Movies are a great source of entertainment today. After working tirelessly for hours in an office, people can now come home and watch their favorite movies as a way of relaxing themselves. Movies also work as a great distraction as they help people in forgetting about a hundred other things that are going on in their minds. Movies take you to another world, free of tensions and problems. And today, there is no need to even leave the house to watch movies. You can watch them on your laptops and even on your mobile phones.

Piracy has been growing day by day now in India. Films that have been recently released online are uploaded on the internet and people are able to watch them for free. Regulatory authorities are trying to crack down on these piracy issues but no solid results have been achieved as of yet. The main issue of piracy today is online streaming websites that have pirated films present on them. People can visit these sites at any time and can stream and download films. These sites are also visited by people when they are unable to find their favorite film anywhere else. So, there are cases where these sites are extremely helpful. One such site that has films and TV series present on its platform is Movie4k.

What is Movie4k?

Movie4k is a film website that is popular in various parts of Europe, especially in the country of Germany. In that country, it comes among the top 20 most used websites by the public. It is ranked above websites like Twitter, Microsoft, Paypal and iTunes. One important thing about the website that needs to be mentioned is that it does not provide the option of streaming films on its platform. It performs the function of the bridge between an individual and his or her beloved films.

Features of Movie4k

The characteristics of the Movie4k website that attract users towards the site are listed below:

  • The website is very easy to use and people of all ages can use the site without any difficulty. The only thing required to operate the site is a good and uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Although the website does have the option of signing up, it does not make it compulsory for users to register and open an account on the site.
  • In an attempt to appeal to the masses, the site provides its facilities in multiple languages like Turkish, English, Italian, Japanese, French, Russian and German.
  • The latest movies as well as the old cult classics are available on the Movie4k website.
  • A user can see different information like rating, description, year of release etc. beside the film and can decide whether he or she wants to watch the film or not.
  • To make the selection process easier for people, the content has been separated into different categories.


An individual must be aware of the legal consequences he or she stands to face while dealing with online streaming websites. These websites play host to pirated content and piracy in India is a crime. It is advised not to use these websites as piracy in a lot of financial loss to the film industry and filmmakers. People should follow the rules and regulations set by the regulatory authorities of the country.

How to Download Films from Movie4k

Follow these steps if you want to download films from Movie4k:

  • Visit the official website of Movie4k using your web browser. There might be instances when the official site might not be accessible. In that case, one of the many proxies of the site present on the internet can be used.
  • When the website opens, the trending films will be showcased on the front page. The user can pick from them or make use of the search bar to look for his or her desired movie.
  • When the movie is found, there will be a download link beside it. Clicking on it will start the downloading process.

Alternative Websites for Movie4k

In case a the Movie4k website is not working due to some technical reasons or it has been shut down by the Government of India, the following sites can be used for watching films:

1. Coolmoviezone

The first name that comes on the list of alternative websites for Movie4k is Coolmoviezone. The collection of this site is pretty extensive and popular and trending as well as old critically acclaimed films can be watched on this platform. Movies dating back to the 80s decade can be found here. The main focus of Coolmoviezone is to cater to the audiences that are interesting in watching Hollywood and Bollywood films.

2. Yify

Yify is a giant in the online streaming world. There is rarely any streaming website more popular and more used than Yify. The site exceeds all expectations of the users when it comes to the video quality of the films. It mainly has only two video qualities i.e. 1080p and 720p. You can visit this website and just click on the download button without thinking as the video quality of the film is bound to be superior.

3. Openload Movies

Openload Movies

The Openload Movies website allows its users to not only stream but also download the films from the platform. The user interface of the site is such that it can be accessed from a laptop as well as a mobile phone without any difficulty. The movies have been divided according to their titles going from the alphabet A all the way to alphabet Z. Trending and popular shows have been placed excellently on the front page of the site.

4. Extramovies

The Extramovies website has managed to earn for itself a lot of popularity over the years. Millions of people visit the site for the purpose of downloading movies. The content present on the site is varied and very diverse. The site has documentaries, TV series, software applications, video games and short films on its platform. Extramovies is one of the simplest torrent websites on the internet where a user does not have to put any effort to search for his or her favorite movie.

5. Downloadhub

Your never-ending search for a streaming website where you can not only stream but also download your favorite movies can end with Downloadhub. There are people who cannot afford to pay the subscription fee of the OTT platforms. Downloadhub is a great destination for these people. A wide range of content from different genres like comedy, horror, action, romance etc. can be watched on this site. People can easily explore the website due to its well-designed user interface.

