason behind the growing popularity of this website is because it provides the original torrent files for the users without any extra charges. 

The advanced search engine system on this website is also class apart and makes this a website worth investing your time and money on. This also does provide you with some of the best ways to search and then possibly download without any hassle.

Just enter in a few words and you will be redirected to the source of the torrent file to take things ahead from there. One of the main reasons why this website has gained so much popularity is all because of the wide range of available options that they have in their library.

3. YTS


If you have been on Limetorrent for your video downloading needs, you will likely grow to love YTS too. Even this one is a video torrent website, so you don’t necessarily get access to anything else other than videos.

It also lets you download some of the latest movies, music, and even web series, if that is something you have been forward to. Aside from the collection that they sport, the website also has a very clean and organised layout, which makes this such a popular option.

The best thing about this website that makes this such a favourable option is the fact that they host all of the newly added torrent files on the homepage, which can often be quite handy for the people who need to watch something new every day.

4. 1337x


As weird as the name of the website might sound, this is another one of the amazing websites that caters to all your torrenting needs under one roof. It has a very simple and organised interface that makes it a lot easier for you to navigate through without any hassle.

This website is also known for allowing verified torrent downloads, which is one of the primary reasons why it is such a popular option. It also has a dedicated group of uploaders on the website, which does make it a lot easier for you to list out some of the most popular ones.

Out of all the torrent movies that you want, it is likely that you will find 90% of them on this website without any fail. The other good thing about this website is that it allows you to download movies from older torrents too, which is not commonly witnessed around.


Another amazing website that can work as a good alternative for Limetorrents is This is a giant torrent uploading and downloading medium that you can check out for some of the latest movies and songs. 

The use meta link, which allows you to download their desired file either via a torrent client or even a download manager, whatever works the best for you. It is also an independent platform that caters to almost every type of torrent file.

It also does have its direction for torrents and doesn’t lend out the torrents from other torrent providers, which is not something that you come across with the other website from a similar genre. They also provide some of the fresh and new content.



It is true that some of these torrent alternatives have weird names but let’s be real, they get their job done, so why does it matter what their name is. This is one of those websites that come with an old school interface.

The interface might put you off but stay along because the website is extremely fast and has some of the best databases and content that you will not likely find anywhere else on the internet. They also have a list of all the popular content right on the homepage for easy navigation.

Aside from movies and songs, this platform is known for hosting other types of torrent files as well, which is another reason why it is such a popular option around. In case you have been looking for iOS apps, games, and software, this is the website you need.

7. Torlock

For the ones desperately seeking an alternative, Torlock is another website that you can check out. The reason why you can trust this website blindly is that it pays its users who find any fake links on the website.

If you want to take a look at a good database of some of the verified torrents, this is the one. They have sorted some of the best-verified torrents without any hassle at all. It is also quite amazing in terms of the efficiency the website provides.

The one downside to this website is that it doesn’t host all the torrent file types. So, in case you are looking for something along the lines of software, likely, you won’t find it there. They mainly host movies and web series.

8. IsoHunt

Yet another amazing website alternative for Lime torrents that you can check out is IsoHunt. This is an online torrent provider that has gained quite a lot of popularity over time. This is a peer to peer torrent provider.

It has an online index of hundreds and thousands of torrent files that are available in multiple categories of music, videos, and even books and online software if that is something that you have been looking for.

The one factor that makes this website a good one is that it allows the users to indulge in unlimited torrenting and lets the users download as many as they want without any restrictions as such. It also doesn’t put any restrictions on the shape of the files being uploaded.

9. TorrentHounds

If you are looking for a reliable and good quality torrent provider that offers some of the latest content on the internet, TorrentHounds is the one for you. It is no doubt one of the best available options that you wouldn’t regret spending your time on.

In case you are looking for something similar to Limetorrents, in terms of the interface and even the database, this is the one. They host some of the latest movies and songs that you can download without any complaints.

The best thing about the website that has made this so popular is because they have everything that you could be on the lookout for. The website can seem a little bit unresponsive at times but it is because of the high rate of traffic that they experience.

10. Zooqle


Another Limetorrent alternative that you can check out for yourself is Zooqle. This is one of those rare websites that not many talk about but it hosts some of the best torrenting files that you might not find anywhere else.

They allow easy downloads of movies, books, music, software, and anything that you might think of. The new torrents to this website are added regularly, so you wouldn’t be stuck with the same old content over the days.

This again contributes to an enhanced experience unlike anything else. The site also has a very easy to use interface that makes it a lot easier for you to navigate through. The current users are extremely loyal to the website and have said that they wouldn’t choose anything over this one.

11. Torrent Reactor

As unique as the name of the website is, this is just as amazing. This is one of those rare websites that you will grow to love if you like using torrents for your daily downloading needs. They are also known for bringing some of the latest torrents to the users.

