Everything is getting expensive nowadays and people are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to save money. Movie ticket prices just keep on increasing without any end in sight. The snacks that are available in movie theatres and multiplexes are as expensive, if not more, as the movie tickets. The OTT platforms also cost money and there are so many different OTT platforms with different content that it is not feasible for a person to subscribe to all of them. Thus, it is getting more and more expensive to be a film buff today.

So, people who want to watch a lot of movies but do not want to run out of money and go broke while doing it make use of the torrent websites that are available online in order to watch the content of their choice. These websites help the users in saving a lot of money and a person does not even have to leave his or her own home. One streaming website that can be used to stream and download entertaining movies and TV shows is Hdmovieplus.

What is Hdmovieplus?


HDmovieplus has been on the top of the list of torrent websites for quite some time. It is a streaming website that has a diverse range of movies on its platform. The site has been shut down multiple times by the regulatory authorities but the site manages to bounce back every time. The site hosts illegal movies and shows on its platform but that does not mean anything to its loyal users as they continue to use the website on a regular basis to stream and download fun and exciting content.

Features of Hdmovieplus

Every site needs to have some cool qualities about itself. Only then can the site successfully appeal to the public and gain their attention. Following are some features of Hdmovieplus that have been the reason behind the site’s success:

  • The site has a diverse video directory. Movies from the Hindi film industry, Hollywood, Tamil film industry and Telugu film industry are available on the platform for the viewers to enjoy.
  • One feature of Hdmovieplus that manages to attract a lot of users is that the videos on this site are in high definition and provide a good experience for the users.
  • The video library of the site also consists of different kinds of content like documentaries, award show functions, short films, TV series, etc.
  • Hdmovieplus has a great looking WordPress theme. This enhances the overall look of the website. The theme can also be customized by the public as per their wishes.
  • The site is also compatible with plugins. So, it is easy to install adblockers to avoids the ads on the site.
  • The site has a comment section which is used by people to state their opinions and thought about movies and TV shows. This comment section helps in building a community as people from different parts of the world come together in one place to discuss their opinions about certain films. People also recommend films to each other using this feature.
  • The site is also very secure. So, people who are afraid of using streaming websites due to the fear of their computer getting infected with a virus can fearlessly use this site to watch exciting content.


Every person should strive to be a law-abiding citizen. Thus, people should not make use of these streaming websites as they are not legal. A person, if caught using any one of these illegal streaming websites, can be held responsible for a crime and can be charged with a fine or, in some cases, even imprisonment. So, a person should do proper research before visiting any of these torrent websites to enjoy videos.

How to Download Movies from Hdmovieplus

Hdmovieplus is a website that does not only give the option of streaming to its loyal users. People can also download videos on their devices and can watch them as per their convenience at any later time. We have listed down the steps that a person should follow in order to download movies from the HDmovieplus website:

  • The first thing that a user should do is go to the Hdmovieplus website.
  • Then, using the search bar and the filters available, a person should look for the desired movie.
  • When the movie is found, click on it and a new page will open up on the screen. When you scroll the page down, a ‘Click to Generate Links’ option will be visible.
  • Click on that option and then, the user will have to submit a captcha code.
  • After this is done, the user will be directed to a new page where he or she will find multiple download links.
  • The user can choose any one of those links and the movie will start downloading.

Alternative Websites for Hdmovieplus

Hdmovieplus is a great torrent website for movies as well as other types of content. But one site cannot possess all the movies in the world on its platform. There will always be some movies that will get left out. So, there might be instances when a person is unable to find his or her desired film on the HDmovieplus website. In such cases, some other torrent websites can be used for the purpose of enjoying movies. Below is a list of websites that can be helpful to users in case they are unable to find the required film on the Hdmovieplus website:

1. Sony Crunch

Sony Crunch

The first name on the list of platforms that can be helpful to people in watching good quality content for free is Sony Crunch. The site has become very popular over the years and that is why there are constant attempts to shut it down. So, in order to stream movies on Sony Crunch, a person has to download and install a VPN. The site requires its users to register and open an account in order to be eligible to stream and download the content of Sony Crunch. The site has been designed in a particular way to make it compatible with various devices. People can access this platform on their IOS or Android devices. PS4 is another device that can be used to access this platform.

2. Popcorn Flix


If you are looking for a website with a great design and a sleek look, then there is hardly any platform better for you than Popcorn Flix. The diversity that a person will find in the content of the platform is just amazing. There are movies of all major film genres like horror, drama, thriller and comedy available on the platform. There is no need for a person to register or sign up in order to watch or even download content from the Popcorn Flix platform.

