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This is a great place for people who love watching films and who want to know about the various online streaming websites that are there on the internet. This article will talk about Hdmovieplus, an online streaming website that allows its users to watch and download movies and TV shows for free. There will be details about the characteristics of the Hdmovieplus website along with a list of instructions for people telling them how to download films from the site. Other than that, the article will also list out some alternative websites that a person can go to in order to watch their beloved films in case they are not able to use the Hdmovieplus website.

Cinema has been successfully doing the job of entertaining people and bringing them together for several decades. Not every person likes the same kind of movies. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to films. Some people like romance films, some like horror and there are people who are fans of action films. The world of cinema has managed to make sure that there are films that suit every person’s demands. Unlike the old times, there is not a single way to watch films. People can go out with their loved ones to watch films in theatres. This brings people together and they have a shared memory. People can also just sit in the comfort of their homes and films on their TV sets. With the growth and development in the technological sector, people are now able to watch movies and web series on their laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. OTT platforms have also emerged as a popular choice for people to consume content.


But every way of watching movies is flawed in one way or the other. To watch films in theatres, people have to go out of their houses and spend money on tickets. In the time of multiplexes, the film ticket prices have seen quite a rise and there are a lot of people who cannot or do not want to spend this kind of money to watch a film. Even if people decide to pay money to watch a film, it is always a gamble as to whether the film will be good or not. There might also be times that a person might find a movie so good that he or she wants to watch it again but cannot because the tickets cost too much. Sometimes, a person wants to watch more than one film in a theatre but cannot afford to do so. In the case of watching content on TV, a person does not have much control over what he or she can or cannot watch. They just have to watch whatever is on TV at that time. Then comes the OTT platforms. OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have really good and critically acclaimed films and web series. But the problem lies with the subscription fee that people have to pay to watch these films and web series. Other than that, there are also instances when a person is not able to find his or her desired film on these OTT platforms.

There is one way of consuming content that removes all these hurdles that come in the way of a person watching the content of his or her choice. The solution is online streaming websites where people can go to watch the films and TV shows of their liking without having to pay any money. It makes it very convenient for people to watch films and web series of their liking and they also do not even have to register to avail of the services of the site. One such website that is popular among internet users for watching and downloading films is Hdmovieplus.

Hdmovieplus is a proxy website that offers a large collection of films and TV shows from Bollywood as well as Hollywood to its users. The main focus of the website is on Hindi films but along with that, films in various regional languages like Tamil, Marathi, Telugu etc. are also present on the site’s platform. The one thing that makes Hdmovieplus stand out from the rest of its competitor websites is that not all websites have HD quality prints of films present on their platforms. But Hdmovieplus uploads high-quality prints of the latest films as soon as possible for the viewers to watch and enjoy. Video content in different formats like HD, 720p, 480p, DVDrip etc. is available on the platform and the user, according to his or her preference, can select the video format in which they want to watch or download their desired film in. 

Features of Hdmovieplus

There are so many streaming websites out there that some special features are needed to stand out from this crowd. The Hdmovieplus site has just that. Below is a list of features that makes Hdmovieplus different from its competitors:

  • The site has an impressive WordPress design which runs smoothly on mobile phones too. 
  • The site has a Disqus comment system which allows for a direct dialogue between the site and the users. 
  • People running the website can get useful feedback from the users and make improvements to the website to better cater to user needs.
  • The website has a plethora of movie options for its users and the films are available in high video quality.
  • Not only can a person watch movies on Hdmovieplus, but he or she also has the option of downloading his or her beloved films.