They do host a lot of categories of the torrent files that you can download from including movies, adults, TV shows, books, and even episodes and seasons without any hassle at all. It is one of the very best available alternatives for Limetorrents that you can take a look into.

The users there can look up for the desired content based on their needs or even the popularity that they come with. In case you are looking for something similar, we would suggest that you do take a look at this website without fail.

12. Torrent Project

Yet another amazing website that you can take a look into without further questions is Torrent Project. This is one of those rare torrent websites that is extremely stable and offers some of the best experience to its users without further questions. 

The user interface of this website is also quite simple and clean, that allows you to navigate through and get the kind of torrent file types that you need. They also host over 10 million torrent content on the website, which is nothing short of crazy.

This website is one of those that host almost every form of a file that you could ever think of. In case you are looking for something similar, we would suggest that you give this a try without thinking any further about the same.

13. Torrentz


If you want to invest your time on an OG website that everyone is crazy about, Torrentz is the one without fail. This is one of the leading torrent search engines that is said to be one of the most powerful options available around.

They host over billion torrent files, so you know for a fact that you will be able to find what you have been looking for. This is one of the primary reasons why this has gained so much popularity over time.

Aside from being a huge torrent provider, this one is a meta-search engine too. It is also backed by some of the most popular torrent providers, so you get access to only the best content there is. They also allow uploading torrents, so that again is a bonus.

14. Bit Snoop

Last but not the least on the list of the best alternatives for Limetorrent has to include Bit Snoop. This is also based on the peer to peer system for easy torrenting unlike anything else. They have thousands of torrent files that you can navigate through without any added hassle.

The one good thing about this website is that you get only valid torrent files on this website. It is known for providing just the viable files ensuring that the users get access to the actual ones that they can download from.

They host over 24 million torrent files on this website that you can further take a look through without further questions asked. It hosts one of the largest databases for the torrent files and is dependent on over 300 torrent based websites for their content.

15. TorrentHounds

If you are looking for a good alternative to limetorrents, check out TorrentHounds. It’s a relatively new site but has managed to attract millions of traffic because of its large collection of contents it has to offer. Nowadays, it has emerged to be a reliable site for users. Not only does it offer services for free but also incorporates a user-friendly interface. Through this site, you can browse, download or even upload torrent links for different contents. From this site, you can get easy access to any Torrent file without any cost. You can select from diverse sections of movies, games, web series, documentaries, and so on.

16. Torlock

If you are looking for a torrent movie streaming platform that only uploads verified torrent files, Torlock is the one. This is a community-driven website, where viewers can also contribute to the site’s collection. The site is extremely user-friendly and includes very few ads. Thus, irritating advertisements wouldn’t interfere with your browsing or streaming experience frequently. Torlock brings a plethora of torrent files to offer to its viewers, allowing them to choose any file of their choice. If you aren’t willing to stream the contents online, you can download them for free in any chosen format! So visit Torlock today and have a great movie-watching experience!

17. IsoHunt

Another great torrent site that’s popular among movie freaks is IsoHunt. With millions of viewers, this site continually updates its contents and allows its viewers to stay entertained. If you are done watching the latest Bollywood films and web series, then you can visit IsoHunt and browse through its rare collection of documentaries and short films. No matter if you prefer to watch Bengali, Hindi, English, or Tamil movies, you can find torrent files of every movie here. The collection covers multiple genres as well such as romance, drama, comedy, thriller, fiction, etc. In short, it has over 10 million torrent contents to offer to people.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Limetorrent

1. Is it safe to use Limetorrent?

When it comes to Limetorrent, one of the most common questions that people ask is whether or not the website is safe. For the most part, there is absolutely nothing that you need to be worried about. In case you want to download or upload torrent files, this is that one website that makes it easier for you to do that.

2. How often can one download from Limetorrent?

Limetorrent allows unlimited free downloads from the website using their torrent files. This means that you can download as much or even upload as much as you would like. So, in case you have been wondering and have been confused, we hope this helps.

3. Is Limetorrent a free website?

Yes, Limetorrent is a completely free website that you can download the desired movies and other files from. They don’t charge anything. The only thing that you need is knowledge about torrenting and fast speed internet.

4. Do Limetorrent host all torrent file types?

For the most part, yes, this website does host all the types of torrent files that you could be wanting to download. It just ensures that you do have good knowledge about everything related to this for easier access.

5. Is Limetorrent backed by other websites?

For the most part, yes, it is backed by some of the most popular torrent providers. They do have a huge collection, so that is one of the many reasons why it makes that happen.


This is a short disclaimer to tell that this article doesn’t support piracy or illegal movie downloads. We understand the kind of hard work that goes into making a movie and appreciate the same. This article has predominantly been written for the information purpose for the individuals who have not idea about Limetorrent and the wide range of alternatives that one can take a look into.


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