3. Movieswood


This is one of the best torrent websites out there in India. If you are interested in a website that can provide you with the latest movies as soon as possible, there is no need to look further than Movieswood. This is a site that never disappoints its users and always provides them with the latest and the most exciting movies regularly. Diversity in the content is a very good thing to have for a torrent website. This helps the platform in reaching out to a wider audience and getting their attention. That is why apart from the mainstream Hindi and English content, Movieswood also has movies from the South Indian region of India as well on its platform. There are people who love nostalgia and prefer watching old films instead of the newly released blockbusters. These people will also like this site as Movieswood has a great collection from the films of the 90s decade.

4. Katmovieshd

Now this is another site that can prove to be a great substitute for the Hdmovieplus website. There are multiple reasons why people choose to use this website. First is the diverse range of movies that it provides to the users. The second reason is that the Katmovieshd website has made a reputation for itself in the streaming market for having high quality videos and movies on its platform. Ads are a problem that the Katmovieshd website has not managed to solve yet. So, this might be a turn off for people who are looking for a smooth and uninterrupted move experience on the internet.

5. Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers

This is a torrent website whose main focus is on movies that are coming out of the Telugu film industry. But the site also has content in the Tamil and Malayalam language as well. The video directory of the Jio Rockers website covers all the major movie genres. A person who is not familiar with any South Indian language can also manage to watch movies on this website as Jio Rockers plays host to dubbed version of films and also provides the feature of subtitles along with a lot of its films.

6. Limetorrents


Now this is a torrent website that is relatively new to the scene of pirated content. But despite the fact that Limetorrents has not been around for many years, it is still giving a really tough competition to the other top torrent websites and a lot of people are shifting to Limetorrents from other popular platforms. The site has an extensive collection of movies and includes content from different genres. Movies of various different languages and countries can be streamed and enjoyed on the Limetorrents website. One praiseworthy feature of the Limetorrents website is that the front page of the site looks very appealing to the users. It successfully manages to invite users to have a look and also helps them in figuring out how the site works and how a person can download content from the platform. So, people who have not been using torrent websites for a long time and are looking for a website with a simple and clean user interface can stop looking as Limetorrents is perfectly suited for their needs.

7. Filmyhit


The next name on the list of torrent platforms that can be considered a good alternative for a site like Hdmovieplus is Filmyhit. This film is popular among not just movie lovers, but all kinds of people, even those who are not very interested in cinema. The reason for this is that Filmyhit does not pay attention to only cinematic content to run its business. The site is also exploring other options and have web series and mp3 songs on its platform. So, in addition to the movie fans, people who are interested in TV shows and music also visit the site on a regular basis. Different video quality options is a very interesting feature that the Filmyhit provides to its users. Not all video formats can be played on a device. So, a user has the option of choosing the video format according to his or her preference or according to the device that they have.

8. Cmovieshd


Although there are a lot of people, especially kids, who are interested in animated movies and cartoons, there are not many streaming websites on the internet that have a decent amount of content in the animation genre. This void has been fulfilled by the Cmovieshd website. People can find a variety of animated movies, animes and cartoons on this platform. People who are not big fans of downloading content or do not have much storage space on their devices to download and store films can just stream exciting and thrilling movies on the Cmovieshd website. And all the series of the Cmovies website are free to the public.

9. Solarmovie


The next website that can be sued by people to stream and download content in case they are unable to access the Hdmovieplus website is Solarmovie. If you are going to download movies from a pirated and illegal site, then you have to make sure that it is a good and secure website and Solarmovie is good as it comes in terms of streaming platforms. There are many streaming platforms in India that only pay attention to Hindi language films coming out of Bollywood. But Solarmovies gives a chance to all the film industries that are budding in different parts of India. That is why a person will find movies of different languages like Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali etc. on this platform. The option of HD format is also available to people who want to download films from Solarmovie.

10. M4ufree


This is a site that is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the streaming industry in India. It does not matter whether a person likes to watch new movies or old classics, there is something exciting on this site for every person’s needs and tastes. The content of the site is carefully sorted and organised into different categories like release date, language, genre, video quality etc. The user interface of the website allows people to stream and enjoy a movie without facing any buffering or lagging issues. M4ufree is such a well-respected name in the streaming world, that a person must pay a visit to the site at least once. A person does not need to sign up or login in order to stream content on M4ufree.