How to Download Movies from Hdmovieplus

Downloading movies from the internet is not very complicated but there are still some people who are not aware of the process and need some guidance as to how to download films. Below is a list of steps that a person can follow in order to download movies from the Hdmovieplus website:

  • The first step is to visit the Hdmovieplus website by typing Hdmovieplus.com in the search engine.
  • Upon reaching the website, the user has to search for the film he or she wants to download.
  • When the user finds the film, he or she has to click on the search result.
  • The user will find the “Click Here To Generate Links” option on the bottom of the page. The user should click on That option.
  • The next step for the user is to enter the captcha code.
  • After submitting the captcha code, the user will be directed to a page where there will be multiple download links available to download the movie.
  • The user has to choose one of those links and click on the ‘Download Here’ option that will come on the next page.
  • If you want to save the movie on your phone, then click on the “Create Download Link” option. The movie will start downloading on the user’s device.


There are certain things a user needs to be aware of while accessing these online streaming websites. The content present on these websites is pirated and is not legal. The film producers stand to lose a lot financially in case their movie gets pirated and is uploaded on one of these streaming websites. The revenue that the producer was supposed to earn from the ticket sales will be lost as people will not watch the film in theatres but on these streaming sites. Apart from that, the efforts of a lot of people go behind making a film and it would be disrespectful to watch a film on a streaming website instead of in theatres. There are some security issues with some of these sites as well and a user runs the risk of getting a bug or virus on his or her device while using some of these websites. So, people need to educate themselves and take the necessary precautions before they visit any one of these websites.

9 Alternative Websites for Hdmovieplus

As the content present on Hdmovieplus is illegal, the government is constantly trying to shut down. So sometimes, it might happen that a person cannot open the site. Then he or she can go to an alternative website to watch films. The user can do the same in case he or she is not able to find the film of their liking on Hdmovieplus. Below is a list of alternative websites that serve as a good substitute for Hdmovieplus:

1. Movieninja

One of the best alternatives out there for Hdmovieplus is MovieNinja. There are websites that have a very complicated user interface that might confuse the users as to how to properly navigate the website. The user interface of Movieninja is pretty straightforward and makes it easier for users to watch the films that they like. The website boasts of an extensive library of movies as well as TV shows which is more than enough to fulfill the needs and wants of the users who visit this website. The content on the website is neatly organised into different categories, making it easier for the users to search for the movie they want. The fact that the site has no pop up ads on its platform attracts a lot of users towards it.

2. Movierill 

Movierill provides a platform to its users where they can watch their favorite movies and TV series for free. The video library of Movierill is very diverse as the site has Hollywood films as well as films in regional languages present on the platform. There is no need for a person to open an account or share any personal detail on the website to avail of the services of Movierill. 

3. KatmoviesHD

KaTmoviesHD is a pretty popular name when it comes to online streaming websites. The site has made its name in the market by having a varied range of films and web series on its platform. Along with that, the video quality of the content present on the website is also pretty good. The website has a user friendly interface. Thus, a user is able to quickly understand how to navigate the website to watch the content of his or her liking. One drawback that the KatmoviesHD website has is that a lot of ads come on the screen while a user is surfing the website. This can irritate the user, leading to an unpleasant experience. But users can solve this problem by downloading and installing Ad Blocker on their computer systems.

4. Jiorockers 

If a person is a fan of South Indian films and is looking or a streaming website that has these movies on its platform, then the best option for them is Jiorockers. Although the site mainly focuses on Tamil language films, it also has films in the Malayalam and Tamil language as well. Dubbed versions of South Indian films are also present on the Jiorockers’ platform. The website provides the feature of subtitles along with their films, enabling users, who do not understand any South Indian language, to also watch these films.

5. Sdmoviespoint

One website that is growing at a rapid rate and making a lot of noise in the market in the year 2020 is Sdmoviespoint. The content library of the website is pretty impressive as the site has movies from various film industries like Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood present on its platform. The website has multiple servers that help the users in quickly downloading films on their devices. Along with the movie titles, the site also shows relevant information about the movie. Taking the help of this information, the users can decide whether they want to watch a particular film or not. The users can also create their personal watchlist on this website.