6. A2Z movies

As suggested by the name itself, A2Z movies is a place where people can find a huge collection of films. There are films on the site which date back to as far as 1948. One difference between OTT platforms and these online streaming websites is that unlike OTT platforms, most of the streaming websites do not ask the users to go through the process of registration in order to become eligible to watch movies on that site. The same is the case with A2Z movies. A user just needs to open up and the website and do nothing else to watch their favorite content on the platform. A lot of effort has been put into the design and the curation of the website and it clearly shows when you access the site.

7. Worldfree4u

The next site on the list of alternatives for Movie4k is Worldfree4u. There are people who want to watch movies as soon as they release. For them, Worldfree4u is perfectly suited as the films which have not even been released yet in the theatres are uploaded on the platform by Worldfree4u. All of the services of the site are for free to the users and they do not have to pay a single penny.

8. Waptrick



There are streaming sites that focus on just movies and by choosing this path, they manage to do well for themselves. But there are some other websites, that do not want to restrict themselves to a particular type of content. They want to expand and grow and attract people from all spheres of life who have very different tastes towards its platform. Waptrick is one such website. Waptrick does not want to be a big fish in a small pond. Neither its focus is on becoming a small fish in a big pond. It aims to become a whale in the ocean. And the site does o by having a varied range of content present on its platform. Going beyond the usual collection of films, the Waptrick website has short films, documentaries, movie trailers, award functions, web series etc. on its platform. By having documentaries and short films on the site, Waptrick also manages showcase the work of indie filmmakers whose work mostly remains unrecognized. For people who cannot afford to or just simply do not want to pay to watch movies can use this site. There is no need to submit any personal information like credit card details, Aadhar card number etc. to avail of the services of the Waptrick website.

9. Bollyshare

There is no shortage of people in India who are hardcore fans of Bollywood films. Some of them watch these films again and again and never get tired of them. Bollyshare has been aptly named as it is the perfect place for these Bollywood lovers. A user does not have any trouble looking for the movie of his or her choice on this site. The video directory is also very diverse and the site has something for every person.

10. Movies4u

The one that should be obvious to the people running these online streaming websites is that it is the users that need to be pleased in order for the site to become successful. But many people fail to realize this fact. Movies4u tries to cater to the wants and needs of the public and that is why it has become so popular nowadays. If fulfills all the demands of the people. If people want to live stream a film, they can visit the site. They can also pay a visit if they want to download a web series that is trending nowadays. There is no end to the services that are provided by Movies4u to the public to satisfy them.

11. Zmovies


Some people are looking for streaming websites where everything is organised and nothing is out of place. If the design and look of the site is not sleek and clean, then people might not want to use it much. Zmovies is a great option for these people. It has been brilliantly designed in such a way that the process of searching films becomes much easier for all kinds of people. Various filters are provided to the users so that they can differentiate between TV series and films and can easily find the content that they are looking for. No matter how good a site is, it is bound to have some disadvantages. One drawback that the Zmovies website suffers from is that a person has to submit his or her email address in order to access the content present on the website. But it is a small price to pay for the benefits that you get in return.

12. 1337x


Now this is a website that started its operations all the way back in the year 2007. Since then, the website has seen tremendous growth in terms of popularity and in terms of the number of visitors that it has every year. It was the year 2018 when 1337x achieved the 3rd rank on the list of torrent websites that are most popular on the internet. The site’s content is not limited to just video entertainment like TV shows and films. Software applications and video games can also be found on the 1337x website. Peer to peer sharing is an interesting feature that the site has. In order to use the website, a person is required to install a VPN. The content of 1337x is free for all as the site does not charge any money from its users.



The site first became popular way back in the year 2015. From then nearly 3 lakh users pay a visit to the website on a regular basis. The website has garnered a lot of praise and popularity over the years. And that is why the Indian Government has been trying to block it or shut it down. Now, the scenario in the country is such that a person can access the RARBG website directly. A person needs to either use a proxy site or use a VPN of a different country in order to be able to watch movies on RARBG. But all this extra effort is worth it because of how good the website actually is.

14. 123Movies


The website became functional somewhere around the year 2015-16. IT has been considered one of the most popular websites in the year 2018. The website often gets shut down by regulatory authorities but there are many clone sites that can be accessed to watch movies on 123movies.

15. Yify

Yify is a torrent website that was created by a man named Yiftach Swery. The site started its operations in the year 2011 and has now become arguably the biggest name in the torrent and streaming world. Yify is so huge that the site has headquarters in two different places. One headquarters is in New Zealand and the other one is located in Auckland. You will only find HD quality videos on this site.