11. Rainerland


This is a site that is not as big as the other names that are on this list. But the qualities and features that Rainerland possesses are such that it manages to fill the gaps and holes that are left by the other torrent websites. Navigating the site is an easy task for newcomers. Along with the films that are present on the site, a person will be able to see their ratings according to the IMDB website. This will help the users in making a decision as to whether the movie is worth a watch or not. It is one of the best alternatives that there are for Hdmovieplus.

12. Jalshamoviez


A lot of people are fed up with the mainstream films that are coming out of Indian cinema. They follow the same story and do not bring anything new to the table. These people then turn to the regional cinema in the search for quality content. But there is a dearth of regional films on the streaming sites. So, it is difficult for a person to fulfill his or her entertainment needs. Jalshamoviez is a person where these people can find solace as the site specialises in having movies from different regions of the country on its platform. A person can choose to either stream these films or online or can download them on his or her personal device. A person can also choose the video quality depending on the internet speed that he or she is getting from the internet provider.

13. Khatrimaza


The next name on the list of websites that people can use to watch movies if they cannot find them on Hdmovieplus is Khatrimaza. It is a place where a person can find movies from all different parts of India. The site is free for use by the public and there is no registration process involved. This is a good place for people who are interested in mainstream Bollywood movies as the site regularly uploads the latest released Hindi language films on its platform.

14. Dvdplay


Now, this is another good torrent website that has managed to make a name for itself in the streaming market by providing good quality content and attractive features to the public. The site has managed to create diversity in the content that is displayed on the site’s platform. Movies form just one part of the total amount of content that Dvdplay offers to its users. There is so much more to be explored on this website. People can enjoy documentaries, music videos, short films, movie trailers and award show functions on the Dvdplay platform. There are people who pay a subscription fee for multiple OTT platforms but are still not satisfied with the content or the services provided by them. These people can switch to streaming sites like Dvdplay and enjoy good quality cinema for free.

15. Movierulz


The last name on the list of websites that people can use in place of Hdmovieplus is Movierulz. Movierulz has everything that a person can expect from a great torrent website. The download links for movies are readily available on the site and it just takes one click by a person for a film to start downloading. There is a very wide range of content that is present in the video library of the Movierulz platform. Films can be downloaded in a short period of time and the audio quality of the videos present on the site is also pretty decent.

16. Torrentz2.eu 


A major torrent website that allows people to download their favourite movies and videos is Torrentz2.eu. If you are looking for a website that would deliver top-quality movies, web series, documentaries, short films, etc. All in one, look no further than torrentz2.eu. This site continually uploads the latest releases within a week of their official release. Hence, you don’t have to spend money in theatres to watch your favourite films. This site, with its huge collection of torrent contents, would never disappoint you. Its range of contents is versatile. Starting from films in Hindi, Bengali, English, Marathi, Gujarati, you would get movies and web series in different genres too.

17. Kickasstorrents

This is another site that can be considered to be a great alternative to Hdmovieplus. This site, though an illegally pirated movies streaming site, is different from the other sites we come across. Kickasstorrents has been functioning for years now and has gained immense popularity. This site uploads the latest releases in HD quality only. Additionally, the site’s huge collection of contents is a major reason for its successful functioning. Not only would you get movies and web series in different languages like Marshfield, Gujarati, Hindi, English, etc. But also from different genres. With such varied content, this site is sure to cater to your movie preferences.

18. 4movierulz

Another site that allows you to download movies and web series is 4movierulz. This site is highly recommended because it’s safe and secure, unlike the other torrent sites available on the internet. Moreover, accessing this site is hassle-free and easy. Its smooth UI gives a refreshing user experience. Its categories are easily navigable, allowing people to browse through the various groups. If you are willing to stream any content, simply click on that and choose a suitable format. Neither do you have to register nor is there any need to subscribe. This site is free and is best suited for people who cannot afford to pay the high subscription charges of legal movie streaming alternatives.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hdmovieplus

1. Is piracy illegal?

Yes, piracy is illegal in India and is considered a criminal offence.

2. What is the best option to watch movies on the internet?

If a person does not want to spend money, the best option for him or her for watching movies is torrent websites that are present on the internet.

3. Is Movierulz a good streaming website?

Yes, Movierulz is a good platform to watch movies and can work as a great substitute for Hdmovieplus.


We respect the work that is done by filmmakers all over the country and thus, do not support piracy in any way.


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