6. Besthdmovies 

Another online streaming website that is a great alternative for Hdmovieplus is Besthdmovies. As one of the newer websites on the internet, Besthdmovies has managed to gain a lot of popularity in a short span of time. It is available to the users for free and a person does not have to go through any registration process in order to access the website. The website boasts of an extensive video library on its platform. The website does not only have Bollywood and Hollywood films on its platform but it also acts as a host for several regional films of various languages like Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi etc. Hindi dubbed versions of Hollywood films are also present on the site. There are a lot of people in India who are interested in watching Hollywood films. But what they lack is proficiency in the English language. Due to this, they are not able to fully enjoy the films of Hollywood. So, people who do not have English as their first language can watch the Hindi dubbed versions of these movies. One unique thing that sets the website apart from its competitors is that it has animated movies on its platform. Animated movies are loved by people of all ages, no matter kids, adults or senior citizens. Thus, it helps in driving more traffic towards the website. The categorization of films is very neat and makes it easy for users to successfully fin the movies that they are searching for. 

7. Retrovision

Retrovision can be considered to be a great alternative for Hdmovieplus. A person has to lot of options to choose from as to what he or she wants to watch upon visiting the Retrovision website. A person can watch critically acclaimed films, old cult classics and popular TV series on the website. One interesting feature that the website provides to its users is that the website also has a mobile app. Retrovision has done this to cater to the needs of those people who are always on the go and do not have much time to watch films and web series. Thus, users can watch their favorite movies or TV shows even on their mobile phones. The name of the app is UHF classic.

8. 1337x

There are very few streaming websites on the internet that enjoy the same amount of popularity as 1337x does. There are many reasons for this popularity. Also, the content available on the website is free to all the users and they do not have to pay any money to watch movies and TV shows on the website. There is also no need for a person to open an account on the website to avail of the services of 1337x. There are websites that do not allow people below a certain age to access the website. 1337x does not have any restrictions like that. People of all ages can visit the website and watch the content of their liking. Most of the streaming websites usually only have Bollywood and Hollywood movies on their platform. But 137x also has regional films in languages like Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam present on the website. The video quality of a film can make or break the movie-watching experience of a user. Bad video quality can annoy the users and they might decide not to come back on the website. The movies and TV shows that are available on 1337x also boast of high video quality which enhances the movie-watching experience of the users. There are times people are not able to watch a film at a certain point of time. So, 1337x gives users the option of downloading movies so that they can watch at any time later while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

9. Isaidub

Isaidub is one of the newer names out there in the world of online streaming but that does not mean that it is, in any way, behind the other popular websites on the internet. Isaidub aims is to target that section of people who mostly consume content on their mobile phones. This is the reason that Isaidub has developed a mobile app that people can download and install on their phones and tablets. A user does not have to face many obstacles to access the website as there is no need for a person to open an account on the website avail of the services of Isaidub. The services of the website are free to the users across the world. There are a lot of features that the Isaidub mobile app has that attract users from different parts of India and the world towards it. Isaidub regularly updates itself. This helps the website in getting rid of any bugs or malware that might be present on the website. The Isaidub app is not very large in memory size. So, it does not take much space on a user’s mobile phone. The app has fast servers that help users in downloading movies quickly.


Q) What is Hdmovieplus?

Answer – Hdmovieplus is a website on the internet that provides the service of online streaming of films and TV shows to its users.

Q) How much does it cost to watch movies on Hdmovieplus?

Answer – A user does not have to pay any money to avail of the services of the Hdmovieplus website.

Answer – No, piracy is illegal in India and is punishable by law.

Q) Is the content present on Hdmovieplus authentic?

Answer – No, all the movies and web series available on the Hdmovieplus platform are pirated.


Although it is mostly safe for the users to visit these websites to watch and download the content that they like, they must be aware of the fact that the movies available on the website are pirated and piracy is illegal in India. We want to make it clear that we do not support or promote piracy in any way, shape or form. We know how much effort goes into making a film and we do not want to disrespectful to any of the artists that contribute to the making of a film. We suggest people to watch movies only through legal mediums and avoid these illegal streaming websites as much as they can. This article has been written just for information purposes for people who want to know about the online streaming websites that are out there on the internet.


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