16. Popcornflix


This website also started its journey in the year of 2011. Popcornflix is a subsidiary of a company named Screen Media ventures, which has its headquarters situated in the city of New York. The site is a one-stop-shop for people who are looking for film trailers, TV series and films. The website is illegal since it hosts pirated content on the platform. So, in order to use the site, a VPN and an IP address of a different country is required by an individual.

17. Dailymotion


Another huge name in the streaming world is Dailymotion. It is a site that is run by a media-based organisation named Vivendi. The company is located in the country of France. More than 300 million people pay a visit to Dailymotion in a year. Yes, that how popular this site is. Started in the year 2005, the company has been successfully fulfilling the entertainment needs of millions of people without charging a single penny from any one of them.

18. 99HDfilms

If you are a movie geek who does not want to compromise on the video quality of the films that you watch, 99HDfilms is for you. This site does not do anything less than HD when it comes to the video quality. That is why the site has been named as such and that is how the site has been able to gather attention towards itself. Many Indians are satisfied with the Indian and American content present on the internet. But some people want more than that. They want more variety and diversity in their films. This is where 99HDfilms comes in as it has, apart from Bollywood and Hollywood, films that are dubbed in different languages. This helps in increasing the audience for the site.

19. MovieNinja


The next site that is going to be put up for discussion as a good alternative for Movie4k is Movie Ninja. One way through which Movie Ninja manages to capture the attention of the users is through the attractive user interface that is there on the homepage of the site. The database of Movie Ninja is another thing that impresses the users. The search bar of the site works smoothly and churns out results at a super-fast speed. To make the site more user friendly, the interface has been designed in a very simplified manner so that it is understood by every layman. There is no need to sign up or pay any money to watch movies on Movie Ninja. All the services are free to the public. Along the with superior video quality, the films present on the site also boast of tremendous sound quality.

20. Moviemad


The last website on the list of alternatives that can be used by people in place of Movie4k is Moviemad. Documentaries, web series, films, songs – you name it and the site has it. Regional films are also present on Movie Ninja. This gives these small films a chance to reach out to the audiences that they do not usually get when it comes to theatrical releases as most of the screens are taken over by mainstream and big budget blockbuster films. The user interface of Movie Ninja is pretty decent and it also provides a good downloading speed to its users. The site can be used by anyone for free.

21. Filmlinks4u

Who doesn’t love to watch Bollywood movies! If you are a Bollywood freak, there’s no better site for you than Filmlinks4u. This site has some of the rarest Hindi movies that are hardly available anywhere else. So if you are willing to watch some unique and rare content, Filmlinks4u has got you covered. The movies available on this site are innumerable. They come from different genres and can cater to the needs of different kinds of people. No matter if you love to watch thrillers, comedy, drama, or romantic movies, Filmlinks4u has the best collection of movies. Not just movies, here you can watch some of the top-rated documentaries, short films, and web series too!

22. Torrent Hounds

Oftentimes people look for sites that are cleanly organized and user-friendly. If you too are looking for one such site, look no further than Torrent Hounds. The design of this website is amazing and sleek. As soon as you enter this site, you would be in awe of the clean categorisation of its contents. Choosing your desired movie is very easy for these groups. Also for the convenience of the users, this site uploads short descriptions containing plot summary, IMDb rating, and actors starring for every content. There are multiple filters available on this site that people can apply and search for movies. The site allows people to stream and download their favourite content for free.

23. Isaidub


For movie freaks, Isaidub is another popular movie streaming site available online. This site however holds a selected collection of contents. The contents found here are the commercial ones. They are mostly award-winning contents that deliver a message to people. The content available on Isaidub includes films, web series, documentaries, and short films. Some of the critically acclaimed movies can be found here. The site’s collection is versatile and vast. Besides hosting content in different languages and from different genres, it also uploads dubbed versions of several movies. If you are someone who can’t pay the high subscription charges of the legal movie streaming sites, you can visit Isaidub.

Here is the list of other alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Movie4k

1. Is it okay to watch movies on online streaming websites?

No, the streaming websites have been declared illegal in India and using them is considered to be a crime in the country.

2. Is the content present on Movie4k original?

The films that are put on the platform by Movie4k are pirated and thus, do not constitute as legal or original.

3. How safe is it to use online streaming websites?

It depends on which site you are using. Many of the streaming sites are safe and do not have any viruses on it. But there are some websites that can infect a user’s computer with bugs or malware.

4. What is Movie4k?

Movie4k is a website that offers the services of streaming and downloading movies to the public for free.

5. Do you have to open an account to watch movies on Movie4k?

No, the Movie4k website allows its users to access the content of the website without putting them through any hassle of registering or signing up.


The sole purpose of writing this article was to give information to people who want to know about streaming websites. We do not intend to promote or support piracy in any way.


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